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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Kohaku Shindai [COMPLETED]

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PostSubject: Kohaku Shindai [COMPLETED]   Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:15 am

NAME: Kohaku Shindai (kō-HĀ-koo; shĭn-DĪ / "Amber" "Sleeper.")
ALIAS(ES)/NICKNAME(S): Reaper, Shinigami, Necromancer, Soul Keeper ― the list goes on, and on.
AGE: Unknown, although he looks relatively young.
BIRTHPLACE: [Undisclosed.]
RANK: Ancient / Hidden Warrior
POWER: The ability to summon spirits and otherworldly beings.
WEAPON: Scythe

BIRTHDAY: Kohaku doesn't remember his birthday, thus changing the date of it every year for his own amusement. One year, it'll be in the spring, and in another few years, it will be in the fall. Heck, it's so flexible that should you ask, "Wasn't your birthday on [so-and-so-date]?".. he'll say, "Oh, that's right! It is!"
BLOOD TYPE: [Undisclosed.]
HOBBIES: Crafting straw hats and blankets, finding sewing and creating miscellaneous garments relaxing; making flower crowns with children, and learning how to braid hair (with the latter not necessarily by choice); following random people and trying to make their acquaintance.

As previously mentioned, Kohaku has the ability to summon spirits and otherworldly beings. This includes opening portals to the spirit world, and summoning spirits to do his bidding, without limitations based on skill or age. He can summon ghosts, and any other spirit save for elemental spirits and the Great Spirits. However, he sparingly uses this ability except for when in battle. He feels as though it's disrespectful to raise the dead without a good cause, and so, unless he's lonely or wanting to entertain a dog that had recently passed on, he prefers to keep his powers inactive.

Kohaku is the epitome of "I know a guy." He's probably even used that phrase before. Somehow, someway, this Ancient always has on hand what's needed, be it a sewing kit in his pocket for your ripped kimono, or tools in his satchel to repair your boat. While he can't promise perfection, not necessarily skilled and a bit aloof, the attempt is guaranteed. This is also a reflection on his character, unable to give up even when it seems as though he should; he has a strong will, and tries his hardest despite the outcome.

Kohaku has a knack when it comes to handling youth. Be it his lively personality, or empathetic soul, somehow, his clan always come to him when it comes to the dismays of their young. He's considered his people's "old brother" in a sense, as well as their leader. In fact, he can be likened to a guru, or a therapist, often finding himself giving advice to those that need it most. He is very well known, with a reputation that exceeds him.

FAMILY: Without society's depiction of a family, he essentially considers his fellow comrades, the Ancients, as his own.
CHARACTER THEME: Shelter by Porter Robinson & Maedon

HAIR: Kohaku's hair is a bit unruly, flowing where it pleases after every bath, and turning into a frizzy afro in the heat. He's not very keen on touching and managing his locks, never caring or remembering to, yet somehow, they're heavenly at the touch ― he's got one of the softest scalps you'll ever feel, white and chopped by his own devices.
EYES: Kohaku's eyes are inherently blue, but when he activates his powers, they flicker with amber and black hues.
HEIGHT: 6'3" ft. (192 cm.)
CLOTHES: With an air of laziness and emphasis on comfort, Kohaku dons an oversized, white yukata, or perhaps, one that isn't properly secured. He wears only one of its sleeves, with the right half drooping down over his obi. Over this, he wears a black belt with leftovers dangling from the buckle, and underneath it all, he wears black garments ― a black shirt with a popped collar, and black pants.
SKIN: Despite popular belief, Kohaku's skin is not a soft as a baby's bottom. His hands are calloused and stained from various projects and activities he takes up, and his cheeks are more often than not littered with specks of dirt. You may even believe them to be freckles, they're so permanent.
BODY TYPE: Like every Ancient, Kohaku is built in a "perfect" image. He's toned, muscular; sturdy and well-built. There's a sense of strength that comes with one glance at his body, as though he projects the embodiment of a god.
IMAGE: WARNING !! Spoiler contains large images. (Gintoki Sakata from Gintama.)


PERSONALITY: Kohaku has a very whimsical and straight-forward personality, which at times, is very contradictory. One moment, he'll speak in riddles and rhymes, and in the next, he refrains from sugarcoating a lick of what he's dishing onto you. It's as though his words are a game, and he bases his reactions on his mood. However, while he can be quite jovial, he understands the difference between a light-hearted moment, and seriousness; he is childlike, but isn't oblivious. There's a side of him that's rarely shown, but it depicts his loneliness; his deeper understanding of the both his world, and the spirits. You see, it isn't easy to see the dead. When you're constantly in the face of the afterlife, can you really be happy all the time? He wears his mask well.
Intelligent; quick witted
Soft; empathetic
Loyal and sturdy
Hard to reach; reclusive when it comes to himself and his qualms
Emotional, allowing his feelings to affect his performance
Slow to fight, perhaps, thinking longer than necessary
HAMARTIA: He cares too much, or not at all.
DREAMS AND AMBITIONS: He wishes to live a calm, and happy life; one with peace and serenity.
Spicy things
Wet socks
Sweet things

From the start, the Gods and Spirits were on a race to create the better "man;" a new form of life for their own to mold. In order to do this, the Great God and leader of the Gods on Earth, Gedo Mazo, cut his veins open on an ancient mountaintop, where a lake pooled with his blood and became known as the "Well of Souls." There, he gathered twelve stones, and threw them in, with each stone emerging from the well as a being ― part god, and part stone. They were hardy, resilient. Intelligent, fast. They were the spark of a new race with longer lives, granted with the power of eternal regeneration. These were the original "Twelve Ancients," and among the strongest beings to walk the land.

Naturally, because of their power, they were tasked with protecting the others than Gedo Mazo had made ― the "Twelve Clans," with each individual being assigned to their own. And so, when they would die, their bodies would decay and their souls would return to the "Well of Souls." They would come from the pool with their life renewed, and although their memories were lost, they would use as many lives as it took to fulfill their purpose: defend their own.

However, Galamoth, one of the twelve children of Gedo Mazo, grew jealous for the Spirits. He was to be the one to inherit the world, but how could he with the part-god nature of the Ancients? Due to their earthy beginnings, their will was strong, and it was impossible to break their heart and mind. They were as strong as the Great Spirits, or rather, too strong to be manipulated and controlled. Consequently, they were perceived as a threat, and Galamoth grew jealous of the time his father spent with them, creating a race of his own to earn his attention.

By molding a flower petal, and giving it life, he created humans. Their life was short, and they were ultimately more fragile than the Ancients because of this origin, but this was to Galamoth's favor. They were easier to control, and manipulate. Unfortunately, though, his efforts were in vain, because Gedo Mazo cared not for such beings, ignoring his son once more. In rage, Galamoth and his siblings slew his father, and locked his body away within the Spirit World, where it became wood.

With Gedo Mazo dead, Galamoth populated the earth with his creation, and slaughtered as many of the Ancients as he could. However, unbeknownst to him, Gedo Mazo placed many of the Ancients, including the original twelve, in a cryogenic sleep deep within the sea. After the Great Spirits and Galamoth abandoned the physical world for the spiritual realm, people forgot about the Ancients, lying in slumber on a hidden island. To this day, they merely sank into things of legend, myth, and folklore, but their story doesn't end there.

Millennia ago, a battle broke out between Lord Magmaros and the Avatar, which caused continents to shake. This rose the Ancient's island from the sea, and woke them from their sleep. There, they've lived ever since, alone and unaware of the outside world.


Gedo Mazo paired each female with a male for eternity. He bound their souls together forever, thus never leaving one Ancient alone. Kohaku is paired with Aaliyah Storm.


Gedo Mazo granted each Ancient with great power, unique to each of them and genetically tied to who they are. The stones that were mixed in with his blood were known as "God Stones," or "Spirit Stones," and were innately strong, natural, spiritual energy. When they were mixed with the blood of the Gods, their powers were born, although they could only be activated and maintained by a ring. Kohaku's ring is Hokuto, the Northern Star. Its symbol "北" means "North," and he wears it on his left middle finger. It's a shade of blue.


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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku Shindai [COMPLETED]   Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:46 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku Shindai [COMPLETED]   Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:52 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku Shindai [COMPLETED]   

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Kohaku Shindai [COMPLETED]
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