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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 One More Goodbye

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PostSubject: One More Goodbye   Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:01 am

I stand here my left foot raised to my thigh with my hands into a praying station as I breath in and exhale out, then lifting my hands and swaying them from left to right, suddenly letting in some fire to the pond of water.

"Jump in Zorro" I say to the large tigon as I continue swaying my hands about. The large cat smoothly walks right in, the water seeming nice and warm just how he likes it. He moans and does a tiny rawr, which means thanks or ok to my understandings. I raise down my leg and arms and sit by the ledge letting Zorro to splash around for a bit.

By the time he has had enough, he jumps right out shaking out half of the wetness and mostly shaking it all onto me. I laugh to the cheeky cat as I warm his fur up with heat from the palms of my hands. Finally, he is dry and fluffy looking just so clean. I settle the leather saddle onto the middle of his spine and put on the foot handles and the rope for me to control him.

"Let's head on over to an old friend of ours, shall we?" I ask Zorro as I bounce the rope by his neck, signalling us to go.
His paws then grow and same with his claws so he won't slip at all, he starts for run around the town to our old friend's house.

-Knock knock-
"Damian, it's me Janet!" I shout to him with a huge smile on my face with my arms extended for a hug.
"Um, do I know you?" he asks with his eyebrows arched.
Oh no, he doesn't remember me. Good one Janet, of course he doesn't remember me!
"It's me! Janet, you know, the one who takes care of your pets while you go on holidays with your dad?" I ask him, my cheeks blushing as soon as I say it.

".... I got to go" He quickly snaps the door shut with a sad face to me. I scratch my fore head in confusion, did I do something wrong?
I handle the doorknob around trying to get in, but its locked.
this can't be! We're best friends! He can't forget me.
"Sigh.. Goodbye Damian.."

I mount back onto Zorro, my sad face on and my head lowered as if I was a puppy dog about to get a bath. I bounce the rope on Zorro, it's time to go and its about to snow.
I am lined up in a motel to get a room for me Zorro I hope he can actully fit or be aloud.
"One room please?" I ask the tall man that stands by the counter with a deep look at me.
"No more rooms left sorry, and we don't allow pets" The man says to me in his deepened voice.

What am I supposed to do now?
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PostSubject: Re: One More Goodbye   Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:37 am

It had been already hours since he had started working. For many months he had been a smith for the water tribe. There had been days that business was good and some days where he would want to hang himself for being absolutely bored. His hammer hanging from a chain next to his door and it began to sway from the wind. With the chain moving it began to make a grinding noise as the metal chain ate away at the metal hook that it was resting on. Such a familiar noise it was to him, much like a lullaby to a baby. The towns citizens was also a bit soothing to his ears as he resting against the wall of his smithing shop. He had a good day so fa, a few things sold here and there. Yet overall it was an ok day not the best but an ok day.

Today was not very busy, the city was calm, the people seem relaxed, and not to mention the sun was shining today. Still with the crisp cool air and the bite from the sun. He was watching a girl from sometime as she was very interesting to him but what was more curious to him was that the girls friend she went to see seemed distraught when he saw her and he closed the door on her. He tilted his head in confusion but he did not think it was in his place to give that guy a piece of hi mind yet something was amiss about it. She seemed to have known him pretty well and he seemed to be hiding something.

He just decided that he was going to pay close attention to that house from now on and see if there was anything that he should get involved with.

"Rough day ?"

He said loud enough for the girl to hear him. At least he would try and get her mind off the drama between her friend so it would not b a totally bad day. It was such a beautiful day, why would he let the girl go on with the rest of the day remembering her friend shutting the door in her face. With that being said and he agreed to himself that a friendly conversation always cheers up a stranger in no matter the situation.
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PostSubject: Re: One More Goodbye   Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:24 am

I turned to the man seeing quite a smile that I've never seen before.
"Rough day?" he asks loud for me to hear. Atleast one person in this place can actually talk to me.

"Yea, it's a rough day even if the sky is clear and the tribe is calm but everyone has those bad days I guess" I say to him as I walk closer by with Zorro's rope gripped in my hand. Zorro was being quite careful around the man since he does have many weapons in his store but Zorro knows the difference between a fight and a friendly talk.
The huge cat laid onto his stomach as he'd know that I can sometimes have a big mouth and talk a lot.

I sighed to the matter of Damian shutting the door on me but continued on,
"How's your day so far?" I ask with a little smile forming onto me as well with the dimples as I stare into his glimmering eyes.

I pulled a chair by me so I could rest my back since I've been standing all day and all, A little chat and that for a bit could do it.
The sky was rather clean and all, no clouds so far through the day but the sun was going down, it was beaming hot before but you don't commonly get hot days in this kind of cold biome, The clouds were traveling from the west meaning a snow could come soon.

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PostSubject: Re: One More Goodbye   Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:34 am

" Well to be honest it has been a so so day. A few pieces of armor sold and the other half of the day it has been quite. Though I wish it had been a bit better as I need the money."

He said with a smile yet his eyes never left the tiger. It was a beautiful creature yet he knew of how powerful this animal could become. His eyes move from it's muscles to the animals claws. He asserted himself by keeping the tiger between him and his desk just in case as he does not trust animals. She seemed innocent to him but yet attractive. He took off his smith smock s he folded it and set it upon his desk.

" So if you do not mind me asking, what is going on with you and your friend? He seemed like he did recognize you but like he was hiding something. TO be honest it was kind of weird."

he did find it weird though from how he reacted when he had seen her. Like he was trying to hide something or maybe giving her a hidden message. He looked back up to the house she had just left, he looked at the windows looking for shadows. Yet to no avail he could see anything from how far away he was. His instincts had told him that he should go investigate himself, though he would not make such a wide attempt to break in without being told be Vladimir. He looked back at the girl than right back at the Tiger.

"Such an interesting animal, you do not see much of them around here,"
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PostSubject: Re: One More Goodbye   

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One More Goodbye
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