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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Cilicia Iskanderun

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Lady Azzy
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PostSubject: Cilicia Iskanderun    Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:39 pm

Name: Cilicia (Cia) Iskanderun
Age: Eternally 25, spiritually 7420
Gender: Female
Race: Ancient
Birthplace: From a rock in the Well of Souls
Current Residence: Isle of the Ancients
Rank: Guardian
Occupation: Guardian of the Bone Clan
Ring : 三台 = Santai, The Three Level Stars || Symbol: 三 (Means "Three") || Ring position: Left index finger || Color: Green
Ability: Teleportation. Cia can teleport to anyplace she has been to previously and/or can visualize.

Name: Healer’s Bane


Brief History: Each of the 12 Guardians were gifted with weaponry best suited to them upon their creation by Gedo Mazo. Coupled with Cia’s teleportation ability, she delivers devastating strikes that cleave her enemies in half, hence the blades name of Healer’s Bane. She works endlessly with the blade to ensure that she wields it with the precision and respect that such a large blade requires.

The blade itself is as tall as Cia herself (5”5), and she carries it on her back within a sheath her mate (Kishiu Oredate) made her. For all Kishiu has offered to adjust the blade so that it could be split into multiple blades, she declined. Outside of the original ornamental work displayed on the blade, Cia refuses any alternations to the dismay of her mate.

Birthday: No discernable day. Gedo Mazo failed to provide a day.

Sword work.
Exploring every inch of the Isle and beyond.
Craving (bone, wood, metal).
Watching the night sky.

An unrelenting love of strawberries.
Hates being inside buildings.
Insists on carrying a sword cleaning kit on her at all times.
Likes pretty rocks
Family: The Bone Clan, Her mate Kishiu, and the other guardians.

Height: 5”5
Hair: Blonde hair that falls just past her shoulders. Bangs end just below her eyes. The ends of her hair curl slightly, to give it a wavy appearance.
Eyes: Green eyes, a light within them that gives the impression she is always smirking.
Clothes: Usually wears loose dark (brown, black, dark green) coloured pants with multiple pockets paired with a sleeveless shirt. Colour varies depending on what she grabs; however she is partial to the colour orange.  
Skin: Deeply tanned skin due to her aversion of the indoors. Swears her skin feels hard as rock at times.
Body Type: Cia is a of medium height at 5”5. She is a solidly built curvy lady with lean muscle.


Personality: Cia cares deeply for those she considers her family and those under her protection. She strives to ensure the people she meets during the day and night knows that they are cared for. A warm smile, an encouraging word, or even a helping hand. She considers it her duty to ensure the wellbeing of any lives in the Bone Clan, even the isle at times, and will stop at nothing to keep them protected.

For all she loves her clan and fellow guardians, Cia can come across as cold. She is practical, and that practicality can lead to harsh decisions that unnerve the other guardians. She is aware that her words and opinions can be cold, so she waits for appropriate moment to use them. She does not have a desire to be the centre of attention and would rather step aside for others to say their piece before she speaks. This ensures she has all details of a situation before commenting.

Cia is often restless and wanders the isle as often as she can between her duties and training. She uses her ability to teleport to travel between the different clans, and visit the other guardians. Exploring the isle is an obsession for her so she can enhance her teleportation ability. So long as she has the headset/walkie talkie that Kishiu invented for the guardians to communicate, she is able to be at another guardian’s side or anywhere she has explored on the isle, within an instant. She often uses this ability to check in on Kishiu when he has locked himself into his lab with a scientific breakthrough. Unfortunately her mate developed a barrier to keep her from randomly teleporting into the lab. This left her quietly fuming for months. Thus far Kishiu has not lowered the barrier. In retaliation, Cia hovers over him with food until he has properly eaten and slept when he emerges from the lab.

Personal Strengths:
Loyal to her mate and fellow guardians.
Proficient in her guardian duties.
Practical in her decision making.
Thinks through each outcome before making her choices.

Personal Weaknesses:
Due to her practical and thinking nature, she comes across as cold.
She will always place the lives of many above the lives of a few.
For all she is practical and patient, she gives herself the time to doubt her decisions. The doubt haunts her because she overthinks her decisions and looks for flaws or ways to improve. For all she will always place the lives of many above the lives of a few, she wonders if she couldn’t have saved them all.

Hamartia: How bound to her duty she is. She puts duty first above even her mate and it gives her a narrow focus.

Personal Hero: Gedo Mazo

Dreams and Ambitions: To see as much of the world as possible to enhance her teleportation ability. She wants to be able to teleport anywhere within the world. For all she will never admit it, there are days where she wishes she wasn’t as duty bound.


An ill-taken care of sword/weapon
Being trapped
Inside buildings

Brief History: Once twelve rocks were held in the hands of a Great God after he cut open his veins and let his blood pool on top of an ancient mountain. This pool would be known as the Well of Souls; but for now? This was merely a pool of blood for the Great God. Gedo Mazo was his name and he hoped to accomplish much with the twelve rocks he held. They were tiny potentials that he threw into a pool of his own blood. Once thrown, the Great God waited to see what came of his blood and stone.

It was while Gedo Mazo waited, that the guardians came to be. Beings that were part god and part stone. They were to be the guardians for the people Gedo Mazo hoped to create. Fierce protectors that would serve to keep his people safe.
For now? They stumbled like toddlers. Learning, feeling, exploring their bodies, their surroundings.

Cilicia Iskanderun

Sensations assaulted every fibre of her being. A shuddered breath. A searing ache. She stumbled, and collapsed to her knees. The names of things/organs/bodies/creatures flew into her head and she opened her eyes.

Cilicia Iskanderun

What was that sound she wondered. The taste of it on her tongue. Syllables that danced and teased against her teeth. She licked her lips and stared upwards.

Brilliant dots of light greeted her eyes and her breath was stolen. Her lungs protested loudly. She raised a hand to her diaphragm, silently begging her body to cease its cries. Newly formed or not, she wanted to see.

Cilicia Iskanderun

A silent growl touched her throat. The voice was insistent. Patient but oh so insistent. She wanted to know those lights above. She lowered her eyes to take in her surroundings, her lips forming a silent ‘oh’. She saw the other bodies that rose, fell and rose again. Understanding seared through her brain and stared at the others.

Why won’t you rise?

The voice grabbed her attention again; however this time she searched. No creature greeted her eyes, outside the eleven other bodies that had stumbled from the pool at their feet. But the voice continued.

Do you like the stars? Would you like one?

Fingers swept the grass she sat upon, danced on the blades of grass, until she found a ring. She lifted it to her eyes and admired the deep green colour. She tried to fit the ring on multiple fingers before it slid perfectly on her left index finger. And so it stayed.  

Will you rise now, Santai?

“Cilicia Iskanderun” The words felt bizarre on her lips, but she tested them. Liked how they fit against her tongue. “That is my name.” The voice still had no origin, but she did not fear voicing what she knew in her heart.

So it is. Stand. For you have duties to perform.

Thus, this was the creation of the very first ancients. Those that would be the guardians of the twelve clans. They would lead, serve and protect the ancients to come. Unknowing they would also return to the Well of Souls upon the destruction of their current body, though they would not learn this for many years to come.

The twelve worked together to create a life for their clans. They succeeded and life was prosperous for many years. Unfortunately, it did not last as one group did not appreciate their existence. These were the Great Spirits, who were led by Galamoth. They were children of Gedo Mazo; however they feared the ancients that their father created. These ancients could not be controlled by the spirits. It was feared that the ancients would not need nor revere the Great Spirits.  

To counter his father’s creations, Galamoth created humans. They were created to be short lived, weak minded and always in need of a God or Great Spirit to guide them. These were creations that the Gods and Great Spirits could bend to their will.

Unbeknownst to the Twelve Guardians and their clans, after Galamoth’s creation of humans, he and the Great Spirits turned on the Gedo Mazo. They killed him within the Spirit World and let his body to rot. With their father out of the way, Galamoth and the Great Spirits sent armies to fight the ancients.

Many settlements were razed to the ground during this war. The ancients under the twelves protection were dying, along with the humans that Galamoth had created. Unfortunately, it was a losing war for the Twelve and their people.

Directed by the words of Gedo Mazo and a godly voice they thought as him, the Ancients activated a Spirit Barrier on their island so that their people would be safe from Galamoth and his allies. Unfortunately the Spirit Barrier was not enough to keep them safe. The guardians and all inhabitants of their Isle were sent into Cryosleep, as directed by the godly voice they thought Gedo Mazo. They waited many years in Cryosleep for the voice to return and awaken them. The voice never came.

It was not until an earthquake shook the world and activated the end protocols of Crysosleep that the ancients awoke to realize Gedo Mazo did not wake them. They leapt into action to ensure their people were safe. Unfortunately, without an outside contact they did not know the state of the world beyond their barrier. They refused to remove it for fear that Galamoth lurked outside, still looking for the ancients so he could destroy them. The twelve instead choose to live on the Isle and keep their people safe.

For all that the twelve believed they were safe within the Spirit Barrier, Cia kept watch. For all she wanted to join in with the life her people so wanted to believe, Cia did not believe Galamoth would give up so easily. Between exploring the isle, and caring for her people she trained endlessly. So it was until, so it would be, until they were free from their precious isle.
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PostSubject: Re: Cilicia Iskanderun    Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:57 pm

Very, very good.. I am very impressed with your descriptions and length of the application. You're a very skilled writer, everyone (including myself) could learn a thing or two from how good of a writer you are. You and Kouzai are both amazing writers.

I love her short hair in the second pic, I find it very cute on her.


I can't wait to see what you do in the rp threads.

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Cilicia Iskanderun
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