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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 [Plot Topic] The Frog at the Bottom of the Well Drifts off into the Great Ocean (Closed)

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PostSubject: [Plot Topic] The Frog at the Bottom of the Well Drifts off into the Great Ocean (Closed)   Thu Nov 06, 2014 6:21 pm

Izanagi Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
"Some men move through the world leaving as little trace as a drop of water moving through a stream.  Other men do not.  Other men are rocks; resolute against the current.  Forcing all those mere drops to turn aside and pass them by.  Not water, nor rock, nor man has any choice in the matter.  It is a question of fate."

Eldunar Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
"My brother spent his life serving the country.  I shall spend his death serving him."

Erolass Ezofuji-no-Tsukuyomi
"I never wanted to be Royalty.  I never asked to be born into this family.  I do not wish it; but I suppose I must serve this as I am destined.  I have many luxuries as the son of a former Fire Lord, but a quiet, happy life is not one of them."

Takeda Shingen
Fast like the wind,
Silent like a forest,
Intrusive like the fire,
Immobile like a mountain.
Underneath heaven and earth, I alone am feared

Vermilion Dragon Empire Nobles


Izanagi frowned, his sister got to go galavanting across town with Kasai, looking for the Warriors of Fire, while he was stuck in the palace preparing for his own Coronation.  It was not that Izanagi did not want to be Emperor, it was that he was a bit disheartened, as he was slowly watching whatever freedom he had wane away.  The Emperor was one of the most powerful people in the world, tied only with the Earth King, but there were street orphans and prisoners who had more freedom than him.  It was sad and disheartening, but what could Izanagi do?

Besides, Izanagi should have been more focused on Alyssandra as an enemy than as a point of envy.  Many were convinced she was going to try and overthrow him or challenge him to an Agni Kai for the crown.  Alyssandra was born on the battlefields of Meach in Ullondor at the peak of the Ullondorian Wars.  She spent most of the war at her father's side on the battlefield, the only infant to do so no doubt.  It was there Owlan trained her, taught her and mentored her in everything it took to be an Emperor.  Then the triplets were born, Izanagi, Izanami and Raijin.  Alyssandra was not pleased.

She came home from the war, realizing she had siblings, and that having a younger brother meant that the throne was never going to be hers so long as he lived.  And she was angry.  It was not a secret either, the whole world knew it.  Izanagi's coronation would have the most security of any coronation in history.  All because of a jealous sister.

Currently, Izanagi was in a meeting with his uncles, who were helping to coordinate the coronation.  "The first thing we need to do is location," said Eldunar as he reclined in his chair, fingers steepled, "Normally I would just suggest holding it in Vermilion City.  But Nippon is looking like a good option.  It's a good chance for the Nipponian subjects to get to know and see their Emperor up close.  Normally we're just a name and picture and sometimes an edict to these people.  We need to show them we acknowledge ther existence."

"I don't disagree, but don't you think that's rather far to expect the other nations' leaders and nobility to come?" wondered Erolass.  "Nonsense," waved Eldunar, "Many rich nobility and royals have beach houses in Nippon.  They can use it as an excuse to visit the land, or have a vacation."  "You and Owlan are the same, always expecting the other royals to bow to your needs," sighed Erolass, with a slightly hung head.  "The difference is my father was able to convince them that whatever he wanted from them was the right thing to do," stated Izanagi bluntly.

Izanagi had spent most of his life in the capital or the mainland of the Empire.  Most of the places he had travelled had been to political meetings and only lately, and those were located in much of the Six Nations.  Izanagi wanted to change that; he wanted to see Nippon, a land he was going to rule.  A land that once ruled the Four Nations; the land where benders came from.  Where history was made.  The land that once belonged to the Avatar, and to the Spirit King.  Most of his life Izanagi felt like the frog that lived in the well.  His whole life spent at the bottom of the well; laughing at the animals that lived in the river.  Begging for water when there were droughts, being swept away when there were storms, or being eaten by the people whose villages were on the banks

All the frog ever knew was the inside of that well.  But one day, all his friends from the river told him that they were leaving, going out to the sea to live their lives.  The frog did not want to be left alone, so he gathered up all of his courage and left the well.  And the frog, curious to see the world around him and not be left along, left the well, and drifted off into the vast ocean.  Izanagi was not going to wait for his friends to leave before he left his well.

"I say we hold it in Nippon, and we give a damn good reason as to why we're travelling out there," explained Izanagi, "It is the land of my ancestors, and of the Spirit King and Avatar.  It is even more spiritual than the Six Nations.  And thus is the perfect place for a coronation.  More than the ancestral home of my people and my family, it is the ancestral home of all royalties and most modern benders of this world.  They brought life to the Six Nations; and returned bending to the warring tribes.  It makes sense to share the future of our nations with them."  It was solid enough reasoning for Izanagi, and no doubt the ancestral origin would cause a sense of filial piety amongst other royalties.

Eldunar and Erolass let out a sigh.  They both knew Izanagi was a bit too blunt for his own good.  Blunter than Owlan would have been, even if his reasoning was just as sound as hi father's.  But they said nothing, as they agreed that the reasons were solid.  And so the meeting went on, planning the guest list, the food list, and who Izanagi was expected to court as future Empress.  Tedious as ever.  Though Izanagi could not help but feel a sense of tension in the air.  A foreboding calm before the storm.

* * *

Takeda Shingen stood on the bridge of his airship, a group of them closing in on the capital of the Empire.  Soon to be a domain under his control; a land he would hold for Nobunaga, who held it for their supreme leader.  A shadowy and mysterious man who remained hidden under his hood in a throne room.  Only Nobunaga ever had the right to speak with him or see him.  Today, the Tiger of Kai, and his followers, would overthrow the Empire and their royal family.

"Yukimura!" roared Shingen, calling for his right hand.  The averagely tall man walked up to Shingen, his spear at his side.  "Yes, oyakata-sama?" responded Sanada Yukimura.  "Yukimura...prepare the soldiers for fighting, we'll be landing and sending them on foot to the palace," explained Shingen, "Do you know the plan?"  "Yessir!" saluted Yukimura, "We shall be using our airships to bombard the city from above, taking out as much infrastructure as possible.  Our mission to remove the Imperial airship support as soon as possible so they cannot send a platoon after us.  Once we take our their aerial support, we land at their airship docks and release the soldiers.  With support from the air, we shall make our move on the palace, and take it by days end.  The Emperor and his family are not allowed to escape."

"Perfect," smiled Shingen, "You, Sakon, Katsuie, Mitsunari and Ujiyasu shall join me on the ground.  Together we will lead the march of soldiers.  I want your brother Nobuyuki to remain in the air, leading the airship support with Naotara and Hideyoshi."  Shingen grasped his war fan tightly.  The iron uchiwa-dansen was not simply a fan, or a defence mechanism as the famed legend told.  Shingen hid a skill from the world.  A skill he would put to use with this war fan today.  Vermilion City would be in ashes by the end of the day.

"Sir, we're directly above the city, shall we prepare the bombardment before the Imperial forces become suspicious?"  reported a soldier who had walked down from the bridge to the viewing platofmr.  Shingen smiled, and let out a deep wicked cackle.  "Let's go!  Bring glory to your lord!  Bring glory to Nobunaga!  Bring glory to our Supreme leader!" he roared cross the bridge of the airship, "Yukimura!  Prepare the forces!"  Yukimura bowed and ran off to complete the order given.  With a smile, Shigen turned back towards window and watched the bombs start to hit the screaming populace below.  "Fast like the wind, silent like a forest, intrusive like the fire, immobile like a mountain. Underneath heaven and earth, I alone am feared," he said to himself, muttering under his breath.

* * *

"Where shall we keep the airships and the waterborne vessels while all the dignitaries and guests are at the ceremony?" wondered Erolass loudly, "I've spoken with Hideyoro for many hours about this.  There is not enough room for everyone."  "Then we provide transportation," said Izanagi, "A few Imperial class airships and naval cruises should be enough to carry all of the guests.  It wont be as grand as some dignitaries may like, but they'll be there, and transportation will be provided on our ticket."

Eldunar nodded, "I agree with Izanagi," he pointed out, "Three of each vessel should fit in the city with the current infrastructure.  It's hard to build more in a land so ancient that everything is a designated historical site."  Erolass sighed, and Izanagi gave a laugh.  "Now if we can discuss the manner of the Emperor of Nippon, naturally he should be invited," said Izanagi, "I also feel--"  Izanagi was cut off by a distant rumbling.  He paused, standing up, his hand resting on the table.

"What was that?" he wondered; then the sound came again, and in a flash he and his two uncles were at the window, their jaws open as they stared in awe at what was going on.  "Takeda Shingen," said Izanagi under his breath, "I know that standard anywhere.  Four horizontal diamonds arranged in the pattern of a larger diamond."  "Is this an uprising?" asked Erolass, his voice showing strong signs of disbelief.  He had not seen an uprising since he was young, when Owlan struggled for the throne with the first Regent Lord of Ember Island.

"I can't say I suspected any less...Owlan did send warning to be on the look out," said Eldunar gently.  Then with a deep breath he turned towards the guards that had just entered the room to announce the news.  "Gather as many men as you can!  Divide in two, send half to the communications tower and tell the soldiers to provide diversionary attacks on the airships!  We need to draw their fire," said Eldunar, walking with a swagger and a presence that exuded power and might, "Then have the other half empty this palace of government officials, political figures and servants!  We are leaving the capital and going into hiding!  No servant or political is left behind, understand?!"

Eldunar barked orders like he had done this before.  He sounded like a battle hardened general, even if though in reality he had not commanded a military action in almost 45 years.  "Izanagi, Erolass come with me!" he commanded, "We're going to warn the rest of the family, and the servants.  We'll be going for you aunt Naina and her kids at Tenchi, and we'll grab Morohito at Ember Island afterwards.  I'll contact Nippon and have Hideyoro moved to Owlan's palace.  Hopefully he'll meet us there in a few days."  Izanagi clenched his fists and gritted his hands as he and his two uncles walked through the halls.

He wasn't going to stay in this palace forever.  Izanagi was determined to fight these men no matter what it took.  Even if he had to use the Dai Tengu form.  He wasn't going to leave his people to die...and even if he was forced to flee, Izanagi was going to take out as many men as he could before going.  Takeda Shingen wasn't going to get away with this.  Not if Izanagi could help it.  His father wouldn't have left the Empire to burn, not without putting up a fight.  Izanagi was determined to be like his father.
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[Plot Topic] The Frog at the Bottom of the Well Drifts off into the Great Ocean (Closed)
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