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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Aleph Null [Ancient]

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Tsumi Buredo
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PostSubject: Aleph Null [Ancient]   Tue Dec 26, 2017 4:44 am

Aleph Null
The smallest infinity.



“Just call me Al.”
Name: Aleph Null
Age: 25
Birthplace: The Spirit God's worktable.
Current Residence: A hidden island of Ancients.
Rank: Ancient
Element: Ancient Ability: Creation / Life Giving

“What can I say? It does the job.”
Name: “Fish-Hook”

Description: A greatsword in only the loosest sense. Al’s custom greatsword is fitted for something of a defensive fighting style-- The exceedingly wide blade lends itself to working as a de facto shield, while being long enough for him to defend an adjacent ally with it, if need be.
That’s not to say he is short on offense, however. The head’s hooked shape lends itself well to disarming opponents, piercing helmets or mail, reaching around shields, and grabbing ledges that Al can’t quite reach.  
As for the grip, Al has wrapped the metallic handle with cloth, to ensure the hands can keep hold of the weapon. Two small, horizontal extensions exist at the bottom of the grip, allowing the weapon to be held or swung in a variety of ways. Above the handle exist several weights, meant to adjust the balance of the weapon to be less top-heavy, so as to allow the user to swing it comfortably.
The weapon, despite its appearance, DOES have an edge-- Though, much like many greatswords, its true advantage is its weight. Were an arm hit by this weapon, the bone would likely break before the arm was cut, simply due to the force behind it.


Birthday: Before calendars.
Hobbies: Despite his abilities, Al enjoys creating things with his hands in his spare time, the “Old-fashioned” way. He enjoys building furniture and working with metal, as well as baking. In short, just about anything that involves crafting or creating will almost certainly pique Al’s interest.
Additionally, he keeps a garden at his current dwelling, his love for which inspired mostly by Azami.
Dislikes wearing shirts, as “I have no reason to cover up this hot bod. No shirt, no worries, am I right?”
Really likes tomatoes. Seriously. He’ll eat them raw.
Enjoys learning new skills and art forms, such as poetry (Something he’s notoriously terrible at).
Is something of the “Dad friend”.
Will argue for hours about small details-- Particularly regarding fishing.
Family: The other ancients are the closest thing Al has to family.
Character Theme:

“No shirt, no worries.”
Hair: Al’s black hair is long, going down to about his shoulders, and in just about every other conceivable direction, which he keeps out of his face with a red headband. On his face is a thin, well-trimmed beard that covers his chin, and touches the corners of his mouth.
Eyes: Al’s eyes are a deep amber. Their disposition exists in stark contrast to his relaxed demeanor-- They’re focused and steely, always focused and vigilant.
Height: 6”2
Clothes: The first thing to strike the average onlooker would be his lack of a shirt. Truthfully, Al finds most clothing restrictive, and so wears as little of it as he can. After all, why wear something he’s just gonna ruin later anyway? Although, he does wear something resembling a pauldron and gauntlet on his left arm, with downward-curved spikes on his shoulder, just high enough to avoid restricting his movement. These serve primarily as an intimidation agent, although they also turn a simple shoulder-charge into a lethal attack.

Most of the time, the extent of the clothing he wears is shorts and his belt, though he has an orange-fabric, feather-covered cloak tucked into his belt, that he keeps for when it starts to get cold.

Skin: Al’s skin is very tan, as he spends most of his time in the sun.
Body Type: Al is lean, though well-built-- Frequent activity and a healthy diet have lead to a fine physique.


“...and that’s how you make an eccentric.”

Personality: Al is strong and charismatic, happy to take others under his proverbial wing. He becomes concerned quickly when he sees someone in need, quick to offer aid and/or baked goods (not necessarily in that order). He’s snarky and cynical to a point, but nonetheless tends to remain open-minded to new experiences. Jokes and puns are something of a coping mechanism to Al, often his default response when he doesn’t know what else to do.

Al doesn’t have much of a concept of authority. As far as he’s concerned, no one person is “above” another, human, ancient, god, or otherwise. Though, at the same time, he is willing to treat anyone with the same degree of kindness-- That being a firm handshake, and a freshly-baked apple pie. In his own words, “Gods, spirits, beings beyond our comprehension, men who drive metal war machines or children in the gutter. No one’s above or beneath a hot meal.”

Food tends to be something of a go-to for Aleph in foreign situations-- It is something of a universal equalizer. “Errything’s gotta eat.”

Beyond that, Aleph is the sort of person to give the gift of service freely, usually as a first priority. Oftentimes, for his villagers, he’ll deliver food to their doors every monday morning, taking a minute to chat with everyone. He knows them all by name, and built at least 20% of the village’s current housing. Though, as a result, he also emphasizes engineering and craftsmanship in his villagers, encouraging them to work with their hands and do good for others.

“Weird attitude for somethin’ called the ‘Fang Clan’, right?”

Personal Strengths:

  • Crafting/Building
  • Has a strong personality.
  • Quick to observe a situation.
  • Knowledge of some herbs and plants.
  • Resourceful.
  • Level-headed.
  • Has excellent reflexes.

    Personal Weaknesses:

  • His quickness to observe often leads to a quickness to judge a person or situation.
  • Stubborn and bullheaded, even over petty things.
  • Has no concept of personal space.
  • Holds grudges.
  • His relaxed demeanor can lead one to believe he does not care or is not invested in a situation.
  • Has no control or filter when drinking.
  • Al is pretty afraid of the dark, though he’s loathe to admit it.
  • Cleans meticulously and frequently.

Hamartia: Aleph’s most fatal flaw would have to be his stubbornness. Short of a full-blown trial with evidence, he sticks to a viewpoint like glue.
Personal Hero: N/A
Dreams and Ambitions: Win Azami’s love again.

  • Tomatoes. A lot.
  • The satisfaction of a completed project.
  • The feeling of warm sunlight.
  • Seeing smiles.
  • The feeling of acting selflessly.
  • Body heat. He loves cuddles.
  • Swimming, and fishing-- Particularly spearfishing.
  • Puns and bad jokes.
  • Attention of any kind, honestly.


  • The sound of cloth tearing, wood breaking, or materials being ruined.
  • Wasteful attitudes, particularly toward food.
  • Those unwilling to help a man in need.
  • Awkward silences.
  • Being ignored.
  • His opinion being challenged.
  • Those unwilling to learn, or too eager to compromise.

Brief History:

A rock.

A solid aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids-- One of the smallest, most simple ways to exist. Rocks had no cares in the world-- Not rain nor snow, not war nor storm disturbed the stalwart tranquility that was the existence of a rock. Their place in the universe was miniscule-- They were kicked around, sometimes pushed underground to become part of a larger rock- But a rock they remained.

Yet, one thing could- and did- disturb that cycle: Gedo Mazo. By shedding his blood and transforming a lake into what would become known as the Well of Souls, and tossing him in, Rock began to have an understanding of… well, understanding. He could think, feel, touch, speak, have original ideas and communicate them.

This rock and eleven others, of which it was the smallest, blossomed into the first of what would be called Man. Yet, man was finite, and the beings that these simple rocks had become were very much not. 12 infinities, called to action by a force of nature.

And of these infinities, he was the smallest.

Aleph Null.

The man who once was rock awoke from a dreamless sleep, in a state of what could only be called confusion, washed up next to a body of water he seemed…. Somehow familiar with, Beneath him was a substance, grainy and pale.


His body stabilized itself upon this “sand”, seemingly on its own. Odd… things attached to him moved at his command, acting as an extension to a meaty center, performing its bidding.


He rose, onto gross-looking versions of his hands that appeared to be stretched out and deformed…. Feet! Yes, feet. He was getting the hang of this whole language thing…. Or rather, it seemed as if he had the hang of it all along, but it was taking some time to wake up.
Although, speaking of feet, there were some pretty huge ones in front of him. Looking up, a towering figure stood above him, observing his creations as they emerged from the water.

Gedo Mazo.

The titan stared directly at him, with an expression resembling a father’s joy. He said nothing, instead simply making a little twirling motion with his…


Yeah, that.
He turned, peering toward the water. On the surface, he saw his reflection. At first, it seemed as though he was… formless within the water. Though, as he looked closer, his features began to shimmer into being, as if his being was adapting to his instinctual idea of what it should be. This creator figure, this Gedo Mazo, was feeding him knowledge, feeding him instincts… Quickly. His tongue still seemed foreign to him, his skin felt more like clothing than truly part of him. He was still developing, yet he was receiving knowledge quickly- No, not just quickly-- Urgently.

The sort of urgent you’d see from a man who needs a favor.

Al whipped back around. “What is my purpose, creator?!,” he yelled to the heavens, in the hopes the giant being before him could hear him. The Gedo Mazo said nothing, simply raising its left arm and pointing toward a bright, glowing object in the sky.

Sun, rising.


On the hill there, more like him were rising to their gross lower appendages.

Your purpose is them.


"If you can't figure out who to save, you just save 'em all, right?" -Snow, FF13

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PostSubject: Re: Aleph Null [Ancient]   Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:41 pm

All the approved! Kishiu is gonna make him so many drills, and backhoes, and constructions tools! Does Ject wanna chopper??

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Aleph Null [Ancient]
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