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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Kaida Hiryuu WIP

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PostSubject: Kaida Hiryuu WIP   Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:53 pm

|| 四面楚歌 ||

Name: Kaida Rae Hiryuu
Age: 22 Years Old
Birthplace: Vermillion City
Rank: Bender
Occupation: Currently no Occupation
Element: Fire
Character Theme:

|| 起死回生 ||

Height // Weight:

The first thing one might notice about Kaida is that she is rather well endowed -- in her build that is. One might even be inclined to say that at a height of 5 feet, 3 inches tall -- when bare foot, she can be an endearing sight..

Her weight has remained fairly steady at one hundred and thirty pounds, a number that gives her a healthy layer of “padding” to her otherwise muscular frame. Though she despairs about the “excess” that never quite leaves about her middle and the thighs-- usually noticeable in her outfit of choice-- Kaida reluctantly acknowledges that she still has what some would consider quite the attractive silhouette; curvy without being unhealthily so.

In spite of being much at a loss to appropriately describe the exact shape of her body (narrow hips with an ample amount of padding to the rear, thicker thighs on her longer than average legs and a shorter, narrower torso complete with an ample bust and shoulder width), Kaidaa figures she's somewhere between the “cello” and the “pear” in terms of overall figure and is even more self conscious about her body than before.


Kaida possesses hair that is a bright Vermilion color, resembling the blush of a cherry blossom flower. Her hair is not a chalky matte shade, instead it has more of a sheer tone that makes it appear Pink. Hanging past her rear, Kaida's hair takes a great amount of effort to maintain its sleek, and straight nature that her mothers' dominating genes bestowed. Depending on her mood -- and if she is engaged in activities -- she may pull her hair up in a ponytail or messy up-do on occasion, though she will wear it down usually.

Due to a personal preference, she is making the awkward transition from having her bangs cut across her forehead, to wearing them side swiped at her crown. She had worn the traditional cut for years, but recently Kaida has taken a liking to more modernized styles and prefers to wear the layered look.


Kaida's blue-grey eye color came from her father and, like his, often portray her true mood at a glance, whether that be anger, happiness or worry. They are surrounded by dark eyelashes that flare out in an abnormally long length, and curve upwards in the outside corners where the top and bottom fibers meet. Matching her natural hair color, Kaida's eyelashes and arched eyebrows are a pale color, however due to the modern age and the magical uses of make up, she is able to keep them a dark brown that accent the highlights in her glimmering steel blue orbs.

Dominant Hand:

It is no secret that Kaida is at most, a skilled fighter, so it would make sense that she has a preferred hand or eye or in some cases -- ambidextrous. For her, that would be her right hand; she performs all her motor skills with her right side first between writing, pulling, catching, punching, swinging, and even blocking.

Contrary to having a dominant hand, she does not possess a dominant eye however, and can aim with either her right or left eye. Even though she is versatile when she aims, it does not mean her accuracy is 100%, that being a trained skill to obtain after years of combat training which she clearly lacks.

Clothing & Attire Description:

Though Kaida has had years to expand her wardrobe, she continues to prefer a small collection of outfits that she is most often seen in. Kaida, like most Benders, is most often seen in a outfit more accustomed and formed around the idea of combat and fighting. Her favorite is a black and white dress that cinches in at the wast and flares out at her hips, and the hemline resting just above her knees.

Every now and then she will wear other clothing choices such as a floral patterned Kimono or elegant attire that truly matches her elegant upbringing. Kaida will even go out of her way as to put her hair up in fancy updo's that only a few women wear now a days.

Short sleeved dresses are her preferred and favored items of 'up to date' clothing, and she has a small closet full of them in varying colors and styles that she prefers. Purple, however, seems to be a dominant shade, thanks to it being her favorite color. They are typically short in length but have long sleeves to hug her petite build.

To match she wears an array of belts and boots that give her comfort and durability when it comes to engaging in a fight.

Voice Description:

Her voice is fair and calm, and could be described in a sense, very feminine. It lacks depth, but is not high pitched like most young females. Kaida always maintains a sense of dignified formality even among those she is comfortable around and never uses conjunctions or any other form of slang terminology. Her inflection and pronunciation of words are perfect, if a bit enunciated due to her strict heritage.

In terms of pitch, she is undeniably female, as it holds a soft and, melodic quality to her voice whenever she chooses to speak in her normally gentle tone.

Kaida is an emotionally strong individual and more than often her emotions are conveyed through her voice. With that being said, her voice has a wide range of volume and pitch that will change with her mood. Most of the time her voice is soft (even when she is singing) unless she is emotionally compromised or expressing clear irritation, at that time her tone will not only change pitch, but her speech becomes mulled over in a mumble.

Physical Description:

There is much more to this woman than just long hair and black and white clothing however. With fair skin that rarely sees sunlight due to her preference, Kaida maintains a beauty regime to ensure she keeps her body blemish free-- no sign of scars, birthmarks, or other physical abnormalities mar her person as a result of her care.

Carrying herself with a sense of nobility and grace, her steps are sure and steady, chin up and eyes forward to face the world without hesitation or fear. Though often politely neutral in expression, when Kaida smiles, there are two small dimples in her cheeks.

Standing only five feet, 3 inches tall, her small height doesn't make her stand out from the crowd all that much. Kaida's hourglass form is maintained with proper eating habits and exercise while working long, arduous hours that result a slightly curvier dancer's elegant physique.

|| 雨降って地固まる ||


Kaida is easy to read once you have gotten to know her. Even though she likes to believe herself being an enigma --which from a certain point of view is quite close to the truth--her true state of mind, nature and personality have been pulled past the quiet and reserved facade she hid behind previously.

Kaida is very much like a wandering spirit, caught up in day to day dealings and aloof to the way of the real world. On the other hand if her attention is caught, she has a curious like personality and will often enough seek out knowledge of current events. Normally if her attention is kept she will show signs of developed loyalty and determination on that one particular subject.

Kaida attempts to upkeep her morale code, figuring what is right from wrong, and the woman does her absolute most to keep it while performing her duties. The woman has a strong drive for the betterment of the World and wants nothing more than to leave her mark. So it is easy to say that she has a stubborn like determination if she sets her mind on a goal; This includes hurting those she cares about to fulfill a certain mindset.

Disliking to be put in charge of people (doing things on her own is not a problem at all), she hates getting into the spotlight and refrains from drawing too much attention when in crowded areas. Exceptions to this can be seen when someone is required to stand up for the betterment of her comrades, or if she is highly agitated.  If --by some form of luck-- you manage to push her button, she can easily revert to her introvert self when noticing the unwanted attention she draws upon herself.

Kaida is normally rational at times, but acts on instinct and wits when encountering troubles of any kind; be it during fights, daily life, or when confronted with threats.

Her lack of self-confidence is largely made up for with her will to keep others from harm or unjustified acts. She herself gets quite pissed off when being accused of things she never did, but would most-likely keep her discontentment to herself when those accusing her are superior to her.

That aside, Kaida shows herself to be a devoted, somewhat off-minded companion that doesn't mind the occasional joke tossed at her, and once she's opened up to someone, she can turn out to be quite the flirt. However that does not happen often due to her regressed feelings about her previous love. Because of those same feelings, she will often feel awkward if complimented or even engaged as a female companion compared to just being friendly.

Outside of battle she is much like an awe struck child, being that the world has advanced greatly, and she has yet to explore all the wonders that the World has to offer. Because of her love for the World, she will take any missions/jobs/opportunities that are offered to the eager woman, and with that she likes to collect the current customs that are introduced to her.

Her favorite thing that the World has to offer is music. Taking a particular preference to the softer melodies compared to the high pace tunes, After developing her love for music, Kaida has become quite the Singer and loves to hum or let out a small song while she goes about her day to day life as a bender.

Overall she's kind and polite, knows when to keep her mouth shut, when to push on, and stands ready to take a hit for the team if the need arises.

Positive Traits:

ღ Compassionate
: Kaida has a mother like personality when it comes to her friends, and even people she has barely known. If she is compelled to take care of someone, it means they have impacted her life in a unforgettable way. She will even show compassion even towards her enemies or those she has not even grown to trust.

ღ Analytical
: It takes a smart person to be able to successfully perform the duties that Kaida is assigned. To make quick and decisive actions, and follow through with designed plans. Kaida is a well thought out individual who is more than capable of solving faced problems with a straightforward answer. She is also considered a fast learner, being able to take in her surroundings in a quick and orderly fashion.

ღ Strong Willed
: Most would feel weak after seeing what she has; blood, broken bones, missing limbs. She has seen and treated many wounds and yet still stands collected in the end. It takes a strong mind and fortitude to be able to deal with that, meaning she will not cave under an immense amount of work pressure or stress.

ღ Determined
: Some would call it being stubborn, but Kaida classifies it as Determination. She is the type of individual that is steadfast when it comes to what she sets her heart on. Whether that is remaining loyal to who she feels is worthy, or giving her opinion on certain subjects. Kaida is well known to be too stubborn however, especially when it comes to facing an enemy. She is the person that will never ask for aid in battle because she fiercely believes in her own ability.

ღ Dutiful
: This woman takes her job way too seriously. Not that it's a bad thing, but she is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to doing her issued jobs, and does not appreciate finding flaws in her work ethic. On the other hand, she is 100% loyal to her home and aims to do her best to do right by them

ღ Challenging
: This only applies to her own but Kaida is a very ambitious person. She pushes herself to do better each day to the point where she feels disappointed when she can't make her goal. Then the days where she does make that goal, he aims for better the next day. To her, this is the path to success and it ties in with her determination.

ღ Patient
: Perhaps one of her most appreciative traits, Kaida has developed a sense of patience. If being an adult has given her anything, it is the ability to walk away from obnoxious people without caving their skulls in. Not that Kaida would confront anyone for being ridiculous anyways. But the woman certainly can wait out the storm.

Negative Traits:

ღ Too Optimistic
: Unfortunately due to the fact she does not converse with individuals often she is faced with the fact that people are not all that they seem. Beings themselves are all faced with darkness, and for some reason she blatantly ignores this. This is derived from the fact that she believed herself to be born under slaves, but was destined for a greater purpose and that fact was kept from her.

ღ Prideful
: As mentioned many a times, Kaida keeps to herself, this is because she refuses the help from others. Kaida is too proud of a person to ask for help or be willing to accept guidance from those around her. This can be a problem when facing a stronger threat, as she will still place herself in harm's way. Not quite considered as stubborn, but she can not seem to get past the walls she built around herself and they block the view of the world.

ღ Enigmatic
: Though she is unsuccessful in creating a believable facade, she tries to cover her emotions with rather foolhardy actions and comments. This can cause others to not only become concerned with her facetious behavior, but believe that she is something other than herself.

ღ Self-Conscious
:Everyone has something they are self conscious about, and some more than others. Kaida is self conscious in her work, at least enough to the point where she has created a overbearing need to be perfectly dutiful. She is also concerned with her outside appearance, falling under the actions of a stereotypical woman.

ღ Predictable
:Because she conveys emotion too easily, her actions are legible to the degree that she has become predictable. This can be a huge problem when facing an opponent or when she is trying to fool someone into believing otherwise.

ღ Emotional
: The term 'She wears her heart on her sleeve,' is a perfect example of Kaida. Not that she cries openly, but more along the lines of not being able to contain her joy or preferred reasoning behind a particular subject. Kaida finds that it is impossible to try and hide her embarrassment when her face lights up like a paper lantern

ღ Unguided
: One could almost say that Kaida is childish, to the point where she needs constant reminding and guidance otherwise she feels lost within her own self. Her aloof demeanor is not so much purposeful, but more that she possesses a wandering mind and requires herself to be focused by an outside source. Even though she is very intelligent and wise, Kaida can just be caught in her own little world and will need brought back to reality.

Personal Strengths:

ღ Agile
: Kaida's petite and lean build allows for agile and graceful movements that would be expected from an expert gymnastics master. She applies this to her physical fighting by using her opponents momentum against their own, therefore causing an unbalance in their movements which aids in their downfall.

ღ Hand to Hand
: Kaida's element revolves around the use of close range combat more than ranged. That has caused her to become quite comfortable and excel in hand to hand fighting style. Though she does not cap herself with one type of fighting style, she has limited knowledge in actual known martial arts such as karate, or jujitsu. To Kaida, fighting should be felt and not thought.

ღ Elemental Prowess
: Some say that her way of bending is dangerous to the body. The fact that she explodes in a fast furious attack to decimate her enemies but she grasps hold of the element she commands to put it to use. In a sense she has complete control of the energy she puts out and does not waste seconds on those that are undeserving.

Personal Weaknesses:

ღ Strength
: Kaida obviously lacks a little oomph in her build and could be considered as weak compared to others. She is incapable of dealing a lot of damage by punching or kicking her opponent and is forced to find other means of hand to hand combat. She is also unable to lift heavy things or reach to retrieve high up objects due to her short stature. It is a shame a step ladder cannot help you win battles as well.

ღ Perception
: For unknown reasons, Kaida is unable to perceive attacks that are delivered at high speeds. Meaning that she can not keep up with high velocity attacks and is prone to taking damage by not being able to block or dodge in time. After watching her opponents movements, she can begin to predict where and when an attack will come and that helps in this problem but only after so much time has passed.

ღ Defense
: Because of her techniques, Kaida refuses to block as a means of defense and instead uses her agility to dodge. This is a problem because she now lacks the skill to feasibly form a sense of defense other than moving out of the way. More than often enough she finds herself out of the fire and into the frying pan... or however that saying goes.


ღ Merciful
: In the past, Mercy was seen as a justified act to give thy enemy, but Kaida has been burned by this act more than once. Because not only does she give them mercy, she will drop her guard and provoke an attack of opportunity.


ღ Knowledge
:There is little Kaida wouldn't do for Knowledge. Sure she will never kill, lie, or cheat for her gain but has instead developed different methods for obtaining wisdom. Kaida has been known to give her allegiance to whoever can help her gain intelligence on whatever subject she wishes at the time.

ღ Charity
: Kaida wants to help those who are not as privileged as she was. She lived a struggling life as an adult, and cannot remember what it was like to even be a child. She will often put time in nearby Villages to care for those that need it. By cooking and cleaning for them, as well as helping to provide clothing and essentials to the helpless.

ღ Greatness
: Because she sets reachable goals for herself as an individual, she hopes to achieve each one over and over, and therefore prove not only to herself but those that doubt her that she can achieve greatness as a bender.


ღ Failure
:Though it is a cliche fear, Kaida fears failure, becoming very depressed and disappointed in her own actions when she can not meet her set goals. She despises the idea of giving up and the only way to fail, is to give up entirely because you should try until you succeed. It is a good thing she sets reachable goals instead of aiming for something foolish.

ღ Falling in Love... Again
: Most aim to find their soulmate and settle into happiness, but Kaida fears giving someone her heart for the second time. Time heals all wounds, but it is difficult to heal a broken heart when the patient does not want to let go to the pain.

ღ Pain
:Another cliche fear, but she is afraid of pain, death and destruction. Therefore she exerts extreme caution when coming across something potentially life threatening.


ღ Jasmine
:It seems odd that this woman can have such an undying love for a flower, but Kaida is passionate about the smell of the purple and blue hued white plant. Perhaps it derives from some unknown entity or is a hidden part of her long history, none the less she will make note of the fragrance if she comes across it. That and it is her favorite flavor for tea.

ღ Books
:She believes that knowledge is the key to success, so in her active search to meet her goals she is avidly researching. Any topic that peaks her interest she is sure to find some form of scripture on the matter; This can cover a wide birth of subjects, including Lost Theories to Cooking Guides. She collects her records in a stored Journal along with other events she has kept throughout the Years.

ღ Calligraphy
:She enjoys the art of Calligraphy, and not just with a quill pen or some source of metal ink pen either. She enjoys the rice paper, ink well, water vase, and paint brush calligraphy and has recently taken up the art. Kaida likes to decorate her designated rooms and areas with hung quotes and words in traditional writing.

ღ Music
:Because of recent travels around the world, Kaida has grown a strong liking to music, modern and older styles. She also likes to sing along with these melodies or perform by herself. Though she tends to refrain from singing around other people


ღ Heroes
: Kaida considers herself the heroine of her own story; So why would she need some goody-two-shoes to come into her business and tell her how she is doing injustice. To Kaida she is in the right, only following what her heart and mind tell her, and the definition of good and evil is opinionated. Therefore she will never admit she is wrong, because she finds that her actions are always right by her. This also ties hand in hand with her foolhardy determination to never ask for aid.

ღ Loud Noises
: Kaida really can not stand sounds, be they high pitched or loud... She enjoys the peaceful sensations of quiet and will grow rather irritated if someone is talking to loud, or too much. She even disapproves with loud thunderous sounds; but is somehow fond of loud music and the sound of bells ringing. In this sense, she herself is quite hypocritical because any noise she creates be it loud or soft is justified.

ღ The Sun
: Her pale skin is an obvious sign that she prefers the night and even cloudy days. Harsh sun makes her sneer in disgust, as her pale skin was a indication of how little sun she actually see's. Her favorite weather is that of lightning and rain. Sure it comes with thunder, but the loud booming from the sky is beautiful in her eyes and she can stand that sound. So for the most she will often parade around at night time, or venture out when it is cloudy, trying to avoid the sun at all costs.

ღ Ego
:Not her own... It is the large ego of others she loathes. As that would make them better than her and Kaida does not believe that anyone is more entitled to anything anymore than someone else. So for those that talk about their power constantly without being able to back it up with actions causes her to act in great disapproval. She also does not appreciate people talking down to her in such a way that would place her beneath them.

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|| 雲散霧消 ||


The Underground:


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Kaida Hiryuu WIP
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