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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Information About the Bijuu

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PostSubject: Information About the Bijuu   Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:07 pm

Hear 'ye, hear 'ye! The Bijuu are officially being brought back to the universe. If you're not familiar with the term Bijuu, it Japanese for "tailed beast." As for their history, it all began long, long ago..

In the beginning, the original gods created this world. After, they were conflicted as to what they should create after producing Earth. A war out-broke between the gods, and when one of the gods were injured, his blood splattered onto the ground. This produced ten Bijuu - creatures that withheld a fraction of the gods' power. The gods, however, realized the how their accidental creature only brought on destruction and anger with their demon force, and banished them into another dimension. Eventually, the dimension reopened onto the now Demon Island.

Bijuu seek out their hosts through mental and spiritual connections. Bijuu will possess and seal themselves into their hosts voluntarily with a plan. Once they are sealed, the Bijuu begin to rebel against their host and try to take over the body completely. They want to be set free among populated areas to create havoc and destruction. This results in the body's two consciousnesses fighting over control of the human.

If the Bijuu wins, it's reborn. If the human wins over the Bijuu, and the Bijuu gets it to acknowledge the person's strength, they can, in actuality, work together and change form at will, using the power of the Bijuu, as well as the human's own bending power. While the host keeps their minds and personalities -- everything that initially made them human, is lost when they become covered in pure energy that takes the color of the Bijuu within the host. Their fingernails also become claws once merged with the Bijuu. Their incisors grow like fangs, and their eye color becomes like that of their demon. They become faster, stronger, and are able to heal a lot quicker than a normal human.



When merged with the Bijuu, their host undergo the "First Form," which is most susceptible to these forms when enraged. This is when the energy as stated above surrounds the entire body and begin to take the shape of the demon, separately from the host. For example, one with the nine tailed wolf will enable their energy to grow ears -- same going with the two two tailed cat, or nine tailed fox. Another example would be when the eight tailed octopus ox grows horns. Depending on how far the host progress, the shaped energy will grow tails, beginning with one and then growing into the amount of tails that the Bijuu within the host has. While in this form, the Bijuu takes advantage of the host's lake of control when enraged, which makes them more susceptible to anger. Progression is based upon how angry the host becomes.
Remember, it's only the energy that takes the shape, not the host. The host does, however, retain the same physical attributes from the last time, such as the quickened speed, extra strength, and faster healing, except even more so.


The "Second Form" that the human can reach is when the host loses total control of his or hers mind. They are able to retain a bit of their self, but it's very faint and vague. The bit they hold onto is what keeps the creature from taking over, but they can't distinguish between a friend or foe, and will essentially proceed to go on a rampage. While they still have a thin grasp of themselves so the Bijuu doesn't engulf them whole, they continue to destroy everything in sight. Depending the person and their physicality, the weaker the person is, the less strength they have to even be able to suppress the Bijuu. That's why when hosts are pushed to their limits, they're sometimes forced to submit to this mode as the Bijuu tries to break out.

In this form, the host's skin is peeled off and burned away due to the heat of an energy cloak beneath their skin, which opaque and a deep red. Because of this, they have full access to the Bijuu's form, which makes them insanely swift, strong, and ultimately destructive. Furthermore when it comes to description, these transformations can go from one, to as many tails as the Bijuu has, depending the amount of rage.

THIRD FORM - Uncontrolled Partial Form

Despite it's title, it is essentially uncontrollable. In this transformation, the host looks just as it did in the Second Form, with the exception that the bones and eventually the fresh begin to return to the form. It slowly adds more layers to its skin until the Bijuu is fully reborn and the host dies. At this point, there is not part of the host's personality visible. There is a slim portion of the personality that is left behind, that holds the Bijuu back, but it's very weak. In fact, it's so small, that it's invisible in comparison to the size of the Bijuu's personality.

THIRD FORM - Controlled Partial Form

This form is only accessed when the host and the Bijuu coexist and are befriended. Essentially, the host can control and change parts of its body into the Bijuu's body. For example, they can display the arm or the tails, but keep their host body. They basically are able to choose which part of their body that they want to be come Bijuu-fied.


In this final form, the Bijuu overpowers the host and takes full control, being reborn and killing the host. At this point, the Bijuu is at full power and usually goes on angry rampages.


The more controlled form of the final transformation, the host has either subjugated his Bijuu or befriend it, therefore willingly able to transform into the full sized form of the Bijuu while maintaining their consciousness and personality. They have full access to all of the Bijuu's power and strength, even able to pass over the control of the body to the Bijuu on occasion willingly.



The main universal power is the Tailed Beast Bomb, or Bijuudama. Essentially, this is a giant ball of energy gathered in a ball in the mouth, which is then swallowed by the beast. It's then unleashed with massive destructive power. Other powers include increased strength, increased speed, and increased destructive abilities. Also, all hosts gain the extreme regenerative healing rate of their Bijuu, and heal much faster than normal human beings when their Bijuu is sealed within them.

In most cases the Bijuu will grant the hosts access to the Bijuu's element, either improving the bending if the host already has the element, or giving them master level bending in that bending style as a second element if they don't. Also, keep in mind that the number of tails a Bijuu possess is an indicator of its strength, the more tails it has, the stronger the Bijuu is.


Powers specific for one tailed Bijuu include the ability to control sand at will, and can blast large amounts of air at destructive levels from its mouth. The sand is at any mode, even when not in a tailed beast form, or any form, for that matter. However, the air is Bijuu mode/tailed beast form only.


Two tailed forms have the ability to shoot fire balls from its mouth while in tailed beast or bijuu mode. It's fire control is increased when in any other mode, including the host's normal mode. In human form, the host has the ability to grow its toe and finger nails like claws/blades that become virtually indestructible and can cut through almost anything.


When in tailed beast or Bijuu mode, the Bijuu can shoot giant destructive water waves, having increased water manipulation, and can create shock-waves. They can also create tsunami like waves and coral, although the latter can be used in all forms compared to its other abilities. In any other form, it can create a hallucinogenic mist that engulfs wide areas.


Four tailed powers have the ability to cause volcanic eruptions and shoot lava from their mouths. They can only create armor out of hardened lava in any other form. It also has the ability to improve its control over earth and fire, and gives the user the ability to lava bend like a master when in human form. In human form, the host becomes abnormally strong compared to the other hosts.


Five tailed hosts only powers, in all forms, have increased water bending ability. The can bend ice and add it as an armor onto the host. In full tailed or Bijuu form, its horns are powerful enough to flatten mountains in a single strike. In all forms, the five tailed host has thicker skin, like armour, that isn't easily pierced by weaponry.


Six tailed only powers have the ability to bend acid, which is normally a high leveled technique for water benders, even through the pores in their body. Also, in full tailed beast form, the Bijuu has the ability to excrete dissolving alkaline substances that are in either liquid or gas forms from either its mouth or through its skin; this is a substance which can dissolve anything. Even other tailed beasts can be severely burned by this substance. Furthermore, the host has the ability to manipulate their body into a rubbery form.


The seven tailed powers consist of ability to summon wings to a total of six. These wings sprout from the back of their human form/host. They are tails of the aura in the other forms, and the more wings, the faster the host can fly. These hosts also have improved air bending ability, the ability to sound bend, and the ability to bone bend. Furthermore, the host has the ability to create thick mists and fogs by ejecting moisture from their mouth that covers the entire area in dense clouds. These clouds refract light and make it harder for people to see by blinding them.


The eight tailed Bijuu's powers include the ability to shoot ink from one's mouth in human form. They also have increased earth bending abilities, with the host being granted both metal and crystal bending, as well. In any form, should the host or Bijuu lose a limb, it'll grow back after a while.


The nine tailed powers have the ability to breathe fire in full forms, and cause droughts in full form. They also have increased fire bending in all other forms, as well as lightning and scorch bending.


Finally, powers specific to the ten tailed Bijuu include the ability to bend ice for its host as well as have improved ability to water bend and bone bending for the user. They have the ability to control mist, but not of the hallucinogenic variety - they can control a mist that has the ability to freeze everything it touches. They can shoot ice from its mouth in full tailed beast mode, and have the ability to absorb elemental attacks.


The Spirit King's and his Demon Hunters' control the Bijuu with specific chains that are blessed with the power of the gods. These chains burn Bijuu's skin on contact, nullify their powers so long as they're in contact with the chains. When the Bijuu is within a hosts, it reverts them back to human so long as they haven't gone Full Tailed, in an uncontrolled state.


One tailed Bijuu - Beige aura
Two tailed Bijuu - Blue aura
Three tailed Bijuu - Green aura
Four tailed Bijuu - Red/crimson aura
Five tailed Bijuu - White aura
Six tailed Bijuu - Lily white/yellowish aura
Seven tailed Bijuu -Purple aura
Eight tailed Bijuu - Grey aura
Nine tailed Bijuu - Orange aura
Ten tailed Bijuu - Silver aura












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Information About the Bijuu
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