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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Seishinism, The Religion of the Avatar World [Six Nations Variant]

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PostSubject: Seishinism, The Religion of the Avatar World [Six Nations Variant]   Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:16 pm

Seishinism, The Religion of the Avatar World (Six Nations Version)

Name of Religion: Seishinism
Type: Polythiest
Focus: Balance in all aspects of life

Ruling Dieties: The God of Death and the Goddess of Life
Important Dieties: Goddess of the Sands, God of Fire, Goddess of Air, God of Earth, Goddess of Water, God of Harvest, God of War, Goddess of the Hunt, Goddess of Love, God of Music, Goddess of Marriage, God of Knowledge, Goddess of Light, God of Darkness, Gedo Mazo [Great God, King of All Gods]
Deity Hierarchy:

1. Gods
3. Spirit King
4. Spirits
5. Caretaker/Minor Spirits
6. Demi-Spirits

Divine Interaction: Commonplace in Ancient Times

Religious Authority: The Spirit King
Religious Leaders: Fire Sages, Earth Sages, Water Shamans and Air Monks, Fire Nation [Fire Nation Only]

Afterlife: The Spirit World (Humans), Yomi-no-kuni (Divines, Spirits, Evil Beings)
Worship: Ceremonious temple worship led by the sages
Holidays: Often
Holidays Celebrated: The Solstices, Heroes, Past Revelations, Major Deities, Past and Current Avatars, Past and Current Warriors of the Elements
Major Holidays: Are very joyous times

Clergy: Both genders
Symbol: 21 Pointed Star

Passed Down: The holy scripture “A Record of Ancient Matters”, and oral traditions
Creation Myth Type: Divine creation
Human Origins: Accidental

Deadly Sins: Murder, Theft, Ignorance, Evil
High Virtues: Faith/Piety, Thoughtfulness, Humanity, Balance

Associated Art Form: Songs

Coming of Age: 16 (20 [Imperial Royal Family Only])
Coming of Age Right: Large ceremony/party

Marriage: An affair of the heart where the groom chooses the best man, who shall perform the ceremony

Death Rights: Depends on the Nation

Prevalence: Believed by all
Outsiders: Shunned, Scorned, Excommunicated


The Six Nations and Religion

The Fire Nation and Religion
Main Deity: F'yr, God of Fire
Main Symbol of Worship: The Sun
Main Religious Animal: Dragons
Main Religious Leadership: The Fire Lord, The Fire Sages

The Earth Kingdom and Religion
Main Deity: Cutae, God of Earth
Main Symbol of Worship: The Earth
Main Religious Animal: Badgermoles
Main Religious Leadership: The Earth Sages

The Water Tribes and Religion
Main Deity: Ilyd, Goddess of Water [Also, the Ocean and Moon Spirits]
Main Symbol of Worship: The Moon, The Ocean
Main Religious Animal: Polarbear Dog
Main Religious Leadership: The Water Sages

The Air Kingdom and Religion
Main Deity: Adeza, Goddess of Air
Main Symbol of Worship: The Wind
Main Religious Animal: Sky Bisons
Main Religious Leadership: The Air Monks

The Light State and Religion
Main Deity: Ryz, Goddess of Light
Main Symbol of Worship: The Sun
Main Religious Animal: None [The Sun was the first Lightbender]
Main Religious Leadership: The Light King

The Dark State and Religion
Main Deity: Mar, God of the Dark
Main Symbol of Worship: The Night Sky
Main Religious Animal: None [The Shadows were the first Darkbenders]
Main Religious Leadership: The Dark Lord


The Gods and Goddesses

Deity Name: En'no-gyoja
Gender: Male
Represents: All Creation
Patron God To: Gods (Presumably), Creation (Officially)
Weapons: Yada-no-Yari (Eight Span Spear of Creation)
Pets: None
Residence: The Celestial Plain of High Heaven

Deity Name: Kanatta
Gender: Male
Represents: Life
Patron God To: Healers, Mothers, Pregnant Women, Midwives
Weapons: Yada-no-Yari (Temporarily)
Pets: None
Residence: The Heavens

Deity Name: Ameria
Gender: Female
Represents: Death
Patron God To: The Dead, Spirits, Ghosts, Demi-Spirits
Weapons: A Sickle
Pets: None
Residence: Yomi-no-kuni

Deity Name: Takamagahara
Gender: Female
Represents: Sands and Deserts
Patron God To: Sandbenders
Weapons: Two Daggers
Pets: None
Residence: The Si Wong Desert

Deity Name: F'yr
Gender: Male
Represents: Fire and the Sun
Patron God To: Fire Lords, Firebenders, The Fire Nation, Fire Sages
Weapons: A Flaming Whip
Pets: Twin Dragons, Ko and Ra
Residence: The Sun

Deity Name: Adeza
Gender: Female
Represents: Air and the Wind
Patron God To: Airbenders, Air Nomads, Air Monks, Air Kingdom, Air King, Airmen
Weapons: Twin Chakrams
Pets: A Sky Bison named Teishin
Residence: Travels the Winds

Deity Name: Cutae
Gender: Male
Represents: The Earth and Earth
Patron God To: Earthbenders, Earth Kingdom, Earth King, Earth Sages
Weapons: A Hammer
Pets: A Badgermole named Taijin
Residence: The Mountains of the Earth Kingdom

Deity Name: Ilyd
Gender: Female
Represents: Water and the Ocean
Patron God To: Waterbenders, The Water Tribes [North and South], The Foggy Swamp Tribe, Sailors, Seamen, Fishermen, Pirates
Weapons: Throwing Knives
Pets: Twin Koi Fish, Tui and La
Residence: The Deepest Oceans

Deity Name: Cae
Gender: Male
Represents: Harvest, Feasts and Food
Patron God To: Farmers, The Poor, Beggars
Weapons: Scythe and Hoe
Pets: None
Residence: Travels the Nations

Deity Name: Sceter
Gender: Male
Represents: War, Battles, Soldiers, Victory and Armies
Patron God To: Soldiers, Warriors
Weapons: A Battle Axe
Pets: None
Residence: Battlefields

Deity Name: Laedaela
Gender: Female
Represents: The Hunt, Competition and Hunting
Patron God To: Hunters, Athletes and Competitors
Weapons: Bow, Arrows and a Hunting Horn
Pets: Two Hunting Wolves
Residence: The Forests of the World

Deity Name: Elounli
Gender: Female
Represents: Love and Emotions
Patron God To: Lovers, Families, Siblings, Friends, Parents, Children and All Those Who Know Love
Weapons: None
Pets: None
Residence: The Clouds

Deity Name: Tans
Gender: Male
Represents: Music
Patron God To: Musicians and Performers
Weapons: None
Pets: None
Residence: Music and Noise Itself

Deity Name: Aelouanath
Gender: Female
Represents: Marriage and Union
Patron God To: Married Couples, Allies, Friends, Family
Weapons: None
Pets: None
Residence: Temples

Deity Name: Kaleck
Gender: Male
Represents: Knowledge
Patron God To: Scholars, Teachers, Students and Archivers
Weapons: None
Pets: None
Residence: The Archive of the Gods [Located in an Alternate World]

Deity Name: Ryz
Gender: Female
Represents: Light
Patron God To: Lightbenders
Weapons: A Mirror Shield
Pets: None
Residence: Within All Light

Deity Name: Mar
Gender: Male
Represents: Dark, Shadows and Darkness
Patron God To: Darkbenders
Weapons: A Hammer
Pets: None
Residence: Within All Shadows

Deity Name: Ghoa
Gender: Male
Represents: Thievery
Patron God To: Thieves, Mercenaries, Pirates and Bounty Hunters
Weapons: Two Knives
Pets: None
Residence: Thravaen'ir [An Alternate World Ruled by Ghoa]


The Religious Scriptures and Stories

The Creation and the Beginning

The Creation of All Things and the Rise of the Lunar Celestials

The Meeting of Ameria and Kanatta and the Creation of The Human World

The Kingdom of Spirits, Gods and Divines

The Start of Life and Death, Yomi-no-kuni

The Age of Gods and Spirits

The Expulsion of Sceter and the Legend of Orochi

Six Nations Pantheon Only


The Rule of Spirits and the Creation of Man


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Seishinism, The Religion of the Avatar World [Six Nations Variant]
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