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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
737 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 737 AO (After Ozai)

Earth King: Hui Peng
Vermilion Emperor: Eldunar Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
King of the North and South: Castiel Leiheng
Queen of Four Winds: May Lin Dao
Light King: John Itaruki
Dark Lord: Saruyoshi Shinjuku


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 Sup peeps?

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PostSubject: Sup peeps?   Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:35 pm

Hey all new member here! sup? so yeah a little introduction.... I'm not really too newbish when it comes to rping, I've been doing forum rps for at least ten years now on and off and everything from pokemon to starwars (currently addicted to a certain sw site but not going into too much detail there Very Happy )... however I'm a huge avatar fan so I thought I'd give it a try so yeah here I am! ^-^ (btw I'll have you know I like to use smilies.... a lot Idiot and omg I love all the different smilies you have here Very Happy  ) Anyways I read the rules and stuff so just wondering is there anything else that I need to know before I start creating a character and playing with him?
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PostSubject: Re: Sup peeps?   Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:41 pm

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Welcome. Bienvenue. And so on and so forth. I'm fairly new here too so I'm not exactly going to be much help at all. But uh... yeah. HELLOOOOOOO! Also I don't use smilies in my writing at all. Why's that you say? Well I have no clue. Probably 'cos I don't have the patience to use 'em. So yeah... Well met mental sai.

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, you should read the plot and the "world information" bit of the forum (don't know if those two things were included in the "and stuff" umbrella term). You'll need them in order to craft a character that makes some sense within the world.

Apart from that I'm looking forwards to RPing with you. See ya "in character".


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Sup peeps?
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