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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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420 Years
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It is currently the year: 420 AO (After Ozai)

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 Kouzai's Character List

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PostSubject: Kouzai's Character List   Kouzai's Character List I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 09, 2010 9:12 am

Fire Lord Kouzai II (Deceased)

Kouzai's Character List 8737560Kouzai's Character List F83e158Kouzai's Character List 768d641

Council Wear (18) --> Casual Wear (18) --> Fire Lord Robes (38)

Gender: Male
Age: 38 (Deceased)
Nation: Fire Nation
Love: None/Deceased
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW3IW5RN8DA&feature=related

Kouzai grew up hating his father, Fire Lord Rekka. His father had single handedly destroyed both water tribes nearly wiping out the water benders. This act caused an 18 year war against the Water Tribe's remaining soldiers and the Air Nomad armies. Kouzai spent many of his teenage years feeding information to Rebellious groups and especially the White Lotusts. When Fire Lord Rekka found out about the underground rebellions he had every member of the White Lotusts killed. Rekka personally attempted to kill his son for treason, stabbing him through the chest resulting in the loss of his left lung.

Shortly after this attack, Kouzai went into hiding taking an assumed name and forming another rebel organization with the other 9 remaining members of the White Lotusts. They called themselves the Council of Ten, they're job was to protect water benders and preserve as much of their people and culture as possible, they were also meant to spy and prevent the rise of other evils.

Kouzai lost the ability to bend after being stabbed by his father, and had to resort to learning a new bending element. Kouzai soon became a master shadow bender and soon after regained his fire bending abilities. One of his major missions during the war was to protect the princess of the Southern Water Tribe. He and her fell in love with each other throughout most of the war, but their love wasn't meant to be and Skye decided she didn't want to marry anyone and insisted her and Kouzai be only friends. Kouzai took a while to get over Skye and never really stopped loving her until her death many years later.

Soon after the 18 Year War ended, another one started. The Earth Kingdom and the Dark Nation had teamed up to conquer the world, leaving the Fire Nation and the Light Kingdom to fight back.

Shortly after Skye left to returned to her nation, Kouzai ran into an old friend, Tekara. The two of them travelled the nations in search of a way to defeat the Dark Nation Armies. They found the Elemental Spirits asking for an intervention and they were given the ability to fuse their weapons with light. Kouzai and Tekara joined the Fire Nation armies in both Ba Sing Se and the Dark Nation, and conquered both palaces ending the war.

After the war, Tekara and her brother Kiari were left without a home to return to, Kouzai, making note of their close friendship, offered Tekara a permanent home with him at the palace. Tekara accepted and when Kouzai became a father to triplets, Sasuno'o, Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu, Tekara was made their Aunt and was named as Sasuno'o and Amaterasu's godmother. (Tsukiyomi's godmother was Skye).

When Kouzai's eldest son Sasuno'o stole a Fire Demon, Pyro, Kouzai rushed to Skye's aid in order to protect her from Sasuno'o's self-justified revenge. Unfortunatley Kouzai failed to protect her and Skye was killed by Sasuno'o, Kouzai felt a little guilty for this, but he was finally able to let go of his love for her. His feelings weren't made better, however, when he got news that Tekara was killed just before Skye, having lost his adopted sister and his old lover, Kouzai felt a little less energetic. However he picked up again when he called the 7 Nation Summit, where all 7 Nation Leaders would meet and discuss the issues of that nation, as well as discuss the issue of Sasuno'o. He died along with Fyre, Nerusso and Akira during the summit when Sasuno'o broke in through the cieling in an attempt to kill all of the royals.

Sasuno'o (Deceased)

Kouzai's Character List Uchiha10Kouzai's Character List Uchiha11

Normal Wear (18) --> Normal Wear (28)

Gender: Male
Age: 28 (Deceased)
Nation: Shadow Lands, Fire Nation (Former)
Love: Tsukaia
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msu9rp5F4PE&feature=related

Sasuno'o was born along with his younger brother and sister, Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu. He grew up without a mother and has always taken a sort of bitterness to that fact. His mother was poisoned by Southern Water Tribe assasins, who still believed the Fire Nation was evil, even though Sasuno'o never found her killers he vowed revenge on the entire water tribe. He felt that the entire race should pay for the actions of a few.

Sasuno'o grew up a dark and bitter person. He would kill anyone who got in his way and would constantly try to kill his brother Tsukiyomi at any chance he got. He has the unique ability to bend green flames, and owns a black dragon named Hebi.

When Sasuno'o was 18 he was given the mission from his father to protect a Fire Demon's host. Sasuno'o however kidnapped the host and stole the demon, planning on using it for his own revenge. He attacked the Southern Water Tribe and killed their queen, Skye. Sasuno'o also killed his aunt and godmother Tekara, and ran off with her daughter, Tsukaia. Him and Tsukaia soon eloped and fell passionatley in love, taking over the Shadow Lands and making the palace their own. Sasuno'o sent Tsukaia back to the Fire Palace to spy on his father and to spy on the 7 Nation Summit. Sasuno'o crashed the summit, killing his father, Fyre, Nerusso and Akira.

His brother hunted him down after this and fought with him a duel to the death. He was 'killed' by his brother when he was impaled through the chest with his sword. However unbenounced to the world Sasuno'o survived the attack and managed to live on in secret, taking over half of the world with his army secretly. He and his wife, Tsukaia eventually gave birth to a boy, their only son, Kagutsuchi.

Shortly after giving birth Tsukiyomi learned that Sasuno'o lived and entered his palace with his sister Amaterasu with the intent to kill him. His body guard Senka took Kagutsuchi to safety so that he could be kept safe and well trained. His wife Tsukaia died shortly before he did when she threw herself in the way of Tsukyomi's sword for her husband, shortly after her death Sasuno'o was impaled by a sword at his sisters hands. He nows lives in the realm of the dead with his wife Tsukaia.

Tsukiyomi (Deceased)

Kouzai's Character List Bleach10Kouzai's Character List Yhst-910

Normal Wear (18) --> Normal Wear (46)

Gender: Male
Age: 46
Nation: Fire Nation
Love: None
Theme: None

Tsukiyomi grew up without a mother like Amaterasu and Sasuno'o. He was always the shy and quiet one when he was a kid, and was always out shone by Sasuno'o who used to torment and try to kill him at any given chance. Tsukiyomi vowed to get stronger than Sasuno'o and trained and traveled for many years to do so.

When Tsukiyomi grew up, he was given a mission to protect a Fire Demon's host and ended up falling in love with her. The two of them grew close but she never loved him and he never told her how she felt. Tsukiyomi gained control over the White Flames after Sasuno'o killed their adopted Aunt, Skye. Tsukiyomi managed to stab Sasuno'o before he dissapeared.

Tsukiyomi grew a deeper hatred of Sasuno'o when he interupted the 7 Nation Summit, killing their father and Tsukiyomi's crush Fyre. Tsukiyomi never forgave Sasuno'o and vowed to kill him for what he did. Despite his sisters warnings, Tsukiyomi did as Sasuno'o expected and chose revenge.

Tsukiyomi followed his brother to his palace and 'killed' him, when he returned home he was called a hero for bringing balance. Ten years later he had married a woman whom he loved very much, however she never felt the same about him and when she gave birth to his only son she ran away without even saying goodbye.

Tsukiyomi raised his son, Kaji, by himself, and has a done a wonderful job at it. Shortly after Kaji's birth however Tsukiyomi learned that his brother Sasuno'o was alive and went to his palace along with his sister Amaterasu to kill his brother, in the process he ended up killing Sasuno'o's wife Tsukaia and eventually fighting Sasuno'o into a corner where Amaterasu stabbed Sasuno'o through the chest with her brother's sword. He now lives in the palace as Fire Lord with his sister, nieces and son.

After he sent his son and his friends on a quest to find the Warriors of the Elements, he volunteered to go into a class taught by and old teacher of his and his siblings to read a story. During a discussion about the King a mysterious attacker broke into the school with the Gedo Mazo, a summon selective to the Spirit King. Tsukiyomi fought the attacker as Amaterasu evacuated the city. In the end Tsukiyomi was killed after figuring out the identity of his attacker. His last words and thoughts written on a secret scroll which is in the process of being delivered to his son Kaji.


Kouzai's Character List Kaguts10

Name: Kagutsuchi
Age: 18
Nation: Shadow Lands
Love: Kiharu
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFLoAP1z2To

Kagutsuchi never knew his parents, both of them were killed shortly after he was born. He was taken to safety by his father's body guard Senka and trained and raised by her. Kagutsuchi respects and looks up to Senka as if she was his older sister, when Kagutsuchi became Spirit King and completed his training he made Senka his advisor as well as his heir were he to die. Kagutsuchi's dream is to get revenge on the people who killed his mother and father, those two people are his aunt Amaterasu and uncle Tsukiyomi.

Kagutsuchi has also used his extensive powers as Spirit King to make himself the Anti-Avatar, the exact opposite of the Avatar. He has the power to bend all elements but for an evil purpose instead of good. He has used his ability to summon and control the Gedo Mazo to take away the bending of the real Avatar by draining the light and soul from the Elemental Spirits, making him, Kagutsuchi appear like the true Avatar.

Kagutsuchi abuses this fantasy he place into the minds of the people to gain money, power and fame. He intends to use this as a false pretense to take over all of the nations.


Kouzai's Character List Young_10

Name: Hayato Furakushi
Age: 18
Nation: Fire Nation
Love: Kaon
Theme: None

Hayato's father was the personal guard of Fire Princess Amaterasu and Lady Tekara. His grandfather was the personal guard to Fire Lord Kouzai before the late Fire Lord's death. Hayato grew up as a close friend to Fire Prince Kaji and the twin Princess's Kaon and Hisaki. He is also good friends with an orphan boy, Hideki, who was found outside the palace doors when he was 4 and was taken in by Fire Lord Tsukiyomi. Since then Hayato, Kaji and Hideki have been as close as brothers.

Hayato developed a crush on Fire Princess Kaon, and has liked her since a young age, the two of them have always been close, and have just recently realized their feelings for each other. Hayato and Kaon can't seem to stop spending time with each other since their first kiss in the Northern Water Tribe. Hayato is now on a quest with Fire Prince Kaji, Princess's Kaon and Hisaki and Hideki, along with the new comer Sasavi to find the 6 Warrior's of the Elements and the Avatar. He was offered the chance by Fire Lord Tsukiyomi to be a guard to Princess Kaon, and he immediatley accepted the offer. He trained along side Hideki with Hayato's father as their teacher. When Hayato was 15 his father was killed in a terrorist attack on the palace where someone tried to kill Tsukiyomi. Hayato inherited his father's silver lighter and since then has become a chain smoker.


Kouzai's Character List Linebe10

Name: Hideki Funaka
Age: 18
Nation: Fire Nation
Love: Hisaki
Theme: None

Hideki was abandoned by his father and mother at the age of 4. His parents were successful pirates and Hideki always wanted to be just like them. From the age of 4 he lived with Fire Lord Tsukiyomi and his family in the palace. Hideki, Kaji and Hayato are as close as brothers and always spar and hand out together. Hideki is also close with Princess Hisaki, the two of them, like Kaon and Hayato have feelings for each other since a young age. And have recently admitted their feelings for each other. Hideki is on a quest with Kaji and the others in order to track down and find the rest of the Warriors of the Elements and also the Avatar.

Hideki since the age of 4 trained to be a pirate. He practiced sword figthting all day with Kaji and Hayato and spent the rest of the time scamming, conning and stealing from people. Eventually at the age of 12 Hideki took a boat and sailed off in order to become a pirate. Eventually his crew dumped him in the Earth Kingdom and sailed away without him. He was mutinied for being a selfish and unkind captain. Hideki soon returned to the palace where Fire Lord Tsukiyomi offered him a job as a royal guard to Hisaki, knowing that he would be spending alot of time with Hisaki if he took the job, accepted and trained as a royal guard with Hayato.


Kouzai's Character List 32dcef10

Name: Kaji
Age: 18
Nation: Fire (Fire Prince)
Love: Sasavi
Theme: None

Kaji grew up without a mother, his mother left him and his father when he was an infant and he never met her. Since a young age Kaji was always happy and outgoing, he always thought his mother would return. However one day Kaon let slip to him that she was never coming back, this made Kaji a little more serious and reserved. His only outlet for his energy was sparring, and later in his teen years it was used for clubbing, partying, drinking, gambling and constant flirting. His cousin Kaon joins him in these activities because she feels bad that she ruined Kaji's happiness as a kid.

Kaji grew up close to his family and practically brothers with Hayato and Hideki, the three of them always being inseperable. He is now on a quest for his father to gather all of the Warriors of the Elements. He doesn't know that his father has been killed yet, nor does is he willing to admit that he has feelings for the Warrior of Fire, Sasavi.

Kimaro Yokui

Kouzai's Character List Killer10

Name: Kimaro
Age: 34
Nation: Nature Kingdom
Love: None
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28LOUesDk0Q&feature=related

Kimaro was born a young and sickly boy, his parents offered him up to the Octopus/Ox Spirit. The Spirit agreed to save his life however in return the Spirit would have to be allowed to live within the body of Kimaro and share his soul. Kimaro was abandoned after this and left alone in the ruined Sun Nation. As a child he had troubles with the Octopus Spirit, it would constantly try to take over Kimaro’s body and this would lead to random rage outburst and destructive periods.

Kimaro eventually learned to control the Spirit and can use its powers at will. Kimaro, who had lived alone in isolation in the ruined jungle of a nation was surprised when 3 adult nature benders found the ruined nation. When the three adults wished to make it into their kingdom and rule, Kimaro offered them his help, growing up in the jungle and having known the land for his whole life he would aid them when it came where to settle, find food as well as the habits of the jungle and it's creatures.

Kimaro is now the advisor and personal body guard to the Nature Royalty who lead the Nature Kingdom, which was built in the now jungle land of the Old Sun Nation, having grown up in the land Kimaro acts a guide and shares his experiences and knowledge with the young children who are trying to run a kingdom in an unfamiliar land.

Kishiu Oredate

Kouzai's Character List Kishiu10

Name: Kishiu Oredate
Age: 20
Nation: Island of Ancients
Love: Shetani Ogawa
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n6zwbGUZAo

Kishiu, like the rest of the Ancients was created by the Spirits of Time, Space and Creation. However he was put into hiding by the Spirit of Creation (God of Spirits) along with the rest of the Ancient Warriors and the Ancient people. He, along with the rest of the Warriors; were placed in a secret lab that belonged to the God of Spirits, there he slept until 1000 years ago, he stayed suspended in a cryogenic sleep. 1000 years ago when an earthquake hit the Island, the Warriors were forced awake and rose from their cryogenic state. For 1000 years they trained and mated with one another, until the island was plentiful with their people. Kishiu along with the other Warriors eventually built a boat and headed to the main land. Where they keep the peace secretly while hiding from the spirits who wish them dead.

[center]Shoku Yokuto

Kouzai's Character List _houzu10

Name: Shoku Yokuto
Age: 16
Nation: Northern Water Tribe (Former)
Love: None
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfeb3v1hweA

Shoku was born in The Northern Water Tribe. Reputed to be the “Incarnation of the Death", Shoku, together with his brother, Daichi, dreamt to inherit the title of Boss of the Hebi Corps. This acted as their motivation to finish cruel missions day by day. However, this dream was later shattered with the premature death of his brother, and Shoku changed his ambition to "collecting all of the swords".

After being humiliated and shamed by Korosake Tondero, his ambition was put on hold. He eventually faked his own death to escape the hateful eyes of the Hebi Corps. But he vowed to one day return to seek revenge, however before leaving, Shoku snuck into Korosake Tondero’s office and stole his famed Executioner’s Blade and claimed it for himself. He has since set a goal to kill Korosake Tondero during their next run in; however the few people who know that he’s still alive say he’s not ready. He also has the ambition to defeat the rest of the Hebi Corps and the take the Hebi Boss’s (Darui’s) sword.

Later on after coming to the Earth Kingdom, he met Omoi Todoroki and Kamui Shoryu. The three of them shared a love for large, exotic swords and soon became good friends. Later they were recruited into the Lethal Mercinary Corps. They are currently some of the strongest and most powerful people in Lethal, save for Amatsu, Amuri, Tazuya and Euphie. The three of them are so close that they are constantly referred to as the Blade Brothers.

Kamui Shoryu

Kouzai's Character List 300px-10

Name: Kamui Shoryu
Age: 20
Nation: Air Temples (Former)
Love: None
Theme: None

Not much is known about Kamui. He keeps his past a secret, he travels alone and not with the other Air Benders when they migrate. He prefers to be alone, but doesn’t hate company. He isn’t like most Air Benders, he carries a large Cleaver Sword instead of a staff, and he prefers to be away from the Air Temples. He enjoys sparring, but not all the time, if he needs to let off some steam he’ll head to a battle arena and fight until he’s calm.

He eventually came to the Earth Kingdom, he met Omoi Todoroki and Shoku Yokuto. The three of them shared a love for large, exotic swords and soon became good friends. Later they were recruited into the Lethal Mercinary Corps. They are currently some of the strongest and most powerful people in Lethal, save for Amatsu, Amuri, Tazuya and Euphie. The three of them are so close that they are constantly referred to as the Blade Brothers.

Omoi Todoroki

Kouzai's Character List 2161_r10

Name: Omoi Todoroki
Age: 18
Nation: Light Kingdom (Former)
Love: None
Theme: None

Omoi grew up in an average house hold as an average child. He read a lot as a child attributing to his high intelligence and his strategic thinking. He enjoys learning and reading, especially old books written by spirits and other theorists. He likes to play games of theory during his free time like Shogi, Chess and other games of that nature. During the later years of his teens he joined the Lethal Corps and soon got paired with two new partners, Shoku and Kamui. They were paired together because of their similar pasts, interests and their swords, each of them carry a unique and exotic sword. Kamui with his Cleaver Sword, Shoku with his Executioners Blade and Omoi with his Jiatana (Katana mixed with a Jian). He is constantly beat up by Amatsu for mocking his quick temper and his money loving ways.

He eventually came to the Earth Kingdom, he met Kamui Shoryu and Shoku Yokuto. The three of them shared a love for large, exotic swords and soon became good friends. Later they were recruited into the Lethal Mercinary Corps. They are currently some of the strongest and most powerful people in Lethal, save for Amatsu, Amuri, Tazuya and Euphie. The three of them are so close that they are constantly referred to as the Blade Brothers.

Onoki Peng

Kouzai's Character List 20090710

Name: Onoki Peng
Age: 84
Nation: Earth Kingdom
Love: Deceased
Theme: None

Onoki is a strong, independant and cranky old man. He is king of Omashu and the father of Earth King Lu Peng II and Prince Akatsuchi of Omashu. He is short, but strong. He is a veteran of many world wars and has fought and lead many battles. Before he was King of Omashu he was the top Earth Kingdom General. After he retired 30 years ago he became King of Omashu.

At some time in the past, Ōnoki fought with both Sasuno’o and Fire Lord Rekka, the only person in history to do so and live. His knowledge of Sasuno’o’s power made him wary of him, and was thus surprised that the latter would choose to carry out his designs behind the shadows through his zombies. Probably unaware of Sasuno’o’s true intentions and motivations, he hired the former villian many times for their services in the past (during Sasuno’o’s tim as a good person).

He has also apparently known and dealt with both Fire Lord’s Kouzai and Tsukiyomi, both former Fire Lord, since they were both young. Onoki has a close relationship with his younger son, Akatsuchi, who lives in the palace with him. His older son, Lu Peng II, named after Onoki’s Great Great Uncle, became the Earth King after the execution and defeat of Li Peng, the villainous Earth King who started wars against the Light Kingdom and Fire Nation. His wife died 20 years ago from a sickness, his mood wasn’t much different when she was alive.

Akatsuchi Peng

Kouzai's Character List Shi10

Name: Akatsuchi Peng
Age: 34
Nation: Earth Kingdom
Love: None
Theme: None

Akatsuchi grew up the prodigy of his father. Compared to his older brother, Lu Peng II, who was far more successful becoming Earth King; Akatsuchi is much more serious than his brother and is also far more worried for the well being of the Kingdom than he should be. He lives with his father in the Omashu Palace and assists his father and brother with their matters. He hopes to one day take the throne, but he knows he won’t be getting the crown any day soon.

Kouzai's Character List 78a
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Kouzai's Character List
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