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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Kazuya "The Hurricane Fist" Ando (Completed)

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PostSubject: Kazuya "The Hurricane Fist" Ando (Completed)   Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:46 am

   Name: Kazuya "The Hurricane Fist" Ando
   Age: 23
   Birthplace: Kuri Village (Small fishing village), Dark Bender State of Vermillion Empire.
   Current Residence: No permanent residence due to occupation, but is fond of the nice taverns and inns in Ba Sing Se.
   Rank: Bender
   Occupation:Martial Artist/Body Guard/ Treasure hunter
   Element: Air


   **PLEASE NOTE: All Dawn Crusaders start off with a Spirit Moose mount.  Below in the spoiler is the picture of a Spirit Moose, use that as a reference.  The Spirit Moose MUST be included on the application below, as well as any other pets or mounts.**


   Name: N/A
   Age: N/A
   Picture: N/A
   Personality: N/A
   Brief History: N/A

   Name: N/A (His body is his weapon)
   Picture: N/A
   Brief History: N/A

   Birthday: March 25th

   Blood type: B -

   Hobbies: Training his conditioning and his martial arts, traveling, cooking, fishing (only does it so he can cook fish and it tests his patience.) Drinking herbal tea, lots of bitter herbal tea.

   Quirks: Clenches his fists three times in a row frequently through the day. Hums random melodies when traveling anywhere. Rapidly taps his feet against the ground when having to sit anywhere longer than ten minutes.

   Family: Akane Ando (Grandmother), Taro Ando (Father), Rena Ando (Mother)

   Character Theme:
Theme of the Hurricane Fist:

   Hair: He has hair that is black as obsidian and styled in a short, messy spiked manner.

   Eyes: His eyes are almond shaped and a dark green in color.

   Height: Kazuya stands at Six Feet and Two Inches in height.

   Clothes: Kaz's attire is a simple one. For his upper body, he only wears a midnight black robe with gold trims along the hems. He also uses his robe as sign of respect as he only takes it off during a fight when he is facing a challenging opponent and takes them seriously.  For his lower body, He wears black pants that fit tightly around his waist but loose fitted everywhere else to avoid limiting the flexibility of his movements as well as his fierce kicks. For his feet, he wears simple kung fu shoes. However, he usually wears them for comfort and tends to favor fighting barefoot. Lastly, he has his hands usually wrapped in cloth to prevent hand injuries from his fast and brutal punches.

   Skin: His skin is that of a dark tan color due to his constant traveling and other activities outdoors.

   Body Type: Kazuya has a body befitting of a well-trained martial artist. Tall in stature with a toned physique, Kazuya's muscles are lean yet powerful for a great combination of speed, strength and endurance.

Kazuya Ando:

   Personality: Kazuya is a man on a mission. A mission to be the Mightiest Master of Martial Arts to ever walk the earth. To achieve that goal and realize his full potential, Kazuya has become a fierce and callous individual who is determined to make his legacy on the world be based on his hand-to hand prowess. He takes on all his adversities head on and never backs down from challenges, as doing so is the trait of a coward. In his eyes and more importantly in his heart, he is a champion and proud fighter. This pride and confidence in himself makes him very arrogant and pompous to the point where he believes no man is above him. Due to him wanting to be the greatest martial artist and not having an equal, he has no respect for authority and will never bow down to any man, regardless of their status or wealth.

Despite his rough qualities, Kaz has the potential to be a strong ally and a loyal friend to those who go through the tough task of earning his respect, and even more difficulty, his friendship. Due to his competitive and aggressive nature, Kaz tends to rub people the wrong way and be very off-putting, especially with his strong sense of sarcasm and brutal honesty. Those who can handle his sense of humor and his harsh nature are the types to get along with him as he respect those who are not easily offended and strong mentally. He believes in the phrase "iron sharpens iron" and since he aims to be the strongest, he has immense respect for those with the same belief and spirit. He despises the weak, submissive, and cowardly, but praises and respects the strong, dominant and the brave. Those rare few he calls his friends are actually family to him, and will have his unwavering loyalty.

As a martial artist, it makes sense to know how Kazuya operates in a fight. The man has a strong faith in his abilities, and as a result, is very confident in combat. Against weaker opponents, he aims to finish the fight as quick as possible as he sees no point in prolonging anything that boring and easy. Against tough opponents, he is much more passionate, energetic and lively during the fight. He tends to taunt his opponents and play around with them to make the fight last long enough to study their movements and styles in order to observe and learn as much as possible. He is very vicious though, especially against challenging opponents as he enjoys breaking their body down by breaking bones, tearing ligaments and rupturing organs before finishing them.

   Personal Strengths: Amazing Physique, Lightning Reflexes, Strong Will, Martial Art Prowess.

   Personal Weaknesses: Arrogance, Selfish, Easily baited into challenges due to ego and wanting to prove his skills, Very little self-constraint when fighting, Lack of spiritual connection that most airbenders have due to his aggressive style and nature, lack of weapon proficiency form his dedication to his mastering airbending and hand-to-hand abilities.

   Hamartia: His pride.
   Personal Hero:His Grandma, Akane Ando

   Dreams and Ambitions: To be the greatest Martial Artist that ever lived.

   Likes:1. Martial Arts 2. Women 3.Food, especially rice and fish 4. Drinking herbal tea 5.Traveling and Exploring.

   Dislikes: 1. Cowards 2. Weapons (only cowards use them) 3. Alcohol(Dulls the senses and body) 4. Pacifists (Especially Air Nomads) 5. Politics and Advanced Tactics(If it doesn't involve direct fighting, he doesn't understand it.)

   Brief History: Kazuya was born to Taro and Rena Ando. Taro was a retired Fire-Bending Vermillion Soldier who moved to the Dark Nation after his military career was over and took a career as blacksmith at a fishing village. It was there he would meet his wife, Rena, a non-bending herbalist who lived with her mother. Her mother, Akane, was a fierce air-bending martial arts master who hailed from the North Air Temple and would become Kaz's grandmother and mentor.

As an only child, Kazuya would rely on other kids from the village to play and interact with. He was a social boy and highly competitive in any games that the children played. Most of the time, he would be too competitive and end up in many brawls that led him to being in trouble with his parents on multiple occasions. He would be involved in more fights as he would stand up to older and bigger bullies that were picking on his friends.While he was a tough kid, he would lose most of the time against his bigger and older opponents. His father tried his best to discipline him and tried to teach him various trades and offered to send him to a good academy in the Vermillion Empire. Kazuya rebelled against his father trying to force various options on him as it felt like a means to control him. Kaz was a free spirit and matched his air-bending that he discovered he had at the age of 8.

Kazuya's rowdy nature and his freshly discovered air-bending caught the attention of his grandmother who believed he would be a perfect protege to learn and carry on her knowledge of her martial art, Fist of Changing Winds. Her teaching Kaz to fight worried his parents at first, but approved of it as they hoped it would provide him discipline. From age 8 to 14, Kazuya would undergo brutal training and difficult studies under his Grandma Akane. Through her teachings and training, his body, mind, and spirit were strengthened enough to fully become capable of being a true martial artist. It was also because of her, he would able to learn utilize his air-bending to enhance and strengthen his hand-to-hand prowess.

At age 15, Kazuya graduated and earned mastery of the Fist of Changing Winds. His Grandmother, wanting Kaz to surpass her and become a greater master, told him to seek out other masters and compete in tournaments around the world. This would involve him leaving his family and traveling on his own while just being a teenager. His parents, at first completely against it, eventually approved again as they noticed how strong-willed their son has become. For the first three years out on his own, he traveled with a group of merchants and street performers, offering them his talents to protect them on the road in exchange for traveling companions on his way to search for local tournaments and martial art schools.

As he began to participate in these tournaments, he started to build up a winning streak anda ruthless nature thanks to his talent and started to attract attention from various arenas, both bending and non-bending. Kazuya would amass popularity through his victories as he fought opponents of various martial art and bending styles. After defeating an opponent, he would ask them if they could teach him techniques that he has never seen before in exchange for teaching techniques of his own. It was at these tournaments that he would also meet one of his few close friends, Varsha, a beautiful but highly talented martial artist whose skills were on par with his own.  It was also from experiencing these different styles of fighting that he began to craft his own martial art form, The Art of Breaking, a vicious style that focused on breaking down the opponent until they can no longer function.Through the years of prize fighting, Kazuya would also become to be known as The Hurricane Fist, bestowed upon him by both fans and fighters.

Kazuya was starting to earn a nice living from his fights over the following years that fed his pockets with money and his ego with victories, until the Order of the Seven Thorns started their invasions around the time he was 20. Tournaments began to decrease in number as the public grew more concerned with their safety than spending money to see people beat each other unconscious. While Kaz still participated in prize fighting for the following years, he noticed how less the prize money was becoming due to low attendance and picked up a side job in being a body guard for paranoid nobles who were in fear of assassins that were employed by the Seven Thorns. He would have no personal hatred for the Seven Thorns until he got word that they were responsible for the burning of his hometown. While his family and others were able to escape with their lives, Kazuya has no mercy or forgiveness to give for any unfortunate Seven Thorns solider that crosses his path.

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Loremaster General

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PostSubject: Re: Kazuya "The Hurricane Fist" Ando (Completed)   Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:56 am

Oh my god, a wild The Great Lord of Bros appeared! Very Happy Welcome back my friend!

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PostSubject: Re: Kazuya "The Hurricane Fist" Ando (Completed)   Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:53 am

Bump and grind!.... I mean bump and done!
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuya "The Hurricane Fist" Ando (Completed)   Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:09 pm

Granting that I still can do this;

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Fire Lord Kouzai
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Loremaster General

Posts : 4801
Age : 22
Join date : 2009-03-29
Location : Well I used to have a life, but now I own the RPG, just kidding, but really

PostSubject: Re: Kazuya "The Hurricane Fist" Ando (Completed)   Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:07 am

You can River XD

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PostSubject: Re: Kazuya "The Hurricane Fist" Ando (Completed)   

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Kazuya "The Hurricane Fist" Ando (Completed)
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