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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Nymio Zine, Earth Kingdom General

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PostSubject: Nymio Zine, Earth Kingdom General   Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:46 pm


Name: Nymio Zine
Age: 29
Rank: Earth Bender, Lower General of the Armies of the Earth Kingdome
Pets: None
Weapons: A standard Sized Tetsubo
Element: Earth


Hair: Jet Black, kept out of his eyes with a green colored headband. It is roughly five inches in length and tends to go a bit wild when unbound of slicked with sweat from a workout or battle.
Eyes: Both a solid muddy brown, his left eye as a scar just at the cheekbone in the shape of a slash. This was a wound from an accident he doesn’t speak about, not that he speaks of his past very often.
Height: 5’9”
Clothes: He is often found without a shirt, though in the presence of those above his own rank he will adorn a simple button up shirt that is often smudged with browns and grays gained from training in the quarries and the pits of Bah Sing Se. His pants are often in the high style, but are also quite ragged at the knees and the ankles. Both the shirt and the pants contain swirling patterns of green and white, showing his devotion to the Earth Kingdome. He prefers not to wear shoes, though he will adorn simple leather sandals if the situation absolutely requires it. These sandals are often accompanied with thick strips of cloth used as a form of socks and protection for his feet. These sandals are only warn when he expects combat, such as marching onto a battlefield.


Reserved, calculating, somewhat cold, his stern and stony habits are put in place every day to keep those around him from realizing exactly how caring he is. His callous comments and unshakable faith in his own philosophies hide a vulnerable interior that adores peace and tires of the wars he has seen in his lifetime. Born and raised a soldier his entire life, though he is a man of combat technique and skill he is still reluctant to engage in battle even though his often gruff demeanor says otherwise about the man.

In his downtime, he often paints and writes haiku’s after long walks through the city. When he isn’t busy training the future soldiers of the Earth Kingdome or attending council meetings with other generals and important political figures in the King’s manor, which is to say almost never, he occasionally travels outside of the earth Kingdom. He has actually found he enjoys fishing, and dreams of months spent at sea with Water Nation’s expert fishermen so that he might relax and live in peace.

In combat the man is a machine, his body honed to the art of combat and his mind built like a storage drawer for nearly every historic strategy ever used. Though he is expected to let those of less rank lead the charge and stand on the front lines as he issues commands from behind, his personal guard has had a hard time keeping the man from charging to the front of the line to save what soldiers he can by acting as the spear-point more often than not.

Overall, he is a kind soul with a hard discipline about him. If he is hardened, he is so for the benefit of the person he is teaching. If he is stubborn, it is only because his belief that he understands the direction the world is going and that his own views on what should be done are correct. He is a man of interest, strategy, ability, and kindness, and he lives happily inside the Earth Kingdome often dreaming about his retirement.

Personal Strengths:
1: Combat: Born and raised as a soldier, it isn’t hard to see why he is considered a natural at games of war and the intricate art of battle.
2: Beliefs: His beliefs are unshakable, his confidence in himself leaving him hard headed, but strong willed.
3: Artisan: His skill with a brush almost equals his skill with a warclub.

Personal Weaknesses:
1: Allergy: Despite his love of fishing, he is allergic to shellfish.
2: Easily Depressed: Despite growing up in the army, he never fortified himself to deal with the loss of his brothers in arms. He has been known to go for days after the funeral of one of his soldiers without food or drink, or even attempting to socialize.
3: Lightbending: He honestly understands so little about Light Bending that he often underestimates their methods and tactics and finds himself defeated at their hands more often than not.

Personal Hero: General Iroh, the ancient general of the Fire Nation in the years of Avatar Aang.

1: Fishing
2: Scholarly Debate
3: Poetry
4: Painting
5: History Texts

1: Pointless Combat
2: Alcoholic Beverages
3: Large Wars
4: Funerals
5: Stupidity

Brief History:

Signed into the academy to become a soldier at the age of 12, he was trained as an officer and taught the latest tactics and stories of war to inspire him to greatness. Showing ample knowledge of both tactics and combat, he quickly outshined all in his class except others who were also in the program. At the age of 16 he was sworn into the army and began his term of service for the Earth Kingdome.

During the great war under the rule of Akio, he quickly ascended the ranks by showing his ability not only as a soldier, but as a leader with his tactical thinking and complex plans that led the Earth Kingdome to multiple victories. Promotions abound, it did not go unnoticed that despite his higher ranks he still suffered the pain each and every time he had a soldier who died under his command. Despite this, he still found his place in the upper ranks of command.

After surviving the war, it isn’t surprising that recently Nymio is thinking about retirement these days. He spends most days at the academy training the next generation and their leaders while serving out the rest of his years. Until recently, the peace had been nice but it seemed that war was determined to rear its ugly head once again.
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Fear Frollo! I said fear!

Judge Frollo, searching for witchcraft since 1482.
He does not approve of your witchcraft.
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Nymio Zine, Earth Kingdom General
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