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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 List of Official Imperial Royal Houses

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PostSubject: List of Official Imperial Royal Houses   Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:52 am

These are a list of Noble Houses with legitimate claims to the throne.  Only members of these clans may, at time of need, claim the rights to the throne, no others are permitted to sit upon the Vermilion Throne.

Imperial House of Ezofuji

Motto: Honor, Valor, Truth and Knowledge
Head of the House of Ezofuji: Eldunar Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Head of Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi: Eldunar Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Head of Ezofuji-no-Susano'o: Leilani Ezofuji-no-Susano'o
Head of Ezofuji-no-Amaterasu: Konoe Ezofuji-no-Amaterasu

Currently Succeeded By:
Eldunar Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Naina Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Erolass Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Hiruko Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Hideyoro Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Alyssandra Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Izanagi Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Izanami Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Raijin Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
Leilani Ezofuji-no-Susano'o
Mai Ezofuji-no-Susano'o
Konoe Ezofuji-no-Amaterasu

Though the origin of the House of Ezofuji is to this day unclear, as any manuscripts prior to the creation of the Four Nations no longer exist, it is known that the house of Ezofuji has sat upon the Fire Nation throne for 1740 years (Starting in 1032BO [Before Ozai]), since the creation of the Four Nations.  The first of the Ezofuji line was Fire Lord Konoe, whom all Fire Lords after, and now subsequently Vermilion Emperors, are descended from.  It is written with in the Holy Scriptures of the Gods that the Ezofuji family, like all Royal Families, are descendants of the Gods of their particular element.

Konoe was given the throne due to being the descendant of F’yr, the God of Fire, but also because Konoe was the first to awaken the Fire bending gene in the people, and unified them together by teaching them how to master and control their powers.  Together with the help of the leader of the three other tribes, Konoe trained the world in the art of bending and put an end to the 1000 Years of Darkness[1].  Since then, there has been 67 Fire Lords and 1 Vermilion Emperor.

Prior to the birth of Sasuno’o, Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi Ezofuji—aka the Fire Triplets—the Ezofuji family had a tradition where only the Heir to the throne could carry on the family name, therefore anyone else who got married would have to give up their name.  However, after the birth of the Fire Triplets, Fire Lord Kouzai II removed that tradition, dividing the House of Ezofuji into three main branches.  Tsukuyomi, later Fire Lord, continued on the Main Branch of the Ezofuji Family, which is also referred to as Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi [Ezofuji of Tsukuyomi], Susano'o started the branch of Ezofuji-no-Susano'o [Ezofuji of Susano'o], and Amaterasu created the recently revived Ezofuji-no-Amaterasu.

Since then, each of the three branches have had their own head, however the entire House of Ezofuji is headed by the Fire Lord/Vermilion Emperor.  The current head of the Ezofuji family is Vermilion Emperor Owlan Ezofuji.

Imperial House of Yan

Motto: Gods Defend the Right
Head of the House of Yan: Airo Yan

Currently Survived By:
Aryianna Yan
Audurna Yan

The House of Yan has descended from the House of Ezofuji, through the Ezofuji-no-Amaterasu branch of the family.  It is the smallest of the family’s branch, and is currently only survived by two members.  Notable members include Tsuru Yan, master to Emperor Owlan and his siblings, and Airo Yan, Princess Naina’s husband.

Despite the small size of the house, and small amount of surviving members, it is still very influential in the world of the Vermilion Dragon Empire’s politics as well as with it’s royal family, due to the close blood the House of Yan shares with the House of Ezofuji.

Imperial House of Fujiwara

Motto: For the Glory of Our Nation
Head of the House of Fujiwara: Uknown

Currently Survived By:

The House of Fujiwara is one of the oldest Royal and Noble houses in the Fire Nation (now Vermilion Dragon Empire).  The first member of the Fujiwara clan was Nakatomi Fujiwara, who was said to have been a close friend of Fire Lord Konoe’s father.  Nakatomi’s oldest daughter, Nara, was offered as wife to the first Fire Lord, Fire Lord Konoe, becoming the first Fire Lady.  This started a long time tradition of the Fujiwara family offering their oldest daughters up to the Fire Lords and Crown Princes for marriage.

This gained the Fujiwara much influence over the Fire Lords, as many of their daughters would become married off to the Fire Lords.  This allowed for a law to be passed by Fire Lord Nara, giving the Fujiwara a legitimate claim to the throne, due to their years of support and loyalty of the monarchy.  Unfortunately, Fire Lord Nara would be the last time until Fire Lord Hakano that a female of the Fujiwara line would marry into the Royal Family, however they retained their prestige and influence with the Royal Family despite this.

The last Fujiwara to officially marry into the Royal Family was Fire Lady Hikari, who married to Fire Lord Hakano, Zuko’s son.  After the rule of Hakano was established, the New Monarchy built up by Hakano’s great-great-great-grandfather, Fire Lord Showa, was dismantled and the Fujiwara—as a result of this dismemberment of the New Monarchy—lost much of their prestige, and with a lack of daughter’s married into the Royal Family and an increased sense of global community that engulfed the world after the end of the 100 Year War, they soon fell out of favor in the Royal Family as well.

They have held an angered grudge against the Royal House of Ezofuji since Fire Lord Kouzai I, who worked most of his life trying to repeal and destroy the law that Fire Lord Nara passed, giving them a legitimate right to the throne.  However, Kouzai I died before he managed to achieve this, and his work was lost shortly afterwards, never allowing it to be passed on to his descendants.  Kouzai I felt that the Fujiwara clan no longer needed the claim to the throne, as they had done nothing to help the nation as their ancestors once had.  Therefore they no longer deserved the honour of being in line for the throne.

The Fujiwara fled the Capital of the Fire Nation after Kouzai II took over the throne when Kouzai II continued his namesake's work trying to remove the Fujiwara clans claim from the throne.  In their mass exodus from the mainland, the Fujiwara destroyed all of their records from the last few generations, so that it would appear all descendants had perished ages ago.  Therefore no traces of the family have been found since, and it is popular myth that they fled to Ember Island with intent to cause rebellion agains the crown, but before they could the army came looking for them, causing them to flee to Ba Sing Se with what little money they had left.  The claims of the army following them to Ember Island in order to quell their attempt at treason has been proven true, as papers in the Imperial Record Room have been found with Kouzai II’s signature on them, showing that a contingent of soldiers was sent to Ember Island to deal with an “internal threat to the Monarchy and the Nation’s stability; caused by insubordinate members of the nation”, however nothing can be found further than that, or about the mission’s outcome and the family’s supposed flight to the Earth Kingdom. No further records exist of the family.

1. 1000 Years of Darkness – Before the 4 Nations, the world was divided into four different tribes.  No one had awakened their bending gene, and had not learned to master nor use their powers.  For 1000 years before the creation of the Four Nations and the introduction of bending to the world, the 4 Tribes fought amongst each other on and off.  During this time half of the world population was wiped out due to the fighting, but the creation of the Four Nations put an end to it.


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List of Official Imperial Royal Houses
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