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 List of Military Ranks of the Six Nations Armies

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PostSubject: List of Military Ranks of the Six Nations Armies   Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:58 pm

Information About the Imperial Military

The Imperial Military is split into four separate divisions. The Imperial Army, the Imperial Navy, the Imperial Airship Forces, and the Yu-Yan Archers, which are a separate sub-entity of the Army.

All divisions of the Military are overseen by the Emperor himself under various titles, and are sub-managed by Commanding Officers and high ranking Generals that form up the Imperial War Council.

The Empire exercises mandatory conscription. All males at the age of 18 must serve a minimum of two years in the military. Eligible ages for service lie between 18 and 50. Officers are exempt from the 50 year age cap, unlike infantry.

In cases where a conscript comes from an agrarian family, and they are the only child, they are exempt from service on the grounds of the importance of agriculture to feeding the Empire and its military, and agrarian service is still service to one's nation.

Divisions of the Imperial Military

Imperial Army (Also applies to Scouts Corps)
Field Army – ~100,000 to ~150,000 personnel headed by a General
Corps – ~50,000 personnel headed by a Lieutenant General
Division – ~25,000 personnel headed by a Major General
Legion – ~5,000 personnel headed by a Colonel
Battalion – ~800 personnel headed by a Lieutenant Colonel
Company – ~80 to ~150 personnel headed by a Major or Captain
Platoon – 15 to ~45 personnel headed by a Second Lieutenant or Lieutenant
Squad – ~8 to 14 personnel headed by a Sergeant or Sergeant Major
Fire Team – 2 to 7 personnel headed by a Corporal

Imperial Navy
Fleet – ~430 ships headed by an Admiral
Floatilla – ~20 ships headed by a Commander
Squadron – ~3 ships headed by and Sub-Lieutenant or Lieutenant

Imperial Airship Force
Fleet – ~430 airships headed by a General
Floatilla – ~20 airships headed by a Colonel
Squadron – 3 to 5 airships headed by an First Lieutenant, or Second Lieutenant

Imperial Army
Imperial First Army [Vermilion Army]
1st Vermilion Corps
1st Vermilion Division
1st Vermilion Legion
1st Vermilion Battalion
2nd Vermilion Battalion
3rd Vermilion Battalion
4th Vermilion Battalion
5th Vermilion Battalion
6th Vermilion Battalion

2nd Vermilion Legion
7th Vermilion Battalion
8th Vermilion Battalion
9th Vermilion Battalion
10th Vermilion Battalion
11th Vermilion Battalion
12th Vermilion Battalion

3rd Vermilion Legion
13th Vermilion Battalion
14th Vermilion Battalion
15th Vermilion Battalion
16th Vermilion Battalion
17th Vermilion Battalion
18th Vermilion Battalion

4th Vermilion Legion
19th Vermilion Battalion
20th Vermilion Battalion
21st Vermilion Battalion
22nd Vermilion Battalion
23rd Vermilion Battalion
24th Vermilion Battalion

5th Vermilion Legion
25th Vermilion Battalion
26th Vermilion Battalion
27th Vermilion Battalion
28th Vermilion Battalion
29th Vermilion Battalion
30th Vermilion Battalion

2nd Vermilion Division
6th Vermilion Legion
31st Vermilion Battalion
32nd Vermilion Battalion
33rd Vermilion Battalion
34th Vermilion Battalion
35th Vermilion Battalion
36th Vermilion Battalion

7th Vermilion Legion
37th Vermilion Battalion
38th Vermilion Battalion
39th Vermilion Battalion
40th Vermilion Battalion
41st Vermilion Battalion
42nd Vermilion Battalion

8th Vermilion Legion
43rd Vermilion Battalion
44th Vermilion Battalion
45th Vermilion Battalion
46th Vermilion Battalion
47th Vermilion Battalion
48th Vermilion Battalion

9th Vermilion Legion
49th Vermilion Battalion
50th Vermilion Battalion
51st Vermilion Battalion
52nd Vermilion Battalion
53rd Vermilion Battalion
54th Vermilion Battalion

10th Vermilion Legion
55th Vermilion Battalion
56th Vermilion Battalion
57th Vermilion Battalion
58th Vermilion Battalion
59th Vermilion Battalion
60th Vermilion Battalion

2nd Vermilion Corps
3rd Vermilion Division
11th Vermilion Legion
61st Vermilion Battalion
62nd Vermilion Battalion
63rd Vermilion Battalion
64th Vermilion Battalion
65th Vermilion Battalion
66th Vermilion Battalion

12th Vermilion Legion
67th Vermilion Battalion
68th Vermilion Battalion
69th Vermilion Battalion
70th Vermilion Battalion
71st Vermilion Battalion
72nd Vermilion Battalion

13th Vermilion Legion
73rd Vermilion Battalion
74th Vermilion Battalion
75th Vermilion Battalion
76th Vermilion Battalion
77th Vermilion Battalion
78th Vermilion Battalion

14th Vermilion Legion
79th Vermilion Battalion
80th Vermilion Battalion
81st Vermilion Battalion
82nd Vermilion Battalion
83rd Vermilion Battalion
84th Vermilion Battalion

15th Vermilion Legion
85th Vermilion Battalion
86th Vermilion Battalion
87th Vermilion Battalion
88th Vermilion Battalion
89th Vermilion Battalion
90th Vermilion Battalion

4th Vermilion Division
16th Vermilion Legion
91st Vermilion Battalion
92nd Vermilion Battalion
93rd Vermilion Battalion
94th Vermilion Battalion
95th Vermilion Battalion
96th Vermilion Battalion

17th Vermilion Legion
97th Vermilion Battalion
98th Vermilion Battalion
99th Vermilion Battalion
100th Vermilion Battalion
101st Vermilion Battalion
102nd Vermilion Battalion

18th Vermilion Legion
103rd Vermilion Battalion
104th Vermilion Battalion
105th Vermilion Battalion
106th Vermilion Battalion
107th Vermilion Battalion
108th Vermilion Battalion

19th Vermilion Legion
109th Vermilion Battalion
110th Vermilion Battalion
111th Vermilion Battalion
112th Vermilion Battalion
113th Vermilion Battalion
114th Vermilion Battalion

20th Vermilion Legion
115th Vermilion Battalion
116th Vermilion Battalion
117th Vermilion Battalion
118th Vermilion Battalion
119th Vermilion Battalion
120th Vermilion Battalion

3rd Vermilion Corps
5th Vermilion Division
21st Vermilion Legion
121st Vermilion Battalion
122nd Vermilion Battalion
123rd Vermilion Battalion
124th Vermilion Battalion
125th Vermilion Battalion
126th Vermilion Battalion

22nd Vermilion Legion
127th Vermilion Battalion
128th Vermilion Battalion
129th Vermilion Battalion
130th Vermilion Battalion
131st Vermilion Battalion
132nd Vermilion Battalion

23rd Vermilion Legion
133rd Vermilion Battalion
134th Vermilion Battalion
135th Vermilion Battalion
136th Vermilion Battalion
137th Vermilion Battalion
138th Vermilion Battalion

24th Vermilion Legion
139th Vermilion Battalion
140th Vermilion Battalion
141st Vermilion Battalion
142nd Vermilion Battalion
143rd Vermilion Battalion
144th Vermilion Battalion

25th Vermilion Legion
145th Vermilion Battalion
146th Vermilion Battalion
147th Vermilion Battalion
148th Vermilion Battalion
149th Vermilion Battalion
150th Vermilion Battalion

6th Vermilion Division
26th Vermilion Legion
151st Vermilion Battalion
152nd Vermilion Battalion
153rd Vermilion Battalion
154th Vermilion Battalion
155th Vermilion Battalion
156th Vermilion Battalion

27th Vermilion Legion
157th Vermilion Battalion
158th Vermilion Battalion
159th Vermilion Battalion
160th Vermilion Battalion
161st Vermilion Battalion
162nd Vermilion Battalion

28th Vermilion Legion
163rd Vermilion Battalion
164th Vermilion Battalion
165th Vermilion Battalion
166th Vermilion Battalion
167th Vermilion Battalion
168th Vermilion Battalion

29th Vermilion Legion
169th Vermilion Battalion
170th Vermilion Battalion
171st Vermilion Battalion
172nd Vermilion Battalion
173rd Vermilion Battalion
174th Vermilion Battalion

30th Vermilion Legion
175th Vermilion Battalion
176th Vermilion Battalion
177th Vermilion Battalion
178th Vermilion Battalion
179th Vermilion Battalion
180th Vermilion Battalion

Imperial Second Army [Crimson Army] - Expeditionary Force Against the Barbarians
1st Crimson Corps
1st Crimson Division
1st Crimson Legion
1st Crimson Battalion
2nd Crimson Battalion
3rd Crimson Battalion
4th Crimson Battalion
5th Crimson Battalion
6th Crimson Battalion

2nd Crimson Legion
7th Crimson Battalion
8th Crimson Battalion
9th Crimson Battalion
10th Crimson Battalion
11th Crimson Battalion
12th Crimson Battalion

3rd Crimson Legion
13th Crimson Battalion
14th Crimson Battalion
15th Crimson Battalion
16th Crimson Battalion
17th Crimson Battalion
18th Crimson Battalion

4th Crimson Legion
19th Crimson Battalion
20th Crimson Battalion
21st Crimson Battalion
22nd Crimson Battalion
23rd Crimson Battalion
24th Crimson Battalion

5th Crimson Legion
25th Crimson Battalion
26th Crimson Battalion
27th Crimson Battalion
28th Crimson Battalion
29th Crimson Battalion
30th Crimson Battalion

2nd Crimson Division
6th Crimson Legion
31st Crimson Battalion
32nd Crimson Battalion
33rd Crimson Battalion
34th Crimson Battalion
35th Crimson Battalion
36th Crimson Battalion

7th Crimson Legion
37th Crimson Battalion
38th Crimson Battalion
39th Crimson Battalion
40th Crimson Battalion
41st Crimson Battalion
42nd Crimson Battalion

8th Crimson Legion
43rd Crimson Battalion
44th Crimson Battalion
45th Crimson Battalion
46th Crimson Battalion
47th Crimson Battalion
48th Crimson Battalion

9th Crimson Legion
49th Crimson Battalion
50th Crimson Battalion
51st Crimson Battalion
52nd Crimson Battalion
53rd Crimson Battalion
54th Crimson Battalion

10th Crimson Legion
55th Crimson Battalion
56th Crimson Battalion
57th Crimson Battalion
58th Crimson Battalion
59th Crimson Battalion
60th Crimson Battalion

2nd Crimson Corps
3rd Crimson Division
11th Crimson Legion
61st Crimson Battalion
62nd Crimson Battalion
63rd Crimson Battalion
64th Crimson Battalion
65th Crimson Battalion
66th Crimson Battalion

12th Crimson Legion
67th Crimson Battalion
68th Crimson Battalion
69st Crimson Battalion
70th Crimson Battalion
71st Crimson Battalion
72nd Crimson Battalion

13th Crimson Legion
73rd Crimson Battalion
74th Crimson Battalion
75th Crimson Battalion
76th Crimson Battalion
77th Crimson Battalion
78th Crimson Battalion

14th Crimson Legion
79th Crimson Battalion
80th Crimson Battalion
81st Crimson Battalion
82nd Crimson Battalion
83rd Crimson Battalion
84th Crimson Battalion

5th Crimson Legion
85th Crimson Battalion
86th Crimson Battalion
87th Crimson Battalion
88th Crimson Battalion
89th Crimson Battalion
90th Crimson Battalion

4th Crimson Division
16th Crimson Legion
91st Crimson Battalion
92nd Crimson Battalion
93rd Crimson Battalion
94th Crimson Battalion
95th Crimson Battalion
96th Crimson Battalion

17th Crimson Legion
97th Crimson Battalion
98th Crimson Battalion
99th Crimson Battalion
100th Crimson Battalion
101st Crimson Battalion
102nd Crimson Battalion

18th Crimson Legion
103rd Crimson Battalion
104th Crimson Battalion
105th Crimson Battalion
106th Crimson Battalion
107th Crimson Battalion
108th Crimson Battalion

19th Crimson Legion
109th Crimson Battalion
110th Crimson Battalion
111th Crimson Battalion
112th Crimson Battalion
113th Crimson Battalion
114th Crimson Battalion

20th Crimson Legion
115th Crimson Battalion
116th Crimson Battalion
117th Crimson Battalion
118th Crimson Battalion
119th Crimson Battalion
120th Crimson Battalion

Imperial Navy
Imperial First Fleet [Inferno Fleet]
1st Inferno Squadron
2nd Inferno Squadron
3rd Inferno Squadron
4th Inferno Squadron
5th Inferno Squadron
6th Inferno Squadron
7th Inferno Squadron
8th Inferno Squadron
9th Inferno Squadron
10th Inferno Squadron
11th Inferno Squadron
12th Inferno Squadron
13th Inferno Squadron
14th Inferno Squadron
15th Inferno Squadron
16th Inferno Squadron
17th Inferno Squadron
18th Inferno Squadron
19th Inferno Squadron
20th Inferno Squadron
21st Inferno Squadron

Imperial Second Fleet [Scorch Fleet]
1st Scorch Squadron
2nd Scorch Squadron
3rd Scorch Squadron
4th Scorch Squadron
5th Scorch Squadron
6th Scorch Squadron
7th Scorch Squadron
8th Scorch Squadron
9th Scorch Squadron
10th Scorch Squadron
11th Scorch Squadron
12th Scorch Squadron
13th Scorch Squadron
14th Scorch Squadron
15th Scorch Squadron
16th Scorch Squadron
17th Scorch Squadron
18th Scorch Squadron
19th Scorch Squadron
20th Scorch Squadron
21st Scorch Squadron

Imperial Airship Forces
Imperial First Air Fleet (Ember Fleet)
1st Ember Squadron
2nd Ember Squadron
3rd Ember Squadron
4th Ember Squadron
5th Ember Squadron
6th Ember Squadron
7th Ember Squadron
8th Ember Squadron
9th Ember Squadron
10th Ember Squadron
11th Ember Squadron
12th Ember Squadron
13th Ember Squadron
14th Ember Squadron
15th Ember Squadron
16th Ember Squadron
17th Ember Squadron
18th Ember Squadron
19th Ember Squadron
20th Ember Squadron
21st Ember Squadron

Imperial Second Air Fleet (Pyre Fleet)
1st Pyre Squadron
2nd Pyre Squadron
3rd Pyre Squadron
4th Pyre Squadron
5th Pyre Squadron
6th Pyre Squadron
7th Pyre Squadron
8th Pyre Squadron
9th Pyre Squadron
10th Pyre Squadron
11th Pyre Squadron
12th Pyre Squadron
13th Pyre Squadron
14th Pyre Squadron
15th Pyre Squadron
16th Pyre Squadron
17th Pyre Squadron
18th Pyre Squadron
19th Pyre Squadron
20th Pyre Squadron
21st Pyre Squadron [/size]

Imperial Scouts Corps[/
1st Scout Division (Ashen Division [Imperial Homeland])
2nd Scout Division (Black Watch Division [Nippon])

Statistics of the Imperial Military

Total Size of Imperial Military: 696,945 personnel

Imperial Army: 260,569 personnel

Imperial First Army [Vermilion Army]: 154,537 personnel
Headquarters: Fire Lord Zuko Imperial Army Base, Vermilion City, Yamato Province, Imperial Mainland
Other Bases:
- Fire Lord Honno-ji Imperial Military Compound, Tengu Island
- Yashima Military and Naval Base, Yashima, Echigo Province, Imperial Mainland
- Horikawa Military Base, Horikawa, Mino Province, Imperial Mainland

Imperial Second Army [Crimson Army]: 106,032 personnel
Headquarters: Garrison of the Expeditionary Force Against the Barbarians, Seiankyo City, Imperial State of Nippon

Imperial Navy: 214,614 personnel

Imperial First Fleet [Inferno Fleet]: 154,537 personnel
Headquarters: Fire Lord Nara Imperial Naval Base, Vermilion City, Yamato Province, Imperial Mainland
Other Bases:
- Imperial Naval Base, Tengu Island
- Horikawa Military and Naval Base, Horikawa, Mino Province, Imperial Mainland
- Yashima Military and Naval Base, Yashima, Echigo Province, Imperial Mainland

Imperial Second Fleet [Scorch Fleet]: 154,537 personnel
Headquarters: Fire Lord Heisei Imperial Naval Base, Seiankyo City, Imperial State of Nippon

Imperial Airship Forces 163,824 personnel

Imperial First Air Fleet [Ember Fleet]: 154,537 personnel
Headquarters: Fire Lord Konoe Imperial Airship Forces Base, Vermilion City, Yamato Province, Imperial Mainland
Other Bases:
- Imperial Airship Docks, Tengu Island

Imperial Second Air Fleet [Pyre Fleet]: 154,537 personnel Headquarters: Garrison of the Expeditionary Force Against the Barbarians, Seiankyo City, Imperial State of Nippon[/b][/i]

Imperial Yu-Yan Archers 3,424 personnel
[justify]Base: Horikawa Military Base, Horikawa, Mino Province, Imperial Mainland

Imperial Scouts Corps 51,261 personnel
[justify]Base: Multiple

Imperial Koga Ninja 3,253 personnel
[justify]Base: Unknown

Ranks within the Imperial Army

Soldiers and officers of the Imperial Army wear their insignias engraved into the shoulder guards of their armour, or on the collars of their ceremonial robes and uniforms when not on the battlefields.

Members of the Imperial Army are further divided depending on the coloured bands of cloth they wear on their arms. These bands divide the soldiers into the following specialized corps.

No Band – Combat Corps
This is the most typical division corps for an Imperial soldier. These are your standard soldiers, enlisted for combat with no specialization.

Violet Band – Engineers Corps
The Engineers Corps is responsible for the maintenance, construction, design and upkeep of vehicles, like tanks, ships, airships and the like. Engineers exist within the Army, Navy and Airship Forces. The Engineers also help maintain and service weapons like Tanegashima firearms, cannons and other siege weapons.

Grey Band – Ordnance and Supplies Corps
The Ordnance and Supplies Corps ensures that all army encampments, divisions and the like are well stocked with resources, munitions and supplies such as food, clothing, water, and in the case of the Navy, coal or oil for fuel on the ships. Without the Ordnance and Supplies Corps, the army would crumble, and be unable to sustain its massive units.

Red Band – Medical Corps
The Red Band of the Medical Corps indicates the merciful hand of the doctors, herbalists and medics of the Imperial Army. Tasked with providing medical and spiritual care to all wounded soldiers. Recently the Medical Corps has brought on Shamans, Priestesses, and Shrine Maidens to assist to the spiritual/mental needs of soldiers—particularly on the Nipponian Front.

Green Band – Justice Corps
The Justice Corps have never and will never see a battlefield. Their battlefields are the courts and law halls stationed throughout the Empire. It is the job of the Justice Corps to give justice to wrongly imprisoned soldiers, while also punishing those who break the law. Any soldiers who are court-marshalled, or are punished for insubordination, treason, or any other military or war crime are tried and often executed—or discharged—by the Justice Corps.

Black Band – Scouts Corps
The Scouts Corps exists as a preliminary method of scouting out battlefields, supply routes, enemy numbers, and gathering information before a campaign. While their primary objectives sound similar to the Koga Ninja, scouts do not involve themselves in assassination, infiltration, espionage, sabotage, and do not travel nearly as deeply into enemy lines or territory as the Koga Ninja do.

Enlisted Ranks

Ranks within the Imperial Army and Scouts Corps

*As Scouts are boots-on-the-ground operatives, they cannot be higher than a Warrant Officer in rank. Their commanding officers would be regular infantry officers who command the Scouts to do reconnaissance for the infantry division of the army, and as such, are lumped together

Warrant Officer and Enlisted Ranks
Private (Nitōhei) (二等兵)

Private, First Class (Ittōhei) (一等兵)

Superior Private (Jōtōhei) (上等兵)

Lance-Corporal (Heichō) (兵長)

Corporal (Gochō) (伍長)

Sergeant (Gunsō) (軍曹)

Sergeant Major (Sōchō) (曹長)

Warrant Officer (Jun-i) (准尉)

Officer Ranks
Second Lieutenant (Rikugun-Shōi) (少尉)

First Lieutenant (Rikugun-Chūi) (中尉)

Captain (Rikugun-Tai-i) (大尉)

Major (Rikugun-Shōsa) (少佐)

Lieutenant Colonel (Rikugun-Chūsa) (中佐)

Colonel (Rikugun-Taisa) (大佐)

Major General (Rikugun-Shōshō) (少将)

Lieutenant General (Rikugun-Chūjō) (中将)

General (Rikugun-Taishō) (大将)

Commanding Officers
Marshal (Gensui-Rikugun-Taishō) (元帥)

Leader of the Expeditionary Force Against the Barbarians (Sei-i Taishōgun) (征夷大将軍)

Commander in Chief
Grand Marshal of the Imperial Armies (Daigensui-Rikugun-Taishō) (大元帥)[/center]

Ranks within the Imperial Navy

Seaman (Nitōsuihei) (二等水兵)

Seaman, First Class (Ittōsuihei) (一等水兵)

Senior Seaman (Jōtōsuihei) (上等水兵)

Leading Seaman (Suiheichō) (水兵長)

Petty Officer (Nitōheisō) (二等兵曹)

Petty Officer, First Class (Ittōheisō) (一等兵曹)

Chief Petty Officer (Jōtōheisō) (上等兵曹)

Warrant Officer (Heisōchō) (兵曹長)

Officer Ranks
Ensign (Kaigun-Shōi) (少尉)

Sub-Lieutenant (Kaigun-Chūi) (中尉)

Lieutenant (Kaigun-Daii) (大尉)

Lieutenant-Commander (Kaigun-Shōsa) (少佐)

Commander (Kaigun-Chūsa) (中佐)

Captain (Kaigun-Daisa) (大佐)

Rear-admiral (Kaigun-Shōshō) (少将)

Vice-admiral (Kaigun-Chūjō) (中将)

Admiral (Kaigun-Taishō) (元帥)

Commanding Officers
Grand Admiral (Gensui-Kaigun-Taishō) (元帥)

Leader of the Expeditionary Force Against the Barbarians (Sei-i Taishōgun) (征夷大将軍)

Commander in Chief
Lord High Admiral of the Imperial Navies (Daigensui-Kaigun-Taishō) (大元帥)[/center]

Ranks within the Imperial Airship Forces

Warrant Officer and Enlisted Ranks
Private (Nitōhei) (二等兵)

Private, First Class (Ittōhei) (一等兵)

Superior Private (Jōtōhei) (上等兵)

Lance-Corporal (Heichō) (兵長)

Corporal (Gochō) (伍長)

Sergeant (Gunsō) (軍曹)

Sergeant Major (Sōchō) (曹長)

Warrant Officer (Jun-i) (准尉)

Officer Ranks
Second Lieutenant (Rikugun-Shōi) (少尉)

First Lieutenant (Rikugun-Chūi) (中尉)

Captain (Rikugun-Tai-i) (大尉)

Major (Rikugun-Shōsa) (少佐)

Lieutenant Colonel (Rikugun-Chūsa) (中佐)

Colonel (Rikugun-Taisa) (大佐)

Major General (Rikugun-Shōshō) (少将)

Lieutenant General (Rikugun-Chūjō) (中将)

General (Rikugun-Taishō) (大将)

Commanding Officers
Marshal (Gensui-Rikugun-Taishō) (元帥)

Leader of the Expeditionary Force Against the Barbarians (Sei-i Taishōgun) (征夷大将軍)

Commander in Chief
Grand Marshal of the Imperial Airship Force[/center]

Ranks within the Imperial Yu-Yan Archers

Warrant Officer and Enlisted Ranks
Junior Ranger
Senior Ranger
Ranger, First Class
Sergeant Major

Officer Ranks
Apprentice Master Ranger
Master Ranger
Grand Ranger
Grand Master

Commanding Officers
Grand Master General

Commander in Chief
Supreme Grand Master of the Imperial Yu-Yan Archers[/center]

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List of Military Ranks of the Six Nations Armies
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