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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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PostSubject: Corrina Timbly   Corrina Timbly I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2018 1:58 pm

Name: Corrina Timbly
Age: 28
Birthplace: Vermilion City
Current Residence: Nippon
Rank: Bender
Occupation: Second in Command of the Nipponion Army
Element: Fire/lightning

Name: Lightning Rod
Brief History: Corrina wanted to have a weapon that she could use to channel her bending. Fire was out of the question, but maybe she could come up with something for lightning. She studied up on the construction of spears, speaking to various blacksmiths about the best way to incorporate her idea.

Finally, she set to work. She started with a spear made entirely of metal, the spearhead gleaming in the sunlight. It’s long metal shaft looked rather dull and boring. She carefully lined it with copper, adding the same lining to the head in careful decorative spirals. Finally, she encased the handle in rubber, dying it red and gold to match the country she fought for. With one exception. She carefully marked where to put her hands, her left closer to the head and her right closer to the rear. She then cut into the rubber where the first two fingers of her right hand would touch, the only part of the spear where she would have direct contact with the metal.

The design was simple, but it did its job. The rubber acted as a safety shield to the user, but the coiling copper on the head provided for quite the shocking experience for any of Corrina’s enemies. It remains Corrina’s pride and joy to this day.

Birthday: 2/27
Blood type: O
Hobbies: In her spare time, Corrina really enjoys star mapping. She’d been interested in astronomy since she was a kid, and often found a home in the night sky, contrary to most fire benders. “Night time is when lightning flashes the brightest,” she says simply when asked why.
Quirks: She’s always had a liking for the aesthetic of spirals. Though she only uses them on her armor when necessary, as spirals tend to be a little more feminine than she’d like on a war uniform, she often decorates personal items with them. When bored, she’ll trace spirals on her legs with her fingers.
Family: Father: Jack Timbly
Mother: Julia Timbly

Brother: Connor Timbly (Age 15)
Character Theme:

Hair: Her long red hair falls straight to her waist. It can be a pain to take care of, but dang does it look cool when it blows in the breeze as she stands against a sunset. At least, that’s what she thinks.
Eyes: She has large brown eyes. They seem to light up when she’s angry.
Height: 5’8”
Clothes: Casually, she usually wears a tight black shirt and a blue skirt, nothing too flashy. Most of the time, however, she can be seen wearing a shining silver breastplate and matching gauntlets on both arms. The blue skirt is a constant, though nobody really knows why. Heck, she doesn’t really know herself, other than she just likes the skirt.
Skin: She has fair, smooth, pale skin. Years of fire bending has helped her build at least somewhat of a resistance to burns, since she was in so many training accidents as a kid. At least the sun doesn’t burn her as easily any more.
Body Type: She looks like an athlete. She’s built tough, having spent years doing physical activity. She has often been referred to as the strongest woman in the empire.

Personality: Corrina is stubborn and headstrong. Once she’s set on doing something, she’ll put everything she has into doing it, regardless of how reckless it is for her to do so. She runs on instinct most of the time, making quick decisions in the heat of the moment, which is incredibly useful in battle. Her quick thinking has saved not only her life, but the lives of many people around her.

However, she has a soft spot for children, thanks to her little brother. The people who know her best say that she’s like a different person when she’s around kids. She goes from a vicious soldier to a motherly caretaker in five seconds.

It’s her times of solitude that she breaks. She’s not immune to emotions. While she’s good at putting on a brave face, she gets incredibly emotional when she’s alone. Bottling everything up takes a toll on her, breaking her down from the inside.

Personal Strengths: Physical fighting, planning, thinking, reacting
Personal Weaknesses: PTSD, children, overflowing emotions
Hamartia: She’s selfless, to the point of throwing herself in front of other people to take hits for them. She’s already lost the people closest to her. She’s terrified to let anybody fall on her watch, and will do everything in her power to prevent that, even if it means losing her own life in the process. There’s people waiting for her on the other side anyway, right? She’s not afraid to die.
Personal Hero: Her deceased father
Dreams and Ambitions: She dreams to one day see absolute peace. No more fighting, no more pain. Yes, she’s a warrior. But each life she takes only hurts.

Likes: Her brother, families, sunsets, full moons, tinkering

Dislikes: Rain, nightmares, emotional conflicts, death without reason, cowardice

Brief History: Corrina held the baby carefully in her arms. “Connor,” she said, kissing his forehead. “My new baby brother.”

“He’s only been home for a day, and you’re already shaping up to be a great sister, Cori,” her dad said, smiling at her.

“I’m 13, papa, I’m old enough to be responsible with kids.”

He chuckled. “Sure, sure, I just want to make sure you don’t try to test his bending by setting him on fire.”

“Like your brother did to you?” Corrina’s mom raised an eyebrow at him, smiling.

“I still have scars…” he mumbled, subconsciously gripping his arms. It was a strange sight to see Jack Timbly, a veteran and hard-working farmer, looked afraid. “Physically and emotionally.”

They all laughed, waking Connor up. He started to cry, and Corrina started to gently bounce him up and down, whispering to him soothingly.

“It’s okay, Connor, big sister’s here to take care of you. You’re safe.”

Slowly but surely, the baby calmed down, opening his bright blue eyes to look up at Corrina.

Then he smiled.


“Connor? Connor, where are you?”

Corrina heard giggling and followed the sound. She found the three year old hiding behind the couch, trying to cover his mouth to smother his laughter.

“I found you!” She lunged at him and started tickling him, both of them laughing.

He sneezed, and Corrina got a face full of fire. She yelled out in pain. “I’m sorry!” Connor hugged her. “It was an accident!”

Corrina gritted her teeth. “It’s alright, kiddo, I know you didn’t mean to.” She reached up and touched the burns. No scabbing or anything, everything on her face was still in place. “It’s a good thing your fire isn’t strong enough to do some serious damage yet. It’s like a sunburn. It’ll heal.”

Connor sighed in relief. He wiped the tears out of his eyes. “Good. You’re too nice to get hurt, Rina!”

“Cori, come on, you have training to do. You’re birthday’s in a few weeks, I want you to be ready to fight when the time comes.” their dad yelled from somewhere across the house.

“Can I come watch?” Connor asked excitedly. Corrina laughed.

“Of course you can, kiddo, just make sure you stay a safe distance away!”

Connor watched in awe, seeing his big sister fight like any seasoned warrior. She was his hero.


Corrina wasn’t a fan of rules most of the time. Especially when the rules took her away from her family. At age 16, she was expected to fight for her country. Too young, in her opinion, especially with her little brother only being 3. She figured she’d serve her minimum sentence, then come home.

“You’ll do great out there, Cori,” her dad said, hugging her. “Be the hero you’ve always wanted to be.”

“Papa, I don’t know how much of a hero I can be when I’m a measly soldier.”

“Then rise up. Climb through the ranks. You’ve got leadership in you, Cori. Embrace it.”

She hugged her mother next, who didn’t say anything, just held her in her embrace, rubbing spirals on her back.

Finally, it was Connor’s turn. He was crying.

“I don’t want you to leave, Rina! I want you to stay and play with me!”

Corrina knelt down, patting his head. “You’ll be okay, kiddo. I’ll come back soon, don’t you worry.”

He hugged her tightly. “I’m gonna miss you…”

She returned the hug, copying her mother’s technique of rubbing spirals on his back. “I’ll miss you too, kiddo. Don’t worry, I’ll come back.”

And with that, she said goodbye to her family.


It didn’t take long for Corrina to climb the ranks. She showed incredible prowess early on, and was noticed by some of the higher ups. She wrote letters home weekly, one for her parents and one for her brother. He always got his own letter.

Corrina had eventually decided to stay longer than she’d planned, and at this point she was 20. Mail day came, and Corrina waited excitedly to hear from her brother. But the messenger boy handed her only one envelope, which wasn’t even from her family. She looked around at her peers before opening it, reading aloud.

“Corrina Timbly,

“We regret to inform you that your parents, Jack and Julia, were both killed…” she stopped for a second, biting her lip and forcing the tears back, before continuing, “in a public shooting at a restaurant on **/**/***. We ask that you, as the eldest child, come to decide what will be done with the deceased.”

Corrina simply looked at the general, who nodded, before she took off running. She grabbed the first horse she could find and galloped to town as quickly as possible, getting supplies before taking off for home.

Connor was waiting for her when she walked through the door. He rushed at her, hugging her and crying. He’d gotten taller in the last two years, and Corrina no longer needed to kneel down. She wrapped her arms around him, letting her own tears fall.


“I was there,” he choked. “I was there. I watched them die! And I couldn’t do anything about it!”

Corrina froze. He’d witnessed it. He had to suffer through is parents’ deaths.

“Connor, I-“

“The scary man burst through the door and dad pushed me under the table. I heard gunshots. I heard screams. I smelled blood. I came out from under the table, then found a gun pointed at my face. Dad tackled him to the ground, but was shot. Then the man shot mom!” Connor kept crying, clutching at Corrina’s armor.

“He pointed the gun at me, but it wouldn’t fire. It was empty. He said a really bad word, then took a single bullet out of his pocket. He told me I was lucky, that his last bullet was already reserved for somebody else, and that I would get to live. Then he shot himself.”

Corrina held Connor tightly. A kid his age should never have to see such violence. She rubbed spirals on his back, forcing her own emotions to the back of her mind. She had a brother to worry about. He would probably be scarred for life.

“It’s okay, Connor, big sister’s here to take care of you. You’re safe.”

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