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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Princess Adelaide

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PostSubject: Princess Adelaide   Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:39 am

Name: Adelaide Hirahara
Age: 18
Birthplace: Western Air Temple
Current Residence: Northern Air Temple
Rank: Crown Princess of the Kingdom of the Four Winds
Occupation: Princess.
Element: Air


Name: Pudgy
Age: 23
Personality: Pudgy loves to be moving. He’s always full of energy, and spends a lot of time in the air. He likes to play. Yet despite all this, he has remained...rather large. That’s because Pudgy likes to eat, and he’ll eat anything and everything. Be careful if you’re on a picnic, because if he can smell it, chances are he’ll be coming for you.
Brief History: Addie was incredibly excited to be able to have her own bison. She’d be able to go anywhere when it was big enough, and she’d be able to have so much fun with her new friend. Two guards stood on either side of her as she walked out to the balcony. Her father stood in the doorway, keeping a close eye on her.

Five baby bison soared through the sky, dancing together the way they were trained. Suddenly, one more swooped in and crashed into another, sending it spiraling away. The sixth bison darted through the sky, and it was difficult to look at him. One of the trainers had to force him to the ground to be reprimanded for his behavior. “Wait!” Addie yelled, running up to the bison. He was shorter than the others, and fairly chubby. He poked his tongue out, as though he meant to cause havoc. Addie hugged him. “I like him! This is the one I want!”

Name: Flying Ace
Brief History: Addie shares her father’s love of swords, but instead of collecting her own, she chose the one she liked the most from her father’s collection: a rapier. She was custom made a rapier that also functioned as her glider.

Birthday: May 23, 402 AO
Hobbies: Addie took a liking to playing the flute in her youth. She took lessons from a master, courtesy of her father. Now, she is one of the best flutists in the kingdom, but she only plays when she’s by herself. The same goes for her singing, which she tells nobody about. Unlike flute, she didn’t take lessons, and instead perfected her voice through years of practice.
In secret, Addie practices parkour. All of the air temples have amazing architecture that’s just waiting to be climbed. Though she has her air bending if she falls, she tries to get as far as she can without it, just to prove that she can.
Quirks: Addie has a little twitch in her left eye when she’s frustrated. It’s easy to tell that something’s annoying her when her eye is twitchy.
Family: Father: King Roland
Mother: Queen Angelica
Character Theme:

Hair: She has long white hair that she usually keeps down, but will pull back into a ponytail whenever she needs to do something physically demanding, such as train or sneak out.
Eyes: She has big, round, bright blue eyes. Some say that you can see the sky in her eyes.
Height: 5’5”
Clothes: For formal occasions, she wears a traditional yellow and orange gown with a red cape. This includes all of her public appearances, as few as they may be, and any formal dinners with other members of nobility or royals of the other kingdoms. However, she prefers to wear white, and when she’s on her own, she’ll wear a short white dress, complete with combat skirt. It’s also her training uniform.
Skin: She is very pale and very fair. Years of being stuck indoors have ruined her complexion. She gets very little sun, so she almost has a glow about her. Some say it makes her radiate beauty.
Body Type: For a princess, she’s pretty dang tough. She can hold her own in a fight. She has the body of an athlete, developed through her own hard work in keeping a good appearance and staying in fighting condition, unbeknownst to her father.

Personality: Addie hates being cooped up. She’s spent so much time inside, and she hates every minute of it. She’s much more comfortable in large open spaces, and even more so outside. She loves riding her bison, being up in the open air. It’s so much better than being trapped in a castle all day. Flying is her freedom.

Addie is reluctantly obedient. She loves her father, and wants to make him happy. She also doesn’t want to tarnish her family name. However, that won’t stop her from hating everything prim and proper about being a princess. She hates the rules, she hates how little she’s expected to do on her own, and she hates having guards around her at all times. Sure, being a princess has its perks, but there’s a lot that she wishes she didn’t have to deal with.

Addie is incredibly energetic. Ever since she was a kid, she’s loved to run around and try to do as much as she can. She always wants to be doing something, anything, at any time. She has a hard time focusing on things she considers boring, and almost always needs to be doing something with her hands.

Personal Strengths: Parkour, Music, Swordplay, Acting, Stealth
Personal Weaknesses: Claustrophobia, Ropes, Restrictions
Hamartia: She’s convinced that all she needs to accomplish something is herself. She doesn’t want and refuses to acknowledge a need for anybody else, for any help.
Personal Hero: You think it’d be her dad, right? The one inspirational figure in her life? Actually, it’s some lady in a painting. As a kid, Addie was always drawn to the woman in the painting. She was depicted leading a charge against enemies, holding a flag in one hand and a staff in the other as she stood over the bodies of her fallen foes.
Dreams and Ambitions: Addie wishes that she could leave the princess life behind her, leave the kingdom behind. Even if it meant leaving her father behind.

Likes: Freedom, Flying, Her father, Keeping secrets, Playing games

Dislikes: Winter, Rules, Expectations, Makeup, Long Dresses

Brief History: [NOTE: This history is a continuation of King Roland’s, found here, so you might want to check that out first.]

A mix of joy and despair flooded the streets. The queen was dead, but a new heir had been born. Normally, people would bring gifts of joy and welcoming to the palace to welcome the new baby. As it was, people were confused whether to bring flowers of new birth, or flowers of mourning. This was a great day, but was it a great achievement, a sign of a bright future? Or was it a day of great loss?

For months, nobody saw King Roland. He remained at the Western Air Temple much longer than was customary, as the Royal Family was expected to move from one temple to the next every season. But he couldn’t bear to leave so soon. Angelica had been buried in that field of flowers she had loved so much. Many citizens made their way up to the field in hopes of seeing the king, but he wasn’t to be found there either.

Instead, he remained in that sitting room, alone, barely eating, for almost a year. During that time, he never saw his daughter. She would be raised in the temple nursery. And so he sat alone. Until one interesting day.

It was March. Spring had come around once again. A servant entered the room to bring the King his dinner. The foolish man had left the door slightly ajar upon leaving, which did not pass the notice of a baby crawling through the halls.

The door creaked open. Roland look up, ready to shoo away the servant who dared interrupt him without knocking. But what he saw surprised him. There, in the doorway, was a baby girl, wearing a tan onesie. She crawled across the floor, clutching a stuffed bunny in one fist. She crawled right up to him and used his leg to help her stand. She used his knees to keep balance as she looked at him. Then, out of nowhere, she smiled.

Roland broke down in tears. He knew this baby. This was his daughter. And that smile...it reminded him so much of Angelica. He stood up and picked up the little girl, laughing and crying all at once. He held her up and spun around in a circle, before falling down on the couch and sitting the girl down on his chest. “Adelaide. My little Addie. How stupid I have been to have ignored you for so long.”

Out in the hallway, the healer sighed with relief. “I told you it would work,” she told her assistant.

After that day, he resumed his position as king and reigned over his kingdom. There was a lot to make up for, but with time, things soon returned to normal. Well, almost normal.

For fear of losing Adelaide, Roland kept her indoors and under his watch as much as possible. She wasn’t allowed to go anywhere without her guards. But Addie was clever, and she learned ways to get away from the guards. She knew which ones she could trust, and which ones she could bribe. She knew which ones were dimwits, and which ones she needed to be careful of. She learned the staff from a young age, noting her allies and enemies. Thus, a little rebel came to be.

Around age 10, Addie started sneaking out in the evenings. At first, it was just to go flying on Pudgy, spend some time in the beautiful night sky. At the Western Temple, she liked to sneak out and visit a beautiful field of flowers, just to lay in them and look at the stars. But as she got older, she started to do more than just look at the sky.

One of her most trusted servants would help Addie with a great disguise so she could go into town and party with all the teenagers at the time. Nobody knew she was gone, and nobody knew that the girl with the white hair who called herself “Allison” was actually Princess Addie.

She eventually developed a schedule. During the day, she did all her duties, did everything that was expected of her, took her flute lessons. At night, she would do parkour, she would party, she would fly. She would be free.

Click here for my character list!

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PostSubject: Re: Princess Adelaide   Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:27 am

I'm not even going to ask about Shrek the Musical.

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Princess Adelaide
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