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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Tales of Ghoa

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PostSubject: Tales of Ghoa   Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:07 pm

Alright so I started on writing my book. This is it so far.

The Tales of Ghoa


The sun nearly set as a tavern was nearly closing. The inn keeper, a young woman named Lia Stienhart. Her hair was black flecked with small shades of blonde. She stood there with eyes glowing a crimson red. Washing a glass a drunken man was throwing a fit against another drunken man. “No they were dragonmancers you drunk B*stard.” One shouted at each other until Lia was furious and put in her own input. “You are both wrong. They were Halflings, Part elf and part dragon.” The two men looked at her angrily. “What makes you think you know what we are talking about?” The other one nodded in agreement. “Because she was there.” Chimed in a man hooded, dark skinned with eyes that were reflective black. He continued “The brothers, both dragon and elf. Airo and Shik, rebels to the empire and the last men of Ghoa.” The drunken men turned around to listen to the story. “They have traveled around the empire in search for the king and his use to kill their homeland. They have made great allies along with great enemies. Some you might even know, Ain’t that right Lia?” The woman sighed and let out a large breath “Yea.” The first drunken man had amazement in his eyes then confusion “So, who are you?” The hooded man took off his hood and answered with a loud voice “I am crown prince Marethyu of the Kairian Empire."

“Shik you brute give me back my damn staff!” a slim teenage boy said to a larger boy. “Nope, you have to fly shrimp.” On a close observation the larger boy, Shik, had very hard to see scales that were red that made his skin look as if it were sun burnt. His hair long, covering his face leaving his left eye visible only. Muscles emitted off of him as his wings fluttered on his back. The smaller one was named Airo. Unlike his brother he was a lot weaker, a mage at heart. He had tan skin with no scales. Like his brother he had wings, but had no muscle to actually fly with them but glide. These two brothers are the last two of their kind, hell even their nation.
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Tales of Ghoa
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