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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Some new Charries!!!

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PostSubject: Some new Charries!!!   Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:02 pm

    Name: May Lin Dao
    Age: 22
    Birthplace: Temple of the Northern Winds
    Current Residence: Wandering
    Rank: She has been crowned queen of the four Winds
    Occupation: nothing really
    Element: Air
    Pets: No, just a companion
    Weapons: Only an air bender stick

    Birthday: 1 of January 715 AO
    Blood type: 0-
    -Making air balls, getting leaves inside them and letting them fly wistfully
    -Playing with her flute some majestic melodies, with the aid of air beding
    -Enjoying the sounds of nature, while meditating
    -Likes sitting down when it's raining
    -Blowing tuffs of hair getting in front of her face
    Family: Muto and Kira Lin Dao; her parents, both killed by dark spirits as the rest of the family.
    Character Theme:

    Hair: Before her transformation, May used to have long, beautiful brown hair. But then, her hair turned orange, like her fur and tail. They seem red, and sometimes bloody red, but when they get wet, they have their real color.
    Eyes: She used to have two wonderful bright blue eyes, but now her eyes are sparkling green, with a black strike in each, just like an animal's.
    Height: She got taller after her transformation, she was 1,69m. But then she became 1,76m.
    Clothes: Her clothes were the casual orange, yellow and red colored clothes, that air benders wear. But then, especially through her travel, she wore a torn shirt, a leather belt around her waist holding a pair of leather shorts. She also had a pair of leather boots, on her feet. Now, that May has been crowned queen, she only wears some old dresses, the best quality her mother had, but still poor looking for a queen.
    Skin: Her pale soft skin, is now fur covering of her body.
    Body Type: She was once a charming girl, but now, charming or not, she has a long tail, matching the color of her hair, she has pointy ears on top of her head, her mouth is similar to the one a fox would have, and her feet are just like paws. Her hands are the only part of her still human-looking with long fingers.

    Image Gallery:

    Personality: May is kind, she has a soft warm heart, open to all, but not all feel the same about her, just because of the way she looks like. May doesn't misunderstand them, neither feels anger about them, she had become close to a monster. But it wasn't her fault, nothing was... She has accepted the way she looks like. She is not highly spiritual, as for the knowledge but because of what had happened to her, she has a connection to the spirits, no one else could have. She understands, she goes on to fulfill her physical purpose, which is in the meantime, to be a justice and rightful queen for her nation! She is ready to sacrifice for that.
    Her behavior is mysterious, just as her element, May constantly changes, twists, modifies... She might change her opinion on something, several times through one day. She is tough, and has a strong will. She can feel it when she is unwanted, and therefore, leave to let the others calm down and see clearly. She is not for the bloody wars. She is a good warrior, and she has no fear of the danger, she likes to face everything straight. She is sometimes taciturn, and sometimes bubbly. You can't clearly understand her multiple personality, but you can see only one thing inside her soul, purity, an innocent spirit, clean of all the ambitions, the humanity's greed, the evil and cheat...
    Personal Strengths:
    -Fighting for justice
    -Playing music
    -Even in the way she looks like, charm is still her best shot for the men
    -will for life
    Personal Weaknesses:
    -Her memories
    - When she feels she is unwanted
    -Being underestimated
    -Being faced as an illogical creature, a monster
    -Physical contact
    Hamartia: After she fused with the spirit, she can realize time. She grows up slower, the others grow old faster on her eyes, she doesn't understand the limits, for her, it makes no sense, tomorrow, compared with a year...
    Personal Hero: no one really
    Dreams and Ambitions: Others to behave her like an actual human being, to understand her, to help her through it.


    -Martial Arts
    -Life and light


    -Dark spirits
    -Stubborn humans
    -Small dark rooms
    -Arrogant humans

    Brief History:

    May Lin Dao, or actually, Maybeth Lin Dao Shikiyoshi, daughter of Muto Lin Dao, and Kira Shikiyoshi. She was actually a wonderful girl. A lovely young lady, everyone loved to see smiling, with her rose cheeks, her pale skin, her long soft hair. Everyone thought she was a blessing from the gods, so beautiful with her bright blue eyes watching everything around, while smiling playfully and innocently.

    She was a lover of adventures from a little child. When the other girls of her age played with dolls and meditated, she was riding her air ball and quickly rushing away, to the nature. She loved flowers, and mostly, the spirits that lived in the forest. She returned home, late at night and she used to like telling her stories of the day, instead of listening to fairytales. She was once proud of not running away when she saw a gigantic spider, and while she was narrating that to the other girls, they quickly ran away, to cover under their beds’ sheets.

    She never connected herself to a bison... She once saw a blue dragon drinking water from a lake, in the woods. Fearing not the gigantic creature, she got closer, and despite his frightening jaws and sharp skin, she stepped forward to play a melody with her flute for him. He stood quiet, listening to her, but when she tried to make him follow, she soon understood it would be impossible. Dragons are free, independent creatures, wise beyond the human's minds. They cannot be treated like pets... Later on, when she got back home, no one believed her words for the first time. She was deeply disappointed and completely ignorant of her destiny.

    The years past, she would soon get her air bender tattoos, the day was coming! She was almost 14! But then, the tragic incident happened, and her destiny revealed her the harsh way of things in life.

    May made one last trip into her familiar forest, the day before she would get her tattoos. But it was then that things changed. For the first time, the forest seemed to her darker than it was in her blur memory. It was cold, and unwelcoming. May shivered in every step, but she had no fear in her heart, and nothing would make her to return. Then after so many years, she saw him again! Her friend? The only one that stood to enjoy her music once now was being attacked by dark spirits. They were semi-transparent with the environment, but still, their sharp long claws injured the blue dragon. May couldn't stand not take action in this very moment, she rushed to rescue him, and she dragged the spirits attention on her, and then headed away while they followed. But were the odds in her favor? No…
    She slipped on a rock, and fell down. Her hand was bleeding, already. The spirits were all over her; ready to reap her soul of her body. She was ready to fight, she wasn’t so good, but still she kicked one of them and sent it flying with an air blast.
    But then, she felt dizzy... She rolled on the ground, and held her head with her hands. All her body was hurting her, was she dying? She was suffering so indescribably much!! She screamed, but she was helpless... She felt fur on her face, and her nose was feeling different... She soon lost her senses, but the last thing her blue eyes saw, was fire, fire burning the Dark spirits down, turning them into ashes, making them disappear... and then nothing... cold darkness...


    ...And the sense she was flying? She opened her eyes. She was on the dragon that she had saved. She smiled, but it felt different, worried, she touched her face... It was no longer HER face... She looked at her hands in agony; they were no longer the hands of a human!

    She cried, a lot but day by day, she started realizing what had happened to her. The dragon left her in a cave. She felt secure with his protection. She had saved his life, and he had paid that back. So why he kept helping her? She wondered. The following days, she was too weak to even stand on her feet. For an odd reason, she didn't need to eat... That means? She had the desire -she wondered why- but she wasn't hungry any longer... Neither thirsty... When she found a pond, to drink some water, she saw herself on the water's surface and ran away scared! She was like a fox and a wolf... Something like an animal! What had happened to her? She returned back into the cave in agony, and laid down crying. But then a voice spoke into her mind. A voice, wise, old as much as the entire world -and although she had never heard of that voice again- familiar! It calmed her, it guided her to meditate. She obeyed, ignorant as she was.

    Through meditation, she found herself again. She was Maybeth, the little girl, air bender, from the Temple of the Northern Winds! As if seeing her life in cinematic mode, she saw everything that ever happened to her, year by year, her life till the cursed day she entered that forest for the last time. She saw her running to escape the Dark spirits, but as she was struggling on the ground, it wasn't them that caused her all this pain...
    Just before once of them attack on her, she saw a spirit appearing behind her, and join her body. That, confused the Dark spirits, and stopped them from attacking. That spirit actually saved her life! And then the dragon banished them... She was now alive, but completely turned into something else. A spirit fusing with a human body, can transform it in their form, or in the end, if it takes too long, kill it... She was transformed.
    But day by day, as she joined the parts towards reaching her inner self, she saw some parts of her future. She wouldn't be easily accepted from the people, she knew that well... But she had fully realized her physical and mental form, and she had learnt something new out of this; No matter how you look like, one thing matters the most, is your inner your SOUL!

    So time passed, and May was still in her meditation. She knew now some new things about her body. She was half-way a spirit after the fuse... She had no need of food, neither water, nor sleep. Less than humans had need of at least…
    She was connected to the spirits in a new way, but even if she had accepted that now, it would take long time for the others to accept. Indeed, after her meditation, she found out time had passed without meaning for her. She was there for three months, enough to change the season, from spring to summer.
    She walked the way back home, as she found the blue dragon nowhere around. When she got back, people were afraid of her, they moved sticks with fire around to scare her, and yelled at her as if she was an animal, she failed to explain, so understanding she was unwanted, she ran away for the second time…
    A few, had recognized her, but still dared not to speak. She felt disappointed although she expected that behavior from them. She would never have the chance to have her air bender Tattoos, neither marry, nor have kids… they would be monsters? Like her?
    She lived for years alone, wandering in the forests, she saw the dragon that had saved her, time to time, and soon, he followed her everywhere and she would climb on his back to fly long distances… Together they faced many dangers, dark spirits, and evil monsters. Even though she was far away from her homeland, rumors were faster than her travelling. The queen of her kingdom was sick badly… and they thought of her; May, as a legend now, for she had been so brave to fight with all these evil creatures.
    One silent evening that May was sleeping by the blue dragon’s side- now named Sharogan- a messenger came and informed her that the queen had died. She was called by the nation to be the next heir.
    May was happy they had surpassed their former disputes on her, but she wasn’t ready to take all that pressure… A new king and queen were crowned, but without further details, it all ended up with the queen having killed her husband to take the power, so when May returned and the citizens were all that relieved to see her, in contrary with what was their reaction the first time, the new queen thought that monstrous creature was a threat to her complete power, because of the people’s love for her. So she ordered her death.
    Fate sometimes hides some very harsh twists in our life though… Just as May’s life got from bad to worse, but she finally had a happy end, the arrogant queen was Vice Versa! She was poisoned by her servant, and the death order cancelled.
    So then, what left for this happy end to complete? But of course, May was crowned queen, a bit unwillingly, but proud of her duty to those people, and she keeps travelling quite often, with Sharogan on her side, recalling those moments of freedom, and adventure! That she lost...

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PostSubject: Re: Some new Charries!!!   Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:58 pm

    Name: Terra Teukra
    Age: 16
    Birthplace: Earth Kingdom
    Current Residence: (Where does your character live now?)
    Rank: (Bender, Non-Bender, Royal. If you're royal, be specific of which royal and for which dimension)
    Occupation: (What does your character do for a living?)
    Element: non-bender
    Pets: none
    Weapons: (Optional. Detailed.)

    Birthday: (What day was your character born?)
    Blood type: AB
    Hobbies: (Your character's hobbies or interests)
    Quirks: (Something unique or unusual about this character)
    Family: (Your characters family members)
    Character Theme:

    Hair: (Be descriptive! Do not say, "Black, short, straight". Say, "She has black hair going down to her shoulders. It is straight, with a bit of a curl at the end of it.")
    Eyes: (You know the drill. Size, and color. Shape is optional, but be realistic)
    Height: (Be realistic. A 6' tall 13 year old? No way! A 5'5'' 13 year old? Yes)
    Clothes: (Be detailed. Don't say, "Blue pants, red shirt." Say, "She wears orange silk kung-fu pants and a yellow kung-fu shirt. The sleeves of the shirt are decorated with dragons." etc.)
    Skin: (Does your character have smooth skin? Rough skin? Scales? Fur? Feathers? All of the above?)
    Body Type: (How is your character built? Is he well built? A John Cena look alike? A skinny wimp?)
    Image: (Optional, you may use http://www.tektek.org/dream to make your picture. Pretty standard. If you don't like tektek, then you can use your own picture of choice)

    Personality: (Be detailed. 1 paragraph minimum.)
    Personal Strengths: (At least 1-5; not too many)
    Personal Weaknesses: (2-5. Weaknesses create interesting characters. Not many people want to put a lot, but put 2-5)
    Hamartia: (What is your character's one fatal flaw?)
    Personal Hero: (A character or maybe an NPC)
    Dreams and Ambitions: (Does your character have a life goal or a dream?)

    Likes: (About 5)

    Dislikes: (Again, about 5)

    Brief History: (2 paragraph minimum.)

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PostSubject: Re: Some new Charries!!!   Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:52 pm

Approved the first!

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PostSubject: Re: Some new Charries!!!   Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:06 pm

Are you going to finish the Second charrie, i really hope so!!
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PostSubject: Re: Some new Charries!!!   

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Some new Charries!!!
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