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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
737 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 737 AO (After Ozai)

Earth King: Hui Peng
Vermilion Emperor: Eldunar Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
King of the North and South: Castiel Leiheng
Queen of Four Winds: May Lin Dao
Light King: John Itaruki
Dark Lord: Saruyoshi Shinjuku


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Eastern Nippon

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Kamikimura Village

Most of Kamikimura Village sits at the base of a hill. It is surrounded by water, part of which forms a small stream flowing through the center of the village; this stream powers the village's rice mill used for making sake. In this area are the homes of village elder and his wife, the sake brewers, and the rest of the villages. Some villager's also have patches of turnips near the village houses; in addition is the sake mill's rice paddy and mill, and guard's training grounds. A merchant shop sits at the exit to Shinshu Field. Going up the hill, the path splits. Taking the left fork will go to the Konohana Tree and shrine, which serves as the entrance to the River of the Heavens and the Cave of Nagi. Taking the right fork leads to a small pond and a viewing platform where the elder can perform his sacred dances.
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Shinshu Field

Shinshu Field is a large field said to be 'the most beautiful field in Nippon'. It has a paths leading to Kamikimura Village, Hanasaki Valley, the Izayoi Shrine, Harami Lake, and Agata Forest. The field mostly consists of hills and grassland. Harami Lake and the Izayoi Shrine are located in the southern section of the field. Tamaya the explosive and firework specialist, a Nameless Man who makes pottery and tends to the local roadside shrines across the fields, Mikazuki, the priest and keeper of the Izayoi Shrine and lakeside temple, and Idaten, the local delivery boy live alongside the many wild animals live in the field. Kozuka Onigirisai also has a Nipponian Bending Dojo in the field.
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Hanasaki Valley

Hanasaki Valley is a small valley of trees to the east of Shinshu Field. The area is the source of the river which leads to Harami Lake in Shinshu Field. The entire area is full of flora and fauna. There are several waterfalls in the valley, which creates a stream that leads to the aforementioned lake. A trail that leads up a slope goes to a shrine containing a Konohana Tree said to be connected through roots to the one in Kamikimura Village and an altar to worship the gods.
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Agata Forest

Agata Forest is a lush area full of extremely tall trees, animals, and a few people. There is a spring called Hitoshio Spring that is said to have divine properties. The forest connects to Shinshu Field, Tsutamaki Ruins, and Takamiyadaira Pass.
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Takamiyadaira Pass

There are many trees and wildlife found throughout the pass. Takamiyadaira Pass had been at peace the days of Nagi. It is said many hundreds of years ago, an evil monster known as Red Helmet traveled to Takamiyadaira Pass and terrorized the residents, particularly those of Kusanagi Village. However, the Satomi House fought back with help of the Eight Canine Warriors. For one hundred years, Red Helmet was locked in a war with the Satomi House, until finally Red Helmet managed to kill the head priest of the Satomi House, and take control of the Gale Shrine, until he was killed and defeated by the Canine Warriors. Being sealed away in the Gale Shrine for all eternity. Takamiyadaira Pass is once more at peace, and the Satomi House are now the head religious figures in the area. Takamiyadaira Pass leads to Kusanagi Village, Agata Forest, the Sasa Sanctuary and the City Checkpoint. It is almost home to Mr. and Mrs. Tongue-Cutter as well as a nationally famous roadside tea house.
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City Checkpoint

The City Checkpoint is the western most area of the land known as Eastern Nippon. It serves as a gateway to Western Nippon and Ryoshima Coast. The checkpoint bridges a valley that divides Nippon's two halves. The area is located between Takamiyadaira Pass and Ryoshima Coast. On the Ryoshima Coast end was a large fort with a cannon. The bridge is usually lowered and patrolled by guards from Seiankyo City but can be raised in emergencies. Deep within the valley is a wide river. Two flaming Phoenix Statues stand on either side of the bridge.
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