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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 A rough Start (Open To All)

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Elite Beginner

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PostSubject: A rough Start (Open To All)   Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:04 pm

(OOC This is my first time roleplaying in a while. I hope it goes well and anyone can join, doesn't matter. Thanks!))

It was a bright day. Orkel could feel the sun beating down on his skin, it was invigorating. He had been on the road for a few days but by now he was coming close to another village. He quickly stopped and checked his pack. Not including the money that he was saving for traveling he had enough for a small snack. His stomach however had a lot more room than a small snack. He chuckled to himself and said.

"Well I guess its time to find some more work. I need a lot more money if I am ever going to leave these colonies." Orkel said to himself. It wasn't glamorous work being a Mercenary. It did get him money which he needed to travel and hopefully find whoever attacked his family. Upon thinking about what happened to his family Orkel felt a familiar rage build up inside him. It was almost like an old friend greeting him once more. He quickly took a few deep breathes calming himself. He was almost in the village he needed to remain calm.

As he entered the small fire nation village he had a humorous thought. What if he ran into someone willing to let him travel with them free of charge. Orkel chuckled at this thought before saying.

"No one is that kind, at least not around here," He kept walking, looking for a job in the village, hoping for some easy work.
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Elite Beginner
Elite Beginner

Posts : 143
Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: A rough Start (Open To All)   Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:26 pm

Orkel had entered to village and not too long after entering someone tried to pick a fight with him. The unknown person bumped into him saying.

"I know your kind. You're a good for nothing Mercenary!" He yelled obviously intoxicated. Orkel ignored him at first. "You have no allegiance no honor!" Orkel stopped in his foot steps upon hearing this. He felt the rage inside him build up, but before it overflowed Orkel took a deep breath. This calmed himself down he told himself it wasn't worth it. Orkel kept walking. "Hey where are you going?" The drunkard slurred.

Zyeke was going about his day setting up new contraptions for sale when he sale the start of s fight outside. He stopped what he was doing and went to see what was happening. He saw the water bending drunk of the village picking on a traveler. The traveler had started walking again and the drunk said.

"Hey where are you going?" Upon hearing this Zyeke intervened, knowing that he needed to calm him down before he started anything. Zyeke put a hand on the drunks shoulder and said.

"Calm down Lee. No need to get start something go home and sleep it off."

"NO! This good for nothing honor-less dog will not ignore me!" Bill said as he threw water at the stranger from a nearby barrel.

Orkel had kept walking and heard someone else get involved. "Probably should get out of town before anything happens." Orkel said to himself. The he felt water soak his head. His hair was dripping now and the water could not quench his new found rage. Orkel stopped and turned. "Yo...you are a water bender?" Orkel spat out trying one desperate attempt to keep calm.

"Yeah, I am. Which is better then a good for nothing Mercenary!" Orkel then launched fireballs from both fists simultaneously, releasing all of his pent-up rage.

Zyeke saw the fireballs flying toward Bill. Out of instinct Zyeke summoned a wall of earth from the ground beneath his feet. The fire washed over the stone, cracking it more and more but it held. Then the fire stopped and Zyeke thought it was over but then a lightning bolt broke the rock open and trew Bill and Zyeke backwards. Zyeke stood up and threw multiple boulders at the fire bender. While the stranger was distracted Zyeke summoned metal from the nearby buildings and hand cuffed the traveler. Too easy Zyeke thought.

Orkel felt the tight grip of hand cuffs on his hand. He let his anger blind him and now more than likely will go to prison. He relaes one last out bust of anger in the form of fire from Orkel's mouth. Then his anger was gone and he was calm again. Saying. "You are an earth bender too?" The shop keep who intervened yelled out.

"I am the earth bender. This drunk has caused you no harm. Bill go home." He told the drunk and the drunk quickly sobered up and fled the scene. "Now stranger if I let you go will you behave?"

"Yes." Orkel said curtly. Then Orkel felt the metal release his wrists. The shop keep now offered a hand to help him up. "Thank you," Orkel said.

"No problem. Sorry about Bill but you have quite an anger problem yourself there. I am Zyeke by the way."

"Orkel, and yes I do. I can usually control it but sometimes it gets the best of me" I tell Zyeke.

"So why is a mercenary like you here in a town like this?" Zyeke asked. "I am looking for work to earn enough money to travel." Orkel responded.

"follow me," Zyeke said. Orkel followed Zyeke into his shop. "I can see you have had a rough life. Here, take this and take a short vacation. Then if you want to pay it back I may have some work for you afterwards." Zyeke told Orkel as he dropped a bag of coins into Orkel's hands.

Orkel was astonished "Thank you sir. I promise I will pay you back one way or another. I think I will go to the Earth Kingdom, was always curious about their lives and culture."

"Well take care Orkel. I am sure there will be work for you when you return." Zyeke said smiling. "Take care and have a safe trip I will see you return soon." Zyeke said to Orkel as he left. Zyeke thought to himself. With someone as talented as that I may have found someone to adventure with, because adventuring alone is so dull. Zyeke went back to his shop before another visitor showed up...


Iroh is awesome. Both of Them.

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A rough Start (Open To All)
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