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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Ayin Daeris, Daughter of the Fang Clan Chieftain

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PostSubject: Ayin Daeris, Daughter of the Fang Clan Chieftain   Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:36 pm


NAME: Ayin Daeris
NICKNAME(S): Ayi, Airi
AGE: 20
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Nagdi City, Fang Clan Territory, Island of the Ancients
RANK: Chieftain's Daughter / Ancient
OCCUPATION: Flower and Tea Shop Owner / Gardener


BIRTHDAY: 12 24 400 AO
HOBBIES: Gardening, rock skipping (although she's bad at it), tree climbing (although she's bad at that, as well), brewing/experiment with different variations of tea, picking flowers and making flower crowns, dancing (ballet) when no one is watching, making new people and making new friends.
Ayin lives in a treehouse, or rather, that's where she can always be found. Her true home is in the heart of Nagdi City with her father, but her heart belongs to a treetop nestled along the south-western shore. Beyond the fishing village, in a forest along its outskirts, lies a wooden tower that's been there since before she was born. It's made from one of the largest trees, and since she discovered it in her childhood, she's claimed it as her own. In fact, the locals know of it to be her resting place; her sanctuary. She's since donned the structure with a plethora of floors and lanterns, adding her personal touch.
Ayin owns a flower and tea shop in front of Nagdi Harbour, called, "Verisian Petals". With a passion for greenery and flora alike, she's taken to nurturing her own, as well as producing herbs for an array of the island's best tea. She brews, and essentially man's the shop all on her own, with zero funding from her father. Presently, she's toying with the idea of opening up a mini-cafe within, considering the thought of making baked goods. As of right now, it also doubles as a delivery service.
Chieftain Zayin Daeris, father
Tsadi Daeris, mother
Samekh Daeris, older brother, age 29
Resh Daeris, younger cousin, age 14
Shin Daeris, younger cousin, age 12
CHARACTER THEME: Into the Sea, by Aidan Hawken


HAIR: Ayin has long, pastel pink hair that descends far beyond her thighs. With a fringe that reaches below her nose, the frame of her face is the only bit of the strands that are outwardly layered. Rarely does she do anything with it aside from a high ponytail, generally keeping it down, and yet, incredibly well-tamed. There's not a frizz in sight.
EYES: Lavender, with speckles of white.
HEIGHT: 5'4".
CLOTHES: Ayin is partial to flowing dresses and gowns. Rarely is she seen in anything other than a knee-length sundress, varying in patterns and colors. She primarily keeps to softer shades.
SKIN: Because of her adventures and other excursions, Ayin's skin is far from unmarked or scratched. Every day, it seems as though she's finding a new nick on her hands, or callous along her toes. While her skin is relatively fair, she has sunburns along her cheeks and freckles and moles because of its effects.
BODY TYPE: Slender and lithe, Ayin is relatively thin. She doesn't have an ounce of muscle on her bones, except for in her legs from her excessive travels.





PERSONALITY: Ayin does her best to radiate light. She has much that she struggles with internally, suffering from a lot of self-doubt and other emotional conflict, but at the end of the day, she does her utmost to suppress her issues in order to be the kind of person she hopes to be; in order to be the perfect daughter and kind soul for her people. Perhaps, she's fixated a bit too much on the idea of perfection, but it's a goal she strives for when she considers herself; she's very critical when it comes to her behavior and thoughts. How can one be happy? How can one also please.. everyone?
Warm, having an approachable personality
Determined, fixating on an idea until a solution is met
Good, genuinely trying her best to remain soft
Perfectionist, particularly when it comes to herself; critical
Emotional, driven to make impulsive decisions based on how she feels
Low self-esteem, blaming herself frequently and often likening her actions to " unforgivable mistakes"
HAMARTIA: Her struggle with self-love and contentment.
PERSONAL HERO: Her father, and his empathy; sympathy. They he can rule and not allow dismays to drag him down; the way he can let go, and not dwell.
DREAMS AND AMBITIONS: To find what it means to "be happy."

Flowers, of all varieties, although she tends to lean towards the more softer tones
Experiencing new people, places, and actions
Watching the ocean's waves from her treetop, taking in the serenity of the view
People watching, and losing herself in her imagination

When she fails at new experiences, becoming easily embarrassed
The thought of uncertainty; the unknown
When she gets embarrassed, which happens very frequently
Making decisions, incredibly indecisive


"We have expectations for you."

"You are our only daughter."

"We're not saying you have to be perfect, but.."

"You have our name; our legacy."

From the moment she was born, Ayin was carefully watched. She was not only the sole daughter to the Fang Clan's chieftan, but a new role model to the villagers; the daughter to them all. Expectations had been placed upon her even before her arrival, and so, it wasn't far-fetched to believe all eyes were on her whenever she roamed.

She was to be the perfect daughter, to be the perfect villager, and to be whatever else a nameless tribe member wanted her to be, keeping to her role well and without question. Despite her life essentially not being her own, she assumed the persona of this "light" to her people, for her people and her family. As she grew, everyone knew her name, and with age, everyone saw her as the epitome of who they wanted to be.

"It makes them happy."

"I want everyone to be happy with me."

"How else could I be happy?"

And so, she stepped around eggshells, suppressing her own desires and accumulating a bounty of unsureties as a result. She became accustomed to the life of projecting a smile, pleasing the village, but in the shadows, struggled with issues regarding her self-esteem and wants. Would it take me over? she wondered, fearing the worst. Is this really what makes me happy? Who would I be if I wasn't me?

It wasn't before long, did she start embarking on adventures and traveling throughout the island on her own, searching for the missing piece inside her; some sort of fulfillment. While she still wants to uphold her image, now, she's taking the steps of self-discovery and care. She's slowly coming to the realization that she cannot live for everyone but herself.

"How can I be me?"

"Teach me how to be,"
"for I am suffocating in me."

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PostSubject: Re: Ayin Daeris, Daughter of the Fang Clan Chieftain   Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:26 am


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PostSubject: Re: Ayin Daeris, Daughter of the Fang Clan Chieftain   Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:54 am

That really hits me where I live. *bumps my heart* Approved!

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PostSubject: Re: Ayin Daeris, Daughter of the Fang Clan Chieftain   

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Ayin Daeris, Daughter of the Fang Clan Chieftain
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