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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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Years Since Ozai's Fall
420 Years
Current Year
It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

Kaniehtí:io "Ziio" Aarushi

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Emperor Nobunaga Ezofuji
Tekonwenaharake Ojitsah, Waneek of the North and South
Roland Hirahara, King of the Four Winds
Light King Sallan Wynphyra V
Dark Lord Pan Daiyu


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PostSubject: Kuro Rein Kingsly   Kuro Rein Kingsly I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 24, 2018 9:53 pm

Name: Kuro Rein Kingsly
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthplace: Dark Nation
Current Residence: Earth Kingdom
Bender or Non-Bender: Bender
Rank: Soldier o7
Occupation: Spy for Vantage Tactical Solution hiding in ranks of Bloodgarde
Element: Dark


Owl bear

Name: Gillan
Age: 12
Picture: Gillan is a very large creature, being about the same height as a horse. With enormous wings which are just are very quite and smooth in flight, allowing the creature to fly in almost utter silence high in the air. It's front feet are claws like an owls, though the rear feet appear with those of the bear. It has a mixture of brown fur and white or light brown feathers,
Personality: Gillan is a very simple creature which usually only either wants attention or food, not caring as much who it's coming from. It is however rather clever, and knows a variety of commands. But if it doesn't actually want to do them, it's very possible it may not.
Brief History: Rein found Gillan while traveling through a rather large forest. At the time, he had no idea where it came from. It was much smaller then it would be in it's later years, more the size of a hound then a bear. They actually became companions very quickly, even faster then how fast it ended up growing. He kept it for the next few years, training it and keeping it mostly as a traveling companion. However in time he discovered it also was large and strong enough for him to mount to ride places. As well as was terrifying enough in combat to scare off a good deal of people.

Name: Naginata
Picture: The Naginata is a weapon much like a spear but with a longer somewhat curved blade appearing and functioning much in the same way a pole-arm does.
Brief History: Rein made his naginata himself due to wanting it to have specific sizes and design.

Name Throwing spears
picture Throwing spears are somewhat short with a less expensive appearance to his other weapons, however the spearhead itself is clearly well designed.
Brief History Rein obtained his throwing spears during childhood due to his fascination with how things worked while in flight, combined with his enjoyment of fighting. They were bought for him by his parents. Since then he has usually tried to retrieve any he has used, or to get more of a similar kind.

Birthday: March 5'th.
Hobbies: Strategy games, organization, wood carving, making or fiddling with contraptions (mostly traps).
When Rein is uncomfortable or at his breaking point, the muscles below and to the side of his left eye will twitch very slightly. Occasionally this will be combined or replaced by one or both ears twitching.

Often runs his fingers over something to feel the texture, especially during thinking. Metal, bone, stones, and wood are most often what he'll go for automatically.

Often wears or holds something to fidget with so he has something to do.

Father: Deceased
Mother: Malnia Kingsly 55
Sister: Hina Kingsly, 27
Brother: Yori Kingsly 20
Character Theme: Most epic music ~The Martyred (Thesecession)

Height: 6'


Rein fits the typical expectations of a Dark bender at first glance. He can be extremely cold, cruel, and calculating. He grew up being able to hide his emotions with ease if he chose to, lies and deception seemed so easy he sometimes had to pause mid conversation to correct something he said that he instinctively said to get an upper hand, because he often considered it an unfair method. This, however, is still only a piece of him. Rein suffers from both fits of anxiety and depression occasionally, in public this is either simply hidden behind a mask of introversion so he can get away. Once alone it may however cause him to break down completely. It is also why Rein sees privacy and order as extremely important, as if chaos were to ensue he would lose what he still had control over. In truth, Rein can rather enjoy being around people, though unless they have a purpose, he can tire quickly from it. This often ends up with him appearing to always be busy because if he's around people he requires that he do something rather then just talk, even if it's something small.
Personal Strengths:
Rein is extremely intelligent, he sees things in a way most wouldn't understand which he often simply cannot put into words. The elements, the ground, combat, physics, it all goes through his mind more fluid then the language he speaks. While he knows he doesn't know everything and can't truly comprehend everything, the comprehension he does have gives him a significant advantage in a number of matters.

Rein has a rather impressive hold of his emotions. His ability to seclude them and turn them into what he wants allows him to usually revert to an intellectual matter, or imitate a certain persona he's attempting to show someone to act it out.

Personal Weaknesses:
Rein can have issues with social expectations. Despite his desire for organization, he often forgets about social normalities which ends up with him not knowing what to do next once people point it out.

Rein has a tendency to forget things that may turn out to be important, while he does in fact carry a notebook for this purpose, it still causes issues.

Reins depression takes up far more time and effort then he likes. It sometimes takes him hours, or days in bad situations, for him to finally get a grip again. Normally, he'd try to get away from people for at least an hour or two so he could break down alone, but when he's forced to be among people while like this, he's often even more distant and cold then normal, and has a tendency to have a lack of motivation making him move rather slowly and get irritated with chaos much faster making him want to crack down on it with violence if he doesn't stop himself, just to get silence.
If this were to happen and his life were threatened, he may find himself almost entirely uninterested in protecting himself even if he does go through the actions for it, he likely goes slowly and puts much less strength into his movements.
Personal Hero: (A character or maybe an NPC)
Dreams and Ambitions: To obtain order for a nation, he doesn't care so much what nation, just that he's involved in helping bring about order.

-Intellectual challenge/learning
-Being alone, particularly in the woods or mountains.
-Eating meat, almost any meat.

-Shoddy workmanship
-When people mock or raise a bending or fighting style above or below the others
-Being cold and wet

Brief History:
Rein grew up in the Dark Nation, he enjoyed that there were so many people like him so he could more easily be ignored if he did something that appeared completely cold, when in truth it was only logical to him. However, when he looked out to the rest of the world, it's people, it's monsters, he saw it's disorder. That was when he decided he wanted to change that. Be it only to make order of its peoples, or to help eradicate and defend it from the demons that disrupted the world even further.

He found that combat came to him with ease, it was something he enjoyed greatly. The challenge, the conflict, the end result. It was rare for him to lose a fight on even terms, and if he found his opponent cheating or going against certain rules of engagement that Rein thought were necessary he would bring down an offense on them with ferocity, possibly dropping some of the rules himself seeing their breaking the rules as almost an invitation to unleash fury.

Rein eventually travelled to the Earth Kingdom, as he saw their particular abilities, culture, and typical personalities as being possibly the type he could work around. During this he came across Bloodgarde, an organization which he joined. However, in time, he would grow irritated with their loose ways of order, getting particularly frustrated with the leaders lack of action to organize them. This would move him to betray them, in secret, to work as a spy for an organization he saw as less morally upright but more likely to truly achieve any real goals, Vantage Tactical Solutions.

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PostSubject: Re: Kuro Rein Kingsly   Kuro Rein Kingsly I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 24, 2018 10:01 pm

I currently see no issues with this character. A few minor grammar things, but, unless that's incredibly important to you I say welcome aboard :p

Congrats, approved!

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