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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Kiki Kaori[COMPLETE]

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PostSubject: Kiki Kaori[COMPLETE]   Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:05 pm

Name: Cassandra Kaori
Age: By looks, she is in her twenties. In actuality, she is quite old.
Birthplace: Island of the Ancients
Current Residence: Island of the Ancients
Rank: Ancient
Occupation: Protects her clan and loved ones, strives for peace between the different clans on the island.
Power: Cloning
Description: She can make multiple copies of herself. She has full control of these clones, though she likes to let them have their own personalities. Sometimes, the best person to talk to is yourself.

Name: Slinky
Brief History: A gift from Gedo Mazo, Kiki received this bow with some obscure name that was difficult for her to pronounce, potentially in another language. Instead, she decided to nickname it Slinky, for its springiness and the sounds it makes when she plays with the string.
Ancient Ring: 南斗 = Nanju, the Southern Star || Symbol: 南 (Means "South") || Ring position: Left ring finger || Color: Yellow

Birthday: She didn't keep track of the date, but she always liked the idea of having a day to party for, and with, herself. She picked the date 4/1, because it just seemed like a great day to party.
Blood type: Unknown
Hobbies: She loves sitting outside and enjoying nature. She often takes walks, taking in the sunlight. She once took up crochet, but found herself getting frustrated, especially since one of her clones was better at it than her.
Quirks: She has a habit of giving a childish pouty lip when things don't go right. If somebody dampens her cheerful mood, for instance, she'll walk away, pouting, and likely sulk for a few minutes.
Family: Her mate, the love of her eternity
Character Theme: Pinkie Pie's "Smile" song from My Little Pony. It just seems so great for her.


I'm going to warn you now, these pictures are big!

Hair: Long and white, and very wavy. Most of it goes down her back, but there are a couple of clumps that rest on her shoulders, and a little curl by each of her ears. When she's in combat, she pulls it up into a bun. Her hair seems to comically make a much smaller bun than it should.
Eyes: Her eyes are as blue as the ocean which surrounds the Island of the Ancients. She likes to sit on the beach with a clone or two and compare. She figured the color is most like the ocean in the early evening.
Height: She's 5'3". She's pretty sensitive about her height, so when people call her short, she stands on a clone's shoulders to be taller.
Clothes: Casually, she likes to wear a flowing dress. It looks nice, and was hand made by a friend of hers. The shoulders and torso are a dark blue, matching her eyes. Much of the rest of the dress is white, with sky blue sleeves and a pink cape (she picked that out herself).

She also has armor for combat. It was originally silver, but she thought it was too boring and added white, pink, and blue, as seen in the second image above. She knew the bright colors weren't at all inconspicuous, but she figured she would already be getting attention with multiple versions of herself running around, so trying to camouflage would be pointless anyway.

Her ring rests on her left hand, on the ring finger. The yellow is a happy color, and sometimes Kiki looks at it and just smiles.

Skin: Kiki has smooth skin, and despite spending so much time outside, she remains quite pale. She is fair skinned, and tends to burn rather easily. She buys a cream from an herbalist that helps prevent sunburns.
Body Type: Her arms aren't nearly as well toned as her back. Years of using the longbow has strengthened her back muscles immensely. Her arms are still a bit muscular, though, and she is much stronger than she looks.

Personality: Kiki is a very cheerful person. She loves to smile, and she loves to spread smiles. Nothing makes her happier than seeing the people around her smiling, especially if she was the cause of their smiles. She always carries around a hope for brightness. She makes sure that her light shines brightly so those who are losing their lights have somewhere to go to find more.

Kiki is great at understanding emotions. She'll sit and listen to anyone, and do her best to help them get through their hard times. She knows that if anyone is suffering, they always need a friend. Sometimes a lot, and she's got plenty to spare.

However, despite her cheeriness, she has her limits. Everybody does. It takes a lot of work, but she can be pushed too far. And when she is, she doesn’t just get a little angry. She explodes. She’ll go into tantrum mode, yelling and throwing things, shooting whatever made her so mad in the first place, cloning herself to make even more of a cacophony.

If she ever makes a mistake or loses her cool, she feels bad almost instantly. Whether by accident or intentional, if her actions caused anybody else to get hurt, she’ll start to shut down and take some time to sulk and think about what happened, what went wrong, and what she could have done differently.

These emotions are usually temporary. It’s rare to see anything but a smile on her face every day. Her smile brings more smiles, which in turn cause her to smile more. She spreads joy wherever she goes, and she’s proud to be somebody that can share happiness with the world.

Personal Strengths: Kindness, archery, optimism, nature, smiling
Personal Weaknesses: Cloudy days, negativity, close combat, snakes (she's terrified of them)
Hamartia: She's too trusting. She can easily fall into the snare of somebody who is abusing her kindness for their own benefit.
Personal Hero: The Sun. Seeing it rise every morning, spreading light and life throughout the world, it's her inspiration. The Sun drives her to keep going, to keep smiling, to keep loving.
Dreams and Ambitions: Kiki wishes she could see a place that is very in tune with nature, a place that is apart from the world and full of life.

Likes: Sweets, nature, friendship, talking to clones of herself, spending time with her mate.

Dislikes: Rude people, dark people, loneliness, snakes, nightmares

Brief History:

Everything was blurry, hazy. Kiki subconsciously grabbed the bow that was waiting outside of some strange pond that she had emerged from. Of course, she couldn’t remember she emerged from it, only that she was there, naked, and holding a weapon she knew belonged to her. She began to walk. She didn’t know where, and she didn’t know why. But she knew that she had somewhere to be. Scattered bits and pieces and fuzzy snippets were all she could think of. There was nothing else inside her head.

Little did she know, this wasn’t the first time she had done this. As one of the Ancients created by Gedo Mazo and one of the Twelve Guardians, she always resurrected in that same place every time she died. But every time, she didn’t know who she was, only that she had to go somewhere. And once there, she would have to protect people and find one special person.

Each of the Twelve had a mate. Each had an eternal companion they were destined to love through every lifetime. Each was born as an adult. Each lived for a long time. Each had a vital role to play in the fate of the world.

Kiki wandered for days in a straight path. She didn’t speak, she didn’t dwell on the mysteries of her past. Her eyes were cloudy, as though she were stuck in a trance. Thus it is that each of the Twelve must find their way to their home, the Citadel, every time they resurrect. They’re drawn to it by an unseen force. That same force leads them to their destined loved ones.

As she climbed atop a hill, the ocean came into view on the horizon. Somewhere in her mind, it clicked that she was on an Island. Below, there would be the place she called home, the Citadel. And waiting for her there was the man who had held her as she died days prior.
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Questmaster General
Questmaster General

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PostSubject: Re: Kiki Kaori[COMPLETE]   Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:57 am

Finished! At least, I think anyway. You know I'm always open to suggestions, and if I did something that's outside the lore, let me know so I can fix it Razz

Click here for my character list!

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PostSubject: Re: Kiki Kaori[COMPLETE]   Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:09 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Kiki Kaori[COMPLETE]   

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Kiki Kaori[COMPLETE]
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