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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Information About Summoning Animals

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PostSubject: Information About Summoning Animals   Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:09 pm

Hear 'ye, hear 'ye! The ability to summon animals is officially being brought back to here, AtLA: RPG! What exactly is summoning animals, you might ask? How does it work? Well, allow for me to explain to you!

In order to be able to summon an animal, you have to first seek out the Great Animal Elders. Depending which Elder you happen to stumble upon, you'll be able to summon an animal specific to that Elder. Once you find the Elder you wish to be bonded to, your character must convince the Elder to allow them to a summoning contract through a doing a series of three things: a showing of strength/achievements, defeating the strongest animal summon available, or by helping the Elder's clan in any way they ask.

Once the three tasks/challenges are accomplished, the Elder will allow for your character to sign a summoning contract with that specific animal type. (Note that all animals are from the Shadow Lands, therefore having the ability to speak and grow massively.) Continuing on, this contract is signed in blood on a large scroll giving to your character by the Elder. In order for the contract to work and to establish a link with your summoning animal, your name must be printed in blood, and then blood must also be sprinkled onto any hard surface.

By doing so, your character will summon their animal. While you only need just a prick of blood to accomplish the process, the more blood you allow to splatter, the more a powerful and larger animal will be summoned.

Be sure to choose wisely, though, because only one summoning contract can be made at a single time. Otherwise, the staff of AtLA: RPG hopes you enjoy this new ability!

(We recommend that you CRTL+F the particular animal you wish to find if there is one. If you do not see an animal that suits your interest, feel free to send us a suggestion! However, do not simply make up your own summoning animal. Please, ask us first. Thank you!)

- Wolves
- Foxes
- Bats
- Snakes
- Dogs
- Bears
- Birds
- Crows
- Eagles
- Hawks
- Albatrosses
- Fish
- Sharks
- Swordfish
- Toads/Frogs
- Moose
- Elk
- Deer
- Monkeys
- Rhinos
- Rams
- Horses
- Owls
- Cats
- Tigers
- Lions
- Lynxes
- Weasels
- Cougar
- Panther
- Oxen
- Rabbits/Hare
- Mice/Rats
- Lizards
- Kimodo Dragons
- Gorillas
- Chameleons
- Spider
- Centipedes
- Hedgehogs
- Armadillos

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Information About Summoning Animals
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