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 Official Bending Elements

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PostSubject: Official Bending Elements   Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:46 pm

~If your character is under the age of 16, then he/she can't have a sub elements. A sub elements is for example, ice, mineral, sand, blood, etc. If you make a character above the age limit, which is 16, then that is acceptable. If your character is under the age limit then you will have to wait until he/she ages and hits the age 16.  Also characters under the age of 18, and that have not felt great emotional and physical pain cannot learn to bend a second element.~

~Main Bending Elements~

Earth Bending


  1. Crystal Bending - The ability to bend various gems found within the earth, though Metal and Earth bending are more useful in combat.  Crystal bending can be used to bend gems and precious crystals found in the earth, however due to the scarcity of gems in certain areas, this skill is taught mostly to Earth Kingdom Miners, Jewel-Crafters and Jewellers, though select few have taken it up as an art.

    Metal Bending - The ability to bend metal and metal alloys within the Earth, or around you.  Anything from gold, silver, and even iron (so long as it is a metal) can be bent through this form of bending.  It takes a long time to learn and master, and even longer to reach the point in Earth Bending where you can begin using this, however, those who can have a good asset in a fight.

    Sand Bending - The ability to bend and control up to large masses of finely grained sand and utilize it in battle. Unlike normal earth, sand is a lot more fluidity to it's movement, allowing it to be manipulated in a way that has only ever been seen with water bending. Sand bending is a powerful form of earth bending, being able to be utilized as both a means of offense as well as defense. Benders who use sand bending are also able to crush other minerals such as pure rock to create more sand in which they can use in battle.

    Mastery Element: Seismic Bending: The ability to create controlled or devastating seismic activity and earthquakes, ranging from small tremors to earthquakes that can devastate entire cities, create tsunamis and even split continents once the bender is strong enough.  The bending, however, requires massive amounts of physical strength, as the stronger the user is, the more damaging and devastating the seismic activity will be.

    Mastery Element: Long-distance Earthbending - The ability to send a compressed pulse to a far-away location (must be on the same continent), and perform a single earthbending action. The user does not recieve any kind of awareness of the area in which they hit- they only know the location of where their attack will land. For example, if I were to raise a boulder in Ba Sing Se from Omashu, I would not know what was happening around it- only that there was a boulder in Ba Sing Se.

Water Bending


  1. Ice Bending - Water benders who are so skilled at water bending, that their abilities extend to the manipulation and even conjuration of ice, to the point where they can bend it to their whim as if it were a fluid itself. Ice bending is a powerful and very handy ability, being utilized for both offensive and defensive purposes.

    Blood Bending - The ability to control the life giving liquid in ones body, the user can withdraw it and use it as an attack form. Another ability that they can use this for is stopping blood flow in certain areas of their body in order to stop a massive loss of blood. This ability is very useful for medical personnel.

    Master Element: Universal Blood Bending- The ability to Blood Bend at any time, no full moon necessary.

    Master Element: Acid Bending - The ability to bend and control acid and acidic substances.  Due to the dangerous nature of this element, it is only taught to and learned by masters at a royal, master or Avatar level.  You can bend anything from stomach acids to alkaline substances.

Fire Bending


  1. Lightning Bending - The ability to call forth Lightning and bend it to the users will. The lightning is as fast as the speed of sound, if not slightly slower. This ability takes a lot out of the user, but is very useful because of it's speed and damaging power. The user must first take three seconds to conduct the lightning however, and there must be at least one cloud in the sky.  Skilled Lightning benders have the ability to use Lightning bending for anything from medical purposes and for creating puppets out of people by using thin, finely controlled electric threads to manipulate the nerves of the target.
    Master Element: Black Lightning- A more powerful version of lightning, which is twice as hot,twice as accurate, and twice as destructive. However, it takes intense control of one's bodily forces, and thus, requires a post of charging, before it can be utilized.

    Master Element: Scorch Bending - The ability to bend heat to the point of being able to scorch things instantly by touching them.  People are turned into mummies that look as if they have been left out in the desert for decades, while entire forests are reduced to ashes and wastelands.  It is a very hard skill to learn as it focuses fire down to just the heat, and is only learned and taught by skilled masters, royals and Avatars.

Air Bending


  1. Sound Bending - A specialized form of Air Bending in which air benders can create or manipulate existing sound waves to their whim. The sound waves can be increased in frequency, force, speed, or even thickness. The power of this ability is determined by the user's rank. The users themselves can even build up air in their ears to make them immune to high frequency sound waves, but the user must be a Master of Air bending in order to clog air in their ears, because if they make a mistake their head will explode. Sound benders can even create new sound-waves to utilize in battle instead of only being able to manipulate existing ones.

    Mastery Element: Infrasound- Longer, drawn out wavelengths of sound, that the human ear comprehends as a low buzzing. Infrasound, when raised to specific wavelengths, matches the natural vibration of the human body. This, depending on the levels of power behind it, can cause (in order of least power to greatest) discomfort, followed by nausea. Matching the wavelength of the eye can cause visual distortion. Further up the scale is constant pain in the eardrum, followed by, at the top of the bend-able scale, causing the head of the individual to EXPLODE. Yes, you read that right.

    Mastery Element: Smoke - The ability to manipulate or create smoke. Smoke can be moved with simple hand movements, and created by first forming it in the lungs, and exhaling. While not useful for directly damaging opponents, smoke can blind opposition, to create a getaway opportunity.
    Warning: Chi-made smoke is EXTREMELY flammable, and will explode at the slightest spark.

Light Bending

The ability to manipulate and bend light, sun rays, and other things associated with light, excluding fire affinity elements (magma, fire, lava, etc.) they can also fire power beams of light, or minor, blinding beams.  However the light is never solid, unlike dark bending.  Master light benders can heal themselves using the sun's light and turn the light they manipulate into laser light beams which they shoot from their hands.

Dark Bending

The ability to create and manipulate shadows, putting them to your own use.  The darkness is smokey and wispy, and is manipulated similar to water benders manipulating water.  The Darkness can then be solidified and used like solid objects would, either as weapons or other objects.  However the colour of the shadows cannot be changed, and they will continue to appear as dark masses shaped into objects.  Dark benders can also teleport between shadows, known as Shadow Stepping, but only during the day, otherwise you will be sent into the deepest reaches of the Spirit World where they will not be able to escape.  It also has limited uses (One per post, five times per topic day and a total of 10 times per topic).

~Miscellaneous Bendings- Some Bending Types Not Associated With The 6 Main Bending Types~

Nature Bending

The ability to control natural plant life and various fauna, this allows greater control of plant life and the user can veritably "communicate" with the plants, gaining intelligence from them etc. the user can control and increase or decrease the size of all plant life. This ability can also be used to the user advantage, including the ability to harness the power of the sun to heal themselves (this process takes a least five seconds to complete) as well as make powerful blasts of solar energy.


  1. Wood Bending - The ability to bending and shape wood to your will, and use it to fight.  Shaping it into weapons, shields, cages, walkways/bridges, and many other things.  Wood bending is useful in both every day life and in fights, as a result many carpenters and craftsmen who are nature benders were attempt to learn wood bending to help them with their craft.

Master Element: Spirit Bending

Many spirits are connected to the spirit world, this ability also allows the user to summon the spirits of the deceased as well as other spirits like Ko the face stealer, or Hei Bai the forest spirit etc.  Some of the highest level Spirit benders can temporarily resurrect dead spirits by binding their souls to human sacrifices, sacrificing the living being allowing them to take over the sacrifice's body.  However, the technique ties the fate of the user to that of the resurrected spirit, and the technique itself shortens the users life, giving the resurrected spirit as much time from the user's life as the resurrected spirit is around.

Master Element: Mind Bending

The ability to read, and control another person's mind.  However, those with a strong enough mind can reject the controller's bending, and thus prevent themselves from being enslaved by the bender.  Mind Benders have a limit of controlling 5 people at once, and can only control their actions and movements, as well as their speech and thought process. Mind Benders can also do a 1 on 1 mind bend, where they enter the mind of their target and control their body from the inside. Mind bending masters who are of high enough skill can transplant their mind and consciousness into another being and taking over that body permanently, however this technique can only be used a few times in a person's lifetime, as it splits the length of the user's life each time its used.

~Combination Bendings- Some Bending Elements Created by Combining Two Bending Elements at Once~

These combination elements can only be unlocked by masters of their respective element.  As a result, they are only open to characters who are older than 45 and have master BOTH of the necessary elements to create the combination element.

EDIT- With the addition of the mastery systems, the age restriction no longer applies, but mastery of a combination element requires a mastery topic. More information on a Mastery topic can be found here.

Lava Bending [Fire + Earth]

The ability to bend and control Lava in all of its forms. The more skilled a laval bending becomes, the more he is able to do with the lava; going from bending it the way a water bender would bend water, to causing volcanic explosions and breathing lava.  A hard and difficult combination element to master due to the dangerous nature of lava, and the destructive force it wields.

Necro Bending [Spirit + Mind]

The ability to combine the strongest techniques known to Spirit and Mind benders: the ability to transplant ones consciousness and the ability to temporarily resurrect the dead in exchange for a sacrifice.  Necro bending removes the need for the sacrifice, and even allows the bender to control the resurrected being from within without taking any damage from damage done to the resurrected being.  The most skilled of Necro benders can even control masses of resurrected beings at once. So long as the body of bender remains in tact, the bender is safe.  If the bender is injured or killed during the technique, the technique ends.  

Sometimes, benders may transplant their minds into the resurrected being, allowing them to become the resurrected being--now a truly revived human--with all of the beings abilities and strengths.  However, the dangers of this technique are that the resurrected being can fight against the bender, destroying them mentally and bringing themselves back to life.  As a result, the amount of Necro benders is little due to people refusing to unlock their abilities.

Vapour Bending [Fire + Water]

The ability to control and bending vapors and gases, and even create them if the bender is strong enough.  Some of the vapors include mist, steam, volcanic gases and much more.  Those who are vapor benders can use their powers to burn people with steam, hide themselves with mist, and even kill with volcanic gases, as well as utilize the millions of other gases and vapors in the world.

Explosion Bending [Dark + Fire]

The ability to create and control explosions by combining Dark and Fire bending.  Explosion bending can work by either creating explosions by releasing the explosions from the user's hands, or--when the bender is skilled enough--to create explosions at distances by firing explosive Dark matter at the target.  Explosions created by explosive bending can go from minor explosions to massive, city destroying blasts that can devastate millions.

Illusion Bending [Light + Water OR Light + Air]

The ability to create mirages and illusions by combining Light bending with Air or Water bending.  By creating these illusions, the bender is able to drag their target into a world of fantasy created from the target's subconscious, or one created by the bender's mind, leaving the target open for attack or knocking them out for capture.  If the bender is killed during the usage of their technique, as all illusions are connected to their bender in a unique way, the technique will remain constant, locking the target in their illusion world forever until they die.  Illusion benders need to be knocked out or have their concentration broken in order to stop their attacks.

Gale Bending [Dark + Air]

The ability to create gale force winds and cause tornadoes, tropical storms and hurricanes from these winds.  The technique is created when the bender builds up large amounts of breath and releases it all at once.  Gale benders undergo massive amounts of training to increase their lung capacity to allow for more and stronger winds to be released by the user.  Despite the strength of the winds, however, many of the gales are left up to chance once released, and can last anywhere from a few days to only a few hours, and works at total random like natural storms.  Advanced Gale benders can focus their blasts into small bursts that can burrow through mountains and tunnel into the ground in seconds.

Torrential Bending [Dark + Water]

The ability to cause and create torrential rain storms that can flood entire villages and devastate provinces.  Torrential bending also allows strong and master benders of this element to cause and create tsunami's to defeat their enemies.  The unleash tsunamis, the user requires large amounts of preparation and energy.

Life Bending [Light + Dark]

The ability to breath temporary life into inanimate objects, such as statues, rocks, even trees, to turn them into your own personal golems.  Life bending is an extremely rare bending type, that only appears about 4% of the time a Light and Dark bender produce offspring and only unlocks itself in a Light and Dark bender about 10% of the time.  This bending requires small bits of the life span of the user in order to create these golems, and while the amounts of life span may not seem like a lot at first, it can add up.  The more this technique is used, the more it will shorten the life span of the user and the easier it will exhaust them.  If it is used for long enough periods of time, or used many times over a certain amount of time, it will begin to have negative health affects on the user.  The highest level technique of this bending ability is to give up ones life to heal and completely revive one dead person.

Bodily Fusion [Mind + Spirit]

Requires 2 people, one with Mind-bending, the other with Spirit-Bending. When in fused form, the fused character has access to the elements of BOTH characters, as well as summons. Mortal characters can only sustain the fused form for a short time, though, when fusing with a bijuu, the fused form lasts twice as long. Immortal characters can sustain the form indefinitely, though if they do so for two long, upon reverting, they will immediately pass out.

Second Bending Element

You can learn to bend a second element, but, your character must first experience two great pains, the first must be a physical pain, some examples are--but not limited to:

- Being close to death
- bleeding out but surviving
- Loosing a lung or other vital organ and surviving

The second is great emotional pain, some examples of these are--but not limited to:

- Killing a loved family member
- Killing your lover
- Father/mother tries to kill you
- Loosing your entire family as a young child

Once your character has experienced both of these, please then check with an Admin and prove it to them--show them the post or part of your character's history from the character application--and wait for their approval. Note that just because your character matches the criteria does not mean that the Admins will say yes all the time.

As of late, there have also been other ways that a character may bend two elements:

1. If your character has a history of two bending elements in his/her family's past.

2. Your characters parents were of two different elements.


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Official Bending Elements
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