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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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Tekonwenaharake Ojitsah, Waneek of the North and South
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 Sallan Wynphyra

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PostSubject: Sallan Wynphyra   Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:40 pm

    NAME: Sallan Wynphyra V (SĀH-len wĭn-FĪ-RĀH)
    NICKNAME(S): The King of Silence
    AGE: Forty-two-years-old
    BIRTHPLACE: The Palace of Light, Solrin, Light Kingdom
    CURRENT RESIDENCE: The Palace of Light
    RANK: Royal / Bender
    OCCUPATION: Light King / King of Light
    ELEMENT: Light
    WEAPON: Long sword

    BIRTHDAY: 01 01 0378 AO
    HOBBIES: Sallan enjoys gardening, with the palace, in fact, overflowing with flora and other gardenia. Lush ivies and flowers bloom in his throne room and personal quarters, all in areas that can reach the sunlight. Because he a meticulous man, all arrangements are carefully placed and organized by color. He could spend hours tending and pruning to his creations, with all being either white or golden. He is particularly fond of lilies and carnations.
    Sallan purposely named all his children with the letter "R." For five generations, his first name had been passed down, but upon the birth of twins, he was at a loss. Rumors spread that a curse would befall the kingdom because of the second born prince, among other causalities, as twins were considered a bad omen. Many warned Sallan, and begged him to kill the "spare" before it was "too late," especially after the struggles the kingdom had already faced. However, as a man who loved his children, he saw this as a time for change. He wanted to break the cycle. When he looked into the eyes of the "second", he saw hope; a light to spark a new era for the kingdom. Consequently, he named his first two children with the letter that comes before his own. It was to represent his faith in them before his himself. Change.

    • SALLAN WYNPHYRA IV, father, and previous Light King.

    • SOLRICK WYNPHYRA, brother and captain of the Royal Guard.

    • RALRIS WYNPHYRA, first born son out of the twins, and heir to the throne.

    • RIN WYNPHYRA, second born son out of the twins.

    • ROSEN WYNPHYRA, first and only daughter, betrothed to Nobuyuki of the Fire Nation.

    CHARACTER THEME: King, by Lauren Aquilina

    HAIR: Curly, yet well-managed, Sallan sports golden locks almost pure white. They're long, but enough to touch his shoulders.
    EYES: They're amber hues with flicks of gold.
    HEIGHT: 6'1" ft. (186 cm.)
    CLOTHES: During public appearances, Sallan sports the official armor of the king ― a heavy chainmail set with cloak attached. They are the colors of the Light Kingdom, purple and gold. However, when he is idle, he is partial to loosely fitting robes and slacks. His attire is always regal and neat, much like his demeanor.
    SKIN: His skin is like porcelain, quite literally in color and durability. Delicate and soft, one hit and a bruise surfaces. Cuts have the tendency to last for days. His body is entirely much more fragile than it appears, having been sickly when he was a child.
    BODY TYPE: Being a well built man because of his father, undergoing extensive military training and trying his hand out in material arts since the age of thirteen, he's blatantly broad, though not to the point when his muscular body is bulging through his shirt. His features, however, are quite well-defined. With a chiseled chin and firm abdomen, he undoubtedly keeps himself fit.


    PERSONALITY: Sallan isn't a man of many words, a bit aloof and shy when he speaks without something planned. He is sheepish when put on the spot; bashful, and easily embarrassed, as he is scared he, himself, is embarrassing. And so, he does his utmost to be stoic; he presents to the world a calm, resilient, and rigid persona as a facade. When he walks into the room, he cares an air of royalty; a presence of confidence and something refined, when he is in fact, more often than not, scared out of his mind. He's too analytical, and overthinking, and has been since the death of his wife. She used to hold him down, and relax his bones, but now, without her, he's unhinged with anxiety of the throne and leadership. He just wants to be a perfect king.

    Protective, albeit too much at times when it comes to his children
    Good intentions
    Strategic and quick-witted
    Gentle, although that misleads people into believing he's empathetic
    Overthinks, and so, very little emotion is put into his logic
    Weak confidence
    Too driven for perfectionism, having the chance to be as insane as his grandmother
    HAMARTIA: His desire for good and to be good.
    PERSONAL HERO: Solrick, his brother. He admires his ability of restraint and leadership.
    DREAMS AND AMBITIONS: To bring an era of change to the Light Kingdom ― one for the better, and without the pain of his ancestry.

    Reading, especially with a cup of tea
    Strolling through the city
    Interacting with his children and meddling in their lives

    When his children ignore him
    The mention of his ancestry and previous reign
    Being compared to the successors before him
    Guen's list of suitors for his "new queen"



    Long ago, the Kingdoms of Light and Dark were once a united nation under the rule of a mighty and valiant king, Sylvich Vyllbrandt. Though his lands were many and stretched afar, all subjects fell in love with his rule; he was a hero to his people for kindness and peace. However, with time, that sparked a jealous queen. Not even the birth of their first son could suppress the love that had consumed her, and she was driven insane by her obsession, locking the king in his own dungeon, and keeping him in chains just long enough for him to move throughout the quarters. She kept him all to herself, visiting frequently for her own pleasure, and assumed the position of ruler under the guise that the king had abandoned his people.

    With a growth in responsibility, she visited his prison less and less, which prompted the once-benevolent king to fall into darkness. Eventually, he reached through his prison bars, and murdered the other prisoners, fashioning their bones into tools, weapons, and lockpicks. In the night, after many years chained, he fled with blood on his hands to start anew.

    His escape was unbeknownst to the queen, who entered the dungeon, yearning for her lover's forgiveness and to speak of her sorrows; to set him free. However, she only found corpses and an empty room. From that moment on, she founded the "Light Kingdom." The fallen king, in the meantime, traveled to the west and over the sea, forging a kingdom of darkness.

    This is the story of Sallan's grandmother, Katiya Al'Mana.


    With her king gone, Katiya turned her obsession of love into paranoia and a search. Every guard was discreetly sent to find and seize her lost love; to bring him back to his "rightful home." But, as the years went on, this drove her further into insanity because of the failed findings, to the point where she even killed the heir of the throne because of how closely he resembled his father. It was so impossible for her to properly rule in her state ― frantic and dazed, that the Head of the Royal Guards, Sallan Wynphyra III, took the liberty of being the new face of the people, already a public figure and right-hand to the royal family. He took care of the deaths, and provided explanations to the people. Soon, they were wed by force of the royal council, with a new successor in place.


    When Sallan Wynphyra IV was born, the kingdom was conflicted. Not many took to the idea of an outsider becoming their king, let alone as an heir, but with the queen out of sight, they had little choice. Propaganda that the "old king" was still alive surfaced, holding off on hope that their "cursed days" would be lifted, and there were rumors of a new kingdom across the sea rising; a new kingdom that held their once beloved ruler. "The old king lives," was often chanted at least once in every crowd ― that is, until Sallan IV finally proved himself.

    As he grew, the IV proved to king of peace and benevolence, likened to the ruler of old. Unlike his father who was riddled with deceit and misguidance, he gained the trust of many through his actions and decrees, and eventually, he was loved by all. With the obligations of the military passed onto him, he was fearless, striding into battle with a presence unmatched, becoming known as "The King of Light's Victory." It didn't take long for Sallan Wynphyra V to be born with a string of suitors on hold every return from war.

    TW: Suicide

    Because of his upbringing, Sallan V had very little to say. His father was always in the spotlight, and his grandfather spent every waking minute tending to his delusional grandmother. Consequently, he had only but a small garden to call his own. This caused him to be reclusive, and sensitive; quiet and very stoic. In fact, no one believed him to be fit for a king, as his brother was far more vocal and even projected desires for rule. However, everything changed when his grandmother stabbed herself in the heart.

    Lovesick and only ever yearning for the king that was once her own, the elderly Katiya wanted to get rid of the pain in her chest; the longing. Her ashes were buried in a secret place, the place where a tombstone in Vyllbrandt's honor lied, and from her ashes grew a tree. When the tree grew its first leaf, tended to by Sallan V, he decided to make a change. If he was to be heir of the throne, he would properly assume the responsibility, and make sure such heartbreak never touched his family again, much to his brother's disdain, whom eventually took over the position of Captain of the Royal Guards.

    Presently, Sallan Wynphyra V is a quiet ruler, but a respectable one. He take his job very seriously, and does his utmost to hide the pain of his family's past from his children, hoping to cultivate a new era of light. An era without any pain.


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Sallan Wynphyra
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