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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Terrae Motus of House Callidum

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PostSubject: Terrae Motus of House Callidum   Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:22 am

Name: Terrae Motus of House Callidum
Age: 26
Birthplace: He was born aboard a re-purposed war ship
Current Residence: He doesn't 'live' anywhere he travels
Rank: Bender
Occupation: Warrior/ Mercenary
Element: Earth/Metal

Blood type: A+
Hobbies: Wood Carving, Painting and Gardening
Quirks: Has an unquenchable thirst for power and conquest.
Family(The line through means that they are dead): Flamma Forum(Father), Pinnas Venti(Mum),
Vita Bane(Younger Brother)
Character Theme: Casus Belli from Europa Universalis IV The Musical

Hair: Short chestnut brown, with a rather neat uniform cut.
Eyes: Grey smokey blue
Height: 6'0"
Clothes: (See standard roman legionary clothing) Red Tunic, Armor Curiass, Sandals, Helmet and Belt
Skin: Rough skin and his hands a covered in little cuts and scars and an olive tan.
Body Type: Rather Burly

Personality: He has a rather gruff demeanor and doesn't care for indirect ways of talking, he is very determined and once he sets his mind to a task he wont stop until it is completed. He is a very ambitious and will do anything to achieve his Houses goals of establishing a new Kingdom through battle and glory.
Personal Strengths: Excellent Swordsmanship, Tactical Brilliance, Superb Under Pressure.
Personal Weaknesses: Sees himself as superior to everyone, Cant Accept Defeat, Has Leporiphobia (Fear of rabbits)
Hamartia: Greed/Lust for power
Personal Hero: Augustus Callidum
Dreams and Ambitions: He wishes to complete his family's goal and crave out a kingdom of his own

Likes: War, Victory, Gardening, Turtles, Card Games and Beer

Dislikes: Defeat, Rabbits, The Colour Yellow, Pacifists, Not Holding The Line

Brief History: Terrae was born with a natural affinity for earthbending which pleased his father greatly. As soon as he could walk Terrae's formal education started with his father being his teacher, within these years of his training/education he would learn many different aspects of earthbending focusing heavily on its combat purposes, he also would undergo strict and rigorous tutelage of  how to use his sword Durus. Along with these hands on sort of classes he was taught military tactics and the history and goal of his house.

This would continue uninterrupted until he was 19, now a man fully grown he was helping his father educate his younger brother Vita whilst also gathering supplies for his 20th birthday when he would leave his family and make a name for himself in this slowly crumbling world. One morning after heading back from a hunting trip Terrae knew something was wrong, he couldn't hear the familiar drills that his father would be running with his brother. The true nature of this feeling become apparent when he exited the forest and saw his peaceful quaint family home disturbed by one image, his father who he could tell was still alive pinned and bound to the house his arms laying on the ground under him having been crudely hacked off at the shoulder joint the wounds the cauterized to keep him alive, in other words prolong his suffering. Terrae went to walk inside to try and find out what had happened to the rest of his family when a weak voice stopped him, his father had managed to croak out "wait.." before he had entered, Terrae realizing his father was still conscious cut him down from the outside wall and placed him against it. "D-don't go inside... Whats... left of your brother and mother is in there...." He father said occasionally pausing to wheeze or cough "They are a small bandit group... The Yellow something... They they came down the mountain path and caught me by surprise. It's too late for me Terrae but not for you, go..go and find the.. men who did this, and avenge us! Avenge your family! Make them realize the power of our forgotten house..." His father who had been getting louder towards the house stopped took a breath and looked up at him "I have one last request, my life is ruined everything I was able to do destroyed... Terrae I ask you this as a warrior to another, end my suffering...please" His father croaked out the last word and Terrae felt as if a huge weight had been placed on his shoulders, pulling out his dagger hands shaking all he could manage was "Yes father" before he slit his own fathers throat and readied himself to find and crush those bandits

It took his a week of tracking to find their camp and in this time the anger in his heart went from a small blaze to a raging inferno and as he stood the darkness of the night sky hiding him, on an outlook watching the encampment he noted their banners, a yellow wolf devouring the moon. Pulling out Durus he felt a power surge through him, and as he strode down the hill to the camp he thrust out his hand and watched as the metal armor of a bandit crushed inwards splitting the man like a ripe watermelon, smiling to himself he readied his blade for this fight. Who he was when he entered that camp never left, what emerged was something harder, like steel being tempered he to was tempered by the flames of his rage and he emerged a blood soaked warrior ready to shake the earth to its core. Now Terraes is 26 and he wanders the lands, searching for the right place to start his kingdom and the right people to fill it.

Name: Durus
Picture: Roman Gladius
Brief History: A sword handed down to him from his father and his father before him AND HIS... etc you get the idea its an old sword. This sword has seen eons of warfare in different forms as it was often reforged to suit its wielder. It has been in its current form for 100 years after it was reforged by Augustus Callidum founder of House Callidum, it is said to bring its owner good luck and great fortune and so inscribed around the pommel are the words Ambitio Usque Ad Mortem (Ambition Until Death) and its words have inspired many of house Callidum to strive for greatness.
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PostSubject: Re: Terrae Motus of House Callidum   Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:42 pm

Approved! Well done :p

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Terrae Motus of House Callidum
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