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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Legend of the Man of Fire: Red X VS Inferno ((OPEN))

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PostSubject: Legend of the Man of Fire: Red X VS Inferno ((OPEN))   Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:58 am

Solitude, peace, and fire; these are the three guide lines he stood by. He was a freak, a monster, he was no longer human. His hatred was all he knew, all he trusted, and all he cared about. The cave danced with the light of the campfire he had made. " Why do I bother..." he mumbled in his demonic voice as he looked at his arms. They glowed from his elbows to his hands, he snarled as he punched the ground. He left his hand there as the ground around him began to bubble wit the amount of heat radiating off him from the rage billowing within him. He slowly removed his hand from the ground as a large in print of his entire fist was left upon the ground.

He snarled again as he looked upon the seal that the Fire Lord had left on him," Filthy muck walker...." he snarled yet again. He could not forget his word, the promise he had made to him to never harm anyone even if he had gotten mad, he only did this because that he was going to be released. Little did he know that the Fire Lord would have him bound by a seal that would never let him strike someone down in rage.

He looked at the seal for a few minutes, watching it glow on his right hand. He rubbed his hand hoping it would go away, he shook his head laughing at the pitiful attempt to remove it. He looked up as it began to rain, he grumbled in disgust as he hated the rain for many reasons, one besides being a great weakness, but he could not smell it anymore as he use to when he use to be a human. Breaking away from his painful memories, he looked out upon a large building not to far away from his cave, guards covered the perimeter as he knew someone important was there. Who could it be? Why was he in such an open space? All these questions fluttered his mind as he looked at the building.


Not far from the cave Red X was watching from a cliff at the building. His eyes scanning the building for any possible entrances. The wind picked up and Red X paused for a moment, a strange smell filled his nose as it caught him off guard. He narrowed his eyes as he smelt sulfur, much like a volcano or a sulfur spring. " How can that be? he asked himself as he knows there are no sulfur springs in this area at all. He shook his head dismissing it as he moved on with his mission. He jumped down upon the wall and ran silently along it till he jumped upon the roof of the building, he ran to the top of the roof and looked through a small window at the top of the roof. He spotted his target, a guard protecting a Royal family member...what the meeting was about he could careless.
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Hokori Rokku
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PostSubject: Re: Legend of the Man of Fire: Red X VS Inferno ((OPEN))   Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:26 pm

Having traveled to the fire nation in hopes to find the soldier who killed his friend Shio. He walked through the back woods of the fire nation trying to avoid being spotted. if he could not find his friends killer he would kill ever fire soldier till he got the right one. Tired he looked for a place to sleep

Earthbender Hokori Rokku
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PostSubject: Re: Legend of the Man of Fire: Red X VS Inferno ((OPEN))   Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:56 pm

He sat there watching the fire dance before his eyes, he was so captivated on how perfectly it moved within the wind that blew in the cave once in a while. He sat in the far chambers of the cave so that the rain would not get him wet nor could the wind bother him much. He could still look outside the cave, the mouth of the cave was big enough so that he could watch this weird man crawl to the top of it and seem to peer down from the sunroof. " Odd little man..." he mumbled as he watched him. His concentration was broken as he could hear another set of footsteps, his gaze than moved from the man on top of the roof to the mouth of his cave. Was he about to meet a stranger now at this time of the day?

With a wave of his hand the fire vanished and he now blended into the dark, he did not want to get into another confrontation with another human...not at this hour of the day.


Red was peering through the sun roof when a light vanished from the corner of his eye. He turned his head quickly to a cave on his right, he eyed it as he felt something odd. The smell of sulfur became stronger when he moved towards the cave slowly. He glanced to the left of the cave and a boy was coming up on the road from the forest. His curiosity got the best of him and also someone had seen him, he knew someone was watching him from the cave, he had been made. He then slid down the side of the building quietly and rolled on the ground breaking his fall as he stopped on his feet.

He had to check out this cave and this weird smell and also to see if this boy would go into the cave, he was going to use this boy as a meat shield.
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PostSubject: Re: Legend of the Man of Fire: Red X VS Inferno ((OPEN))   

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Legend of the Man of Fire: Red X VS Inferno ((OPEN))
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