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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]

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The Dungeonmaster General
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Dungeonmaster General

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PostSubject: The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]   Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:33 pm

"All who enter here take heed
What you want, is not what you need.
What you need, is not what you want
Your choices, you'll find, will soon come back to haunt.

Friend or foe, you'll soon see
But spirits, soon, may make you flee.
The darkness comes, to join the light
And make all trespassers take flight.

The darkness, twisted, wants your life
The light shall also cause you strife.
If it’s greed that drives you here
You should leave—you should fear.

For with what you give, and what you take
You your own fate shall you make.
For if your heart is weak, and weeps
Danger, you’ll soon find, here sleeps.

Beware.  Trespasser.  Liar.  Thief.
For here lay the righteous—and your grief.
The Holy Light will bless the true
And gift great glory down to you.

Do not despair, for there is time
To change your ways and reach your prime.
Do falter, child, do not fear
Heroes are made here.

But liars and the wicked too
Both dark and light—ever the two.
Exist here, together, entwined
Sending shivers up your spine.

Be strong, be true
But be quick too.
The wicked things, they hunt for you.
The righteous too.

Beware, once more.  To all who read
These sacred words you must heed.
If this warning you do not receive
You’ll soon find you’ll never leave."

-- Engraving the entrance of the Labyrinth of Souls.  Credited to Grand Master Eolwyn Halfhammer of the Dawn Crusade, 8th Day of the 3rd Month of the Year 842 BO

Those who have signed up for the Dungeon Run now face the prospect of entering the Labyrinth of Souls on the Island of Lost Champions.

It was once the final resting place of the Champions, Heroes, Grand Masters and Generals of the ancient, mysterious Dawn Crusade.  Nothing is known about this order--save for what the Spirit King has hidden away from this world.

This small island off the coast of the Shadow Lands is almost impossible to get to...and yet somehow some great magnificent force has transported you here.

And now here you stand, with new friends and allies...or maybe even foes at your side.  You do not know these people, yet together you must embark upon the journey into this labyrinth.

Fail or succeed together or alone, the choice is yours.  But remember the dangerous of this island and this labyrinth are many, and even the good spirits of light may try to kill you.

For they jealously and zealously guard the dead, once blessed in Holy Light...and many more forgotten secrets lay beyond the stone walls of the labyrinth.  In the centre, a magnificent tower that holds the tombs of the greatest champions of all.

And the catacombs beneath...tread careful now heroes.  For darkness hides within the light.

You look around.  Nothing but death and decay.  Skeletons of animals and humans.  Rubble.  Ruins.  A labyrinth of the blackest stone absorbing all the light.  Creepy sounds.  The wind.  Only a single way leads forward through a stone gate.

Beside the gate, a steel plaque engraved with the words above.  This is a dreary dismal place.

You hear a voice in your head pushing you onward.  Female...male...it's androgynous, and no help.  Just very annoying.  Like a little blue fairy constantly crying out your name, and other asinine things like "Hey!", "Look!" and "Listen!"

"Hey!  Look!  Listen!  Go with these people...they are your only hope.  Head to the centre of the labyrinth.  You can do it.  I believe in you!"

Now you must decide...and introduce yourself.  It doesn't do to die alongside strangers, does it?

Now go, on with you all.  Work together, play nice, don't forget to bury the dead bodies!  Have fun storming the tower!

May the Holy Light of the Heavens shine ever upon you.

And may your deaths be swift, should they occur.

(Do you think it'll work?)
(It'll take a miracle...)

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Questmaster General
Questmaster General

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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]   Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:06 am

Yami looked around. She was in a kitchen, one that was familiar to her, but she hadn't seen in over ten years. Two figures stood in front of her. No, three. There was a little girl, but Yami had to lean over the counter to see her. She was so short, small for her age. But all too familiar.

"This is the best gift ever! Thank you daddy! Thank you mommy!"

And then realization hit her like a boulder. She was watching herself, on her sixth birthday. She looked down at her child self, looked at the smile, a smile she hadn't used at all since that day, a smile that remained hidden from the world. The sparkle of innocence shone in her eyes.

And just like that, it was gone. The smile faded. Yami's parents looked at the little girl with concern. "No! Run! You can't stay here! You have to leave now! She'll only hurt you! I'll only hurt you!" But it was clear that they couldn't hear her. "Please, leave!"

A white glow enveloped the child. This was the part Yami couldn't remember, because she'd been unconscious. At this point, the beast had taken over. Yami stared in horror as the seemingly sweet little girl lunged at her mother, tackling her to the ground, hitting her with as much fire as possible. Yami tried to scream, but she could no longer make any sound. Tears rolled silently down her face as she silently watched herself brutally murder her own mother.

Her father, petrified with fear, didn't run. He didn't move. And he didn't try to defend himself when his daughter chose him as her next target. The faucet burst and water shot through the air to the girl's...no, the demon's fists, freezing in jagged spikes. Yami wanted to look away, wanted nothing more than to prevent herself from seeing it, but she could do nothing. All she could do was stand and watch a little girl rip a grown man to pieces.

She woke up screaming, drenched in sweat, tears streaming down her face. Why. Why did you show that to me? No answer. Tell me! After a moment of silence, Yami heard a deep chuckle coming from within. Because of where we are now. I figured a little scare might prepare you for what you're about to face. Plus, it was rather entertaining. The look on your face? Priceless!

Yami was shaking, her breathing heavy. Then she realized that she wasn't alone. There were other people around her, and she flushed, embarrassed. She quickly stood up and turned away from them, instead assessing her surroundings.

She eyed the entrance to the labyrinth. Whatever had brought her to...wherever she was, it had put her and all of these people here to go in there. It didn't seem like there were any other options. If she was transported in her sleep, her dragon wouldn't be able to track her down any time soon. She looked again at the people around her. A strange mix. And since she'd already made a terrible first impression by waking up screaming, she figured she had already made a few enemies among them.

She sighed. She'd have to make friends eventually. "My name's Yami."

Click here for my character list!

"Choose your friends with caution; plan your future with purpose, and frame your life with faith." -Thomas S. Monson

"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." -Walt Disney

"There's no one i'd rather be than me." -Wreck-it Ralph

"I am on my way, I can go the distance! I don't care how far, somehow, i'll be strong. I know every mile will be worth my while. I would go most anywhere to find where I belong." -Hercules

"You may think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew." -Pocahontas

"Our fate lies within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it." -Merida
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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]   Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:20 am

"It'll be alright son....they just want mone..." His father never finishes the words as he is run through with a sword, his mother next. Orow screams as he is thrown overboard into the churning seas, water filling his lungs as he tries to call for them. A crack of lightning flashes as his eyes snap open.

Orow sat against a rock the blade of his billhook buried in the sand. On his shoulder sat Rikki, a two foot long foxbat, whose head swiveled all around is it searched for familiar territory. They had been on a scouting expedition on the island on Nippon when they had been enveloped by a bright light and landed here. Thankfully Orow had been wearing his pack so all the provisions he had been carrying were still with him.

Taking a long drink of water Orow finally broke away from the placard and the entrance and took a good look at the rest of his surroundings. It wasn't all that much to look at, a small beach with a few rock and shrubs. Luckily he wasn't alone, several others had been transported here as well. Whether this boded well still remained to be seen and he was none to eager to enter the sprawling maze that laid before them.

It was a few moments later that one of the few that had not waken yet, a young women, sat bolt up right, shivering and breathing heavy. After a few moments she regained her composure and announced herself to the others as "yami".

Orow stood and walked over to the rest of them, offering what food and drink he had. " Name's Orow, this is Rikki, he said gesturing the the foxbat which was currently eating an orange whole. I'd suggest eating up and getting your strength back..." he said, his eyes once again on the entrance to the maze. "Because unless you want to swim out into the fog.. we are probably gonna have to go through that" He says pointing to the door.

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Fire Lord Kouzai
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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]   Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:29 pm

Nobunaga Ezofuji
Emperor of the Sun
Rightful King of the Fire Benders
Lord of Nippon
Protector of the Realm
Blood of the Sun
Guardian of Dragons
Descendant of F'yr

"Fifty years in the mortal world,
Is but a brief moment in Geten.
All things born into this world,
Must necessarily parish."


Nobunaga had been enjoying a nice, peaceful nap in his chambers. He had been softly snoring, fully armed as he always was, for a few hours. He had just come from a seven hour meeting with several Daimyo petitioning for Imperial aide after a recent earthquake. And he had at least two more meetings later that day with dignitaries from the Water Tribes.

But when Nobunaga opened his eyes, he found himself, guns, swords and all, sitting on a dead, deserted islands with a bunch of strangers. There was a massive black stone wall to one side. A rocky beach to the other. Fog as far as the eyes could fucking see. And death and decay everywhere else.

"Ugh," he groaned cracking his neck, "How long was I asleep that we let Mayumi decorate the palace?" Nobunaga, was of course, referencing his second youngest daughter. A little more morose than most girls her age--but a fine Ezofuji nonetheless. Though I suppose with his recent edict she was Kiyohara Clan now.

No matter, no matter.

Nobunaga looked around at the others around him. "Whatever you're asking for ransom," he started, "It's not enough. It's never nearly enough--such conservative ransoms from people so desperate. Double, maybe even triple it. Then we'll talk. You have nothing to lose, and yet you still estimate so low."

Standing up, Nobunaga adjusted his robes, pistol, and his swords, then shouldered his rifle as he walked up to the others. "Which one of you is in charge here?" He didn't let anyone answer. "Doesn't matter, I'm in charge now. So, where are we, what are we doing here and what was the previous plan of action? Nobunaga, by the way. Nobunaga Ezofuji. Emperor of the Sun."

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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]   Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:50 pm

Karasu Kazegami

Karasu was not pleased she had been removed from the middle of a steamy make-out session with a rather good-looking young man.  Several years her junior, but with the knowledge of a much older man.  He was great with his hands, and his lips.

She pouted slightly as she blew hair from her face, making herself presentable for those around her.  It was time to get serious she supposed.

Could you blame a girl for wanting her fun though?

Karasu approached the man she knew as the Emperor of the Sun.  Another man who appeared to be one of his soldiers.  A girl she knew as Yami Sentoki--the Order of the Elements know many things about these "chosen" of the Bijuu.

There were others here, and these people Karasu did not know of.  But soon she would know.  It seemed they would have to travel together through this horrid labyrinth.

She knew of it.

She knew it's history and it's past.

She knew what it stood for and what it meant.

She also knew trespassing on this sacred ground could anger even the gods.

The Dawn Crusade were their chosen.  One did not simply mess with the Chosen Champions of the Heavens.

"Karasu, Karasu Kazegami," she added to the chorus of names, "A pleasure to meet you all.  Orow.  Yami.  Your Majesty."

Ojitsah Clan
Tekonwenaharake Ojitsah, Waneek of the North and South
Iohsa'kenserá:ien Ojitsah
Atanarjuat Ojitsah

Order of the Elements
Karasu Kazegami, Master of Water
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Lady Azzy

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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]   Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:55 pm

Guardian of the Bone Clan
Cilicia Iskandern


Teleportation was not new to Cia. Her entire life revolved around the nauseating swirls and cascading showers of light that twisted upon themselves. Many of her fellow Guardians had remarked that they did not know how she could handle Santai’s power. Often she would laugh at their bewilderment and teleport circles around them until they were dizzy.

What was new was opening her eyes to a foggy island she knew with certainly she had never seen nor imagined. She reached for Healer’s Bane on her back and breathed easier at the feel of the massive blade’s handle. Cia brought the image of Kishiu’s tower to mind and found the image blurred and fuzzy. She gripped the handle of Healer’s Bane tighter.

Within moments she went through the mental list she had compiled of places she could teleport to, and found all the images blurry. Clarity was lacking and it caused a deep seated anxiety to settle in her stomach. Her single attempt at teleporting to Kishiu’s side left sparks of light floating around her. She tapped her wireless communicator against her ear and nearly threw it away from the blast of static that echoed in her ears. A deep throated growled emerged from her throat as she realized she could not return home, nor did she possess a way to communicate with the guardians. Kishiu was probably locked in his tower experimenting and she did not remember who she last visited.

The scream of a girl waking from a nightmare caught her attention and Cia started to engrave the surroundings into her mind eyes. The wrecked beach and ruins left little hope in her heart for a return trip. The blackened stone in front of her decorated with the elegant curve of words left a sour taste in her mouth. She silently promised herself she would not return, should the opportunity arise.

Lay of the land secured, Cia turned her attention in time to see a young man introduce himself and offer water to the small group who had appeared on the forsaken beach. She turned and watched as each individual introduced themselves. It was not until the old man stood and told them they needed to double their ransom asking price did Cia dare speak up.

“Nobunaga Ezofuji? Well Dear Emperor, here’s hoping someone is looking for us. It appears we are all stranded.” Cia paused for a moment. “And about to become grave robbers.” A shiver passed through her spine and she dearly wished Kohaku stood beside her. His ability to commune with spirits would have been greatly appreciated.

“I am Cia.” She announced. The faint whispers from her Awakening echoed in her head and she pushed her name to the side. This group did not need her full name. Outsiders they were. Humans. They…were not blessed with the same creation as herself and her fellow ancients. Cia would tread carefully and watch their words and actions.  

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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]   Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:21 pm

Kaniehtí:io "Ziio" Aarushi


That is what Ziio called herself.

That is what the people of her tribe called her.

That is what she wanted to be called.

The modern member of her tribe to pick up that ancient, honoured mantle.

The title belonging to great warriors and heroes of the tribe.

When Ozai spent years whittling away at the Water Tribes, slaughtering Water Benders and their fellow tribesmen for sport--and to strategically weaken the tribes and dissuade them from resistance--it was the Hotamétaneo'o, the Dog Soldiers, who fought against him throughout it all--despite their losses.

Even after all the Water Benders in the South Pole had been killed or captured and imprisoned, the Hotamétaneo'o fought on.

Armed with only a knife, a club or a hand axe, they would stake themselves to the ground with three Sacred Arrows that they carried into battle with them and a long leather strap from their robes.  They would not remove the stake until their enemies had been killed, or they were.  

Defend their land or die on it.  That was their way.

They were not man, not animal.  They were both.  They could change their forms at will and become the Crazy Dogs the Fire Nation called them.  Wolves, was what her grandmother said was more apt to describe them.

No one had ever seen a Hotamétaneo'o to confirm.

They had gone extinct since Katara outlawed the Warrior Society in her day.  Though many believed they did not die, they merely went underground.

Their powers were gifted to them by the Spirits and the Creators.  They could not be suppressed or taken away so easily.

All Ziio knew was that she lived alone, she talked with wolves, and she was their alpha.

She was as close to a modern Hotamétaneo'o as one could get.

Ziio had dreamed of the Hotamétaneo'o her whole life.  Sometimes they brought her visions.  Sometimes...they brought her sadness and nightmares.

Sometimes they told her the future, and sometimes they showed her visions of the present or the past.

Ziio always seemed to know things.

Grandmother had always said the blood of the Crazy Dogs flowed in her veins.  That the Hotamétaneo'o were her ancestors too.

She also said part of the reason that the Hotamétaneo'o were so terrifying was because they were so hard to kill.  They were not man or animal, as Ziio always knew.

One said they could transcend time and space, being and existence.  They could come and go and exist and not exist at will, traveling at the will of the Ancestral Spirits.

It was also said that they could commune with the spirits of the Ancestors.  That the Hotamétaneo'o could bring them back, and have the Ancestors awaken to fight alongside side them, or give them strength.

The Ghost Dance.  That was their ritual.  That was what it was called.  Awakening the Ancestors with the Ghost Dance is what made the Hotamétaneo'o so feared by the Fire Nation invaders and their fellow tribesman.

Katara said that toying with the Ancestors was not only dangerous and wrong, but blasphemous.

The Hotamétaneo'o disagreed, and so did Ziio.

For now though, Ziio slept.  Warm, wrapped in her furs and blankets and her wolves by the fire in her cave.

But when Ziio opened her eyes, she learned she was not sleeping in her cave home like she had been when she was awake.


Now she was standing on a dismal island that looked long dead.  No snow, just fog.  No ice, just water.  No wolf pack to greet her, just strangers.

Ziio's lips contorted into a silent snarl.

She hated people.

People hurt, and betrayed, and lied and stabbed others in the back.  People were stupid, flockish beings that couldn't think for themselves.

The Elders that banished her for a Polar Bear Dog that had taken her family from her.  The same one she killed to save to the village.

They blamed her for it.  She never forgave, and never forgot.

She had lived out in the wilderness since, with her wolf pack of which she was the alpha.  She couldn't ask for a simpler life.  Hunting, fishing, and living with wolves.

She didn't even need to speak to them.

She could communicate to them with her mind...she was never sure how.  Maybe it was the special connection they shared?  Her grandmother had been able to do the same with an Arctic Owl-Cat she once owned.

Grandmother always said it had something to do with bending...but Water Bending didn't make people telepathic, that's for certain.

Ziio carefully approached the group.  She carried her weapons, thankfully.

A stone knife with a bone handle, a wooden bow and some hand crafted arrows, and her tomahawk.

With this she would either fight her way off this island or through it--and kill the Light Skins if she needed to.  She didn't trust them.  She hated them more than she distrusted her own people.

At least a Tribesman will tell you when they're screwing you over.  They'll do it in front of your face.

The Light Skins always did it behind your back.  With pretty words and lies and two tongues and faces so no one really knew what they meant--unless you were in on the joke.

Ziio heard the voice in her head, but ignored it.  It pissed her off.  Upset her.  It was annoying and if it were a being she would kill it.

Everyone else introduced themselves with words.

Ziio merely grunted.

She pushed out with her mind, halfway hoping this would work, halfway certain it would, and forced a single word into the minds of all around her.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]   Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:17 pm

Áedán Dóiteáin

A cool breeze and a nice drink was all one could ask for on a day like this.

Aedan sat cross-legged on the end of dock outside of his house. Sword in hand, he sharpened it. The pleasant sound of the steel being sharpened overlapping with gentle splash of the waves hitting the supports of the dock were calming. A nice day off from fishing and responsibilities made Aedan quite happy.

Despite a small bead of sweat dripping from his forehead, Aedan kept sharpening his sword to a satisfactory edge. Once he was sufficiently pleased with the job he had done, he sheathed it.

He took his fan from its holster on his hip. Usually, he used the fan for firebending, but on occasion he used it to cool down. This was one of those times. In slow methodical movements, the soft breeze washed over him. He reached down to take a sip of the rum so graciously brought by his pirate friend.  

"This is nice," Aedan spoke relaxed, almost inaudible. The pleasing burn of the rum and the artificial breeze perfected the day for Aedan.

He blinked.

One second he was on the dock, familiar and usual. The very next, he was sitting on some island, the sun was not as pleasant as it had been the second prior.

He heard a buzz of a voice in his head. This wasn’t his conscience trying to speak. It felt more like … an amalgam of voices. It felt strange.

There were other people on this rocky beach, the surroundings didn’t scream, "Welcome one, welcome all!" like the people at carnivals Aedan had been to when he was a boy. Eerie and discomforting were what Aedan used to describe the place. He stood from his once comfortable position of being cross-legged on a sun-warmed dock.

The people introduced themselves one by one. Aedan respectfully waited to speak his own name into the clamor of confused voices.

"Greetings everyone, Your Majesty, I'm Aedan. Any clue as to what the actual hell we're doing here?"

The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can have is an instrument of peace.

Drinking water and getting hit by a bus is the human equivalent of being a waterballon

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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]   

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The Dawn Will Come [Dungeon Run | March 2018 | Part I - Labyrinth of Souls]
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