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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 The Printer (non-Avatar)

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PostSubject: The Printer (non-Avatar)   Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:06 pm

Alright, I know I don't tell much of my own life but when i was a kid something stuck in my head and ever since i couldn't forget it. This is 100% real only the names have been changed *inhales then exhale* here i go.

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Posts : 879
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PostSubject: Re: The Printer (non-Avatar)   Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:24 pm

In 2004 I was in my house with my friend, who i respect as my older brother Mike, he stayed at my father's house since he was too far from his school, and since his and my father were friends. he told me that he go to a neighbor's house because he needed help in Algebra.
he left and i locked the door behind him.
I was watching a cartoon on the television, what else does a seven year old kid do?
all of sudden the sound of a plate breaking onto the ground came from the kitchen. I jumped and quickly ran to see what broke.
I found nothing.
I went back to watching TV, i thought i was imagining stuff. alll of sudden the printer started making noises and a paper came out with a large font, " What did you break? "
I thought it was some joke my father made, since he pranked me two days before.
I turned around and another paper came from the printer, i quickly looked at the newly printed paper, " Don't Turn your back on me! "
I was now truelly frightened now, " Nothing!" I screamed
the printer printed another page, " LIAR!" This time in Red Ink.
I quickly ran into my room as i hear paper over paper of printing. I peaked into the living room to see atleast 40 to 50 papers, some saying, "come back here", while others said, " i will get you."
I cried till i fell asleep.
My father came into the house and woke me up, "why did you make a mess in the living room?"
"it was the printer!" i said still some tears in my eyes.
My father laughed, " i went to get ink for the printer, it was all empty." i run towards the living room and i see blank papers on the floor all scattered around. i looked around and found out it was unplugged.
I didn't know if it was a dream or it really happened until i found one printed copy on the ground below my feet, " I'm sorry, "

Drago Pheonix:

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The Printer (non-Avatar)
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