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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Zina Hargeon [done]

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PostSubject: Zina Hargeon [done]   Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:59 pm


Name: Zina Hargeon

Age: 16

Birthplace: Omashu

Current Residence: Middle ring of Ba Sing Se

Rank: Bender

Occupation: Nothing. She’s living with her dad and brother, and doesn’t need a job.
Element: Earth/Fire (and lightning)


Name: Veridian

Age: 16


Personality: Viridian is very curious. About everything. She’ll stick her nose everywhere, trying to learn about whatever she can find. If something new is presented to her, she’ll smell it, taste it, play with it, in order to determine what it is and if it’s something neat that she likes.
Viridian is also very protective. Even though she was still a cub when Zina took her in, she viewed the girl as a kin, as someone she had to protect. That’s the way lions are. They protect their families. And Viridian is determined to protect Zina.

Brief History: It was just after Zina moved to Ba Sing Se. Jacobin had taken her to the zoo while their father was setting up shop. Ever since Avatar Aang had co-founded the zoo in the outer ring, it had been well kept. More and more exotic animals were brought in, and the land expanded. It was one of the longest lasting zoos in the world.
Zina found a den of lions. Most of them were sleeping, as it was midday, but she noticed something was off. There was a green lion, maybe medium sized, that was separate from the rest of the pride. She lay all alone, and looked incredibly sad. Another lion that was awake looked at her with distaste, before facing the other way and falling asleep.
“Jakey, that lion...what’s wrong with her?”
The zookeeper walked over, turning up his nose. “That thing is an abomination. She deserves to be separated.”
So naturally that night the two kids snuck out and broke the lion out. It was pretty easy, all things considered. The lion was well disciplined, and moved quietly as Zina and Jacobin use earth bending to break her out and take her back to their home. She’s been by Zina’s side ever since.

Name: Sparky


Brief History: Zina was around 13 when she came across a weapons merchant. She was looking for something she could use with her fire bending, since her skills in combat with said element were severely lacking. She looked over his wares, finally coming across this small, handheld weapon. She picked it up and examined it closely. It didn’t look like much. It was a handle with green on the tip. Pressing a button on the handle, however, the green tip shot out like a grappling hook. It bounced off a wall and fell harmlessly to the floor. Another touch of the button brought it back in.
She grinned, trying again. This time, the grapple wrapped around a wooden pillar. Pushing the button, she was dragged across the floor, hitting her head on the pillar. Ignoring the pain, she examined the string. It wasn’t just twine. There were thin metal wires woven into the thread. Taking a step back, she shot electricity through the weapon, and she was glad the pillar was made of wood. The entire grapple lit up, causing the tip to crackle.
She ran to the man at the counter. “How much for this?”
He laughed. “Clearly nothing you can afford, kid. Run along, now, before I report you.” Zina huffed and looked around. Then her eyes fell on a very familiar weapon.
“Wait a second...how did you get an airbender’s staff?” The man looked nervous.
“It was, uh, a gift.”
“Then why are the words ‘To My Son Kabe’ carved into it?”
“Th-that’s none of your business!”
“You know, Ba Sing Se’s cops are mostly earth benders, many of whom are trained in the art of lie detecting.”
“If you report me, I’ll-”
“Give me the weapon at my price, and you’re safe.” She handed the man a sack of gold pieces. He ruffled through it, then snorted.
“This isn’t even half of what it’s worth, but seeing as my career is on the line, take the stupid weapon.”


Blood type: O+

Hobbies: She likes to tinker. She wishes she were a metal bender, but she can make do with her small hands. Her nimble fingers make it easier to play with pieces of scrap that she puts together. Because of this, she’s often covered in oil.

Quirks: She sticks her tongue out when she’s concentrating. Just a little bit, like a blep. But it happens regardless of what she’s working on.

Family: Dad: Jun Hargeon
Mom: Grace Hargeon
Brother: Jacobin Hargeon

Character Theme:


Hair: Her hair is long and straight. It falls to her waist. She’s thought about cutting it short, but she’s been told she’ll look too much like her brother if she does. It’s honey brown in color, and it matches her eyes.

Eyes: Her honey brown eyes are big and round. They carry the spirit of a teenage girl who dreams of becoming something great.

Height: 5’1”

Clothes: She’ll usually wear either a knee length dress, or a shorter dress with leggings underneath. Though she likes to wear a pale green, she’ll often combine it with other colors, like purple or blue, for the aesthetic.

Skin: She has a light tan, thanks to her earth kingdom ancestry. But her skin is very fair, and she burns relatively easily. She’s pretty sensitive, too, and is very ticklish.

Body Type: She’s skinny and small, but she uses that to her advantage. She may not be able to lift much, but what she lacks in strength, she makes up for in speed.



Personality: Zina loves to learn about things. She spends much of her time in different libraries, simply for the sake of learning. Reading and reading, she wants to learn about the world, about people, about things, about history, about innovation, about science, about...well, everything. She has always had a strong desire to acquire knowledge.
She’s calm and collected under pressure. She tries to think of the best way through something, finding the best outcome and the best way to achieve it. She tries her best not to rush through her problems.
She’s quick witted. She’s often quick to quip about something, fast to come up with a response, and has a knack for finding someone’s weaknesses in a timely manner. She’s a firm believer that the brain is the greatest muscle in the body.

Personal Strengths: Building, designing, running, solving problems

Personal Weaknesses: Lifting, climbing, bullies (she’s often been teased for being so smart, and their comments often get her down, since her smarts are her one strength, and if that’s bad, then she’s hurt)

Hamartia: She can’t deal with separation. Ever since her mother passed away, she’s been terrified that she’ll lose somebody else that’s close to her. If she’s lost or alone, she panics and grows scared.

Personal Hero: Her older brother, Jacobin

Dreams and Ambitions: Zina dreams of inventing something that will change the world. She doesn’t know what yet, and she doesn’t know how, but someday, she knows she can do it. She can make something to make the world better.

Likes: Tinkering, her brother, reading, sleep, telling jokes

Dislikes: Sports (WHY WOULD ANYONE HURT THEMSELVES FOR FUN???), critics of her work, being alone, particularly hot or sunny days

Brief History: Zina was born in Omashu. She spent the first few years of her life in a happy family of four. She and her older brother got along really well, and he looked out for her. He taught her, helped her, cared for her. He showed her everything that life is and showed her that learning is fun.
Everything was happy. But, like with all good things, it all eventually had to come to an end. Zina was seven when her world came crashing down.
Her mother was a fire bender, and a good one, at that. She should have been able to handle herself when the mugger demanded money. She did as he said, but he attacked her anyway. He was too fast, and blocked her chi before she could do anything. Then the knife. Zina will never forget that knife. She walked outside just as the mugger pulled the knife out of her mom’s dead body. Her brother and father were close behind, and the man fled.
For a while, Zina wondered if the hurt would ever go away. She and Jacobin tried their best to smile, but it was hard. Their father did his best for them. But he couldn’t bring their smiles back. Not while staying in Omashu. So he packed up shop and hauled the kids off to Ba Sing Se.
It would be a fresh start. Zina and Jacobin were enrolled in a new school, and their father opened his shop in the middle ring. Soon, the pain eventually slipped away as the kids focused on their new life in Ba Sing Se.
Zina was around 12 when Jacobin, at the time 17, was accepted into Ba Sing Se University, on full scholarship. He’d still be living at home, but wouldn’t be around nearly as much. Zina was sad to see him go, but knew that it was one step closer to his dream of becoming a world renowned scientist.
Zina knew she was an earth bender from her childhood, but it was just after Jacobin left that she discovered her fire bending. How? She would have been killed by lightning. Instinct and quick thinking kicked in, and she redirected it.
She wasn’t sure how to feel at first. Fire bending reminded her of her mother, and how helpless she was even with it. But she soon came to realize that she would have to push beyond helplessness. Thus, her search for the perfect weapon began.
Her schedule became rather cramped. School, then studying, then training, then more studying, with a couple of meals and some sleep in there somewhere. She didn’t mind it so much. She had a goal to achieve. How would she become rich and famous for her brains if she didn’t keep her brain working?
Of course, there were the hard times. It was always bullies. Zina was so small and thin. If she were caught in a fist fight, she’d try her best to use her speed and wits to get out of the fight without hurting anyone else, but there were times when she came home, bruised and bleeding, trying to fight the tears. She could deal with a few wounds. But their words…
It was always their words.
Why did they have to be so mean? She wanted to quit so many times, she wanted to just stop going to school and leave, live on her own. She didn’t need school. She could do fine on her own.
And always Jacobin was there. He was there to tell her that dropping out wouldn’t get her into college. He was there to tell her that soon, she wouldn’t have to deal with them. She was smarter than them, she had a brighter future. Soon she’d be rich and famous, and they’d wish they’d never messed with Zina Hargeon.

One day, Jacobin came home with an interesting offer. "Look at this," he said, holding up a flyer.

"Grand Expeditionary Force looking for bright ambitious youths!" Zina read aloud. She took the flyer from Jacobin's hands. "Spend a year out on an expedition ship, looking for uncharted Islands! Be part of the first to set foot in a new place! Witness the discovery of new lands!"

"I know being outside isn't really your thing," Jacobin said, rubbing the back of his neck, "but I figured you'd jump at the chance for a trip that is not only educational, but will get you out of school for a year!"

Zina ran and hugged Jacobin. "Thank you! I'm gonna apply right away!" Her expression turned somber. "But...how will I be able to handle being alone for so long?"

"I know it will be hard. But look, it says they allow pets. You can take Viridian with you."

Zina stared at the flyer. "Okay. I'll apply."

A few weeks later, they received her acceptance letter. Soon after, she was packed and ready to leave. After tender goodbyes, she turned and faced the horizon. The sea breeze whipped her face, the salt burning her eyes. She smiled. Today was the dawn of a new life.

Click here for my character list!

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PostSubject: Re: Zina Hargeon [done]   Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:30 pm


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Zina Hargeon [done]
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