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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 Trying to Clear the Mind (LEO)

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PostSubject: Trying to Clear the Mind (LEO)   Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:11 pm

Alyssandra couldn't manage to get her mind off of her urge to travel, to see the world. Her mind was filled with thoughts, hopes, and dreams. No matter what she did today she could not manage to clear her mind. Even when it came to braiding the little girls hair or practicing with her bow and arrow.
After a good hour of trying to distract herself she had decided to give up and go for a walk which is how she found herself now sitting on large rock that was covered in ice. The sun was out today, making light glisten beautifully off the ice and snow. It really was a beautiful place here, but it is all she has ever known. Though it was beautiful and familiar to her she still wanted to go on adventures and explore new places. She wanted to learn about new cultures and hopefully one day find the love of her life.
There was a slight breeze that jostled her half pulled up hair a little bit. The breeze was not strong but it was icy, making her pull her animal fur cloak tighter around her thin body. It was not uncommon for Aly to get cold and she often did.
As images from her imagination about what her travels could be like played through her mind she chipped away at the ice covering the rock with a small, sharp edged stone. Thoughts of different dances, clothing styles, and boys that she would find attractive as she hadn't grown up with them danced trough her mind. There was so much beauty and adventure. But she knew that her brother would not be okay with her desire to travel the world. Even if he would be okay with it who would take care of Leo? She couldn't imagine him wanting to go on an adventure with her. She could only imagine him telling her how dangerous it was.
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PostSubject: Re: Trying to Clear the Mind (LEO)   Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:52 pm

Leonidas Fae sat on the cold edge of the water, practicing his bending as he always did at this time of day. He felt the push and pull of the current as it followed his fingertips, peace and tranquility filling his body. He really loved this, the freedom to move the water at his will, yet the feeling of being a part of something, part of an ancient practice that roamed the earth for many years. The water slowly moved in a steady, circular stream suspended a few feet in the air. He allowed the water to float back into the small river. He then tried something that he had been working on for the past few days. The water suddenly rose into a large wal, about ten feet high. The water then began to slowly crystallize, taking a solid shape, white veins grew in the water as it slowly turned to ice. The water and ice quickly dropped back into the stream as he felt a sharp pain in his back. He turned around to see what had caused this, and saw a few young children holding balls of snow and ice as they laughed.  Leo held in a breath, trying not to lose his temper. He threw his hands out into the river, causing a medium to large sized wave. He stormed off, trying to find another place to practice in peace. He walked around for a few minutes. Not caring that there was water, ice, and snow everywhere that he could bend. He wanted to go somewhere where no one else was, and he knew just the place to go. It took him about ten minutes to get there on foot. There were large iceburgs everywhere, but that was usual in this area. There were also many rocks, with a large variety of sizes, ranging from small pebbles to massive boulders. He, and his sister used to come here almost everyday just to watch all of the fish jump needlessly about. He looked around the area and found what, or more of whom he was looking for. On one of the larger rocks sat his twin sister, Aly. Her hair faintly flowing around in the low, cold breeze, and her arms hugging her white animal fur robe  tightly to her skin. He walked up to her at a normal pace, and when he reached her, he sat next to her silently on the cold, wet stone.
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PostSubject: Re: Trying to Clear the Mind (LEO)   Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:09 am

Aly jumped slightly when her brother, Leo, came and sat down next to her on the large, ice covered rock. She turned and smiled warmly at him. She knew this was normally the time of day that he would spend practicing his water bending. She studied his face fore a minute and then her smile grew slightly. She reached her hand out slowly to run her delicate thumb across his forehead where it was creased in what looked like a mix or annoyance and irritation. After a moment she pulled her hand back, making eye contact as she smiled slightly up at him.
"I am guessing that the younger kids just could not leave you alone to practice in peace?" Aly held back a small giggle as she asked him this. It was not an uncommon thing for the kids to bother Leo, though they were only trying to get him to play with them as I did. He however, did not seem to see it that way while he was trying to practice his water bending. The children in the tribe just seemed to get on his nerves when they would interrupt him.
Memories from when they were children played through her mind. She had been quite an annoying little child in some people eyes at a young age. She could remember throwing snowballs at the practicing water benders, in an attempt to get them to play with her and her friends. It had only been successful a handful of times. She could not manage to make herself hold back the soft giggle any longer as those memories played through her mind. She smiled, letting the soft giggle ease its way past her lips.
"They are just being kids. After all, do you not remember when we were that age and trying to get the older kids to play with us? They are just trying to get you to play with them like we tried to do as kids." Aly told her brother. Her voice was soft and caring, with a touch of laughter in it.
She knew all of the kids and a lot of them reminded her or herself as a child. They all seemed to have a lot of energy and never seemed to be able to play enough during the day. They loved to tell stories and listen to the stories of others. Most of the children love to be taught new things and they seem to catch on quickly. They are not afraid of adventure and new things as they sound magical, not dangerous. Aly thought of herself at that age and knew that at the age their age they were a lot like she was. She just wished that she would one day be able to live the adventures that she has dreamed about in her mind.
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PostSubject: Re: Trying to Clear the Mind (LEO)   Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:15 pm

Leo began to speak, his head low to the ground as he remembered how they used to be as children. They were quite the menacing team back then, constantly annoying the waterbenders. They only wanted to play after all, however most of the waterbenders, like him, didn't seem to understand that.
"I know, I know, its just..." He tried to think of an excuse, a way to make the children seem like they were doing anything other then what Aly had said. He searched his mind, but thought of nothing. His sister raised an eyebrow at him and he made a short laugh.
"I guess that your right." he admitted. He laughed again for a moment.
"We used to get into so much trouble though" Memories raced through his head, sudden flashes of what used to be. They had changed so much since then, and in Leo's case, he wasn't sure if that was a good thing.
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PostSubject: Re: Trying to Clear the Mind (LEO)   

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Trying to Clear the Mind (LEO)
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