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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Bending Diamond (a story of my charries together)

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Blossom Tree
Blossom Tree

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PostSubject: Bending Diamond (a story of my charries together)   Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:21 pm


Our womanly Spirits do not have alot of say.We may think that they do but we are wrong.Everything went to the manly spirits.They made decisions,they made every choice.Well they couldn't stand for it any longer.They wouldn't tolerate the behavior,being looked at as the weakest link.

Every woman spirit had a part.But they left to the big ones.Others know them as the Ghia spirits.A band of women,that are known for their protection of women.They decided to plan something out.They would send out gifts.Each gifts is a power to be hold on to until they die.It was very simple,the plan.

They would give three girls of the next birth gifts.Wisdom to the next girl born to the light nation or the air nomads.Strength,skill,and bravery is for the rest.Each gift will be regonized by elderly virgin women the ghia women trust.

These girls,who will mature into women will not do anything big.Except prove to men(chiefs,kings,master benders etc..),that women can do what they are to do and maybe even better.....

chapter one will be posted soon

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Blossom Tree
Blossom Tree

Posts : 330
Age : 19
Join date : 2012-04-13
Location : spirit world

PostSubject: Re: Bending Diamond (a story of my charries together)   Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:17 pm


~Mona lee~

" What was the point of this!"Mona lee shouted over to Mai.Mona lee stood on one leg,while the other one was high in the air.Children of the tribe threw snowballs at Mona lee.She was suppose to balance herself,sister Mai told her.Mai was a waterbender,a elderly lady who lived by herself.Mona lee lived in the northern tribe before she lived there,but she was a waterbender.Woman would only heal in the northern tribe,so Mona lee came there to train.Mona lee wasn't wearing her snuggly dress made of fur.Instead she was wearing a uniform Ai provided,it was a pair of shorts and a shirt.The chilly air seemed to attach to Mona lee,companying her.

"No point,I just wanted a laugh!."Mai laughed.Her eyes closed as she fell to the ground,laying on her back pointing and laughing.For a old woman she was very strong.Mona lee was angered as she covered Mai in ice and then froze the ice.Making Mai stop her laughing and unfreeze herself.

"Sweetie it doesn't work that way,just because your a young bender doesn't mean I can't whoop your butt into shame!"Mai yelled accross to her.Mai soon seperated the ice,the kids ran back to the tribe,while Mai and Mona lee stood out in the opening.Mona lee was now on her own little island made of ice.Mai crossed her arms.Mona lee moved her hands like a river connecting the ice.

"I'm gooood."Mona lee said stubbornly.She wasn't paying attention to what Mai was doing.Mai was rocking the water behind her,back and forth until it was big enough to knock her over.Making Mona lee sink into the cold water.

"I'm better."Mai said as Mona lee climbed out.They walked back to the tribe.Mona lee was too leave soon,she was done with her training.She changed into her fur dress,packing what little she had.A hair clip made by Mai and Akya her poodle penguin.She was followed by the tribe,everyone knew her.Or at least seen her.

"Bye Mona!"They shouted as she walked away with Mai.Mai grasped her,Mona lee was like Mai's daughter,Mai had no kids so she made an acception with Mona lee.Mai's bone's rattled around Mona lee's neck.

"You must go to ba sing se."Mai whispered.


"What did I tell you about the whys?There I want you to find a women named Adilene.Find her and stay with her got it?"Mai exclaimed fast before letting go.Mona lee nodded."What the hell?Is Mai crazy?"Mona lee thought as she walked away,she wanted to visit the Southern tribe first before she went.......


"Didn't I tell you she was good!"Tiki's dad bragged to his friends.Tiki opened her eyes,scowling at her dad.She was meditating in front of the Kyoshi warrior's statue.Her dad and a old woman stood there watching her.Tiki wore northing but the Kyoshi warrior's out fit.Her long blond hair was out and hanging on her shoulder.

"Father,can you please stop,I am trying to pay respect!"Tiki yelled over to him.He smiled.

"Fight me then!"He said with a playful laugh.Tiki sighed."I am only doing this because he's old."She thought running at him and the old woman.The old woman in the komono moved quickly,startled at Tiki's running.Her dad stood with his fist at his sides,still laughing.Tiki made the first strike.Waving her bladed fan in his face.Of course he dodged it making a punch to her stomach.Tiki grabbed his fist with her bending,getting it stuck between two rocks.

"That's nothing!"He said stomping to brake earth and send a piece flying over to Tiki.As she waved it away with her hand her dad striked,sending a rock the size of a fist into her stomach.

"COME ON TIKI!"He yelled doing flips over to her.She grabbed his leg and threw him on the ground.Which simply means she thought the fight was over.

"You are right,Tiki I am in need of something."The old woman said.Tiki listened closely.

"I need you to visit ba sing se and visit a woman named Adilene,she uh...has some very important information."

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Blossom Tree
Blossom Tree

Posts : 330
Age : 19
Join date : 2012-04-13
Location : spirit world

PostSubject: Re: Bending Diamond (a story of my charries together)   Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:17 pm


Maria (Motie)

Her hair was put in a long braid.They stood in the woods,they didn't want to make everyone think they were under attack.Motie,when she bend it was very loud and powerful.Her dad was a firebending noble,he trained her a distance from the fire nation.Motie was the best at lightning bending but horrible at fire bending which was very odd.Her dad was in armor,great armor while Motie wore puffy shorts and shirt.She rubbed her water tribe ankle bracelet for good luck.

"Are you ready Motie?"Her dad asked.She nodded.Her dad striked with a palm of fire,hurdling her way.She striked it with her fist,making it dissolve.She tried to firebend but it didn't work.Her fire bending was weak,and very bad.Her dad shook his head.He couldn't help with it,Motie just had to stick to Lightning bending.She sent a couple of waves his way,stininging but he dodged them all.Motie's looks reminded the noble firebender of the waterbender he once fell in love with.Motie's motion and everything.Motie looked as if to attack her dad but then kicked him in the face with hot,stining lightning.

"Omigosh!"Motie said."I'm sorry father!"She said as her dad fell.She helped him up.They walked back to the capitol.As always it was busy,but boring.Everyone had no time for anything.The big volcano seemed to send ashes and hot air out.Motie followed her dad,she followed him to one of his little meetings.As alays she waited in a room,where she played games with old people and drunk herbal tea.This time she was accompanied by the genral's aunt.She was a sweet old lady,that seemed to live a life of her own,no children or husband.The woman wore a robe,a red one with earrings made of the fire nation symbol.

"Youa're very good."The woman said.They were playing a game of checkers,Sitting on soft pink pillows and the game was set out on a low table.

"Thank you,I've played this game a hundred times."Motie said.The od woman shook her head.

"Maria,I have been watching you,your a gift."The old woman banged on the table to purposly destroy the game.

"Thank you?"

"No you are a gift from the ghia spirits!"The woman yelled from the top of her lungs freaking Motie out.

"You must go,go to Ba sing se to find a woman name Adilene,she will tell you everythings!"The old woman yelled again.

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Marlo Stanfield
Marlo Stanfield

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PostSubject: Re: Bending Diamond (a story of my charries together)   Thu May 03, 2012 9:04 pm

Nice story.

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PostSubject: Re: Bending Diamond (a story of my charries together)   

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Bending Diamond (a story of my charries together)
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