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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Orow Rekkin

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PostSubject: Orow Rekkin   Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:02 am

Name: Orow Rekkin
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthplace: Earth Kingdom
Current Residence: Kumamoto Province
Bender or Non-Bender: Non-bender
Rank: Peasant
Occupation: Student
Element: none


**PLEASE NOTE: All Dawn Crusaders start off with a Spirit Moose mount.  Below egg in the spoiler is the picture of a Spirit Moose, use that as a reference.  The Spirit Moose MUST be included on the application below, as well as any other pets or mounts.**


Name: Rikki
Age: 5
Personality: During the day she is timid and shy preferring to stay nestled in orow's backpack. When the sun's down she enjoys flying about and even forages for fruit for herself and orow.
Brief History: Orow found Rikki along the merchants docks along the riverfront. She was tied up among some other small animals all labeled to go to the slaughter. Orow felt his stomach roll as he stared at the poor creature and asked one of the deck hands how much he'd need to pay for her. Coins changed hands and soon enough the two of them were fast friends. Rikki sticks close to Orow at all times, traveling in a backpack Orow picked up so she'd be comfy during the day.

Name: Billhook
Brief History: Was given to him by the commander of the local Sun Empire army after his enlistment and training.

Birthday: 396 AO
Hobbies: works on handmade equipment such as backpacks and nets for fisherman and reads what books he can afford from the merchants.
Quirks: Has an odd habit of looking away from people while talking and avoids looking people in the eyes.
Family: None (orphaned by a storm at sea.)
Character Theme:

Height: 5'10"


Hair: He has short, sandy blond hair which sits stiffly on his head.
Eyes: Orow has blue eyes that are slightly pale.
Clothes: When off fishing Orow wears a pair of green cargo pants to hold various tools and a vest to protect his back from the harsh sun. When at port he wears the same pants but includes a green cotton shirt under his vest.
Skin: Smooth skin for the most part save a few facial scars from both training and several fishing accidents as well a long pale scar across his back he received when his parents fishing boat was attacked by pirates.  
Body Type: A lifetime of working on fishing vessels and training with the Sun Empire army have given Orow a strong yet lithe build.



Personality: Being raised by the people of the port after his parents death, Orow has a strong sense of both community and duty. He believes that it is the purpose of any nation, village or city to protect it's citizens and in turn for it's citizens to serve it. He knows the value of hard work and determination. The fishermen taught him patience and wisdom while the merchants taught him how to be shrewd and intelligent. Together the many people that helped raise Orow shaped him into an upstanding member of the village.

Personal Strengths: His ability to problem solve and to mediate arguments.
Personal Weaknesses: Orow can be compulsive and care free at time, not taking his personal safety into account.
Hamartia: Orow has a problem dealing with loss and will actively throw himself into danger rather then risk a friend or loved one.
Personal Hero:
Dreams and Ambitions: Orow has a deep sense that out there somewhere in the world there is a grand adventure happening and his is missing out on it.

Likes: Reading, toasted fish with rice, The air nomads, Rikki.

Dislikes: Pirates, The sand benders, Red meat.

Brief History: Orow was orphaned at a young age after his father's fishing boat capsized in a storm, killing both his mother and father. The people of his village took him in and raised them as best they could as a community. When he was old enough Orow enlisted with the Sun Empire Army and trained with them for several years.

Under the tutelage of the commander of the garrison, Orow was able to master the use of the pole-arm and was given own personal weapon: The Billhook. Assigned to a squad, He served with distinction and honor quickly making a name for himself among his fellow soldiers. Now that his service contract was coming to an end he was left with a choice: reenlist and stay where he has always been or submit for a foreign position and see the world.

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Fire Lord Kouzai
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Loremaster General

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PostSubject: Re: Orow Rekkin   Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:31 pm

I'm going to make a few comments here and there. Please do not take the slightly dry tone as anger XD Merely as a critique as this work.

Firstly, it is not called the Sun Nation. It is the Empire of the Sun. That also being said, it was only renamed the Empire of the Sun in 420 AO, at the time before that it was still the Fire Nation. Kumamoto Province is also a new name, previously being known as the Hu Xin Provinces, the area in the Earth Kingdom conquered by Sozin at the start of the 100 Year War. Yu Dao was located here, for example of the area.

Secondly, the Empire does not endorse or allow militia's. Even as the Fire Nation, it is an authoritarian, neo-confucian state. Peasants cannot typically arm themselves, except under certain conditions, nor can they form localized militias. The Empire/Fire Nation dispatches its military to enforce order, laws, and keep the peace across its lands. Armed gatherings of peasants are typically frowned upon, and usually shut down and dispersed with extreme prejudice.

One final thing to note. Most people cannot typically enter the Spirit World. Seeing a loved one off to the Spirit World would not make sense, especially after they have passed. Once they pass, their soul crosses through the veil on their own. Their mortal bodies cannot enter the Spirit World. To go to the Spirit World of one's own volition one must typically be a Spirit Bender, or incredibly well liked among the Spirits/and versed in the knowledge of how to cross the veil and return to your body.

It should also be noted that most merchant ships, especially the more modest/smaller operations would not typically have the armaments to fight off fully fledged pirates--at least not for very long. That being said, that says nothing of a man's ability to fight off pirates with a blade or bending, so I will allow this because it can be inferred that the pirate's losses were simply due to one-on-one fighting.

Other than these, the character is fine! Slight grammatical errors, which I typically overlook in character creation unless the user is particularly interested in fixing them. Oh, that the html around the character image is...a little broken? Image doesn't show at all and there's code sticking out there so, just thought I'd let you know XD

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PostSubject: Re: Orow Rekkin   Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:10 pm


rewrote history and certain elements to better keep with the story.
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Fire Lord Kouzai
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Loremaster General

Posts : 4755
Age : 22
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Location : Well I used to have a life, but now I own the RPG, just kidding, but really

PostSubject: Re: Orow Rekkin   Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:25 pm

I see no issues with this, everything was corrected. Approved!

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PostSubject: Re: Orow Rekkin   

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Orow Rekkin
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