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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Ya Liang

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Ya Liang

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PostSubject: Ya Liang   Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:35 pm

Name: Ya Liang (雅梁)
Age: 25
Birthplace: Northern Water Tribe
Current Residence: Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se (Earth Kingdom)
Rank: Bender
Element: Water

Pets: Guang (光) is a white lion-mouse. He is small as a shoe and haves white hair. He have the face and body of a lion, it haves the tail and the legs of a mouse. His legs let him climb to were ever he wants. Guang is also dangerous, he haves very sharp teeth that can kill an otter penguin in seconds.

Ya met Guang on her trip to Ba Sing Se when she was a teenager. Guang was trying to escape of a bunch of meerkat-bears. He tried to enter to the boat of Ya and the guards did not let him. Ya helped him hiding him inside her dress. He was really light so she named him Guang (light in Chinese). Seance that day, Guang always have protect Ya.

Weapons: Water

Birthday:March 19
Blood type: O+
Hobbies: Cooking using her powers.
Quirks: Her hair grows up really quickly, she haves to cut it twice a week. She is the only alive water bender of her family.
Family: Grand Mothers: Ah Wa (啊瓦) and Shuang Liang (爽梁)(Deceased) Shizu Liang (氏族梁)(Deceased). Mother: He Liang (和梁). Sisters: Pa di (帕蒂梁) and Xiang (翔梁) Liang (Twin sisters).
Character Theme: Something to Sing About/Life's a song.

Hair:Ya haves a wavy and dark waist length hair that she always wore down.
Eyes: Big dark blue eyes.
Height: 6' tall
Clothes: Ya normally uses a shade of light green long dark green dress that under her kimono green dress with golden lines representing the water tribe. She haves a necklace of shiny shells that belonged to her grandma Shuang and earnings of pearls.
Skin: She haves smooth dark skin.
Body Type: She haves a well formed body not so athletic.

Personality: Ya is a happy girl. She is very energetic and optimistic. She was the sparkle of happiness of her family when the fire nation destroyed her home and killed her father. She likes to forgive people if they give her a good reason to.

Personal Strengths: Cooking, Athletic, Bending, Kindness.
Personal Weaknesses: Her naivety and long hair.
Hamartia: She deeply think that she will never get something in live and she hides that emotion with a smile.
Personal Hero: Her dad Shizu Liang.
Dreams and Ambitions: Be a great cooker at the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se owning her own restaurant, find love and have a happy family.

Likes: Blue, Cooking, Fashion, Kids, Ba Sing Se

Dislikes: Fire Nation, Jerks, Liars, War, Killing.

Brief History: When Ya was a child she lived with her two twin older sisters, her pet Xian (暹), her mum He, her dad Shizu and her two grandmas Ah and Shuang. Her mum and grandma Ah were healers. His dad had his own restaurant and grandma Shuang was a warrior that fought against the fire nation.

Ya loved grandma Shuang, she was really fun and taught her to be brave and wealthy. When Ya was 7 years old she found out that grandma Shuang was killed in war. In her testament, she left Ya a beautiful necklace of shiny shells her grandma found somewhere in the earth kingdom called the lake Laogai.

When she was 15, the fire nation bumped into the village and killed all the men, including Ya's father, only women survived. That day her tribe emigrated to Ba Sing Se, were the nice people of the earth kingdom gave them a house and a job. Her mum got a job as and grandma Ah got a job as nurses at the low ring of Ba Sing Se and she and her sisters got a job at a coffee shop.

Now Ya is older and wiser. They live in a house at the middle ring of Ba Sing Se. Pa Di and Xiang work as waitresses at a restaurant in which Ya is Chef.

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Tsumi Buredo
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Role-playmaster General

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PostSubject: Re: Ya Liang   Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:38 pm

All sweet, except the Hamartia. A Hamartia is supposed to be your character's one fatal flaw- their most prominent weakness.

Edit that, and your character is good to go. c:


"If you can't figure out who to save, you just save 'em all, right?" -Snow, FF13

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Ya Liang
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