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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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420 Years
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It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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 Information about the Earth Kingdom

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PostSubject: Information about the Earth Kingdom   Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:22 am

The Earth Kingdom

Still one of the largest nations in the known world, the Earth Kingdom, stands as a proud beacon of unity and defense to the world. With a lasting history that has withstood invasion from many foreign powers and was still able to regain its name in the end. The Earth Kingdom stands as one of the oldest and diverse Nations in the entire world. Its benders may be prominently earthbenders, but thousands flock to the Earth Kingdom seeking solitude from intolerant leaders and a way to start a new life. We welcome all those seeking solace and are glad to welcome you home.

The shining glory of the Earth Kingdom is the capitol, Ba Sing Se. Nestled in the northerneastern part of the Earth Kingdom the Impenetrable City still stands as the largest city in all of the Avatar World. Made up of three different rings the city is home to about twenty million citizens and is guarded by a 600 foot wall the people inside the city live without fear of foreign invaders because they know their city is strong and impenetrable. When arriving to the glorious city one is greeted by the Outer Wall and Ba Sing Se Monorail which takes people to and from the three rings, without this it would take a two days trip to walk across Ba Sing Se. From there it is a quick ride through the Agrarian Zone, numerous mountains, and even a lake one will be greeted by the Inner Wall.

From there the rings go in this order: Lower Ring, Middle Ring, and Upper Ring.

Life in the Lower Ring is a rough one due to its overpopulation forcing some to spill out into the Agrarian Zone to live. Poverty runs rampant here no matter how great the Earth King is, with the population rising the Agrarian Zone does not yield enough food to feed everyone, but somehow the people here manage. Crime rate here is also common so be sure you hide your coin purses and don’t leave your house at night. Homes here are rather small due to the high population.

The Middle Ring contains the middle class of Ba Sing Se. Various shops and restaurants make up this ring and it even offers a Town Hall and a finnancial district. The Ba Sing Se University can also be found here and most people seeking knowledge attend this university. Middle and Upper class citizens are also known to attend the university. Homes here are decent sized and slightly larger than the homes in the Lower Ring.

The Upper Ring is home to the nobles of Ba Sing Se. To enter this Ring one must have an invitation from a noble family or the Earth King, without the invitation one will be thrown out by guards. The population here is made up by noble families and important military and government officials. The Royal Palace is located in the center of the Upper Ring and like the Royal Palace most homes here are large.

The Palace Grounds is surrounded by a high round wall so people are unable to sneak in. The only way in are two gates, one to the North and one to the South. The only way someone can enter the Royal Grounds is if they have an invitation from the Earth King. The gates are the only place citizens can visit if they do not have an invitation any other place is impossible to see unless they have an invitation. The Palace Grounds is made up of beautiful gardens, a large courtyard, the Main Hall, where the Earth King holds his court, the Royal Shrine, a building where the Earth King can only enter, the Tea Palace, and the Inner Court which is made up of more gardens and other buildings which help run the day to say functions of the palace. The jewel of the grounds is of course the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace here the Earth King lives with his family. Here he meets foreign dignities in his Throne Room or just spends his day running the kingdom.


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Information about the Earth Kingdom
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