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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Varsha Zere Zakau

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PostSubject: Varsha Zere Zakau   Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:50 pm

Name: Varsha Zere Zakau
Age: 22
Birthplace: Varsha originates from the Southern Water Tribe
Current Residence: A wanderer with no home in particular, but she tends to gravitate towards larger cities with inns or taverns, where she can find work.
Rank: Waterbender
Occupation: Varsha's a travelling martial artist/mercenary-for-hire. While the work is often unglamourous, it pays well, and Her fondness of shiny objects also makes her something of a treasure-hunter and part-time gambler when applicable.
Element:Water (combat and healing)

Name: Tanto (x2)
Picture: Just a common pair of steel tanto; nothing overly glamourous
Brief History: Varsha purchased these weapons from a merchant a while back; they are a common make and have no significant value over the average priced for a used weapon of its calibre. These are more for emergencies anyways, as she prefers to use her fists or her water when possible.

Birthday: 4 October
Blood type: O+
Hobbies: Other than learning, sstudying, and practicing martial arts, Varsha also collects coins.
Quirks: Varsha sometimes plays with her hair, twirling strands between her fingers.
Family: Terakaza Zakau (Mother), Naserazu Zakau (Father)
Character Theme: "Justice RIP" (Fire Emblem Fates)

Hair: Varsha's hair is long, black, and wavy, extending down to about her waist. Since it is so thick and often a bit wild, she often ties it just to keep it under control, although other times will let it hang, and always undoes it at the end of the day.
Eyes: Varsha's eyes are brown, almond-shaped and of average size.
Height: Varsha stands at about 5'9" (175cm)
Clothes: As a traveller, Varsha wears a variety of clothes, although on the road she tends towards sturdy garments that will hold up against time and the elements. She often wears a myraid of straps or belts which serve one purpose or another, and as a martial artist, her clothing remains loose enough to ensure freedom of movement. Her hands and feet are often bare, or other times wrapped to protect the sensitive nerve endings from potential damage or the likes. While her favourite colors are blue and green, she also enjoys reds and oranges, which blend her into the warmer climes a lot better.
Skin: Varsha's skin is brown or lightly tanned, much like that of most Water Tribe citizens. Because of her knowledge of healing and hygiene, it is very smooth and well-kept, despite her adventurous lifestyle.
Body Type: Varsha has a very sturdy, athletic build. Being from the 'tribes, her body is hardy and resilient, but her extensive travels have helped hone her even further, and she is rather toned under all of those clothes.
Image: https://i.imgur.com/Pucj7Ij.jpg

Personality: Varsha's personality, like that of many kids her age, is very diverse, and sometimes a bit unpredictable. For the most part, her most defining traits include boldness, dedication to her crafts, and down-to-earth honesty. She generally respects most reasonable authority, although she is also also unafraid to question anything and everything, part of her drive as a knowledge-seeker. This is her drive in the world, and she is always seeking to better her skills, willing to seek out new opponents and learn new tricks. While she respects the skilled and the intelligent, those who talk much and show little will often just get openly mocked by her. Similarly, if she dislikes someone's personality, she will have difficulty respecting them, regardless of position or skill.
Varsha is humble for the most part, but she is also confident, almost to the point of foolish bravery. There is little in the world that can faze her, and death is not on that list. Her humbleness comes from knowing that while she is a competent fighter, that there is still plenty of knowledge, both physical, mental, and spiritual, for her to learn. Knowing that there is more out there for her gives her more reason to seek it out ambitiously.
While Varsha knows her manners and how to behave in proper and/or formal situations, she is also very laid-back outside of said circumstances, with an amiable personality and a good sense of humor. With this, she sometimes likes to playfully tease people, but only ever in good fun, for Varsha cares for the people she calls her friends. She also enjoys shiny things and money, and is more than wiling to earn or pick up both when she can.

Personal Strengths: Rockin' body (athletic physique), charismatic/charming, lightning-swift reflexes, intelligence/cunning, and physical/martial prowess,
Personal Weaknesses: overt fearlessness, which translates into not knowing when to quit; occasional rash decision-making, greed, lust, prone to addictions
Hamartia: Her fearlessness.
Personal Hero: her old teacher, Vikta.
Dreams and Ambitions: Varsha dreams of becoming rich and prosperous, although would also love to become a martial arts master and teacher someday.

1. Money
2. Fashion
3. Waterbending/martial arts
4. Food, particularly fruit
5. Games, of just about any variety

1. Hypocrites (all talk no action)
2. Politics
3. Large crowds
4. Social pleasantries
5. Lazy people

Brief History: Varsha's exact origins are unknown, but she was adopted as a child by a well-off Water Tribe family. Given that she was an infant when this happened, the chances of her being from another nation were negligible. This proved true as she grew up, given that she turned out to be a waterbender. Thus, she grew up with wealthy parents of Southern Water Tribe heritage, whom she always considered her real parents. Living the life of the nobility had its perks. Foremost, they provided her with a wide variety of educational opportunities of both physical and mental varieties. she became book-smart, and physically, became very adept at martial arts.

While originally her parents were disappointed at her lack of honing her bending skills, but after she proved to be a very skilled martial artist and a skilled user of the staff, they let her divert her training focus into those departments until she was about 11. While her mother was a waterbender who then emphasized focus on Varsha's waterbending, Varsha's father was a teacher and librarian, and so access to book-related knowledge was also at Varsha's fingertips, which she enjoyed and took advantage of many times.

The more she grew, the more she also began to understand the wonders of using her skills to earn money. Money was always a weak spot for her, and she enjoyed shiny objects as a result. She was 16 by the time she had saved up enough to travel, and from there, her real adventures began. She left the tribe, although remained on good terms with them and her parents. She simply wished to go out into the world and seek her fortune.
She was not really old enough or large enough to work very well as a mercenary or hired muscle like she originally wanted, but she was able to land herself a few positions in various martial arts or bending tournaments, winning some, losing some, but improving either way. Varsha always learned from her mistakes (or tried to), and sought for her life to be a consistent wave of improvement.

Like water, the world changes around her, and she tends to follow the path of least resistance. Whatever rages around her, she remains neutral and just goes with the flow, working for the highest bidder. She began earning considerable coin in these tournaments, meeting a fellow named Kazuya along the way that she befriended rather quickly due to their similar personalities and behaviours. He was one of her better opponents and later sparring partners, and they learned from each other. It was always good to have a reliable partner when you honed your skills, after all.

It was more after she was 19 or 20 that she began getting jobs are a mercenary or as a bodyguard. She might not have been as large or daunting as most men, but that actually worked to her advantage, as the lightning-swift waterbender would often floor her opponents before they realized who they had just messed with. Of course, she made mistakes just as much as anyone else, and as such possesses an amusing arsenal of stories, both of her successes and her failures. She revels in her successes, learns from her failures, and like water, continues to flow forward, letting the path of least resistance lead her to her next goal in life.
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PostSubject: Re: Varsha Zere Zakau   Fri Aug 05, 2016 9:58 am

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Varsha Zere Zakau
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