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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Senna, Azalea. The Ancient of the Heart Clan (Complete)

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PostSubject: Senna, Azalea. The Ancient of the Heart Clan (Complete)   Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:03 am

Name: Senna, Azalea
Age: 25
Birthplace: Well of Souls
Current Residence:Heart Clan, Island of the Ancients (though she frequently wanders throughout the Island)
Rank: Ancient
Occupation: Hunter/Wanderer
Power:Body Transfer - Transfer your soul into a new body once every week for up to 72 hours.

Name: Requiem
Brief History: The sword was given to Senna by the Gedo Maza, she took and throughout her time with it customized it to her liking.  One such upgrade is a long piece of sturdy cloth that is attached to the pommel that she learned to use to increase her range and versatility with the weapon.

Name: Hawk's Talon
Hawk's Talon:
Brief History:A bow made by the heart clan to hunt the Krawq beasts.  She's had this bow for a very long time.

Name: Some Daggers
Brief History:On such a dangerous Island as the Island of the ancients Senna wouldn't be caught dead without a two or three knives and usually she has more.  Often she is also equipped with 5-10 throwing knives

Birthday: July 12
Blood type:
Hobbies: You name it.  Anything you can put hard work into.  Painting, drawing, singing, writing, reading, and playing varying instruments she loves hobbies and she loves learning new hobbies.  She will often travel to scenic points on the island and perform songs, write, read, paint, and draw.  Often times she will base it off of the scenic point she is visiting.  She also likes exploring for these new scenic places and thus ends up wandering around the Island of the ancients a lot.  Secretly she wishes she could leave the island.

Quirks: Smiles when angry instead of a face you'd expect one to make when angry.  She's learned a to smile either through muscle memory or from all the times she's had to hide it from her mate Sun Wukong.  Sun Wukong is a prankster and often goes too far, thus Senna has learned to smile through it all even if it does make her angry sometimes.

Can often be seen drinking hot chocolate.  She keeps the ingredients for her secret recipe on her.  All she need is some hot water and you too could be tasting the sweet milky delight that is her hot chocolate.

She is also very claustrophobic and will begin to panic in places where she doesn't have enough room to maneuver and for this reason she hates going into caves.  This is a irrational fear that she really wishes she could get over, but she just hasn't found the time to try and practice resisting this fear.

She keeps a Journal.  Ever since this life started, she's kept a Journal so she could pour through her previous lives memories and glean something from each of them.  She doesn't make a huge effort to hide this journal, but she does not go out of her way to talk about it either.  She keeps this Journal because she doesn't want to forget that she wants to travel somewhere besides the Island and she doesn't want to forget that she loves writing, singing, art, dancing, and other things.  Recently she's also begun writing down some stories about Sun and his tricks, just a few things that he would find funny nothing much else about him, because Sun likes to live in the present.

Family:Sun Wukong

Character Theme:

Fighting Theme:

Hair: She has long silky fluffy black hair that spills downward to right above her shoulders.
Eyes: Her eyes are a radiant blue and rather large.  
Height: 5' 2"
Clothes: She either wears black robes with white undergarments while going barefoot while fighting.  Or she wears nice dresses of varying colors.  Sometimes she'll wear dresses that she made.
Skin:  She has warm smooth pale skin.
Body Type:She is small and petite, but other than that nothing is special about her body type.

Personality:Despite her small stature and nonthreatening smile, she has an air of strength about her that would be intimidating if she was a foot taller.  She appears calm and collected, that is until she begins to engage in one of her hobbies or something she likes doing.  Her calm melts away to reveal an excited and eccentric feeling emanating from her very soul, straight from her heart.  

Senna admires people that talk a lot about things they like.  She loves hearing the stories and detail that come from people getting excited about something.  More than that though, she has a sort of connection with people.  She is very empathetic, she is capable of sensing the surface emotion of almost anyone she meets.  

She is very capable of sensing people close to her.  People like Sun Wukong, her mate.  She can feel when they are nearby.  Senna can be described as Serene when she is calm and earnest when she is after a goal or attacking one of her many hobbies.  She is quite extroverted and will often go out of her way to visit friends and those she considers family.  She often looks for the odd one out and will go and give them a friend for a bit.

Senna secretly wishes to travel the world, the fact that she could get killed doesn't bother her.  She had been trying really hard most of her life to keep it a secret.  Not even her mate Sun knows this about her.  Thus she often has a wandering soul and can be seen exploring the Island.  

When she fights she is graceful and acrobatic.  She practices her sword form often despite already having attained great mastery over it.  Her sword form is not like other sword forms and has a far larger degree of balance and grace required to perform.  Her twists and turns are nimble and poetic.  Her attacks with her sword are death fully graceful and precise.  She has her own sort of dance she's made out of her sword form that she never wants to forget and has detailed it heavily in her journal.

Personal Strengths: Agility (she uses her small size to her great advantage), reflexes, Calm and centered until somebody taunts her(see the getting angry weakness and prone to being taunted weakness), dependable.  Very capable of fighting if she is blinded or her senses are inhibited.

Personal Weaknesses: Glass jaw, can get flustered if shes angry, thus being angry is more of detriment to her than a help, can get too competitive at the wrong time.  Low endurance, Very prone to being taunted

Hamartia:She has a tendency to not think ahead too far and despite knowing her limits she might jump to a conclusion or action that ends up being unhelpful.

Personal Hero:  Sun Wukong because of how lightly he can take life in general.

Dreams and Ambitions: She wants to be well known throughout the 12 tribes for her art, writing, and music.  She dreams that someday she'll be able to travel the world and try out her talents and such there.  She hopes that there are people out there somewhere, she feels it in her heart that maybe someday there will be.  She hopes that Galamoth is no longer out there.

She is devoted to her clan in every sense of the word.  She would fight tooth and nail for them or show them the most compassion and patience that she can muster.  Though she wanders throughout the Island she never ever neglects her duties to the Heart Clan.

Likes: Sun ^.^,  Hot chocolate, art, music, people talking about their hobbies, Scenery

Dislikes: being trapped or restrained, smoke, being ignored,  Losing anyone in her clan to anything that could have been prevented.

Brief History: There was once nothing... and then without waning...

Senna became conscious and opened her eyes.  She looked around with big blue eyes as sensation suddenly flooded her mind.  Warm... quiet... a strange feeling in her chest.  She instinctively swam upwards through the warm liquid that she was suspended in.  Her head breached the surface and she pushed herself to the edge of the liquid.  A somehow familiar voice entered her head,  she observed the world around her with new curiosity.  The voice told her to move, to learn more about the world.  So she stepped out into the light and a wide smile broke her face as she took in the sight from atop the mountain.  “I'm so excited... “ She whispered hungrily.

A long long time ago, there was a race between gods to see who could create the better man.  Gedo Mazo, the leader god, spilled his own blood on top of an ancient mountain and gathered twelve spirit stones to create the ancients.  Immortal beings that never truly died.  They were better than your regular human in almost every way.  More intelligent, stronger, faster, more durable, and they had a longer lifespan.  

The Ancients were assigned by Gedo Mazo to protect the 12 clans that he made after he made the ancients.  Any time an Ancient dies they rebirth and return to the well of souls, the pool of blood that Gedo Mazo spilled on the mountain.  Each Ancient was given a power unique to them and relating to their spirit stone.  For Senna her power is the power to transfer her mind into another mind.  Each power is genetically written into each ancient and they have it all the time.  

Elsewhere the other spirits, mostly Galamoth, grew jealous of how much time Gedo Mazo was spending with the Ancients.  Galamoth created and molded humans from flower petals, but Gedo Mazo still ignored him.  Galamoth began slaughtering ancients while Gedo Mazo put them into cryo sleep to save them.  Several millennia ago a battle between Lord Magmaros and his armies, battled against the Avatar and the spirits.  The battle shook continents and shook the Ancients from their slumber.  

Ever since the ancients have been living on the Island relatively normally.  Senna and her previous lives have been watching over the heart clan.  When Senna emerges from the well of souls,  she immediately forgets her previous memories just like the rest of the Ancients.  She was left with a feeling like she had forgotten something important.  Something became unique about this life though.  She began to wander around the Island and pick up on various forms of art, reading, writing, dancing, painting, drawing, and more.  Some of these things were remembered to a small extent in her muscle memory, but what really stuck with her was the ability to learn new things quickly.

Excited she struck out on her own, eventually finding or re-finding Sun Wukong her mate.  She was a free spirit that became passionate about hobbies and other things very quickly.  She knew she had done a lot of this stuff in her previous lives because of how quickly she learned her hobbies.  Her sword was the only thing that stuck with her all this time, even when she died somehow the sword would find it's way back to her.  Slowly but surely she took the roll of protecting the heart clan and watching over them.  Yet something still yearned in her heart for her to discover.  She yearned for something new,  She wanders the Island sometimes even going to the edge of the barrier to look out at the world beyond and tries to imagine what is out there.  She doesn't know that she's always been like this.
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PostSubject: Re: Senna, Azalea. The Ancient of the Heart Clan (Complete)   Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:39 pm

Approved! I was gonna make a comment on the wandering the Island before going home buuuuut....just cuz all Ancients get pulled towards the Citadel, doesn't mean they gotta go their first. So I leave it be. I like Smile Really top notch. I'm impressed! I like what you've done with her. I'll link you in Discord to the Ancient's topic.

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Senna, Azalea. The Ancient of the Heart Clan (Complete)
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