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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Danny Phantom fanfic

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PostSubject: Danny Phantom fanfic   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:06 pm


Alexandra was walking in the woods near her hometown. It was a wonderful day, the sun was shining and a soft wind was blowing. The world had been saved by ghosts only some days ago, but she did not knew it. She had not listened to the news for a month or so. Also her parents had not told her anything, because they had feared how their daughter could react. Also were they not much at home the last two weeks. So Alexandra knew nothing and was only glad to be outside. The nature was her only friend, but she had no problems with it. Even with her parents she had no good connection. Somehow she thought they would not even find out when she suddenly disappeared.
Her parents had forced her to wear a white longshirt with white trousers, a black belt, black shoes and black gloves. On the shirt was printed a black A. The letter was the only beautiful at her whole costume. Alexandra even did not knew why she had to wear it. But she did what her parents had said, because she thought they had to have a reason for that. After a while she leaned against a tree. She closed her eyes and breathed in the air of the wood. It was really quiet, but she thought not much about that. When she opened her eyes, she saw a green flash and suddenly felt a strong pain. Before she found out what was going on, she was unconscious. She even did not see how a ghost portal opened at exactly the spot where she had been standing before.
Alexandra fell into the open ghost portal. She was floating in the ghost zone for a while, when she slowly awoke. When her eyes opened, she thought she saw that her gloves were suddenly white instead of black. She looked at them again, but they were now black. She asked herself if she was going crazy or why she had seen that wrong. She looked up, her short brown hair was standing in every direction. As she looked around, she was really shocked. Is this the space? No, it cannot be. Otherwise I cannot breath any more. But where am I?, she asked herself. Suddenly she felt like she had a panic attack.
Then, suddenly, a ghost appeared in front of her. She screamed and held her arms in front of her and closed her eyes. She got intangible without even noticing herself and got through this ghost. After a while she opened her eyes again and looked back. Ok, no idea how I got past this thing. But I have to find a way back. Even if I do not know how., she thought. But she was really tired after all that had happened. She was also not really fit after she go unconscious. Slowly her eyes began to close, when she saw another ghost nearby. It was a beautiful woman, who came nearer and nearer. „Everything is ok, child. I will bring you to a place where you are save.“, she woman said with a soft voice. Alexandra could not look up at the ghost. „Who are you?“, she managed to ask. „Your kind always call me different. But I think now you would call me Mother Nature.“, the stranger whispered, or Alexandra thought that the ghost was whispering it. Because right after she fell asleep. The ghost which called itself Mother Nature took Alexandra and brought her away.
Mother Nature brought the girl to the place where she and her four children stayed. Alexandra woke up in an soft bed, looking directly into the face of the ghost. She let out a litte scream, but cooled down again really fast. „Sorry if I have scared you, my girl. I was just looking for you. How are you now?“, the woman asked with a very friendly voice. Alexandra touched her head and closed her eyes for some moments. „I am confused. I do not know where I am and why I am here.“, she said to Mother Nature. Suddenly she saw behind the woman a face covered with fire and next to it a watery face. Shivering she pointed a finger at them. „Who are they?“, Alexandra asked next.
The ghosts were laughing, and Alexandra heared two further voices right behind her. She turned and saw a face made of stone and another one that looked like there was nothing around it. „These are my children. You may know them as the four elements, Fire, Water, Earth and finally Air.“, the girld heared the voice of Mother Nature. Slowly she turned around to the ghost again and looked in her smiling face. Alexandra had no idea what she should say right now. „And to answer the questions you have asked before, you are in the ghost zone. There was no specific reason why you got here, but I have asked myself the moment I found you if you would like to take care of my children for some time.“
Alexandra looked with disbelieve in her eyes to Mother Nature. Then she looked at the four kids which really looked like the elements. They all seemed really nice, and Alexandra was not needed in her own world. I think this could be funny., she thought and then nodded. „I would like to take care of them.“, she then answered to the ghost. Mother Nature nodded happily. „So from now on nobody can do any harm to you as long as you are here at my place.“, she said to Alexandra, even if the girl had no idea who could do harm to her. „You, my child, are very special, even if you would not think that. But you are not unique. So you are under my protection now.“, Mother Nature said, and the girl was much more confused than before. The ghost made a sign with her hand, and Alexandra was glowing a little bit, but then that was glowing was gone. The girl looked at the ghost with big eyes.
„So, I have to go now. I will come back later again. You take care of my children and do not let them out. Their powers are too important for everybody.“, Mother Nature said suddenly. Alexandra shook her head, she could not believe what she had heared now. But then the ghost was away, and the girl was left with four elements. First everything seemed ok, they were interested in their new babysitter. But soon the quarrels began, Fire against Water, Earth against Air. It needed some time, but slowly Alexandra learned how she could manage that the elements stopped to quarrel. After that the life as babysitter was getting funnier.
Alexandra learned much about the ghost zone from the elements. She also learned of Danny Phantom, Danni Phantom and Vlad Plasmius. She really liked the stories about the humans that were part ghost. She also learned that many ghost powers were somehow based on the elements. She always thought the little quarrels which powers were best were really funny. She also saw many not so powerful ghosts. As it seemed some of them went to the elements to get greater powers. But most time it did not really worked. Alexandra had no idea that her body was learning too.
Much time had passed since Alexandra had entered the ghost zone. She had no idea how much it really was, she even did not cared. She normally had some control over the elements, but suddenly they went away from the place where Mother Nature lived. The girl had no idea what she should do, because she could not go out into the ghost zone, and she even had no idea how she could get away from the spot she would be. Now help would be useful., she thought to herself. Suddenly she saw somebody in the distance. As this person came nearer, Alexandra found out that this had to be the Danny Phantom she had heared so much about. Her eyes were shining as he landed, she could not really imagine that her hero was at Mother Nature´s place now. „Hi.“, she said to Danny. Suddenly she saw how a blue whisp came out of his mouth. From what she had heared she knew that this had to be his ghost scent. She had no idea how that could be, because there were no ghost at this place and she knew that Mother Nature´s place was a little bit different than any other in the ghost zone. It was somewhere between the normal world and the ghost zone, so he could not sence a ghost from outside.
Suddenly Alexandra thought of something, but she knew that this could not be possible. The girl was sure that she could not be a ghost, she would have known that. Slowly Danny came to her. „Hi. Do you know where I am? I have never seen this part of the ghost zone.“, he said to her. Alexandra swallowed a little bit, then she nodded her head. „You are at the place of Mother Nature and her children, the elements. That remind me, can you maybe help me catching them?“, she asked Danny. Suddenly she found out that for some reason she was getting invisible. She was so shocked, that she got visible again just seconds after that. She looked confused to Danny. „You are a ghost.“, he only said. The girl shook her head. She was completely sure she was no ghost. Except she was an half-ghost, like he was. But then she asked herself how she could have become a ghost. Suddenly she remembered that she had been standing in an ghost portal just as it opened. She thought that might have been the reason why she could have become a ghost. Alexandra suddenly smiled. Now she understood the words of Mother Nature as she had left.
With glowing eyes she looked at Danny. „Can you show me how I can change into the ghost form?“, she suddenly asked him. She knew that she would find out if she had thought right when this would work. Danny nodded and showed her. Alexandra closed her eyes and hoped that it would really work. Because then she thought that everything had a reason. „Going ghost.“, she whispered. Two white rings appeared around her and she was transforming into her ghost form. She stood there, her short brown hair was suddenly white, her former brown-grey-green eyes were now in a bright, shining green. She suddenly weared a black longshirt with black trousers, an white belt, white shoes and white gloves, the exect opposit of the things her parents had given her to wear. The A was shining in an bright white. Alexandra looked down on herself, she was really surprised. „Wow.“, was all she could say. Then she started to fly a little bit. She tried if she could get invisible if she wanted to and she also had to try her intangibility. She managed to do that without problems. She did not knew that the last handwave of Mother Nature had made that her powers here kept secret, but still her body had trained to control them, so that she could use them when the time had come.
Alexandra was now floating over Danny. „Do you want to help me find the elements or not?“, she asked him. He nodded so they flew together to find all the four elements. It was not a really difficult job. Fire and Water had been quarreling right now, so it was easy to get them back home. Danny had flown further meanwhile and when Alexandra found him, he seemed to have some trouble with Earth. But because the girl knew what she could do to get this element at home, nobody was injured. Then they went to find Air. While they were floating, Alexandra found out that she also had a ghost sence like Danny. She had not thought about that before, because she had been busy with the other elements. But now, only looking for Air, she had more time to think about that. Suddenly Air was standing in front of her. The element smiled at the girl. „So, you have found out what you are. Congratulations. I am sure Mother Nature will return soon.“, Air said and then flew home as fast as it could. Alexandra stood where she was, irritated by what had just happened. But then she suddenly remembered what it would mean when Mother Nature came back.
„Come on, Danny. We have to get back now.“, she said to him and together they flew as fast as they could back. Just seconds after they arrived Mother Nature stood in the middle of her children. Alexandra watched the scene with tears in her eyes. She really liked that. Then Mother Nature came to her and huggled her. „You had done a great job, and it had been time that you find out what you are. I had no idea where I should go next. I was also good that you have called Danny Phantom. You have to know that somebody can only come here if this person is protected by me or if this person is called.“, the ghost suddenly explained.
Then a sad expression got on the face of Mother Nature. „But you cannot stay here much longer. You have to go back to your world. I have made it that your body has enough time till you are ready to protect yourself. You will be in danger as soon as you have gone from my place. But be sure you are welcomed here any time. The elements have also decided to give you an power as soon as you are ready for it. You will know when the time has come. But now you have to go, my dear.“, the ghost said. Alexandra started to cry. „I do not want to go back.“ she said, but you could not really understand her. She looked at the elements, got to each and huggled it. „I will come back as soon as I can.“, she said to them. When she finished, she turned her back at them. „Danny, do you mind if I live in your town now?“, she asked him. He shook his head and so he and Alexandra leaved. A new time began, another half-ghost was there, and she called herself Alexandra Ghostly.
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PostSubject: Re: Danny Phantom fanfic   Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:25 pm


It was the first day of school after Alexandra arrived at Amity Park. She was really excited to go to school again after she had spend nearly four months in the ghost zone. And she was really glad, because she was going to have Drama as the first lession. She had always liked that class, and now wondered what they would learn at Casper High. She had made everything ready by herself during the last weekend, so there should not be any problems. She had also decided to choose a new last name for her human form, which was Ramazi. So she thought her only problem right now was money.
Inside the school she met Danny and his friends. Even if she was an class higher than the three, they have told her that they would help her as long as she needed them. Alexandra had been really happy about that, because she was sure that she would not have many friends at the beginning. In front of the classroom where Drama should take place, they parted and decided to meet there again after the lesson. Still smiling Alexandra entered the classroom. At exactly this moment her ghost sence got off and she looked directly at her new teacher. „Ah, you have to be Ms. Ramazi. Please, come in and sit down.“, the woman said with an beautiful voice. The teacher seemed really young, her long, blond hair was really straight. The only thing that confused Alexandra was the colour of her eyes. They had something reddish, even if she could not explain why.
Alexandra sat down with a very strange feeling. The teacher looked at her the whole time with an expression that seemed to be full of hate. She remembered herself that this woman was called Mrs. Porou. „I have decided that we will start to learn a play. I have thought we could manage to show it to the whole school in three weeks or so. I will be a play about not human-friendly ghosts.“, the woman explained. Alexandra saw how fascinated everybody was only when they heared her voice. Slowly Mrs. Porou walked to the girl. „Do you maybe want to be the ghost, Ms. Ramazi. I am sure you somehow fit to that role.“, the teacher said. Alexandra looked into the eyes of the teacher, and again saw hate in them. „As you like, Mrs. Porou.“, she then answered slowly. The teacher smiled, then she gave everybody else roles too. After that she handed everybody an script. „Learn it, I want a perfect play.“, she said and then returned to her table.
Alexandra had meanwhile started to look into the script. First it seemed like the ghost was friendly, but then it changed into an human-hating monster. With terror the girl read more about that and when she had reached the end, she could not believe what she saw. They were killing the ghost, and after all the hate she had seen in the eyes of her teacher, somehow she feared that Mrs. Porou had really planned to kill her. When Alexandra looked up, the bell rang. Everybody ran out of the classroom, and she wanted to follow the other children. But then the teacher got to her. „I know what you are, Ms. Ramazi. And I can tell you, you will not be anything anymore after this play. Now learn it, because you cannot get out of this anymore.“, the teacher whispered to Alexandra and then went away, laughing like the evil itself.
The girl walked outside the classroom, being really afraid. There Danny, Sam and Thucker waited for her. „What happened to you?“, Danny asked her. She tried to answer, but it was not possible. She feared herself too much to talk near the classroom. So they slowly walked away from it. After some time, she thought she could finally tell the others. „I think my drama teacher is a ghost. And she wants to kill me.“ The four of them stood still. Nobody said anything, nobody could believe what Alexandra had just told. „Are you sure?“, Danny then asked. The girl nodded and breathed deep out. „But if you want we can go and find it out for ourselfs.“, she said to Danny. She did not knew till then that everybody knew that Danny Fanton and Danny Phantom are the same person. But as he said nothing, she suddenly had a feeling. Then somebody walked by and called Danny by his ghost name.
Shock and disbelieve were written in her eyes. „That cannot be. How can it be that they know who you are?“, she asked suddenly. Then she turned around a little bit. „Maybe it is better if you do not help me in this chase. I do not want that everybody knows about me and with you it could be too dangerous.“, she whispered, and tried not to cry. She had hoped that she would have found a friend, which would help her in times of need and whom she could help if he needed her. But it seemed like it was not like that. Suddenly she felt an hand on her shoulder. „We are going to help you. But if you want we can try to stay at the background so that you and your idendity are not in danger.“, she heared the voice of Danny. Fast Alexandra turned around and huggled him. „Thank you.“, she whispered to him.
„So, do you want to find out yourself now if my teacher is a ghost or not?“, she asked him. Danny nodded, so Alexandra searched for herself fast a hiding place and got ghost. For Danny it was much easier, because everybody knew who he was. Fast both of them got invisible and intensible. Side on side they flew to the classroom of the girl´s drama teacher. As soon as they got through the wall, both of their ghost sences got off. Now they knew for sure that this woman was a ghost, because nobody else had been in the room. Fast they returned to Sam and Thucker. „Ok, we have to find out much more. But it is easy because you are in her class.“, Danny said to Alexandra. The girl nodded, she knew that the next three weeks would be hard for her, but she needed to go through them, otherwise she will never know what was going to happen. Even if the classes where they tried out the play seemed funny, the rest of the three weeks were horror for Alexandra. She learned the feelings that would be needed in the play on her own. One week before the play started, she found out that her teacher would borrow some weapons from the Fentons, but they gave her only wrong ones. But at the same evening she stole them. So now that Alexandra knew that she really wanted to kill her, she got more nervous every second. The girl hoped that they can somehow get a plan so that she would survive.
Then the day of the play was there. She had found out that the class was going to show the play two times, one time only for the students and the other one for the parents. So if everything went wrong, this was going to be her last day, because Mrs. Porou would not dare to kill her the first time. The teacher and the girl met one last time before the play started. „Enjoy this last hours of your life. Soon it is over, ghostgirl.“, she whispered to Alexandra, before she went away. Now the girl knew for sure that her teacher had known the whole time who she was. But Alexandra had no time to think further about that, because she had to play the ghost. Everything went perfect, and at the end the students were excited. Alexandra nearly began to cry, but she knew that she was not allowed to do so.
When Alexandra got off the stage, her teacher got her and brought her to a special room. Inside was everything Mrs. Porou had stolen from the Fentons. Alexandra found out that it was really much and asked herself why nobody in the family had searched it by now. She could see the thermos that was feared by so many ghosts. Then there was a weapon where she had no idea what it should do, but after all she knew from the play she thought that this was going to destroy her molekule by molekule. And then there was an big thing she did not knew.
„Alexandra, you have to do now everything I wish from you, because then you may have a chance to save your life. Believe me, it is the only way.“, the ghost said with her beautiful voice. The girl knew that this was a liar, but she could not say something against it, but had to nodd. „I will do everything you want.“, came out of her mouth without wanting to do so. „Change into a ghost.“, she could hear the wonderful voice of her teacher. Alexandra nodded and changed into an ghost. She looked now exactly like she had looked in the play. Suddenly she knew that this whole thing was written for her. And she felt that at her ghost form she was not under the spell of her teacher. But at exact this moment the machine started to work and she was hit by something she had no idea what it was. But after that she could not really use her ghost powers any more and also could not change into her human form. „I know that for some reason my acting skills does not work on ghosts. But you will not be able to do anything till the next show begins. And even after that you will not be able to use your powers for a long time. So you should be dead very easily.“, the teacher said.
Suddenly Alexandra could not do something else, but she had to ask this question. „Why do you want that I die?“, she asked the ghost. The teacher got an angry glint in her eyes, but then she breathed out. „I understand, you cannot know. I have watched you since you got out of the ghost zone. I have seen that you are a really good actress, but I am the one with the power to let people believe everything. I am the one who should be the best actress. And you are under the protection of Mother Nature, whom I hate. So you have to die.“, Mrs. Porou explained, then she went out of the room, letting Alexandra alone in there. She had no idea what she should do now. Danny, Sam and Thucker did not knew what had just happened, so they could not help her. The girl could only wait until the next play started.
An hour later the parents were coming into the school. Alexandra was let out of the room, but she was watched the whole time by Mrs. Porou. The woman also had the thermos and this stupid weapon with her. Then, finally, the last play started, the one where the girl was supposed to die. She hoped she would find a way to get out alive. When she looked at the visitors and saw Danny, Sam and Thucker who had just found out that she was in her ghost form, she showed them to do nothing right now. The only time they could do anything was between the thermos scene and the killing scene. And that was not really much time.
Then the time had come. She was closed up in the thermos. Inside she knew why the ghosts always hated it. Alexandra hoped that her friends had brought the puppet they had talked about. Because she knew that it could not take much longer till she got out again. And it was like that. Lying on the floor, all around her smoke, she looked up to the person who played the ghost hunter. „Wait, this is a real weapon. When you shoot with it, I will die.“, she whispered to the boy. Alexandra had no idea if he would listen to you, but she hoped so. „Just play with us and improvise a little bit.“, she whispered and then she vanished in an falling trap. She looked up to Sam and Thucker. „Good timing, guys.“, she said to them. Meanwhile she recognized that Danny was flying around with the puppet that looked exactly like her. „We have to get to the room where I have been trapped. There I can change again.“, she told the other two and then she started to ran. She found out that her normal ghost powers suddenly started to work again, so she took Sam and Thucker and flew with them through the walls.
In the room she found Mrs. Porou. The ghost seemed really confused as she saw Alexandra, but then the ghost attacked. For the girls lucky, Sam had another thermos with her and captured the wrong teacher. „Thanks.“, Alexandra said and then went to the machine. She knew that she had not much time left till she had to go out again. Fast they activated the machine and the girl had her full powers back. She was really happy about that. „So, now I have to finish a play.“, she said to the other two and brought them back to the other visitors. Then she showed Danny that he could disappear and took her place again. Meanwhile she gave the ghost hunter the wrong weapon again and so everything was perfect again.
After the play Alexandra met with Danny, Sam and Thucker. „I am glad you three were there for me. And I have learned that I should try to make no ghost angry if I do not want to be killed.“, she said to the others and all started to laugh.
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PostSubject: Re: Danny Phantom fanfic   Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:00 pm

Really unexpected

Outside the rain had just started and it was getting colder than usually. So for most it was the perfect time to stay at home and do something with the family or to go shopping. Alexandra had decided to do exactly the last thing. She had managed to get some money by now, even if it had not been so easy. She had gotten the money from her old family, even if most would say she had stolen it. But Alexandra thought they would not miss some things and money, and she wanted to get some of her old things before she turned forever from her old life. Now she was looking for some new stuff that she could buy.
Suddenly she got past an shoe shop, where she saw an beautiful pair of shoes that had a light green colour. The girl liked them at the moment she saw this shoes and got inside to buy them. When she looked at the shoes, she did not find out that her ghost sence got off. Even the little movement of the good was not recognized by her. Only when she tried them on, she felt something really special, but then she thought she had just imagined it. Because she liked the shoes, she bought it just some seconds after. She was glad that she did not have to think about the money any more. She would have enough till she started to earn her own money. At this thought Alexandra started to smile.
Still happy about the good she had bought, she went further through the mall. But the shoes in the bag began to have their own will. They freed themself without being noticed by Alexandra. Slowly they made their way back to the shoeshop, where all shoes got together to become a big person. The girl found that out first when the people started to scream. Fast she turned around to look at this shoeghost. Why does it have to be right now?, she asked herself. Fast she tried to find Danny, Sam and Tucker, which were also in the mall.
Alexandra ran around the next corner, where nobody could see her. „Going ghost.“, she whispered and the white rings appeared around her. The girl really liked that, she could do that all time if it was not too dangerous for her. Suddenly she could hear the happy shouts of the people and found soon out that they were calling Dannys name. The girl shook her head, she could still not believe how the boy could work like that. While she flew to help Danny, she found out that Sam and Tucker were trying to get the people away while he attacked. The ghost attacked with bootlaces.
When the ghost saw Alexandra, it began to laugh. „You really came here. Fear me, little girl, my name is Shoerece, and I am here to kill you.“, he said so lout that the girl could hear it, but somehow nobody else seemed to find out what was going on. While Alexandra was still wondering, a net of bootlaces, with shoes at every end, and somehow glittering very strange, came toward her. She tried to get out of the way, she was hit by the net. The first thing she felt was pain, it was caused by the strange glittering she had seen before It seemed like this was something that should help catching her. Soon she also could feel a wall in her back. The girl was really angry about that and tried to find a way out. Then she got intensible and flet through the wall. She meanwhile missed a really funny fight between Shoerece and Danny. But somehow it seemed like nobody was going to win.
As she got to the fight again, she saw how Danny used his ice powers. She had always liked to listen to the stories of Water about this power. It really fascinated Alexandra, but then she reminded her that she had to help the boy. So she flew there fast. Suddenly she saw that Shoerecen was going to attack the people who were watchind. She knew that Danny would have no chance to be there to protect them in time and Sam and Tucker would also have no chance. So she fast flew there and saw that the people were touching each other. Good, then it will be easier for me to help them., she thought and fast got invisible. Then, just an second before the bootlace that had been thrown reached them, Alexandra grabbed one of the persons and concentrated really hard. First she thought it would not work, but then all got intensible. When the attack was over, she flew away from them. „If I were you, I would go now!“, she shouted back to them while she got visible again. After the people were a little bit shocked, they suddenly ran away.
Alexandra flew behind Shoerecen and tried to attack from behind, but at that moment she felt an bootlace at her back, hitting her very hard. The girl thought for a moment that she somehow could not fly anymore, because she started to fall on the ground. Screaming a little bit, she held her hands in front of her body. Then she reached to ground, falling so hard that all air was pushed out of her lungs. Alexandra tried to stay concious, but after she had held up her head everything got black and she could not see or hear anything anymore. It was like she was falling into an black hole.
It seemed like hours when Alexandra woke up again. She had an headache and held her head. She was at some place where nobody could see her, in her human form. She remembered the stories about changing back, but had never believed them. Now she had to do so. Slowly she sat up, but she saw stars when she did that. Around her were Danny, Sam and Tucker. „What had happened?“, she asked with an very weak voice. „After you got unconcious, Shoerecen fought a little bit longer with Danny, but then he fled. I have no idea where he is now.“, Sam answered. Alexandra was a little bit surprised about that, but her head was hurting too much to think about something clearly.
After a while she finally stood up. „I have to go to my place, getting some rest. Man, I never want that again.“, she whispered. It was not very easy for her to go, but she managed it when she did not spoke. The way through the mall seemed like it would never end. Very often suddenly a picutre of Shoerecen appeared in front of her eyes. When she finally was at the fresh air, she was feeling better. But she still called an taxi that should bring her near her hiding place. She liked to go to her door and not being brought right in front of it.
The house where she lived now was an normal one family house. She nearly had some problems when she had bought it, but after speaking a little bit with the salesperson she had gotten it. It was not very much inside it, only the things that she needed for everyday life, and an big TV with an wonderful sound system. She really liked to watch TV, but somehow she felt lonely in this big house. Alexandra asked herself if she should invite Danny, Sam and Tucker one time, but she had no idea if that would be wise. So she had been alone every time she had nothing to do.
But now she needed to be alone, because she had to think. She had only met two ghosts since she was back from the ghost zone, and both had tried to kill her. Alexandra asked herself why it was like that. She had done nothing to nobody by now. She also had not planned to do anything really bad to the ghosts or something like that. She also thought that it could not be only because she was protected by Mother Nature, what is also not true anymore. The girl sat in her bad, thinking and taking notes. Finally she fall asleep because everything that had happend were really exhausting.
The next day Alexandra woke up and streched herself. When she looked up, she thought she could see an green shoe. Fast she jumped out of her bed. „Going ghost.“, she said and was in her ghostform again. She even did not minded that she would be in her sleeping clothes if she was forced into her human form again. She only wanted to get after this shoe, if it had been really there. She flew through the walls to the housetop. There she looked around, trying to find something. But when she could see nothing, she just got back into her sleeping room.
Suddenly, while she was not looking, some shoes got on her feet. The bootlaces went up her legs and soon she disappeared through the floor. Alexandra knew what was going on without even looking down. She shook her head and asked herself why she had been so stupid. Now she was trapped by a shoeghost. The worst thing about this all was that she could not controll her feet anymore and that she also had no chance to get away. She rolled her eyes and waited what would happen next. In the living room, the ghost forced her to sit down in an chair. Then he bound her with bootlaces, that hurt her everytime she touched them. Then he got off her feet and used the other shoes in the house to make himself big.
The girl looked without fear at the ghost. „So, Shoerece, why do you do that? Why do you want to kill me? I have never done something to anybody.“, she said, with bitterness in her voice. But the ghost only turned away from her, she could see that he was thinking. He seemed to have no idea how exactly he should kill her now. „You know that it is not brave to kill somebody who cannot defent itself.“, she nearly whispered. She wanted that he thought about her words. Suddenly Shoerece turned back to her, she could feel the hate that came from him. „You are too dangerous.“, she could hear his voice. Alexandra began to shiver a little bit, then she shook her head. „I am not dangerous. I can do nothing than the basic ghost abilities. How can I be dangerous?“, she asked, really confused. Somehow she felt that something was not right, but she could not explain it.
For some reason the ghost did not spoke further, but allowed her to free herself, so that she could defend herself. Alexandra made big eyes as she found that out. He had to be really sure that he was going to defeat her. The girl breathed deep, she was not going to run away. She knew that Shoerece also knew that, that she was too proud for fleeing. She closed her eyes for a second to concentrate, then she opened them. You could see that she was going to do everything to stay alive. She was happy that she had an thermos in the living room, she only had to get to it, then she would win. But the problem was that the ghost was standing right in front of the hiding place.
So she could not do anything else than attacking Shoerece. From the first movement on she knew that it would not work. While she ran she changed into an ghost. Alexandra thought it was really cool and that she was getting better somehow. Then she was nearly at the ghost to hit him. But she saw hit by an bootlace at the side and flew through the air at the wall. It really hurt her, but she managed to stand up and face the shoeghost again. This time she was more careful and got past every shoelace that was thrown at her. Then she finally reached Shoerece and smashed her hand into his face. He started to get some steps backward. That was time enough for her to kick him with her right leg and finally he fell on the ground. She also stopped flying. Alexandra was breathing hard now, hoping that she would have enough energy left to get to the thermos. She was moving slow, or that is what she thought. Meanwhile the shoeghost was standing up.
She had no time to really get to the thermos. An bootlace got at her and she had to get out of the way. Then she decided to catch it and got with it to the shoeghost with such high speed that she needed not much energy to get him down on the ground again. This time she was much faster, and soon had found the thermos. The pointed it at the ghost and soon it was inside the thermos. Alexandra really smiled, she had defeated her first ghost. „So, as it seems I have finally won.“, she said to Shoerece through the thermos.
Now it was time to get this ghost back to the ghost zone. For her lucky just in the moment when she flew through the town she found an open ghost portal. She flew into the ghost zone, feeling somehow like being home, released the shoeghost and got back before the portal closed. She asked herself when she would have the next chance to get into the ghost zone.
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Thief is not Thief

Everything was quiet in the house of the Fentons, only in the basement was a tiny light. Suddenly you could hear that something was breaking. The noise was coming from the room that was used as an laboratorium by Jack and Maddy Fenton. But right now they jumped out of their beds. Fast they get ready to catch whatever had sneeked into their house.
Meanwhile Alexandra was floating in her ghost form in the laboratorium. She had searched something, but had not found it. She was really angry about that, and also because she had broken an glass. Now she was looking around for another chance to hide than only get invisible or just disappearing. But there was none, and she knew she could not stay where she was now. Even if Jack Fenton was the worst ghost hunter ever, it was not wise to be caught by ghost hunters while you had searched something in their house.
So Alexandra fast disappeared through the wall and got outside the house just the second the Fentons got into their lab. She was happy that she had gotten outside unseen, but then she ran into Danny. Guilily she smiled at him and got her hands up. „It is not like you think.“, she said fast, even without knowing what he thought. But she just came out of his house in the middle of the night, and he looked really angry at her.
„I wanted to borrow something, but I knew your parents would never give it to me. So I thought I get it now and bring it back later.“, she fast explained to Danny. Alexandra hoped he would believe her, because it was true. Somehow the girl feared herself, she had heared what the boy could do and hoped what she had done was not enough to make him angry. She could see that he was thinking what he should do now. „What have you searched?“, he asked finally. Alexandra was not sure if she should really tell him or not, but she needed to. „I wanted the plans of a ghost portal.“, she said, looking down on the ground.
She knew, normally it should sound stupid, but she had reasons for that. She hated to use the natural ghost portals to get into the ghost zone. She also did not want to use the one of the Fentons, which they had decided to rebuild after they found out that Danny was an half-ghost. Danny was really shocked as he heared what she had just said. „You want your own ghost portal? That cannot be true.“, he said quietly. He was used to it that she was coming to him when she needed something from the ghost zone she could not get on her own.
„It is. I want to be independent, and it would also help me to stay unknown. When I go in and out of your house, I fear that your parents find out sometime. Or it would be your mother who finds out.“, Alexandra explained to Danny. Somehow she knew that this would break up this partnership they had. But she knew that was only good, then he and his fans would not be in so much danger, and she could concentrate on her job.
Suddenly her ghost sence got off. „Ok, I would like to explain it to you now, but as you seem I have no time. And if I were you, I would try something that not every time you want to fight a ghost many fans stand in the way.“, she said to Danny, then she disappeared in the night. Alexandra flew over the city, looking for the ghost she knew that had to be somewhere. She felt bad for what she had said Danny and decided to excuse herself.
Exactly in this moment she heared a voice behind her. „A little thief. That is really perfect now. I am sure you can take my powers till I want to have them back.“, she heared the voice saying. Alexandra could hear that it was a male, and she also was sure that this had to be the ghost she was searching, even if she had no idea what he was talking about. Suddenly she felt that something hit her, for some moment she was really weak, but then she was the old again. Now she also felt like she had more power, even if she could not explain that. „Now flee, or you will be the next.“, she could hear him, but before she could look who was talking, some power made her move away.
For some moment she thought what had just happened, but she could not explain it. She thought that she had imagined that and was still searching for the ghost. But she could find nowhere another ghost. So she returned home, and laid down. It had been an exciting night and she needed some rest. She listened to one CD of her favourite musicians, and suddenly she thought that she would like to have the latest CD. She really wanted to have it now. Without even knowing why she did it, Alexandra stood up and walked to the next music store. It was closed, like everything at this late hour. Her mind told her to go back home and wait till the next day. But her body did not really did what she wanted. She broke into the store and stole the CD. The worst was that she knew that nobody would have the possibility to catch her. Even when her brain said her that this was wrong, it felt really right to Alexandra.
One week later everything was worse. Meanwhile she stole everything she liked. She could not speak with Danny, because he even did not like to hear her apologize. Alexandra had no idea what was going on, even if she thought now that that had to do with the ghost she had met. The fleeing ability was getting less powerful the more she stole, and she thought that somebody followed her. She also tried to like not many things that are worth stealing, but that is not really easy. She seemed to change into a master thief, who knew his time will be over soon.
Then suddenly she met the box ghost. They knew each other because they had seen each other at Mother Natures place. But he did not seem to recognize her. He started to say again what he normally said, and Alexandra was really pissed off. „Please, stop it. You could scare nobody, and your powers are only good for a party.“, she said to him, annoyed. Suddenly she felt the same feeling she had when she was going to steal something. She had found some reason how she could use the power of another ghost, and the thief in her somehow seemed to think that she really wanted this power. She attacked the box ghost. He tried to get out of her way, but then she touched him on the chest. She could feal how his special power suddenly got inside of her.
After everything was over, Alexandra had to breath hard. She looked at the box ghost and could see horror in his eyes. She knew that the same horror was in her eyes. The girl turned and ran away as fast as she could. She did not look back and felt that nobody followed her. She was confused and did not knew what had happened right now. After a while she stopped and closed her eyes to concentrate. She tried to find out what had happened, but she had no clue. In all her thoughts she did not find out that she was moving some boxes that were lying on the street. But then she looked up and saw that. Suddenly she knew for real what she had done.
After this had happened, Alexandra was some time completely parted from everybody else. She did not wanted to steal anymore, but she knew that she had to speak about it finally. She had make up with Danny and hope that he would help her again. But she also feared that she could steal one of his abilities, because she really liked them.
Slowly Alexandra walked over to Danny the next day in school. She was thinking hard what to say. When she stood in front of him, she knew that she had to hurry so that he would listen to her. „I know what I have done was wrong, and I am really sorry. Right now I need your help.“, she said to the boy. Now Alexandra saw that he was listening. She asked herself why she did not had the idea with needing help before.
Fast she explained her situation to him. You could see the fear in her eyes the further she told. At the part with the box ghost she stopped for a moment, but then she had finished soon. She could see that Danny was thinking about everything. And suddenly she found out something else. She had not even the feeling that she wanted to steal Dannys ability. Alexandra was really happy about that, even if she could not explain why it was like that.
Suddenly Tucker was standing next to her, his PDA in his hands, typing something. „I have found out something about the ability you have talked about. It seems like it appears in the history regularly. Normally something big and important just disappear and appears somewhere else later. I would bet they are hidden at this places normally.“, he explained. A smile appeared on Alexandras face as she thought that there could be an possibility to give back everything. She turned to Danny again. „Which ghosts do you know who would be able to find this strange ghost?“, she asked him. He did not thought about that very long. „I would ask Skulker or Walker. But I do not think they will answer you.“, he said to the girl.
Alexandra had not heared this last sentence, she had jumped up and ran out of the school. She knew that she normally should not do that, but right now it was more important to her to get rid of this strange ability than visiting the boring school. She got a ghost and flew over the town as fast as she could, finding the next ghost portal. She was lucky, it just appeared near the school. Fast she flew through it and was in the ghost zone.
She looked around a little bit to find out where exactly she was. With horror she found out that she was near the prison. She did not wanted to see Walker, but then she thought that she could go to him now that she was so near. Alexandra was really nervous, she remembered the stories she had heared when Danny had been in this prison. This was really the last place she wanted to go. As she stood outside the wall, she got human again, because she had heared that humans could go through everything in the ghost zone. She stood in the room of Walker soon after that.
The ghost looked up and saw her. First he didn´t seem to know what he should think about her being in the prison. Than, before he could do anything, she opened her mouth. „I need to talk to a special ghost. He has to be a thief with a special ability to steal.“, she sait to Walker. Her voice showed that it was more a demand than anything else. Walker smiled evily, then he got nearer to her. „This ghost is here, but normally nobody can see the prisoners.“, he said to Alexandra and she felt real fear. The girl backed away from the ghost, not showing what she really felt. „But maybe now that you are here you could help me with something.“, he said to the girl.
Only moments later some ghosts came in. Alexandra turned around and saw that it were two guards and in the middle a prisoner. Somehow she felt that this had to be the ghost who had given her her ability. She had no idea what was going on, and she felt something that wanted to get out of her and to this ghost. Walker walked next to her, and she had somehow the feeling that she should fear herself, even if normally he could do nothing to her. „Is this the girl you have given your ability?“, Walker asked. Alexandra made big eyes, now she understood everything. She thought how she could flee right now, but the moment she made a step the ghost hold her. The prisoner looked straight into her eyes and then nodded his head.
Alexandra knew that she was doomed now. Even if she was in her human form right now, she felt that she would not have to possibility to escape right now. Somehow she knew that Walker had taken care that no half-ghost could escape from the prison again. She felt that he had done something after Danny got away from him. Soon after that had happened, she was standing on the prison grounds, the ghost who had given her his abilities right next to her. She looked around and thought that she knew some of the ghosts. Angrily she looked at the prisoner next to her. „Why have you done that?“, she asked him.
The ghost looked to her. „I have given you my ability to store them till I get out of here, because I knew that Walker was behind me. When you got here, I saw a possibility to get out of here and also to get my ability back.“, he explained to Alexandra. Then he smiled a little bit. „As it seems I had made the right joice, the ability had grown inside of you really fast. You are really a thief. Like I, Toran, am one.“, he said. Alexandra looked at him angrily. „Ok, here I am, and I want to give you your ability. What do I have to do?“, she asked Toran. He shook his head. „It is not as easy as you think. When you are a thief, everything works with favours. And before you can get a favour, you have to help this person, because you are the thief. I would like to get savely out of this prison, after that I tell you how you can get rid of your new powers.“, he said to Alexandra and streched out his hand. „Deal?“, Toran asked. Alexandra took the hand. „Deal.“ After that the girl turned away from him.
She already had a plan what she could do. Here were so many ghosts with different abilities, one of those had to help her. She also felt that there was a ghost who had a ability that could help her to hide while she was stealing the other ones. Slowly she went to the ghost and touched him. She felt how his power moved to her and saw that he was weaker now. „I am sorry.“, she whispered, then she tried to find out what ability exactly she has now. Alexandra nearly laughed as she found out that she could produce mist now. She thought that Walker was silly as he let her be with other ghosts, although he knows that she could steal. But then she asked herself if he also knew that she could steal abilities.
Fast she produced enough mist that none of the guards could see her. After that she stole every ability of every ghost, except the guards. She had sensed that they had nothing worth stealing. She also knew that they were searching the person who had produced the mist. She smiled a little bit, then returned to Toran. Standing next to him again, she let the fog vanish. „I am ready when you are ready.“, she whispered to him while she looked at the ghost who all were weaker now. Then she suddenly saw a ghost she remembered from stories. It was Amorpho, the ghost who could change in whatever he wants. But now, because she had stolen his ability, he was standing there, faceless and sad. She wanted to go to him and comfort him, but then she remembered that she had to get away.
When Toran told her that he was ready, she fast changed into an guard. „Then we should go.“, she said to him and took him at his arm. Then she walked towards the gate. „Walker wants to talk with him again.“, she said. Alexandra had tried to make her voice deeper so that the other guard would not find out that she was not who she seemed to be. First she thought that he might suspect something, but then he let her pass. They walked further and after some time Toran turned a little bit to her. „You have stolen the ability that you can make somebody believe what you are saying.“, he whispered with a smile. Alexandra had no idea why he was smiling, but she did not cared really much right now.
Fast she walked further, and when they were past Walkers room, she changed again to her normal form. „We have to get out. Wait a second, I have an idea.“, she said to Toran. They were near the great gate now, and she was planning to destroy it. Even for that she had an ability. „Hide here, I will be back soon.“, she said to Toran. Then she ran to the gate. When she was there, she really had to concentrate. She had stolen the ability of a ghost who could do anything with any material he gets. She closed her eyes and imagined a beautiful archway. After that she thought where she wanted to have the rest of the material she did not used.
It took some time where she only heared that the metal was moving, and suddenly she knew that her archway had finished. She opened her eyes again and looked at the beautiful thing she had made. She turned around to Toran. „Come on, fast now. We do not have much time.“, she said to the ghost and as soon as he was next to her, they flew away from the prison. „Bye, bye, Walker! I hope I will never see you again!“, she shouted back before she vanished.
After some time, Alexandra and Toran stopped. She turned to the ghost. „You have promised to tell me how I can manage to give my abilities away.“, she said to him. He nodded, and looked around. „It is not really difficult. All you have to do is hide something you have stolen or that not really belongs you with somebody or at some place. After that it belongs to the person who finds it first.“, he said to Alexandra. First she wanted to give the stealing ability away as fast as possible. But then she had another question in her head. „What happens to everything I have stolen when I give you your ability back?“, she asked Toran. He shook his head. „You do not need to think about it. You will not have them anymore.“, he ment.
Alexandra thought for some time what she could do so that she was sure that Toran would not have the abilities she had stolen. Suddenly, she had an idea. I hide everything at the person where it belongs., she thought. Then she breathed in and looked at Toran. „I hide my thief abilities at Toran.“, she said loud. She had already felt before that the abilities had left her. But right now she was feeling really weak. But she knew she could not stay where she was, because Toran could still steal her abilities. He was also really angry. „You have given back all abilities!“, he shouted and wanted to touch Alexandra. But even now she was faster than he was. „Try to catch me if you can.“, she only said to him and then flew away as fast as she could.
The next day she was visiting the Fentons and told Danny everything that had happened. „I am sure he will do no harm for some time.“, she ended. Danny nodded and stood up. Alexandra looked after him as he left the room. She had no idea where he had gone when he finally came back with some papers in his hand. „I know how this had begun, and I have thought you might be happy having those.“, he said to the girl and gave her the papers. Alexandra took them and looked at them. „These are.... the plans for the ghost portal.“, she said. Fast she stood up and huggled Danny. „Thank you. You are the best friend I could have.“, she whispered into his ear, nearly crying.
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Danny Phantom fanfic
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