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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 Wesley Sin'dorei

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PostSubject: Wesley Sin'dorei   Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:57 pm

Name: Wesley Sin'dorei
Age: 45
Birthplace: Shadowlands
Current Residence: Shadowlands
Rank: Grand Master
Occupation:  Grand Master of the Holy Paladins/Dawn Crusade
Element: Mind/ Spirit
Champion Of: God of Music


Name: Varessa
Age: 30
Personality: Even though she is incredibly loyal to Wesley, Varessa has a tendency to be suspicious of Wesley's choices and still doesn't fully trust everything Wesley does. Has a tendency to have an attitude of her own, but will listen to Wesley's commands when needed.
Brief History: Ever since Wesley joined the Paladin's 28 years ago, Varessa has been his faithful companion.

Name: The Beast
Brief History: Wesley recieved this Coutelas Left-handed Short Sword from his sword instructor in the mainland. It was special ordered by an unknown blacksmith. One encounter broke the original blade at the hilt and sliced the guard, the blade was replaced with a stronger steel but the guard still has the slash marks in it.

Name:The Tremor
Brief History: The right-handed Saber was forged shortly after the Coutelas was re-bladed in order to refrain from Wesley ever being fully disarmed again.

Birthday: March 8th
Blood type: O Pos
Hobbies: Reading
Quirks: Really horrible Pun jokes.
Family: His Father passed away in his sleep when Wesley was 28, and his mother died three years later.  He is an only child. 
Character Theme: A Nation Once Again by the Wolf Tones


Hair: Short Sandy Blonde semi-wavy hair tucked under a black bandana
Eyes: Crystal Blue eyes hiding behind dark brown eye browns
Height: 5'8
Clothes: Wesley likes to keep things simple. A long poofy sleeved charcoal black tunic tucked into his black ankle-length pants.
Skin: Fair skin with signs of sunburns when he was younger, scars across his left shoulder beginning at the lower side of his shoulder blade on his back, trailing down toward the center of his ribs.
Body Type: Muscular but Slim

Personality: Wesley's old age has made him a very stern man, but do not let that alarm you. He does have a gentle soul and a wild spirit when he gets to let loose. Wesley's personality has changed since he left home. He used to be a happy go-lucky child that didnt seem to care about his actions. However, after one day being attacked by thugs on the road and having to kill them to survive, he began to train in any and every style of defense possible.. However, this training as caused him to become hardened and tough..

Personal Strengths:
1. Sword Combat
2. Strategy
3. Mental Agility
4. Compassion
5. Organization

Personal Weaknesses:
1. Physical Agility
2. Women
3. His Chivalristic nature.
4. Wears the weight of command on his shoulders
5. Family

Hamartia: His compassion for women and willingness to obey
Personal Hero: His Swordmaster
Dreams and Ambitions: To set the world back right again.

1. Apples
2. Earl Grey Tea
3. Io-cane Powder
4. Long Walks on the Beach
5. St. Germain Whiskey

1. Being Serious
2. Leading anything
3. Talking
4. Disrespectful men
5. Women crying

Brief History: 
Wesley grew up near a small farm village helping his father with the pigs and cattle when he was younger. He had often thought about getting away from the small village by means of joining one of the water tribe's ship teams. As he worked the land, he began to develop the muscles needed in his shoulders, forearm, and wrists to hoist up the colors and sail away. His father however, advised him against this ideology, as most sailors don't see their 20th birthdays. Wesley, who was six at the time, wanted to have a long and fruitful life, thus he changed his course of action to that of a warrior with the intent to kill all of those who opposed him. 
Wesley trained every night and day with a sword master in his village. Learning the different styles and how to attack, when to wait for the advantage and how to dance the swordsman's dance. When he was 16 year old, Wesley was in the backyard training with the wooden sword replica of a Coutelas and Saber blade. His instructor came up to him and presented him with The Beast as his birthday present. Shortly after, they began training with the steel weapons and Wesley was noticed by a passing Paladin officer. 
Wesley as a teenager however, had a horrible time trying to catch the eye of any passing woman. Even the ladies of his own age would brush him off and deny him before he could even ask for their name. Although he distrusts others greatly, the occasional woman can still cause him to fall to his knees if he isn't focused on work or training. His desire to belong or to have connections is why he falls to the women and that same need for acceptance led him to join the Paladins.
Back when they were the Holy Paladins of Light. There he became a champion of Tans, the God of Music, and since then has risen through the ranks as a dedicated Paladin. His desire to belong and be accepted constantly driving him. However the more he gains acceptance from his fellow Paladins, the less he looks for women.
The acceptance is there. Yet part of him still feels hollow. Missing something, a woman, someone to care about him different from the way his fellow Paladins care about him. 


"When the light is green you go. When the light is red you stop. But what do you do when the light turns Blue with orange and lavender spots?" - Signals by Shel Silverstein
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PostSubject: Re: Wesley Sin'dorei   Wed May 18, 2016 2:53 pm



Me when I'm mad

Me when I'm really mad

Me when I'm in a good mood

How I learned to cook:

(This one's even funnier with captions)
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Wesley Sin'dorei
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