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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 Azami Vessalius 2.0 [WIP]

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PostSubject: Azami Vessalius 2.0 [WIP]   Sat Mar 22, 2014 8:36 pm

NAME: Azami Vessalius (ah-zah-MEE; veh-sah-LEE-us)
ALIAS(ES)/NICKNAME: Aza; Anahara, Ánzel, Tenshi (Maori, Romagnolo, Japanese for "Angel" respectively)
AGE: Unknown, although she looks relatively young.
BIRTHPLACE: [Undisclosed]
RANK: Ancient / Hidden Warrior
POWER: The ability to produce wings from her back.
PETS: None, unless you consider her comrades.
WEAPONS: While throwing knives are her strong suit, she is also capable of duel-wielding swords/two-handed axes.

BIRTHDAY: She doesn't remember her birthday, but does her utmost to try to celebrate it, whether it be alone or with the others.
BLOOD TYPE: [Undisclosed]
HOBBIES: Burying dead animals she stumbles upon, believing they should be given a proper ceremony; sparking up arguments with market vendors, telling them how killing animals kills the environment, which will lead to their (the vendor's) inevitable demise; tending to the flora whenever she can, attempting to preserve its life at least once a day. She overall cares for the world she believes humans are tarnishing, fairly heated when it comes to raccoons and ferns.

    Azami is a vegetarian. Believing in environmentalism, she actively wants to protect plants and animal diversity. While she would prefer not to eat altogether considering how it involves killing both of these aspects of nature, she believes being a vegetarian would suffice. Because of her strong beliefs in animal rights, she's more tolerant of eating fruits and vegetables in their place, despite going through a phase of eating raw fish when she was first born.
    Azami has the tendency to behave like a bird. While it may be due to the fact she has wings, she has similar mannerisms like these creatures, nonetheless. From the majestic posture, way of perching when she sits, and even flight patterns, these creatures and her are relatively the same save for how they eat. She even indulges in flocking with other birds when she gets the chance.
    Azami sleeps more than the average person. She has an unorthodox way of sleeping well into the evening, or even the entire day. She is the kind of person that indulges in slumber when she is either bored or has nothing to do, with her body becoming accustomed to napping at odd intervals for prolonged hours. While she isn't narcoleptic or have a sleeping disorder, large amounts of rest are part of her daily routine. If you can't find her, she's most likely sleeping somewhere as though it was a hobby.

FAMILY: Without society's depiction of a family, she essentially considers her fellow comrades, the Ancients, as her own.

HAIR: Her hair is a light auburn shade of blonde, cascading smoothly -- straight and sleek -- down just below her upper thigh. Like her fringe, which flows towards the right of her head, the tips of her hair end layered and sporadically. In a weak attempt to keep her strains together, she braids a portion of the front section into a small ponytail that finishes directly in the back.
EYE: Slightly wider than average, they aren't abnormal by a noticeable amount. Blatantly delicate and kind, her eyes are a dark shade of amber.
HEIGHT: 168 CM. (5.5 FT.)
CLOTHES: Her clothing style could be likened to a cheongsam, although with a bit more of a vibrant, more modernized taste. With familiarity to clothing of the fire nation, she dons a four-piece outfit embroidered and belted. The front of her top piece goes a few inches below her abdomen to reveal the second piece, a red pleated skirt, while the back falls at an angle towards her right, lined with a silky red fabric. The third piece is a cloak of sorts that falls to the middle of her calf muscle that is connected to the front piece of her attire. As for the last piece, it's merely an undershirt. Accessories include the bed, which holds her assortment of weapons, fingerless gloves, and thigh-high socks.
SKIN: Her skin is like porcelain, quite literally in color and durability. Delicate and soft, one hit and a bruise surfaces. Cuts have the tendency to last for days. Her body is entirely much more fragile than it appears, although that doesn't stop her from using it until she has no strength left.
BODY TYPE: Slender, she actually has quite the amount of muscles in her legs, finding it invigorating to "launch off" whenever she wants to take flight and often using her feet in battle. Because of her wings, the muscles in her back are also relatively toned and firm, which includes her shoulders. She's a fairly sturdy girl, despite her skin.

PERSONALITY: At first glance, Azami is rather taciturn. A reserved soul, the epitome of an observer, she doesn't speak much unless one of two things happen -- you either stay around her long enough for her to be comfortable enough to voice her opinions and thoughts, or you either provoke her enough for her to voice her opinions and thoughts. Because the former of the two options is less common, she's often considered "deathly quiet."

Quick to be irritated, she does her utmost to detach herself from a sense of reality and appear emotionless due to an inexplicable yearn for "freedom", only nodding or releasing sarcastic/quick-to-the-point responses. However, she is only "human" and is unable to restrain herself once she reaches her level of tolerance, therefore shattering from her calm and collected persona to reveal a no-nonsense, argumentative hothead. She's essentially lethal when she reaches this state, assuming a character far from her angelic appearance, although cools considering she is very aware of herself and her actions.

In short, she's the Ancient's eccentric angel with a beast for an interior.

    Her determination
    Her assertive attitude
    Her intelligence
    Her restraint
    Her swift flight


    Her temper
    Her impudence
    Her bluntness
    Her restraint
    Her detachment

HAMARTIA: Her yearn for freedom. There is something inexplicable within Azami that wants to rebel against the normality, as though she isn't compatibility with the way of society. She strains to live by her own accord, doing things for only herself and herself alone, which proves to be problematic considering she is to be part of a group since birth, which especially difficult when being "bonded" to a "life partner." Quick to right things off and move by her own impulses, working as part of a team and living with conformity is a difficult thing for her, although she does her utmost not to dwell on the subject and simply live -- breathe.
DREAMS AND AMBITIONS: To achieve the sense of freedom she is looking for. While he hasn't a clue where to go, what to do, or why she even wants to grasp such a vague sensation, it's undoubtedly her dream to see that part of her heart fulfilled.


    Animals, particularly those that are defenseless
    Plants, all types of vegetation
    Bitter and salty tasting foods
    Flying at high altitudes
    Attention being given to her


    Wrongful slaughter of animals
    Trivial dismays of others
    Signs of weakness
    Confusion; perplexity in that which should be easy
    When she snaps from her "usual" cool demeanor


Azami was created by the Spirits of Time, Space and Creation. However, she was put into hiding by the Spirit of Creation (God of Spirits) along with the rest of the Ancient Warriors and Ancient people. She was placed in a secret lab that belonged to the God of Spirits, where she slept for a thousand years, staying suspended in a cryogenic sleep. After the last year had passed, an earthquake hit the island, and the Warriors were forced to wake and rise from their cryogenic state. For another thousand years, they trained and mated with one another, building significant bonds until the island was plentiful with their people. Azami, along with the other warriors eventually built a boat and headed to the main land, where they keep the peace secretly while hiding from the spirits who wish for their death.


Azami posses the ring, Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird. Its symbol means "scarlet, bloody." She wears it on her right-handed fourth finger, with it being a shade of red; fitting considering its name.


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PostSubject: Re: Azami Vessalius 2.0 [WIP]   Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:21 am

You gonna finish this Yukiki?


Me when I'm mad

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How I learned to cook:

(This one's even funnier with captions)
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Azami Vessalius 2.0 [WIP]
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