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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 Where does the river lead?

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Kasei Hayabusa
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Elite Beginner

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PostSubject: Where does the river lead?   Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:11 pm

Where does the river lead?
How does it flow?
Where does it mix with mead?
Oh, Where does it go?

Where does the river meet,
with the other river flows?
How will the river greet
me, I do not know.

When does the river flow
quick, as the wind?
And when does it flow so slow,
that it seems twill never move again?

Who does the river give
shelter, more then no?
Where does it's spirit live,
We shall never know.

It seems to flow with time,
and not to stop are sway.
Climbing chimes, slips and slides,
every which and way.

Flow oh river, flow, to the sea you go,
do not fall, or drip, oh river
Flow, flow, river low.

Do not stop in river beds,
and do not climb down cliffs,
for many shall there rest their heads,
on your shores, and rifts.

And again no longer shall the children ask,
where the river leads.
For it shall be with time you flow,
to give nature it's needs.

My Characters

Kasei Hayabusa(Firebender): http://avatar-rpg-revised.forumotion.net/t986-kasei-hayabusa
Arkieyo Tiyoita (Airbender): http://avatar-rpg-revised.forumotion.net/t1031-arkieyo-tiyotoia-commonly-know-as-arkie

Thesus Tarkaan (Firebender): http://avatar-rpg-revised.forumotion.net/t1046-thesus-tarkaan

(Erik) Inabikari Ookami (Lightbender): http://avatar-rpg-revised.forumotion.net/t1088-erik-inabikari-ookamic/color]
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Advanced Student

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PostSubject: Re: Where does the river lead?   Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:16 pm

*thumbs up* Nice! ^^

Teru Lei Sarang- Retired Fire Nation Lieutenant
Aileen Rukon- 7 year old water bender
Ciel Anuko- Earth Kingdom Noble/Archer
Airo Yan- General of the Royal Guard/Fire Nation Noble
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Where does the river lead?
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