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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

Kaniehtí:io "Ziio" Aarushi

Earth King Peng
Emperor Nobunaga Ezofuji
Tekonwenaharake Ojitsah, Waneek of the North and South
Roland Hirahara, King of the Four Winds
Light King Sallan Wynphyra V
Dark Lord Pan Daiyu


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PostSubject: Darin "Ba'sill" Kaihei   Darin "Ba'sill" Kaihei I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 22, 2012 3:01 am

    Darin Kaihei (DAH-rin KAI-hay) (BAH-sil)
    First: "Burnt land."
    Last: "Beauty and grace."
    - Alias: "Brave"

    Ba'sill: Ba'sill is Darin's code name, to protect his identity. Each assassin is given one once they join, but most are not allowed to choose their own. Ba'sill's mother has had high aspirations for him becoming an assassin. Fellow assassins offered the name 'Ba’sill', since his mother could not give him his name, either, further eliminating any personal connections.

    Engage: A nickname few refer to him by. Darin likes it very much.

    Rii: Roman's title for Darin. The two met when they were very young. Roman had difficulty pronouncing Darin's name due to his speech impediment. Darin instructed Roman to use what was easiest for him, so the other boy settled with 'Rii'.

    11 (presently), 12 in June

    Earth Kingdom :: The Desert

    Current Residence
    Assassin Island :: Assassin HQ

    Bender, Assassin apprentice

    Earth :: sand, Nature


  • Smoke Bombs
  • Dagger
  • Hidden Blade

    June 5th

    Blood type

  • Combative arts
    - Throwing knives
    - Sword fighting
    - Archery
    - Martial Arts
    - Concealment
    - Trickery

  • Ba’sill rarely uses his real name, which made him uncomfortable during his interactions with Roman. He however, prefers that Claudia addresses him as 'Darin', because he sees her as his own mother.

    Favorite Color

    Valerie, 32 (deceased; mother)

    Darin's hair is very long, almost touching his ankles. The strands are braided tightly and secured with a series of bands. The hair is dark and very textured. Thick. Darin finds the mass troublesome and difficult to manage. He, however, vehemently insists it is not cut.

    Piercing red


    Desert themed. Darin adorns a very small, unfasten-able vest, leaving his stomach exposed and his chest bare. Darin's usual lower attire consists of puffy pants or simple khaki shorts. The clothes are somewhat worn and faded due to long hours frolicking in the sun.

    Very tan, soft

    Body Type
    Small but lean, already developing muscles for someone so young. Ba’sill is sure to possess unnatural strength.

    Image Gallery

    Darin is a cheeky, somewhat troubled, mischievous youth. He is often in injured, as he loves to fight. Darin is also oddly flirtatious for someone his age. Talking to girls is no problem at all to him, and he hopes to get a reputation as a 'player'. Darin spends long afternoons prowling the streets, speaking to local gangs, terrorizing the populace and joining other children in bothersome antics.

    Ba’sill has problems pertaining to individuals of authority. He only obeys is his surrogate mother, Claudia, whom he privately adores. Darin finds regret a difficult matter to accomplish. As an assassin, regret would destroy him, and so Darin attempts to abstain from apologizing, or any other form of compassion. The boy does love games and is in constant search of friends to play with. Or people to make fun of.

    - Physically strong
    - Multi-lingual (the exact number of languages he knows is currently unknown)
    - Keen; observant
    - Fast learner
    - Versatile
    - Flexible
    - Fast
    - Durable
    - Stealthy

    - Young; naive
    - Arrogant
    - Immature
    - Inexperienced
    - Too exuberant

    Personal Heroes

    - Girls
    - Soft sweets (cakes, pies, ice cream, etc.)
    - Fighting!
    - Playing; running around, climbing, jumping
    - Arguing
    - Making an accomplishment
    - Sunsets
    - Shiny things; trinkets

    - Being told what to do
    - Getting sick
    - Sitting still
    - When people treat him like a little kid
    - Healthy foods

    Ba’sill's mother had been a formal assassin, part of an organization of that are sometimes hired by Nations to assimilate certain members of royalty or nobility. Ba’sill's mother died three years after he was born, bitten by a venomous viper on an excursion through the desert. After his mother's death, the toddler was left both homeless and orphaned. Subsequently, Claudia, the leader of the assassins adopted him.

    Ba’sill's mother had high hopes of him following in her footsteps. From an early age, Ba’sill was already being taught to speak in several different languages, and was also learning the basic codes of homicide. She believed it was all in the form of justice, and constantly reminded Ba’sill of the 'bad people' in their world, and why it was good to make sure they never hurt anyone ever again.

    Predictably, this did extreme damage on the child's psyche. Since Ba’sill was five, he has meticulously and almost reflexively identifies weaknesses in each and everyone he approaches. Vulnerable spots, sensitive areas, the best technique to utilize to kill this person, and also which weapon would be most efficient. At the same time, Ba’sill was urged to go to school and behave like a normal child. Kids his age thought nothing of killing others, and grew to fear Ba’sill when he constantly, blankly asked why they did not just get rid of the 'bad people' that made their lives so 'miserable'.

    Despite being only six-years-old, Ba’sill has the mentality of someone much older. He spent more and more time away from home, until he memorized the sprawling streets of the city. Sometimes he would be away from sunup to sunrise, returning with pockets full of gold and other valuables. He'd used his young age and talents to his advantage, becoming a street performer. Sympathetic individuals offered him plenty of money and 'condolences'.

    It was out performing in Ba Sing Se that he met a very young, very much lost, Roman Leiheng. Oblivious that this was the prince of the Northern Water Tribe (Roman was dressed in the same attire he was), Ba’sill ignored him and carried on. It was only when Roman began to stumble and finally collapse did Darin truly pay attention and go to his aid. It turns out that Roman had been wandering for a while and had horrible exhaustion and suffered from a heatstroke. Ba’sill spent nearly all his money checking the two of them in a hotel so he can work on 'fixing' the other, younger boy.

    When Roman woke a day later, Ba’sill did not hide his irritation with the child. He demanded to know where his family was but, as expected, Roman had no idea. Then the boy started crying about going home. When Ba’sill asked where that was, Roman innocently informed him of his real name. Ba’sill, suspecting that he was the Northern Water Tribe prince (assassins had extensive information on all the Nation's heirs and relatives), asked him to confirm such suspicions. When Roman, again naively, did, Ba’sill decided to keep him a while longer, eager for some kind of award in finding the prince.

    Roman stayed at the hotel for days until he was completely healed and Ba’sill could no longer afford it. He enlisted Claudia's aid in helping Roman find his brothers. Ba’sill considered Roman very unimpressive for a prince, and vowed to someday help him get stronger. Unbeknownst to the both of them, they would surely be meeting again in the future, shortly after their tentative friendship was born. Castiel and Cassian show up to retrieve Roman, and the two share a heartfelt goodbye.

    Since Ba’sill was is not allowed to kill, and has not as of yet, he's had plenty of free time and still a relatively good psyche. Being the witness of things no usual child should witness has chipped at his childhood bit by bit. Ba’sill is very mature for his age, well beyond his years.

"No matter how hard you try, you can't f*ck with this." - Awesome Kurapika AMV


[center]Darin "Ba'sill" Kaihei Collag13
Pictured above (from left to right) are Kurapika, Bakura, and Kurama. These three are the reason why my forum name has been 'LadyKura' from day one. Cute, excellent strategists with a dark side and extremely hard edges, all of these characters are very similar in one way or another. In fact, the longer I think, the more things I can come up with these guys have in common.[/center]

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