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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 The Once Great House of Ezofuji [NiyNiy, Sara, and Kouzai] (PM ME IF YOU WANNA JOIN)

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PostSubject: The Once Great House of Ezofuji [NiyNiy, Sara, and Kouzai] (PM ME IF YOU WANNA JOIN)   Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:38 am

Hiruko, Izanagi and Raijin walked down the road of the Imperial colonies.  The Empire, and former Fire Nation had held these colonies since the start of the Hundred Year War, and by some miracle they were allowed to keep them after the war.  To this day the Empire still had control over these formally Earth Kingdom lands.  The tavern where Hiruko, Izanagi and Raijin were heading was once the tavern where the famous bounty hunter June once frequented between hunts.  Now the three Princes of the Ezofuji line were there for a night of relaxation and drinking after a failed day of hunting.

Owlan was a hunter, and it was a skill he passed down to Izanagi and Raijin, and even Hiruko got in on it.  Of course, some days were more bountiful than others, and today was definitely not one of their best.  Covered in dirt and sweat, the three cousins laughed as they traveled down the dirt road.  Izanagi and Hiruko had swords slung over their shoulders, while Raijin held a bow under his shoulder, with his sword around his waist.

"Well it would've gone better if you knew how to aim that bow?" laughed Izanagi.  "I know how to aim it!" cried Raijin, "You got in my way!  You're lucky I just missed, otherwise you would've been missing some very important pieces."  Hiruko chuckled, "Your family line would've ended with you," he joked, elbowing Izanagi with a laugh.  Izanagi laughed a little bit, "I'm sure Alyssandra would love to hear that news," smiled the young Prince, "She'd take the throne from me so fast it's not even funny."

Raijin rolled his eyes, "Oh come on, big sis isn't that bad," he said defensively, "I'm sure she'd wait until after you died or retired."  "Ha!" cried Izanagi, "She's older than all of us remember? She wouldn't wait that long.  She's persistent and patient, but even she wouldn't wait until I'm eighty."  "Who says you're living that long?" joked Hiruko.  "Age runs in the family," said Izanagi, "Don't forget, great-grandfather Aijou lived to rule into his eighties.  And Fire Lord Sozin lived to a hundred and two.  And then there's--"  "Of all the things you get from dad you got his history of knowledge," sighed Raijin with annoyance.

The three boys laughed as they entered the bar, and sat themselves down at the bar, leaning their weaponry up against the bar itself.  They each ordered a drink, and as they waited, Izanagi reflected on the relationship he shared with his cousin and brother.  He realized that the closeness he shared with Hiruko and Raijin was a rarity.  They were never around together in the same place long enough to realize how much they loved each other.  Izanagi was too busy with preparing to take over the Empire, even more so now that he was reaching the Age of Majority where he could legally become Emperor.  

Hiruko was out hunting down evil as some part of his spiritual contract with the forces of good.  And Raijin was out travelling the world, sleeping with whoever knows how many different girls at a time.  Izanagi cherished this moment together, and any like this that they shared together.  After the drinks arrived, the boys picked them up and clunked their glasses together before they downed the alcohol in one go, then set themselves up for a second one.  "Boys," said Izanagi happily, "This is the life.  The life of the great house of Ezofuji family."


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PostSubject: Re: The Once Great House of Ezofuji [NiyNiy, Sara, and Kouzai] (PM ME IF YOU WANNA JOIN)   Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:44 pm

Leilani trudged through the mud of the forest. She couldn't take the main road, or her sister might see her and leave. Pausing just before she reached the local tavern, Leilani lowered her hood and scanned the surrounding area, looking at every traveller that passed by. It was more than likely her sister was already inside, but she needed to make sure. Leilani had been tracking her sister Mai for months--well, technically years, but it had been months since she had last picked up her trail and seen her. Every time she caught up with her sister and tried to drag her back home, they'd fight, and Mai would escape.

Mai ran away from the Assassin Order years ago, and despite countless attempts from the higher ups, to the Grand Master, their mother, and Leilani herself, she would not come home. Some would say she was a better Assassin than any in the Order, being able to evade, match and even murder some of the best Assassins sent after her. This time though, her intel told her that her sister could be found in and around these parts. She was a Rogue Assassins acting as a vigilante, the trail of bodies were always well hidden, but if intel was to be believed, this was a slip up that gave her away.

Leilani kept her hood down and pulled her cloak around her entire body, to hide her garbs. She wasn't going to be spotted as an Assassin, not before it was too late. Leilani walked from the forest, and on to the main road, knowing full well that her sister was more than likely inside. As she pushed open the swinging doors, she scanned the place. Nothing--at least until she looked at the bar. There sat her cousins, filthy, somewhat sweaty, half drunk and laughing. Izanagi, heir to the Imperial Throne, her older cousin Hiruko, third oldest of all the distant cousins and of the Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi line, son of the current Emperor and brother of Morohito. He was an Assassin of a different calling--he worked for the Spirits, killing those who were condemned for their evil actions.

And lastly, her distant cousin, Raijin, younger twin brother of Izanagi and the spitting image of her grandfather Raiden (for whom he was named), great-great-grandfather Kagutsuchi and great-great-grandfather Susano'o. He was also her lover--secretly. Not for anything, cousins marrying cousins for dynastic continuity was nothing new amongst royals, let alone the House of Ezofuji. In fact, amongst the Ezofuji line, it was almost always a mainstay. Kagutsuchi was married to his first cousin, Raiden to his, and perhaps one day she would be married to her fourth cousins twice removed--but no, now was the time to track her sister, not her lover. She could not allow herself to be distracted by any emotions. Her sister was of prime importance, love came after. Leilani did the only thing she could: sit and wait. Taking a table in the far back of the bar, out of site and behind a pillar, and sat there, cloak hood up, face hidden, with a drink in her hand, waiting for her sister.

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The Once Great House of Ezofuji [NiyNiy, Sara, and Kouzai] (PM ME IF YOU WANNA JOIN)
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