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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs

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Fire Lord Kouzai
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PostSubject: [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs   Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:14 am

Oda Nobuanga
No one is above death.  We shall all die in time, it is our fate.  That is why I must hurry to achieve my goals.

We live in a dead world...a world of dead souls...peace does not exist...unity does not exist...the Avatar and the Spirit King have failed the balance...there must come a new savior to usher in a new era of peace...our Order shall be the herald of the savior....and I shall be this savior...


Nobunaga walked through the abandoned halls of the Assassin Order.  Foolish beings they were.  Nobunaga and the rest of the Order of the Seven Thorns stormed this place years ago, and ripped through them.  They killed everyone and anyone they could.  They fought valiantly, but they died fast.  And since no one knew of them, being a secret organization, no one missed or noticed their absence.  It was within the palace walls that Oda Nobunaga now met with the other leaders of the Order of the Seven Thorns.  

Akechi Mitsuhide, shifty and self-centered, loving money and himself more than unity and solidarity, he was the treasurer of this Order.  Imagawa Yoshimoto, a fool and a pompous moron, at least, most would think.  When provoked he was fierce, unpredictable and dangerous.  Not to mention he was the richest of the nobles, and over half of the Order's expeditions are paid for with his money.  Katakura Kojuro, he was intelligent.  Nobunaga knew this much, as he was called Kojuro the Wise.  He was witty and he was strategic, Nobunaga remembered when he was a boy, as Nobunaga knew his father well.  He deserved his position well.  For the Empire, Takeda Shingen, he was loud and boisterous.  He was experienced though, and he was strong.  All respected him, no matter where they came from.

The only problem with Shingen was his rival, Uesugi Kenshin, another member of the Order to be at the meeting.  Kenshin and Shingen had fought several times over the past three decades.  They spent more time fighting each other than they did other, more important enemies.  They were true rivals and polar opposites.  Sometimes it became almost too unbearable to watch, and it often impeded with the progress of the meetings they were at.  Then there was the child, Mori Ranmaru from the Air Kingdom.  Though a child he showed promise, be he was a child nonetheless, a fact which Nobunaga would not overlook easily.

A new leader had been chosen for the Earth Kingdom.  The last one died an untimely death of sickness, whoever was attending this meeting was new to everything that was going on.  He better had been well briefed before this, or Nobunaga may just loose his patience again.  "Who goes there?!" called two soldiers from behind their armour.  They smelled of rot and death, but for undead soldiers, that was to be expected.  None of the living soldiers entered the castles.  They slept in the massive city of tents created outside of the palace.  It was an army camp with soldiers, mercenaries and hired citizenry of all the different nations.  The army of the Order of the Seven Thorns.

"Oda Nobunaga," said Nobunaga darkly as he glared at the soldier.  The soldier nodded and let him pass into the throne room.  Upon the throne sat a hooded figure, frail looking and thing.  Nobunaga had never seen his face, nor his true identity, but he led this organization and he was not to be crossed, old as he was, he was fierce and he was dangerous when provoked.  Nobunaga bowed down low upon one knee, the only man Nobunaga ever bowed to.  "My lord, you called for me," said Nobunaga dutifully.  "Yes..." rasped the Supreme Leader, "The meeting is soon...but I want you to tell me....what is the progress......of our armies.....? When....can we make our moves.....?"

Nobunaga patiently sat through the words of his lord.  He was old, and he was in pain, and so he spoke slowly, like each word pained him.  "We are almost ready to strike my lord," explained Nobunaga, still bowing low, "This meeting today will be to decide the plan of attack and invasion.  Once that is done, we shall be preparing the ships for the strike.  We should be ready to strike within a few weeks."  "When...do you plan to strike...?" stressed the Supreme Leader, his temper rising despite his tone.  "As soon as the World Tournaments start, my lord," said Nobunaga humbly, "We will strike when they are vulnerable, when the royalty is together, and when they least expect it.  Soon your dream will be realized."  The Supreme Leader remained silent, and looked out the window beneath his shadowed hood.

"Do you know...what Seven Thorns stands for....to me....?" asked the Supreme Leader.  Nobunaga shook his head silently but respectfully.  "It is for each of the people....or nations....who have wronged me in my life.....and the revenge I shall exact upon them...." explained the Supreme Leader, "They were and are....thorns in my side....thorns in the great beast's ribs....the Fire Nation...the Earth Kingdom....the Water Tribes....the Dark Nation...the Light Kingdom.....the Air Kingdom....and the Spirit King....they are all guilty...."  Nobunaga was about to respond when a messenger came for him at the doorway, "The nobles have arrived for you, Lord Nobunaga," he said and walked out of the room immediately.

Nobunaga did not say a thing, but the Supreme Leader dismissed him, warning Nobunaga that he would not put up with failure.  Nobunaga understood this, and left.  He was the only allowed to see the Supreme Leader...no one else even knew he existed, as was the agreement between Nobunaga and the Supreme Leader.  That is how it was to be, until it was too late for anyone to realize.  Nobunaga entered the war room, and looked upon the nobles that stood there.  He disliked most of them, but he held his tongue and greeted each of them in turn.  "Let us begin, brothers and sisters," stated Nobunaga boldly, his deep voice sending echoing throughout the stone halls, "Today we plan the retribution we all signed up to receive."


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PostSubject: Re: [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs   Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:59 am


    Waiting patiently, Katakura sat with his feet propped up on the table. He picked at the dusty wood with a dagger. Not carving anything special, just digging holes. This place. Filthy. He looked around at the cobwebs and at the furniture that had a more than healthy covering of dirt.

    Their master, his intentions were unknown but to the supreme leader. But did he really have to live in such a rundown place? Most of the was just Katakura's OCD kicking in. He was a perfectionist, in more way than one, and not having a clean, living environment made his skin crawl.

    He gave a half ass smile as he looked at each of the other members. Some good looking, and some rather not. Of course he didn't like men that way anyways. Katakura almost giggled to himself as he thought about the women; His "sisters".

    Suddenly his attention was caught as Nobunaga burst through the doors, greeting them all with a big announcement. Typical him, he thought.

    Katakura let his feet fall to the floor and he stood up and stretched. Thank goodness, just sitting around was getting kind of irritating. He awaited orders from his leader, hoping for the right to actually spill some blood.

    He didn't enjoy killing too much, he wasn't such a masochistic psychopath. But Katakura loved to show off, and spilling blood was something he was definitely good at.
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Tsumi Buredo
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Role-playmaster General

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PostSubject: Re: [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs   Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:16 pm

Yoshimoto Imagawa

Serial Killers are people, too...
If you take away the voices, I'm just like you!
I'll hack you up and bury you in my yard, though...
...why does making friends have to be so very hard?


Yoshimoto Imagawa, the Light Nation representative, arrived at the Seven Thorns' hideout. The grandness of the Assassin Order's ex-hideout never ceased to amaze him. How do you even BUILD something that HUGE?

He walked in the entrance, his green tunic slightly flowing, as he moved. Turning he gave his crew a little pep talk, before the meeting. “Now, I underthtand that a lot of you don't like the other memberth of the order. For thothe of you that don't want to see the otherth, you are permitted to wait in the boat. The retht of you, let'th put some TEAM THPIRIT on our faceth! One, two, three!”

As a group, they all did a little victory cheer, half of them leaving, to wait in the boat. “...that wath a bit leth thpirit than I would have liked, but i'll let it thlide, thinthe we need to uthe our inthide voitheth in here.” Yoshimoto said. With the group inthpired- er, inspired, they headed in to meet the others.

Bursting through the door, Yoshimoto performed a new party trick of his, utilizing his fatness to his advantage. He rolled in, rapidly somersaulting, as if he were a rolling ball, before stopping suddenly, jumping in the air, saluting and yelling, “Yothshimoto, Imagawa, reporting for duty!”[/color] followed by a larger-than-life grin.

Ah, it was good to have friends.


"If you can't figure out who to save, you just save 'em all, right?" -Snow, FF13

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PostSubject: Re: [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs   Fri Mar 07, 2014 9:43 am

Akechi Mitsuhide
"It's so much easier to get people to hate something than to believe."


    Mitsuhide sat at the long desk of the order. He looked to the other members before flicking out a single gold coin from his overflowing pockets. He gave a grin before spinning it and catching it.

    Firstly, he watched as Nobunaga made his grand entrance, giving a little grin. How typical for him to stride in like that. Mitsuhide carried on twirling the coin between his fingers, ushering out a long and dragging sigh which signified his boredom.

    "God how long is this going to last.." Mistuhide thought. He could hear a faint voice down the halls. This should be interesting.

    With a burst of the doors, Mitsuhide watched as Yoshimoto Imagawa bursted in with an impressive sequence of acrobatics.“Yothshimoto, Imagawa, reporting for duty!”. Mitsuhide couldn't help but letting a smirk slip from his lips. This man was comical but he straightened his grin and turned to Nobunaga, waiting for this bloody conference to begin.


"You don't need parents to have a real family, sometimes a family is a group of people that you love and that make you happy."

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Fire Lord Kouzai
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PostSubject: Re: [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs   Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:56 pm

Takeda Shingen
Fast like the wind,
Silent like a forest,
Intrusive like the fire,
Immobile like a mountain.
Underneath heaven and earth, I alone am feared

Takeda Shingen burst through the door as he entered the grand reception hall Nobunaga had turned into a meeting place.  Here, all the top brass of the Order of the Seven Thorns, all except the toppest of brasses, their supreme leader.  Shingen heard his announcer decree, "Here enters the mighty, Takeda Shingen!  Tiger of Kai Province, which he is the most illustrious ruler.  Great warrior, veteran and Fire Bender!  Rival of Uegusi Kenshin, and master of the iron war fan, the dansen uchiwa!  All bow to his glory!"  Shingen looked at all who surrounded him.  

"The Great Jade General hides behind his Golds and Silvers.  While the pawns fight blindly against other pawns, unaware the rook and bishop are coming quickly for them, ready to bring an end to all who stand in their way.  The knights and lances know, do not let the rook or bishop advance.  Who shall break through first?  Our side or theirs?" Shingen spoke this verse as if he had been born knowing it.  It was a well known quote, once spoken by Fire Lord Nara as he attempted to equate real battle to a shogi board.  It was Fire Lord Nara who was said to have invented the game, of course back then it involved a few hundred pieces per player and was very grandiose.

This quote was known everywhere by Shogi players...and this order was the living embodiment of that quote.  Shingen sat down, as everyone stared at him.  A few pages decided to stare at him like he was a sideshow, and Shingen needed only glare at them to get them to jump with fear.  His temper and massive strength were well known to all.  But his mask was even scarier. He could not remember his real face or what it looked like, as he had not removed his mask in years, not even to sleep.

Shingen's mask was one of the most well-known things about him next to his fan and wooden geta shoes. His massive white hair that billowed beyond his mask.  He never took it off, it was his trademark along with his fan and red armour.  His long white hair, once part of the mask--which was once a helmet--but Shingen grew his own hair out to match it.  He'd considered growing a mustache and goatee too, but, he choose against it as it felt weird beneath the metal, red mask.  Shingen glared around the room, silently, waiting for the remaining members to arrive....but no more so that Uesugi Kenshin, Shingen's rival to the death.

They once warred over a shared territory in the Earth Kingdom.  An actual, unsanctioned war that only got the approval of the Earth King, former Fire Lord and King of the Northern Water Tribe because it was over privately owned land.  It started 30 years ago, just before the Crusades in Ullondor.  Five thousand acres of land in the middle Earth Kingdom.  Kenshin and Shingen had made their names as generals because they both wanted this fertile, fertile land that was said to be the most fertile in all the Earth Kingdom, that meant the most profit, and both families wanted it.

One story of their wars over this land even recounted a one on one battle between Kenshin and Shingen, where Kenshin cut right through Shingen's army to battle him directly. The two duked it out, but Shingen found himself without a sword the entire time, and battled Kenshin one or one, with his metal fan, blocking and parrying repeatedly and seamlessly each time.

After ending these countless clashes, which ended in draws for both sides, Shingen and Kenshin walked away national heroes and respect generals.  Kenshin as the "War God of Echigo Province", who praised Sceter like he were the only god, and Shingen as the "Tiger of Kai Province", who was fierce, strong, and mighty.  Not to mention regal.  They became top generals during the crusades because of their reputations, and only managed to add to them further.  Now, they were allies, imagine that?  Shingen chuckled to himself, waiting for the moment his enemy would walk through the door.

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Earth King Lu

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PostSubject: Re: [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs   Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:28 pm

Saika Magoichi was sitting alone in a very large room now messy and cluttered. Books and other assortments of things were thrown across the room. When they took over this place soldiers and the Order members ransacked everything and the items they did not take for themselves they left to rot away. Of course some things like weapons and books did not rot so they became unused and dusty. Saika had his legs propped up on a table and was looking through one of the books to pass time. He has never found books interesting, but in this case he did. This was apparently written by one of the head assassins, by the name of Nitari Vosk. It chronicled his life story of how he joined the Order of Assassins and in the end became their leader. Saika chuckled to himself because this powerful order that worked in the shadows fell in a matter of minutes. They did fight well, but an entire army was too much for them. Saika watched as this Nitari fought all the way to his death. He was very old too.

An eyebrow shot up when he noticed something under a pile of papers. He stood up and pushed them away with his boot. He saw a cane, but with a second look he noticed that it was more than just a cane. He picked it up to notice a shimmering blade. He pulled the blade out and slashed the air. He made a nod and wondered if this was the sword of that assassins. That's very clever keeping your sword in your cane. He chuckled and thought, 'in the end it did not help him.' He tossed the sword back in the clutter and left the room. He should start making his way to the meeting. He had no intentions of being late. He walked the empty halls of the building and made his way to the makeshift meeting room. All he could think about when he walked these halls was their attack on it. It was so simple for them to take this place over. It was somewhat of a disappointment that it was so easy.

He walked through the already opened door to see Takeda Shinge standing there while his his title and name was declared to those in the room. With a role of his eyes Saika found his seat and said to the proud man, "will you stop with your nonsense? I don't think anyone cares about your quote from some dead man. You are just wasting your breath and more importantly our time." Saika was astounded by this man's pride and looked at those in the room. A lot of these people had problems with pride because in some way they all thought they were better than the other. What happens when you put a bunch of nobles in the same room? It stinks of pride and backstabbing. At least no one here was doing that, yet. Saika eyed everyone in the room again and went back to looking at Takeda Shingen. "You can continue with your show..." he said with a smile, "don't make me stop you."


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PostSubject: Re: [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs   Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:54 pm

Uesugi Kenshin

Uesugi Kenshin walked through the hallways, his armour clinking as he stepped. Across his back was strapped his legendary Seven Strike. A massive blade with seven tips, six of which that stuck out of the black like alternating hooks or fangs. Then the normal one at the end of the blade. On his head was a golden crown-like ornament. All were ornaments befitting the War God of Echigo Province. As the self-proclaimed Son of Sceter, Kenshin made it his duty to represent the god on Earth by any means.

Kenshin walked through the doors, just in time to catch Shingen's grandiose entrance and Magoichi mocking him for it. Kenshin tilted his head back and let out a deep chuckle. "Over inflating your ego again, Shingen?" laughed the noble, "You truly are an old relic, Shingen." Shingen glared over at Kenshin from his chair, but said nothing. Despite their playful often aggressive banter, Kenshin respected no one in this room more than Shingen.

Shingen had proved his worth several times in the past, during their Five Battles of Kawanakajima, the land they fought over in the Earth Kingdom. The two nobles fought five times over a span of eleven years, from 693 to 704, specifically in 693, 695, 697, 701 and 704, with their most famous battle being in 701 when Kenshin ripped right through Shingen's forces and fought him one on one, sword against war fan. That made Kenshin and Shingen the famous leaders they were now.

Sitting on the nearest chair he could find, Kenshin looked around at the others. They were almost all here, "Come on Nobunaga," he said gruffly, "Let's get this damned meeting started, I want to go conquer the tribes already. We want our retribution!" Kenshin heavily disliked Nobunaga. The man was forceful, he was willing to do anything to get his way, and Kenshin was sure he had murdered the leader before Magoichi due to their differences in view points. But HE was chosen by the Supreme Leader to lead the nobles, and Kenshin could say nothing of it. All he could do was wait for the last few nobles to arrive.

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PostSubject: Re: [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs   Sat Mar 15, 2014 7:44 am

Ranmaru Mori

" Talk as much as you wish, for I don't care the less...
You want me on your side? I won't come!
I only do what I do, for myself, and the rest is nonsense..."

Ranmaru had first arrived in the castle, once belonged to the Great Order of Assassins! Now... ready to be erected, with all the possible downsides an abadoned place like that could hold.

He might not be able to feel it, but he could understand, and remember the elders words... About all the blood poured on the floors of this very castle. The Assassins, one by one terminated. Were many dead laid, it was no good to walk upon, but he didn't really mind about those stories and myths now.

His point of visit was different. He might not have lived yet, when this place became a suffering bloodbath and in the end, it turned to be the meeting place for the Order of the Seven Thorns. But he did now, and he was an unexpecting part of them!

Ranmaru, and his quite older brother, Motonari, were two of the Kingdom of the Four Winds nobles. And both revolutionary minds, born to disagree with the common public's opinion. They and the rest of their family, raised under the years of the old royals, couldn't stand the pressure any longer of the ultimate leader. Who could resist such a power indeed?

But they were especially sick of the unexpected coronation of the monstrous creature that -in their beliefs, would lead to destraction! Lin Dao, was not any special mastery airbender, nor had any other skills of bending achieved yet. She was a legend and an idol for the people of the kingdom. But for them, she was nothing more, than a rock ready to roll down the hill, and once she did,  they would be glad to watch!!

So, the only way to fulfill a so small wish, was to follow the crowd. In this case, join the various nobles of every nation, that wished to overthrow the royalty and to destroy the  Order of  the warriors, the avatar and all those...

Ranmary himself, was indifferent to positive to their thoughts, just to accomplish his'. He was often silent. A young one, just a child among the other nobles... He wasn't thought to be a brilliant mind, but who truly knew? When he wasn't talkng if not asked to? He was well known for the loyalty he showed to Nobuanga.

He only made his presence to the meeting, known, by entering the room with slow and steady pacement, smirking to everyone as if they were old friends.

He took his place sitting down as far as possible from most of them, and unseathed his sword, running his palm on it's blade, enjoying the carved drawings. He glanced at each and everyone of them with sly, and looked back at the blade. He was impatient to join his "sisters" and "brothers" in battle and make it taste blood, he thought irronically...

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PostSubject: Re: [Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs   Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:25 am

Oda Nobuanga
Fifty years in the mortal world, are but a fleeting moment in Yomi-no-Kuni.  All things born into this world, must eventually perish.  Even myself, and that is why I must hurry to achieve our goals.

Nobunaga was the last of the nobles to arrive, and as he did, he spoke to them all ((OOC: Last thing said in my last post)).  After telling them why they were there Nobunaga glanced upon each of them oft with disdain.  Nobunaga was in a pit of vipers, where all the nobles here were snakes, willing to bite the heads off one another to move up the ranks.  Nobunaga had no doubt that there would be murder and in-fighting before the end, and if that were true, Nobunaga would be sure to kill Mitsuhide first.  He was dangerous, and probably the worst of all.

Nobunaga always knew Mitsuhide would be his end one day, and he was not going to allow that to happen.  He would slaughter Mitsuhide before Mitsuhide had a chance to shove a dagger in Nobunaga's back.  But now, now was the time to meet.  "Brother's and sister's," said Nobunaga in his deep and commanding voice, "We've waited years for our plans to come through for us.  We've prepared; pooled forces and money, and after many donations from all of you, especially Yoshimoto."  Nobunaga looked in the fat lord's direction.  Foolish as he was, he was useful.

"We are now ready to claim our nations back from the royals who have stolen it from the people!"  Nobunaga walked over to the map that was stabbed into the table by four knives.  It was a map of the Six Nations.  Pins stuck into each of the capitals, marking their future targets.  "The plan is simple," said Nobunaga, "We shall divide up the forces according to the military size we'll be up against.  The Supreme Leader wishes me to send you with your soldiers soon, that we may make his visions come to pass soon."

Nobunaga looked at each of the nobles, one by one, began to hand out their jobs.  "Akechi Mistuhide and Uesugi Kenshin!  The two of you will take down the Northern Water Tribe with the other nobles.  You will take 40 000 soldiers with you.  Five airships, you wont need sea-faring vessels.  The Water Tribe navy is dangerous, and it is made worse by their ice wall.  The airships should get you over their defences and give you a chance to take out their army and defences from above."  Nobunaga removed the pin from the Northern Water Tribe and replaced it with a knife.  

He turned to Shingen, though loud and over-zealous, too grand for his own good, he was skilled.  Nobunaga couldn't deny that fact.  "Head to the Imperial Capital. Take the other nobles with you.  You will take 100 000 soldiers.  Ten airship platoons, that should make fifty.  I recommend no naval vessels, instead take out their navy with your airships.  The Imperial capital is heavily fortified, and their Naval, Military and Airship numbers rival that of Tengu Island, being the national base for all military factions.  You and the Magoichi will need the most of our resources."

Once more, Nobunaga replaced the pin with a dagger.  Thwak!  Another mark done.  Next, was Magoichi.  It only made sense to continue with him, since he would be doing almost the same as Shingen.  "Magoichi," said Nobunaga, turning brusquely to him, "You will receive the same as Shingen.  You will also receive tanks and other forms of siege engines to help you with the walls.  Ba Sing Se is diseased with walls.  Do an Air-to-Surface drop off from the Airships, get them inside the city.  I also recommend taking a few fire benders to burn the crops outside the city and weaken the city's available food supply.  If we starve them now it will decrease the possibility of a siege or underground resistance stock piling food later."

Thwak!  Another dagger, one less pin.  Next was the Light and Dark States.  They were right beside each other.  Minor threats, not too many Imperial military bases there as they were pulling out most of their support in order to prepare for future independence of these areas and left only small regiments in order to train domestic armies in this place.  "Kojuro and Yoshimoto!" called Nobunaga, calling them forward with authority, "You each get 30 000 soldiers.  Ten airships each.  No navy.  You will not need more.  The domestic armies here are untrained and the Imperial soldier reserves left behind are minimal on the threat scale.  I will be accompanying you, Kojuro, on your conquest of the Dark State as your equal on the battlefield.  We shall make the Game Family pay."

The two nobles stepped down, and Nobunaga slammed two more knives into the table in place of the pins and then turned to the child.  Ranmaru.  He was young, too young, and Nobunaga would've preferred if Munenori or Motonari, Ranmaru's older brother, had taken over instead.  But they chose Ranmaru, he must've been something special then, and Nobunaga hoped he proved himself on the field of battle.  "30 000, ten airships.  You wont need much," stated Nobunaga, "The Kingdom of the Four Winds does not have that many soldiers.  They are a peaceful people, and it shall be their end."  Nobunaga slammed another knife into the table.  The last one.

With a wicked smile Nobunaga walked to the window and stared out into the black and stormy sky.  Perfect weather to launch their attack.  "Do you all understand your duties and your jobs?  Any questions or concerns?" asked Nobunaga, his back turned to his "allies."

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Listening to Nobunaga drag on and on, Kojuro sat silently as he watched a poor defenseless piece of paper get stabbed again and again. What did that map do to him! To get stabbed with knives, the nerve of it. The man kept a chuckle to himself as he sat on his chair, his feet propped up again. It was comfortable, he couldn't deny that.

He bit his lip as him name was finally called upon. "Kojuro and Yoshimoto!" said Nobunaga, "You each get 30 000 soldiers. Ten airships each. No navy. You will not need more. The domestic armies here are untrained and the Imperial soldier reserves left behind are minimal on the threat scale. I will be accompanying you, Kojuro, on your conquest of the Dark State as your equal on the battlefield. We shall make the Game Family pay."

He snickered, as much as he enjoyed fighting with Nobunaga, he did not like his attempt as being equal, leading was just his personality. This was going to be interesting. His feelings on the Dark Nation were fairly equal to Nobunaga's himself.

Kojuro stood up and stretched, " Well when do we start?" He asked nonchalant like as he placed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose. He was excited, and wanted something to do finally.

He envied Yoshimoto on his attack on the light nation, they will be a simple conquer, but however, with their ties to the Empire, Kojuro could picture they may band together, but The Thorns plan on wiping them out, at the same time!! Alliances have no place here.
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[Plot Topic] Seven Thorns in the Beast's Ribs
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