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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Religious Proclamation of the Fire Nation

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PostSubject: Religious Proclamation of the Fire Nation   Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:07 pm

By proclamation of His Royal Highness and Holiness, Fire Lord Nobunaga Ezofuji, First of His Name, Rightful King of the Fire Benders, Lord of Nippon, Protector of the Realm, Blood of the Sun, Guardian of Dragons, and Descendant of F'yr, all past, current and future Fire Lords shall hereby, and henceforth, become Gods to our nation's pantheon upon their death.

So sayeth Fire Lord Nobunaga, through the authority of the Father of Our Nation, The God F'yr, and Father of Our Royalty.

The Holy, Godly suffixes of the new gods shall be "-no-Mikoto-o-Kami" or "The God who Invites", as proper of the former heroes of our nation.

From here on, these Fire Lords and Emperors shall be known as Gods, and shall be named accordingly:

Fire Lord Konoe shall be known as Konoe-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Shirakawa shall be known as Shirakawa-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Nijo I shall be known as Nijo-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Rokujo shall be known as Rokujo-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Takakura shall be known as Takakura-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Antoku shall be known as Antoku-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Toba shall be known as Toba-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Tsuchimikado I shall be known as Tsuchimikado-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Juntoku shall be known as Juntoku-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Chukyo shall be known as Chukyo-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Horikawa shall be known as Horikawa-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Shijo shall be known as Shijo-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Saga shall be known as Saga-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Fukakusa shall be known as Fukakusa-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Kameyama I shall be known as Kameyama-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Uda shall be known as Uda-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Fushimi I shall be known as Fushimi-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Fushimi II shall be known as Go-Fushimi-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Nijo II shall be known as Go-Nijo-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Hanazono I shall be known as Hanazono-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Daigo shall be known as Daigo-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Murakami shall be known as Murakami-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Chokei shall be known as Chokei-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Kameyama II shall be known as Go-Kameyama-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Komatsu shall be known as Komatsu-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Shoko shall be known as Shoko-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Hanazono II shall be known as Go-Hanazono-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Tsuchimikado II shall be known as Go-Tsuchimikado-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Kashiwabara shall be known as Kashiwabara-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Nara shall be known as Nara-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Ogimachi shall be known as Ogimachi-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Yozei shall be known as Yozei-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Mizuno'o shall be known as Mizuno'o-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lady Meisho shall be known as Meisho-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Komyo shall be known as Komyo-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Sai shall be known as Sai-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Reigen shall be known as Reigen-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Higashiyama shall be known as Higashiyama-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Nakamikado shall be known as Nakamikado-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Sakuramachi I shall be known as Sakuramachi-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Momozono I shall be known as Momozono-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lady Sakuramachi II shall be known as Go-Sakuramachi-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Momozono II shall be known as Go-Momozono-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Kokaku shall be known as Kokaku-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Ninko shall be known as Ninko-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Komei shall be known as Komei-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Maiji shall be known as Maiji-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Taisho shall be known as Taisho-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Showa shall be known as Showa-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Heisei shall be known as Heisei-no-Mikoto-o-Kami


Fire Lord Zuko shall be known as Zuko-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Hakano shall be known as Hakano-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Senjo shall be known as Senjo-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Sokomade shall be known as Sokomade-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Matahiro shall be known as Matahiro-no-Mikoto-o-Kami
Fire Lord Honno-ji shall be known as Honno-ji-no-Mikoto-o-Kami

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Religious Proclamation of the Fire Nation
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