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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Your Giving Me A Headache || Kanaryu, Yue, & Lindsey

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PostSubject: Your Giving Me A Headache || Kanaryu, Yue, & Lindsey   Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:22 pm


    Walking along the stoned path she found all eyes turning towards her. It was just simple movements here and there, eyes flickering, the crane of a neck, but wither way she could feel them looking at her. She felt almost like Prey, being stalked and hunted by all, waiting for the chance that she would let her guard down for only a split moment. That was all the time they would need to undo her.

    That was crazy, she needed to quit viewing the world as one huge strategy. she was sure they were only staring due to the fact that she appeared foreign. There was no hiding it. Her long black hair, Pale skin and bright purple eyes. You could see the " Special " traits just flow from her pores.

    Kureha shook her head and kept walking. Some vacation this was turning out to be, first she had nearly fell off the boat as some pushy sailors couldn't see where they were going, second she had nearly been mugged. Wrong choice for that man, he was now soaking wet, drifting on a piece of wood from a cargo crate, a long ways from the shore.

    Take it one grain of salt at a time, that is what she keeps telling herself, but it is proving more and more futile. Sure she is wise, in spirituality and strength of mind; In masking your emotions and not feeding your anger issues? Not so much. Kureha has always had an anger problem. She was like a stick of dynamite, ready to explode at any given moment. Due to her violent upbringing, she posed a threat to any who came near her, so she hid. Finding her balance within the air temples.

    She wishes she was home right now, meditating and reading rather than watching where she stepped in case of animal feces. Kureha sighed and looked up at the sky today, it was a warm day, and she really felt like she could go for something to drink. Looking around she felt a shove behind her.

    Well that was rather discomforting... Kureha turned around to face a large brute of a man. She didn't even know the Vermillion Empire were supplied with this large of men, but none the less he was wearing a uniform, had to be part of the military dogs around here. If it was one thing she couldn't stand it was military; driven by law and supposed good deeds but she knew they were all just bullies. Power gets to their head and Tiny here was no exception.

    " Miss, I believe you are in my way." He said with a sneer. What could sound like actual manners came out like total sarcasm. Kureha could feel her eyebrow twitch with irritation. Who was this guy anyways? She crossed her arms and cocked her hip.

    Says the man who cant even look over his stomach to see his toes. How can you even tell where YOU are going." Kureha grinned a slight smile, if she wasn't going to have a peaceful vacation off her mountain, stirring some trouble and fun would be next on the list of priorities.

    And stirring up trouble is what she did, dumbfounded and stumped the man resorted to violence right off the bat. Typical, big brute, small brain. She used his anger against the man and ducked and he swung his giant arms over her head to try and grab her. She slipped her fingers under his shirt and walla! She flipped her legs out from under her, wrapped them around his neck and jumped, pulling his tunic over him.

    Instead of looking back to laugh at him she just stuck her tongue out and ran. Disappearing into the crowd. She could hear his frustrated voice as he scowerd for her but she was two blocks down and around by then. And what was there in front of her? Lunch. Kureha smiled as she stood in front of a quaint restaurant filled with lanterns and delicious smells.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Giving Me A Headache || Kanaryu, Yue, & Lindsey   Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:42 pm

It felt like any other day in Vermilion City for Kanaryu. It was warm, sunny and full of bustling people trying to buy their food for the day. He wasn't from here but he often liked to come here because of a particular restaurant, it was one he always went to, he never gave any others and try and he wasn't sure if he ever would.

He was making his way down the stoned path that led towards the restaurant. On his way he ran into many people, many of them were rude, others were nice. It was a pretty normal day until he came across a man shouting in frustration in the middle of a group of people. He could hear the locals saying something about a woman flipping him over like he was some sort of rag doll, he found it almost hard to believe since the man looked like a wall. He made his way around the large group of people and walked down two more blocks and took a turn.

Kanaryu looked up above the entrance of the restaurant and read the sign just to make sure he was at the right place. He nodded to him self and looked down and saw a woman standing in front of the establishment. He had never seen her here before. He wasn't a very shy person and he liked meeting new people so he decided he would try and talk to her.

"Hello there, miss. Are you here to grab some food?"

If she turned around she'd see a tall, pale and slender man standing in front of her with a white haori on, his pale blue eyes focused on her as he awaited for an answer from her.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Giving Me A Headache || Kanaryu, Yue, & Lindsey   Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:27 pm

Willow paid no attention to her surroundings for a minute. She did not care for Vermillion city, she personally found the men there sexist and did not tolerate it but sadly it was the best place for her daughter. Jasmine was only right and her personality was already developed. She was so soft spoken and polite, she was also a chatterbox, nothing like her mother. As she sung Willow couldn't help but smile, her voice complimented her beautiful face. She looked like Willow's grandmother. She only seen paintings but her grandmother looked like a princess. As a young girl, her grandmother's features were delicate and beautiful. She was a peacock among hens but as she joined the Kyoshi's her looks changed. Jasmine wore a fine plaided lavender dress with gold buttons and slippers. Like her mother's Jasmine's hair was put up in a bun. Watching her daughter, Willow couldn't help but blurt out a poem:

Like a princess,
she is fair and kind hearted.
She is beautiful and full of excitement,
She is full of hope,
She is my pride and Joy.

Jasmine smiled at her mom's poem. As they walked around people noticed Willow, her face was painted on a lot of rebellious campaigns against men. Although she did not choose it, most women look to her books and art for guidance. A woman bowed, a man who was possibly a high ranked officer and man of the house scowled." One bad tasting dumpling can make the rest even worse." His eyes were threatening but he did not dare to challenge Willow who ignored him. She moved through the crowd clinging to her daughter.

Willow wondered if she could establish a meeting with the Emperor to see if she could get more Female ruling. If he agreed maybe a lot will change. Her books were looked at as criticism against the rulers of different nations. But to be truthfully honest, they were suggestions and her view of the world. She felt as if women weren't stepping in and if they wanted they wouldn't be able too. They passed a building where a quote from one of her books remained:

A basin does not wait for the grass to grow in their area...

They fly away to find anew grassland...

But her quote on the building did not stop her. Angered boiled in her as she watched a high ranked officer talk to a woman any kind of way. She stood there for a moment to watch and before she knew it, her face had calmed and she led her daughter towards the argument."Is there a problem here?" She asked. The same time she approached another man approached. It was as if he was trying to avoid the situation.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Giving Me A Headache || Kanaryu, Yue, & Lindsey   

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Your Giving Me A Headache || Kanaryu, Yue, & Lindsey
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