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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 With Open Arms - Original Story (Based on a Dream)

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PostSubject: With Open Arms - Original Story (Based on a Dream)   Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:49 am

    With Open Arms

    Believe it or not, this story is based on a dream I once had. (^_^) Yes, I know right? It was one epic dream. My dream was told from the point-of-view of the eldest sibling, a boy -- I'm usually a boy in my dreams, go figure -- that had a twin sister and two younger brothers with extraordinary powers. We were sitting in some kind of containment cell. I decided to blow a hole in the wall so we could escape. My sister and I went one way, the two boys went the other way, and a lot of epic shit ensued. My sister and I were worried about the two other boys, at least thirteen and six respectively. The six-year-old was even blind, but we had no other choice but to keep running.

    Well, I'm not going to ruin everything for you. Once the action starts, you'll get the gist of what my dream was about, and the story is going to be way more realistic.

    There will be tons of action.

    TONS of action. So sit tight. (:

    Tyson and his three other siblings have done a fairly good job of keeping their powers under the ropes. In fact, Tyson and Kassidi have even taken the extra burden of being the "mother" and "father" of the house while their parents are away. However, when Matthew makes a grave mistake, everything gets turned upside-down. The siblings are on the run from some shadowy company trying to kidnap them. There's nowhere to go, and no one to trust.

    - In order of relevance.
    (Family / Adventure / Action / Humor)


    - Tyson Kane: The very oldest at sixteen, level-headed and most responsible sibling. Tyson is focused on his family and doing right by them. Tyson's powers are the strongest, and he also has a great amount of control over them.

    - Kassidi Kane: Tyson's younger twin sister. She is known for her irrationally angry attitude. Her powers are the weakest. She dotes on Sabriel.

    - Matthew Greyson: Carries his mother's last name. Matthew, with his pale features, looks almost nothing like his siblings. He hasn't quite hit that growth spurt yet, and Matt is prone to impulsive behavior. Unfortunate, since his powers are pretty destructive. He's broken quite a few bones.

    - Sabriel Kane: The blind (although certainly not helpless) youngest child of the family. Sabe is the only sibling whose powers seem to do nothing physically. Sabriel holds a telepathic link with all his siblings, and knows where they are at all times.

    Table of Contents:

    1. CHAPTER ONE - Dye or Die
      When Matthew wants to dye his hair, Tyson finally acquiesces. However, this means they'll have to lie to Kassidi, something that always ends disastrously.

"No matter how hard you try, you can't f*ck with this." - Awesome Kurapika AMV


Pictured above (from left to right) are Kurapika, Bakura, and Kurama. These three are the reason why my forum name has been 'LadyKura' from day one. Cute, excellent strategists with a dark side and extremely hard edges, all of these characters are very similar in one way or another. In fact, the longer I think, the more things I can come up with these guys have in common.[/center]

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Posts : 1291
Age : 22
Join date : 2010-06-19
Location : Roseland, Chicago, IL

PostSubject: Chapter One ~ Dye or Die   Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:04 am

Dye or Die

    Tyson had to keep himself from looking baleful. The pair of bold, loud amber eyes that were his brother’s peered hopefully up at him, and Matt was even trying to use the "puppy-dog eyes" approach.


    He wondered how Matthew could even see from behind that curtain of overgrown gossamer hair. It'd grown out to his shoulders, but between going to the summer beaches, carnivals and festivals, Tyson hadn't really thought about getting it cut. The length kind of crept up on him, he supposed. Even Tyson's own hair was starting to get a bit shaggy. But he he knew damn well Matthew wouldn't care if his hair got cut or not. Kassidi used to wrestle him down every time he was even supposed to take a shower. He just didn't care about being primped up all that much.

    The kid had a lot of great qualities, though. Matt was athletic, exuberant, assertive and very sensitive. Tyson commended him for those things very often. However, a quality he often scolded him for was the chicanery deeply rooted in his tenacity. So as the boy continued to give him that puppy dog look, brows furrowed just slightly, Tyson only grew more uncertain. He didn't like feeling this way. He hardly ever felt this way. How the hell was he going to say "no" this time?

    “Please?” the boy begged. He drew closer. “Come on Ty!”

    Tyson sighed. Matthew had actually been pestering him about dying his hair for ages. Each time, Tyson would glare and move on to another subject. He didn't think it was appropriate at all for twelve-year-olds to be dying their hair, much less considering it. But as Matthew grew older, kids grew crueler, and the whitenette's normally solid self esteem seemed to crumble.

    It was no secret that Matthew's silvery hair was the subject of snide whispers and bold remarks from the other kids, and Tyson was starting to feel pretty bad for him. Matthew even felt very uncomfortable going out in public at all. He was albino, not a freak. And Tyson supposed it all made sense; he’d started middle school. He was damn near a teenager, and he was feeling a lot more self-conscious about himself. With their 'talents', it didn't make things much better for them at all.

    So now when the boy came to him asking to dye his hair not next week, not soon, but the very next day, Ty was conflicted.

    “You do know that by changing it,” he sighed. “You’ll never come to accept it, right?” He took a lock of his brother’s hair and twisted it, tugging it pointedly. “Right?”

    For brothers, they didn't look much alike at all. Tyson, of course, was much taller, standing at 5'7 compared to his brother's 5'4. His skin was a light, cashew-brown color, passed down from their African/Puerto-Rican descent or something. He never really got the details, but he assumed that was the case. Matthew had very pale skin, not particularly due to honest genetics, but another byproduct from his body's lack of melanin. Tyson's eyes were hazel, whereas Matt's eyes were bright yellow. Like a cat's. Tyson's dark hair was always up for question when compared to Matthew's white.

    The brothers did share a lean frame, with the elder brother notably being a lot more masculine than his brother's, but this was understandable considering their three-year age difference.

    Matthew scowled, the expression not matching his features at all. “I can accept my hair,” he insisted. “But everyone else can’t. And I’m sure you don’t want me getting into any more fights.”

    Tyson frowned. He closed his eyes and ran a hand through his thick, dark hair (a far cry from his brother’s stark white). Matthew was probably grinning now, knowing that this was a sure-fire sign that he’d acquiesced.

    “Did you tell Kass?”

    Matthew’s smile faded. Tyson opened his eyes and realized the kid was now giving him the most incredulous, ‘you-must-be-a-joking’ stare he’d ever given him before in his life.

    Tyson sighed. “Right. Not a good idea.”

    His twin sister, Kassidi was famous for her mood-swings and irrational attitude problems. Kassidi was the epitome of an enigma; she was extremely passionate about her beliefs, demure one second and a viper the next. There was no telling how she was going to respond to anything. Her reactions varied from smiling and serene on minute to scowling and annoyed the next. Tyson knew this behavior was typical for most girls, but Kassidi took that shit to almost bipolar levels. The girl was in the anger-management program last year for school, and even continued counseling over the summer.

    At this moment, she was out with her boyfriend and Kiari. Probably getting ice cream or something.

    "I still don't think even Kassidi knows how crazy she is," groaned Matt. He threw himself on the couch, lazily pressing his face into the cushions. "She might kill me."

    "She's going to kill both of us," Tyson remedied. "Tomorrow at three o'clock. Tell her we're just getting you a haircut and going out to eat or something, because I sure as hell ain't finna take the heat."

    Matt smiled like a maniac. "YES!"


    "Oh, look at you!" Kassidi's voice went several octaves higher than its usual tone. Matt blinked as the buxom girl ruffled his hair, flashing him her pearly whites. Although Matt would never, ever admit it, Tyson knew the boy liked it when Kassidi babied him. When she babied all of them. It reminded them of Mother.

    "I think it's really sweet that you and Ty are going out for a bit of bonding time." She wore a fitted t-shirt and black shorts today, with her long, glossy dark hair pulled into a high ponytail.

    Kassidi and Tyson shared the exact same skin tone, eye color and hair texture and shade, screaming 'twins!' at anyone who knew a thing about genetics when they were together. Despite this, the twins were often mistaken for being an item when they were together, not to mention Kassidi often screamed at him like they were married or something. ("How could you tell Sabriel to 'go get you something'? Does blind not mean anything to you?! Use your 'talent' or get off your lazy ass!")

    There were only a few times they genuinely argued; Tyson mostly sat there and took the heat. There was no use arguing with a girl like Kass, and sometimes he did act like an idiot.

    "Right." Tyson shuffled into his pocket to pull out his wallet before Kassidi asked. "Got the money right here. State IDs and whatnot."

    Kassidi gushed. "Oh, I wonder what you guys will talk about! Girls? Video games? Music?"

    "You're ruining it," Matthew said. "Don't bring stuff like that up; it takes away from the atmosphere."

    Kassidi waved her hands. "Sorry, sorry, it's just that you and Ty rarely actually leave the house to do something together." Then she turned around, walking to the display table near the alcove, she picked something off of it and returned to Matthew. "Take the camera," she said. "And take plenty of pictures!"

    Matthew rolled his eyes. From Tyson's view by the door, he could make out Sabriel's tiny form coming over to sit on the couch in front of the flat screen. His long hair was tugged into a messy bun at the top of his head, while his vibrant blue eyes blinked this way and that.

    "Kass," the oldest brother called, drawing his twin out of Matthew's face. "Sabe wants to watch TV."

    'Watching TV' for Kiari was dependent on his powers. Everyone was pretty surprised finding out that Kiari could read minds, and they'd discovered this about him during a Spongebob marathon. Kiari had come into the living room with Kassidi to settle down a year ago. They were holding hands. Apparently, through the physical contact, Kiari made out what was going on on the screen through Kassidi's eyes. He laughed when no one was speaking, and was able to correctly identify what color Spongebob was.

    He'd been reading their minds for ages, actually, which explained how he was able to navigate the house so well. He saw the looks of things through their eyes, knew exactly when to stop and where to reach for certain things. As long as he touched one of them, it was like being able to see.

    They'd thrown a little private party to celebrate. Mom and Kassidi were so happy, they'd cried.

    "Oh!" the girl seemed startled, glancing over her shoulder at their brother. "I did promise him earlier. All right, see you guys later!"

    As Tyson turned to leave, Kassidi grabbed his sleeve. Her nails were freshly manicured, a loud red. Like blood or something. "No stunts," she whispered.

    Tyson nodded gravely. "No stunts."

    'Stunts' was the word Kassidi used to describe the 'accidents' involving their powers. It grew to become basic terminology for them. The main culprit of 'stunts' were Matthew, unsurprisingly, but Tyson himself was guilty of this a few times.

    Kassidi always had that rule. That one rule that meant the world to her.

    "No stunts."

    Not if he could help it.

"No matter how hard you try, you can't f*ck with this." - Awesome Kurapika AMV


Pictured above (from left to right) are Kurapika, Bakura, and Kurama. These three are the reason why my forum name has been 'LadyKura' from day one. Cute, excellent strategists with a dark side and extremely hard edges, all of these characters are very similar in one way or another. In fact, the longer I think, the more things I can come up with these guys have in common.[/center]
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With Open Arms - Original Story (Based on a Dream)
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