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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Advanced Beginner
Advanced Beginner

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PostSubject: Find Me   Wed May 01, 2013 10:41 pm

(So this is an ongoing thing I've been doing for my school's writing club. It only has two parts done so far though. More to come.)

I casually drummed my fingers on the arm rest of the waiting room chair. The medical center didn’t look nearly this busy from the outside. Yet here I was. Waiting. It was foolish, thinking I’d be able to get my blood drawn in a convienent fashion. Everybody else thought the same today though. Nurses and Lab techs were frantically trying to make sure everyone was tended. A casual bystander would think there was some sort of pandemic going around by the sheer crowd here. But no. Most of these people, like me, were new students at the local college. Maybe reading my admission letter would have led me on to the mandatory blood test and kept me out of this situation. That’s not how the universe wanted it though, looking back. Glancing up at the clock again for about the twelfth time I just sighed to myself. Then she walked by. She didn’t belong; she looked too young to be here for the mandatory collage blood tests. Barely into high school from the looks of her, well, what I could see from her through her long dark cloak and hood. At the time I didn’t really think much of her on first sight, except for the fact that she dropped a scrap of paper. By the time I’d manage to acquire it she was quite far down the hall. Seeing no sign of any of the nurses looking to help me, I got up and followed her. Down the hall and then to the stairs, then we both stared climbing the stairs. You never realize how many stairs there are in multistory buildings till you climb every single step at a brisk pace. I thought that this climb would never end. Then I opened a door and we were on the roof. And she was on the edge. She was going to jump. “Don’t!” I wasn’t going to let her jump; something about her told me I couldn’t allow it. She turned and looked at me, the hood fallen from her head. First, I noticed her hair, it was white. Not silver. Not some light shade of grey. White, like pure snow. Then I saw her eyes, a strange mix of blue and green, full of terror and something else I couldn’t figure out. We looked stares for a moment then she turned back to looking down. Time seemed to slow down as I watched her step off the edge of the building. “NO!” I screamed, running to the edge of the building. Nothing was there though. No body, no girl, no signs of her escape. Nothing. Then I realized I still had that scrap of paper she had dropped. Frantically I unfolded it. Standing there on the roof of the medical clinic I read over that piece of paper several times. All that was on it was two words, written in frantic hand writing. Two simple words that shocked me to read.

Find Me.

Jonathon Montoya
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Advanced Beginner
Advanced Beginner

Posts : 94
Age : 22
Join date : 2013-04-26

PostSubject: Re: Find Me   Wed May 01, 2013 10:41 pm

Find Me.
I keep seeing the words, over and over.
Find Me.
Those words, they’re floating around me. I see them everywhere.
Find Me.
There she is, falling. I’m going after her this time.
Find Me.
I’m falling, hurtling toward the unsuspecting traffic.
Then a mix of chirps and buzzes snaps me out of my insanity. I groggily lean over and grab my phone. One message, from my roommate. James is his name. “At the pizza place. Want anything?” The text read. I was about to tell him no, then decided not to. “Sure, grab me a slice or two of whatever looks the best.” Hitting send I casually tossed the phone back towards the corner of my bed. Then I opened up and looked at the paper…again. In the week that followed watching her jump off the roof of the clinic I’ve looked at this paper hundreds of times. Expecting something to happen, the words to change maybe. Maybe even having her showing up. The sound of rain drew my attention to the window. The trails of water trailing down the window, bigger drops eating the smaller as they worked their way down. Stuff like that always interested me as a kid, and watching them now, it was almost calming. Well, at least until something hit the window. It sounded like a bird, a really big bird. Rushing to the window I glanced down only to see a football on the ground and a soaked guy running over to grab it. Sighing a little and shaking my head I walked into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face.
I was going crazy. Legitimately crazy because of this. It was about that time that James came back. Toweling off my head I walked out and grabbed the little box from James, opening it and taking a bite from my pizza. The pizza and talking to James about surviving our first weeks of college helped me forget about what happened for a while. At least, I was starting to forget. Then I saw her walk by the window.

Jonathon Montoya
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Find Me
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