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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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420 Years
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It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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 Anaria Shola | Master of Light | Order of the Elements Member

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PostSubject: Anaria Shola | Master of Light | Order of the Elements Member   Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:20 pm

Name: Anaria Shola
Age: Biologically 56, but appears to be 31.
Birthplace: Rural Light Kingdom, Light Kingdom
Current Residence: Spirit King's Palace, Shadow Lands
Rank: Bender, Order of the Elements Master of Light
Occupation: Master of Light
Element: Light, Spirit

Dori'thur, Spirit Owl

Pictured in the character picture below.

A'lar, Spirit Moose Mount

Ironfeather, Holy Bow of Light

Birthday: October 3rd 364 AO
Hobbies: Hunting, Trapping, Fishing, Falconry

Hair: Long, flowing, layered and going down to Anaria's waist.  Despite its length, Anaria keeps it kept up in a pony tail, supported by a diadem.  Due to longterm exposure to the Spirit Realm and the energies within, her hair was turned green, though it was originally blonde.
Eyes: Pure white and glowing.  Originally blue, but changed by the Spirit Realm.
Height: 5'11"
Clothes: Silver, bejewelled armour.  Forged by the Spirit King's personal blacksmith within the Lightforge and imbued with the power of the Light as all Paladin armour.
Skin: Originally a smooth and alabaster colour, after longterm exposure to the Spirit Realm, it became purple.
Body Type: Slim, slightly muscled and well curved.
Anaria and Dori'thur:

Anaria Shola:

Personality: Anaria has always supported duty and justice.  She believes in the Gods strictly, and has never abandoned her faith.  Supporting her friends and her people, Anaria believes that all should live in balance and harmony with the spirits.  Being a Spirit Bender, Anaria has a greater respect for all life forms and all beings, being able to see them at a deeper level than most.

Anaria also has a vast respect for not only the spirits, but the Spirit World.  Having been trapped in the Spirit World for a almost 15 years, she calmed down from an eager young teen looking for a fight, to a calm, stoic and wise hunter.  Living in the Spirit World rekindled her inner desire to hunt, fish, and live off the land.

Only now she does so more respectfully and cares for the land.  Hunting and fishing in a more restorative manner.  From being in the Spirit World so long, Anaria gained a deeper respect for animals, and for humans as well.  The vast loneliness that can sometimes occur within the Spirit World, devoid of human life, caused Anaria to grow more fond of people around her, and cherish her relationships more.

Personal Strengths: Just, Honest, Respectful to all Life, Respectful to Nature and Spirits
Personal Weaknesses: Believes Life is Black and White, Right or Wrong, No Degrees of Wrong
Hamartia: No Degrees of Wrong/Right
Personal Hero: Spirit King Raijin
Dreams and Ambitions: N/A

Likes: Justice, Spirits, Animals, Hunting, Fishing, Falconry

Dislikes: Injustice, Wrong, Evil, Those who Mistreat the Land, Those who Mistreat Spirits

Brief History:  Born in the year 364 AO, Anaria was born to Spirit Benders who, like the rest of their kind, fled the abuse of the Six Nations and flocked to the Shadow Lands to live under the rule of the Spirit King, near the very spirits they were closest with.  Because she grew up in the rural Light Kingdom, Anaria would often hunt, trap and fish for her food, as did her family.  Because of this, Anaria developed her initial love for living off the land, though she did not respect the land as much back then, due to her lack of experience.

At the age of 16, in the year 380 AO, the call went out to dedicated Spirit Benders to join the Spirit King's new elite warriors.  The Holy Paladin's of Light.  Blessed by the power of the Gods, the Paladins were tasked with helping the Spirit King keep order in the Spirit World.  Like the Spirit King, the Paladins are able to see both the Spirit World and Human World, though unlike the Spirit World, the Paladins' eyes must be bound or closed to see it.

Feeling like this was her calling, Anaria joined the Paladins and chose Laedaela as her patron god to grant her strength and light and blessings.  Laedaela granted her Paladins with the Power of the Hunt, giving them the ability to tame any creature, spirit or otherwise.  This made Anaria's hunting abilities better than ever.  Other powers granted to Anaria were the typical Paladin powers.  The power to, as a Spirit Bender, fuse with the Spirits she commanded.  The ability to grow wings when infused with the Holy Power of Light.  The ability to to see all chi and life-force across all life within the area.

Anaria served the Paladins for several months, and quickly became well respected amongst the Initiates.  After the traditional 5 months learning from the Paladins, Anaria was granted the Rite of Passage.  After receiving her blessed armour, blessed by the Spirit King and by Laedaela, her god of choice, Anaria was granted membership to the Holy Paladin's of Light.  

One of her first missions to the Spirit World ended up being her last.  Being sent to help wrangle a massive new threat to the world, from within the Spirit World itself, Anaria came across the Bijuu, massive beings made of pure chi, resembling animals with several tails.  Their power rivaled even the Spirit Kings, and many Paladins died trying to subdue them.

During the fight however, Anaria was lost, knocked aside by a swat of the Nine Tails' paw, and sent flying into the forest some ways away.  Buried beneath rubble and fallen spirit trees, Anaria was left there, unconscious and presumed dead, listed as missing in action.

Anaria awoke a few hours later, alone and abandoned.  While initially feareful of the Spirit World, despite her training and being a Spirit Bender, Anaria soon came to enjoy living there.  She survived off the fruits of the spirit trees and whatever was brought to her by her spirit friends.  The spirits, some of whom she was familiar with, protected her, treating her as one of their own since she was a Spirit Bender, a Spiritkin.

Anaria lived amongst the spirits for 15 years before she finally found a portal to take her from the place.  During those 15 years she had befriended a Spirit Moose named A'lar, as well as a once injured Spirit Owl, named Dori'thur, that Anaria had helped after she discovered it wounded in the Spirit Wilds.  Anaria also learned a deeper respect for all life, after living among the spirits, beings of pure light and life.  Her hunting and fishing skills improved, as did her respectfulness and her giving back to the land.

That was not all that was changed.  Anaria's ears were pointed and elongated during her stay.  Her skin turned a pink/magenta colour, and her eyes, once blue and vibrant, turned pure white and shone bright with light like the sun.  Anaria's hair was turned green as well, all due to exposure to the pure spirit energy within the Spirit World, aided by her devouring of Spirit World food.  Once returned to the Shadow Lands, A'lar and Dori'thur at her side, Anaria was summoned to the Spirit King's Palace.

She was kept there as a guest for days as she regaled Raijin with stories of her stay until finally Raijin's other guests arrived.  Proclaiming them all the strongest of their element, in mind, body, spirituality and skill, Raijin made these benders immortal, along with Anaria.  Each of them were tasked with the job of teaching the Avatar and the Warriors of the Elements each time they reincarnated.

Though Anaria could not understand her new role at first, she slowly started to adjust to it as the years went by.  Spending time in the Palace of the Elements in the Earth Kingdom, training, living with her fellow Order of the Elements members and waiting for the day the Avatar was to revive.

Kaniehtí:io "Ziio" Aarushi

Order of the Elements | Master of Light
Anaria Shola
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PostSubject: Re: Anaria Shola | Master of Light | Order of the Elements Member   Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:31 pm

Thanks for the fix! Approved!

Click here for my character list!

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Anaria Shola | Master of Light | Order of the Elements Member
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